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Anne Hathaway: 'Dark Knight Rises' Set with Christian Bale

Anne Hathaway: 'Dark Knight Rises' Set with Christian Bale

Anne Hathaway dons her complete Catwoman costume while on the set of The Dark Knight Rises on Saturday (September 24) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress was joined on set by her co-stars Christian Bale and Gary Oldman.

Before they started filming, the trio stood together while getting their makeup retouched. At one point during the shoot, Anne rested her head on Christian‘s shoulder while taking a short break!

Earlier this month, Anne and Christian filmed a scene for the flick during a late night shoot in downtown Los Angeles.

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Credit: PhamousFotos ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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68 Responses to “Anne Hathaway: 'Dark Knight Rises' Set with Christian Bale”

  1. 1
    Jessica Says:

    new video .. thanks <3

  2. 2
    creed Says:

    I love the costume and Anne and all… but the cat ears are wierd.

  3. 3
    Kooied Says:

    Anne Hathaway is a duck faced tranny with a long torso who shouldnt be playing CatLady. no amount of make up will make CHristian Bale look manly.

  4. 4
    L. Says:

    OMG! the full costume of Catwoman is amazing! the cat ears, the mask… Anne is so f***** hot! she is really like Julie Newmar in the Batman’s 1966 tv series.

    “The Dark Knight Rises” is the most anticipeted movie in 2012, that’s for sure.


  5. 5
    Jordy Says:

    She will be the worst catwoman ever. I’m so upset about this decision. It is awful casting. At least Halle Berry is a sexy lady. Anne looks like an awkward librarian who’s agoraphobic.

  6. 6
    evie Says:

    she will suck!

  7. 7
    thisisbs Says:

    michelle pfeiffer>>>anne hathaway

  8. 8
    skskj Says:

    Oh em gee. Once again another pic of her comes out and people start whining about how bad she’s gonna be. You think after the 1000th comment of you people bitchinggg you’re saying something new? Or suddenly she’s going to be replaced?

  9. 9
    So&So Says:

    Ugh…Christopher Nolan and he goofy ass aversion to sexy women for his Batman franchise is so irritating. He must’ve been dogged out by a sexy vivacious girl in the past…something has to explain why he steers clear of them for his pics.

    Anne did action in Get Smart and it didn’t work. Doubt she’ll suddenly fit for Ms. Kyle but who knows…

  10. 10
    anthony Says:

    Anne looks great, I think she will do amazing. Halle Berry was awful as catwoman imo…

  11. 11
    flop Says:

    No Anne Hathaway is not catwoman

  12. 12
    Ann Says:

    Oh come on, the movie isn’t Catwoman. It’s still a Batman movie with TONS of other interesting characters. I doubt Anne Hathaway could ruin this movie.

    Chris Nolan is a smart man and if she sucked he wouldn’t have hired her. Maggie G wasn’t sexy but was she awful? No. Were her looks distracting? No. Not everyone looks like a supermodel. He’s not Michael Bay, he’s not going to hire a VS model who can’t act and call it a day. If you want to see a hot chick go watch Transformers.

  13. 13
    cindy Says:

    Anne doesn’t seem to fit the catwoman role by looking at these pics and all so far not impressed. She’s no Michelle Pfeiffer or Halle Berry.

  14. 14
    Jasmine Says:

    Anne Hathaway was chosen and people just have to deal with it! Obviously, the director saw something in her! Anne is an Oscar nominated actress, she’s not some Disney actress. She’s a solid actress! You can ***** all you want, but she’s still going to be in the movie!

    PS- She looks absolutely beautiful!

  15. 15
    Mann Says:

    I can’t even watch the Dark Knight anymore because Maggie G’s Miss Piggy face is so distacting and the same will happen here. I’m not a big Cat Woman guy to begain with but she is just an awful choice, looks matter and also acting. Anne just doesn’t have it in here to go up against Batman in a serious way, she looks way too awkward.

