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Jennifer Aniston: Artists for Haiti Dinner with Susan Sarandon!

Jennifer Aniston: Artists for Haiti Dinner with Susan Sarandon!

Jennifer Aniston flashes a smile at the Artists for Haiti Dinner to benefit The Stiller Foundation held at Almond on Friday (September 23) in New York City.

The 42-year-old actress was joined at the charity event by pal Susan Sarandon!

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The night before, Jennifer and her boyfriend Justin Theroux attended an art auction benefiting Artists for Haiti.

Last month, Ben Stiller, who founded The Stiller Foundation, made a spoof video where he announced the foundation would actually be called the Jennifer Aniston Naked Foundation!

Also pictured inside: Jennifer with music producer Mike Jean.

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Credit: Andrew H Walker; Photos: Getty
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  • goopiness

    POOR Susan!!! That grip Jennifer has on her will raise a welt I bet.

  • Jennipoo

    guest @ 09/24/2011 at 1:31 pm
    Her eggs were frozen without ever leaving her body.

  • Ms. Bivens

    I am so hurt , Justin has lied to me time and time again and would say without flinching that he was not banging (his words) any other women,just me.
    I felt something wasn’t quite right but right up till a few days before he found a rental place with jennifer anston he finally left a note which basicly said you and i are done/KAPUT!… Justin bluntly said ,..To be honest i found a women who’s got big bucks who can do more for me then you can. I am sorry i wasted 14 years of your life but in time you will get over me. Life goes on,you will survive. And do me a favor don’t go talking to television talk shows trying to get pity parties started b/c that’s jennifer’s field.

    And last don’t go telling ppl my secrets or anything i have done to you, the running around womanising b/c ppl won’t believe you.
    i will call you a liar from the word GO.
    and yeah anuston $$$$ bags may not be anything to look at but that $$$$$$$$$$$ is going to help satisfy my whims. I wish i could say i am sorry Heidi but life is a bittcch. Keep your trap shut.

    Justin… going to be a big Star.

  • whateva

    Old Aniston is not pregnant nor do she want to be. She’s scared she will be like her mother or her child will abandon her like Aniston has abandoned her own mom. Plus she can pay to make you think she is some kind of beauty but she can’t do that to a baby that will have her real genes. Sorry Jen fans no baby for you!


    Yesterday or day b4 JJ had a pic of Ticky and McGreedy going into a hotel and she was wearing jeans with her usual flat stomach.

    So all u gullible peeps if you see a belly on this phoney it’s called a latex belly ,u know the kind actresses wear in movies to make them look preggers for a role they are playing. . Good ole Ticky girl will play games with latex bellies , anything to nab ppl’s attention..

    McGreedy the brylcreme midget is in the process of getting new hair
    Ticky promised him if he stayed with her longer than Mayer and the rest of the runners that she would buy him new hair plugs for the baldy areas, new shoes too with built in heels to make him look 5 ft 7. He tried stilts but had a difficult time walking with them. Poor little man..


  • thelma

    Jen’s checklist to be interesting:

    1. Wear “edgy” clothes
    2. Make sure I’m photographed doing ” interesting” things…is it too late to sign up for flying lessons?
    3. Discover that charity is my thing after all.
    Etc etc
    For those saying she as nice eyes you do realize she’s wearing contacts
    Right? How can you tell what her realbeyes look like?! Not hating, just saying.

  • thelma

    I forgot: on her list: take a picture with an actual black person!

  • anonymous

    How about contacts. She has brown eyes, old photo’s don’t lie. These stars need to get rid of their old photos. She has black or dark brown curly hair a big nose, brown eyes and a broad man face, that’s her original face, it’s on the web for the world to see, who ever you are you look foolish writing such nonsense when every body have seen her original eye color.

  • J&J

    She looks very beautiful and happy. We love you Jen.

  • Ange


    You are really low, nasty and disgusting person, just like the ugliest Brad and Angie.

  • Anch1977

    The truth about Jennifer Aniston—–>

  • hag

    susan worked on a movie with brad at least 20 years ago. coworkers do not = friends. susan was at the same event as aniston. they took a photo together. susan and aniston also took pics separately with other people at the event. the jenhags live for drama and a connection for aniston to brad pitt that just is not there.

  • Ghost

    Lets just deal with the facts. #1 Jenny poo is not pregnant. #2 Jen Jen is not really with her pretend pr showmance boy looser stubby Mc shorty . # 3 It’s a fact that when Brad comes out of the woodwork so does the Hobag of hollywood. Please Jen hags, try as hard as it may be,, try to live in an adult world and not the pretend one you call Jennyworld.

  • CJLOVE23

    I laugh at anyone who thinks Jennifer Aniston is some great beauty… and even MORE so when they compare her to Angie & say she’s prettier!!! Jennifer is NOT a beautiful woman. Angelina is stunning. NO comparison whatsoever!