  16. 16
    Justin Says:

    I know right what the hell is there to ***** about? I think she’s gonna be hot

  17. 17
    Joshua Says:


    You can’t watch The Dark Knight because of Maggie Gyllenhaals minimal appearances in it? You are one of the biggest morons I have ever read comment from. I hope you don’t go see the movie.

  18. 18
    Joshua Says:


    You can’t watch The Dark Knight because of Maggie Gyllenhaals minimal appearances in it? You are one of the biggest morons I have ever read comment from. I hope you don’t go see the movie.

  19. 19
    Halli Says:

    Her face is so uninteresting for cat woman. Good body though.

  20. 20
    Bruce Graywood Says:

    I would have liked to see Anne Hathaway have a fuller figure in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ like Scarlett Johansson does in ‘The Avengers’ instead of losing weight and being so skinny.

  21. 21
    namers Says:

    After Michelle Pfiffer and Halle Berry, my only question is: why?

    Couldn’t they find another new female villain?

  22. 22
    Elin Says:

    Wohoo!! Anne Hathaway looks like a strong, empowered, sexy and sophisticated Selina Kyle. Hahah.. freakin’ fantastic, can’t wait! Man! I feel like a woman!

  23. 23
    Eden Says:

    she’s looking good. will wait to see, but i think it’s a miscast.

  24. 24
    Red Mask Says:

    I still like ScarJo’s Black Widow over this. Even G.I. Joe’s Baroness has a better costume than that.

  25. 25
    VB Says:

    The ears are the goggles, they flip back and forth.

    I’m not going to judge anything until the movie comes out, after I see the performance for myself.

    Love to all Batman fans!

  26. 26
    D Says:

    I really hope this doesn’t suck! Anne Hathaway is a terrible choice for Catwoman. :( She is beautiful and talented but she just doesn’t quite fit the character. And those ears and that Zorro mask? Really? They couldn’t give her those awesome light-up goggles she wears in the comic? Sigh…on the flip side, her body looks great! lol

  27. 27
    WTH Says:

    Who said the costume of catwoman is bad again ??!!! Im jealous of ann, cause she’s standing next to bale in a HOT costume with a HOT body !
    JJ, this is spoiler. So next time, don’t post freaking pictures on the home page man … jeez some people just don’t get it whatever you say.

  28. 28
    Don Boden Says:

    Hey, the ears are her goggles. It is absolutely fantastic. This is exactly what I thought the costume was going to look like, and I am thoroughly excited now to see that Nolan is doing this the correct way.

    BTW, Anne Hathaway is a good actress when she is able to show her range. Rachel Getting Married was a great film. She really made me feel that she understood her role.

  29. 29
    uhuh Says:

    wtf she will never be a good catwoman!!!! toooo sad…i thought they bring a good one…but she is just crap

  30. 30
    Vikious Says:

    Stop saying how much she’s gonna be bad….I think she’ll be great

  31. 31
    Jackie Woods Says:

    That is exactly what I am talking about dude.

  32. 32
    Chloe Says:

    She is looking hot!!!

  33. 33
    Dasha Says:

    She’s NOT catwoman, it’s a shame, Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry were sexy and talented, great for the role and now we have Anne Hathaway? what a downgrade!!

  34. 34
    I'm sorry but.. Says:

    She looks like a pasty nerd playing dress up for Halloween. Once again Nolan fails with his female selection for Batman.

  35. 35
    Jon Says:

    It looks real nice and people need to stop and think they are doing it more off the comics and the earlier times and that Catwoman was just a plain ol gal. They are keeping her tech/traditional and close to realistic just the same with the bat suit. Thumbs up to the suit and to Anne

  36. 36 repcode: Atlanta Says:

    Will see how it pans out, can’t be certain as CGI is very powerful.

    Repcode: Atlanta
    Gives you 20% off your entire order.

  37. 37
    Rosie Says:

    I had no problem with Halle Berry as Catwoman. I had a problem with the movie, which I thought was mediocre.

    As for these negative comments about Anne Hathaway, I guess people are entitled to them. Personally, I like what I see. I guess I’ll have to wait to see how she does.

  38. 38
    Saanvi007 Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, i love the hott outfit but seriously… what cat burglar is going to wear high heels to do anything? doesn’t seem practical.

  39. 39
    notso Says:

    I’m not hating, but….when I think of her I still think of Princess Diaries and Bambi, not bad at all, she’s beautiful. I don’t however, think of catwoman, SORRY.

  40. 40
    catgirl Says:

    SHE’S NOT CATWOMANISH!!!!!!! But Love Nolan and his Batman series.

    We needed an Jolie type of catwoman, even Rachel Weisz. I he wanted someone younger, well there’s Leighton Meester or Megan Fox.

  41. 41
    Mary Says:

    All I can see is…

    GARY GARY GARY <3<3<3

  42. 42
    Rachel() Says:


  43. 43
    Mister Snitch Says:


    Maybe he’s a moron, but at least he knows enough to only hit the ‘submit’ button once.

    Moral: If you’re going to call people morons, better make your own behavior impeccable.

  44. 44
    Mike Says:

    Rachel Weisz? Meester? Fox? Same as Hathaway, bland and boring. How bout Eva Mendes, Rosario Dawson. Even Jessica Alba or Michelle Rodriguez would add flavor and sexiness to the role. NOT feelin Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Even in costume she didn’t look the part.

  45. 45
    Z Says:

    I’m waiting to see to movie to judge Hathaway.

    But I am judging those freaking heels. Ugh, really Nolan?

  46. 46
    eva Says:

    she is too sweet for the character

  47. 47
    lexx Says:

    I’m with you Mike

  48. 48
    Fox Says:

    ew. no. her body is not catwoman’s body. she’s so squishy and soft looking. i dont see an athletic bone in her body. im beyond disappointed. Catwoman has been a huge icon to me and i hate to see her ruined.. but it’s gonna happen so i’m preparing myself.

  49. 49
    Quin Says:

    This will not be good.

  50. 50
    Bella Says:

    nobody can be as bas a Halle Berry… at my point of view she almost destroy all what Michelle Pfiffer create… thanks god is Anne and not another colour girl

  51. 51
    Annie Says:

    At first glance, this *does* seem like terrible miscast – however, I’m willing to give Anne the benefit of the doubt until I see the movie. Sex appeal comes from denemor/aura rather than looks and a good actor can channel something they usually are not percieved as – and Anne does have a decent acting range from what I’ve seen. Michella Pfiffer actually wasn’t seen as a sex bomb pre catwoman. Hathaway might be a dud or this might be the role that will change her image in Hollywood.

    And @Fox, C’mon she doesn’t look “squishy” she’s got a great body.

  52. 52
    Happy_Evil_Dude Says:

    @Jasmine: you’re saying the director saw something in her, that is very true, he saw someone willing to spread her legs and do whatever he asked her.

  53. 53
    christina Says:

    I <3 christian bale! He’s an amazing actor plus he’s gorgeous. He’s been in a ton of great movies and is just incredible. Be sure to check him out!

  54. 54
    amyly11 Says:

    Love this women

  55. 55
    Rich Girl Says:

    Wow! Anne looks amazing in this costume. But I don’t think that she will be sexy enough for this role.

  56. 56
    lari Says:

    why am i not happy bout this, i like anne, but im not happy about her being cat woman, is their something wrong with me, i dont think she’s sexy enough and i would like for her to dye her hair black. i just dont get why im not happy and the 2 reasons aren’t that big of a deal.

  57. 57
    Bryan Says:

    Christopher Nolan after making so many good movies probably has more know-how on casting characters in his left ball sac than most people leaving the “she’s gonna suck” comments have in their entire body, so I’ll leave my judgements till when I see the movie thank you very much.

    Halle Berry might have been hotter than Anne Hathaway in her catwoman suit, but I don’t need a crystal ball to tell me that Anne Hathaway will put on a better performance and that TDKR will be a much better movie than that horrific Catwoman movie.

    Acting ability/plotline/script/awesome director>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>hotness in the catwoman suit.