  • groundcontrol

    Guest @ 09/24/2011 at 11:56 am
    Well Jen had a painting she did displayed in the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art when she was a tween. . .
    She’s also been an art collector for some time as well – see some of her collection in her AD spread from last year
    Yes, little Jen Jen – along with many other NYC students – had a piece of some artwork she did displayed in an exhibit in the Metropolitan Musem of Art that the Museum has done every year with other groups of New York City school children. Stop trying to make this into something it is not.
    By the way has anyone seen this masterpiece? Maybe it has been taped to her father’s refrigerator all this years.
    As for the artwork displayed in her AD house, most of it – especially the major pieces – was purchased for that house by her decorator. Whebn was the last time you saw Jenenifer going to an art gallery or museum or anything cultural? Buying an overpriced piece of art to impress your new boyfriend so he could impress his richer friends doesn’t count.

  • Delight

    Jennifer Aniston looks NOT pretty and very ‘chinny’ and so FAKE. Her smile is NOT real.
    What amazes me most of all is that she has admirers! What for????
    Go find yourself a real idol, idiots

  • yep

    @Ms. Bivens: you realize that you are bringing a person that has chosen not to be in the spotlight in the spotlight to gossip! apple and oranges are be fruits but very different color, texture, taste, growth and etc…. an apple can’t be an orange no matter how hard you try. leave a person that hasn’t chosen the spotlight out of it for THEIR sake. show some mercy to them. seems like as a person you would do that! hating on one yet keeping the gossip alive for another person who hasn’t chosen to remain in the spotlight is just mean and selfish.

  • dd

    Jen’s PR team is strategically smart. She was nowhere in sight before MB’s premiere and now that MB including all BP’s interview, she can be seen everywhere. She’s a show stealer taking every opportunity when BP or AJ is promoting something.

  • yep

    @Delight: what amazing me why hate if she is nothing to you? jennifer has just helped thousand of people lives in haiti and all you look at is what her looks? who is the shallow one? i am happy for jen and justin wishing the best and happy lives will be made better!

  • yep

    @Anjolie: what about chelsea handler? why can’t she make a mistake like jolie and move on? or in your mind jolie is the only person that is allowed to make mistakes and move on? gee where is your charity? people have been giving to charities for years without having anything in return. jolie gets back more than she gives. also, the pitt-jolie haven’t given more to charity than the pictures of their children they have sold. so therefore they haven’t touch THEIR income. which is fine by me however be honest! hating to keep hate alive is so small and worst than anything any of these stars have done! they ALL give and that is awesome!

  • yep

    @Anjolie: people grow and change ! that is a wonderful thing! jen has always given to charities just not always publicly. the racist thing? what are you talking about? chelsea what does that have to do with jen and susan except to hate! chelsea said those things and yes chelsea is responsible and i am sure has grown from them. i am sure you have different friends from different walks of lives at least most people do. sometimes you just shake your head at the things they do however most of the time the same person has an amazing heart and fun! so you don’t set yourself up as their judge! just love and accept them and go on and shake your head when they say or do something dumb and say you know how so and so is…. friendship! sometimes a person becomes a friend because they are in the right place at the right time and you have some mutual things in common like the beach, same pr person, both single, etc… doesn’t mean you agree with everything a person does or says. just enjoy talking about movies, guys, cooking, decorating your house and etc… why stars are people just like us – different jobs, heck of lot more money! people the same! may we all be happy and love one another!

  • yep

    @CJLOVE23: jen is a awesome, beautiful person inside and out! just ask her ex-husband who said how boring he was! lol!

  • yep

    @Ghost: how many different names do you use? so many bathroom words makes me wonderful more about you than your comments. a little over the top for sure. what a wonderful thing charity is! lives will be enhanced by this donation.

  • yep

    @dd: actually you are talking more about brad’s team using his ex wife to help promote his movie – like a jessica simpson father move – all pr is good! tons than free! if you are being honest!

  • yep

    @thelma: gee,haiti the country majority race would be black! jen is at a fundraiser for the haiti people. now what does common sense tell you? she or they donated close to 1/2 million now don’t you think the norm would be you would have photo taken? think you are talking more about yourself than you realize! it is awesome they thousand of lives will be helped regardless of color!


    Looking forward to old lady jen presenting at nxt yrs Oscar’. She was so uncomfortable & akward that yr with the Jolie-Pitts watching her she covered her face with Both hands at one point, got confused about when to leave the stage,
    ” There should be a STATUE OF LIMITATIONS ON THIS…”

  • http://yahoo Spare time people

    jen is a face which is not a beauty.

  • Catherine

    Where is Justin? They are adorable together!

  • Hey Sad Spook

    Even if JJ gave you extra time on the headlines you couldn’t even pass the 200 mark comments. Pathetic.

  • rescue

    Didn’t Mayer say Aniston was stuck in 1998? No wonder Brad was depressed.

  • guest

    @rescue: pls elaborate

  • naomi

    jen and sausan both look so pretty!!!!!!!!!!1