  58. 58
    JDUB Says:

    I’ll judge this whole Catwoman costume situation when I see the film. Why is no one bringing up how dope Michelle Phiffer was as Catwoman instead of comparing Anne to Halle Berry as Catwoman? I just don’t like how Anne’s mask looks & how her hair looks in the costume. It should be dyed black or covered all together like Michelle Phiffer’s was.

  59. 59
    zack Says:

    This looks so crappy. What’s with the stupid ears? This will not age well. People will laugh at this in 20 or 30 years. How is Nolan going to ground this in reality? I hope this last installment doesn’t suddenly give us a lot of ridiculous ideas we have to accept. Though already the Bane outfit looks stupid, and now this Catwoman suit…It kinda looks like they gave up and let the reality of the movie be more ridiculous than the Dark Knight one. Hopefully this isn’t Shumacherish….I can’t wait to see the movie because if it’s a great movie, then that means there is way more to it that can make up for the terrible costumes (and Anne Hathaway’s perky and predictable performance). Know what I’m saying? Like, a person who is severely lacking in an important skill, like walking…say that they can overcome this..well that means that they are better in other skill areas. OK. I’m excited.

  60. 60
    Ke7inHeads Says:

    It is impossible to be a cat burglar who runs across rooftops in high heels. That’s the only part I don’t like. They should have gone with more of a Jim lee hush costume. Looks sexy while still being functional.

  61. 61
    SB Says:

    She is not right for this picture. catwoman should be more curvy.The costume looks like a wetsuit. very unimaginative. Also you have to be careful of the persons mouth when they are going to wear a mask since that is what you see the most of Anne is way to big mouthed.

  62. 62
    Ratt Says:

    If Morgan Freeman is in this one I will stay at home.

  63. 63
    Dave Says:

    Why are they so afraid of a woman with a little muscle? Look at Poppy Montgomery bringing in serious ratings on Unforgettable. Having a woman look like that for catwoman would add serious credibilty and gravitas to the role

  64. 64
    Virginia Says:

    We’re all entitled to our opinions and we all have different tastes.

    I’m a big Batman fan and I think Anne Hathaway will play a decent Catwoman. She’s a talented actress and has range. It’s easy to categorize her as geeky or princess-y because most people just think of The princess diaries or Alice in Wonderland.

    You should watch Havoc, it isn’t exactly a great movie but it does show another side of her acting; and I admit she does look hot in it.

    I believe Nolan made the right choice in choosing her for the role and I also believe we should wait for the movie to come out before we start flaming her or it.

    The goggles do seem the ears and those silver heels of hers look deadly. I have a feeling she’ll be doing a lot of kicking in this movie.

  65. 65
    Lymies rule Says:

    Glad Morgan Freeman is in this one also.I guess “Filthy Flea covered Ratt” who commented otherwise has never seen any of the last two. It is interesting how the most successful of the movies of an American icon is helmed by a British director with a British actor as the lead, a British actor as tge main costar. A British actor as the villain (an Australian in the previous), a British actor as an Italian mafia boss. And then killed off two of the three good american actors in the second one, and no one said a single thing.That is the genius of the great Chris Nolan.

  66. 66
    jonathon Says:

    i cant wait to see this new adventure and if its true about the rumours of ras all ghul and the league of shadows coming back boy what a film it will be eciting times lye ahead as i suspected a long time ago chris might bring both back the only thing im sad about is heath ledger not being able to surprise his role AS THE JOKER R.I.P HEATH

  67. 67
    Odrareg Says:

    @L.: If you think this woman is hot… you are really sick:
    and is not THAT picture. Search for more in imdb. She is horrible. Tommy Lee Jones could be a more pretty Catwoman than her.

  68. 68
    Video Production Oklahoma City Says:

    Anne Hathaway is awesome. I think she’ll do awesome in this role. I wish she’d come around my part of the country to be apart of my video productions in Oklahoma City. Maybe she gets a little annoying, but she does have a good personality and is totally gorgeous. She could do anything! Good post!

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