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Bar Refaeli: Emporio Armani Fashion Show!

Bar Refaeli: Emporio Armani Fashion Show!

Bar Refaeli arrives at the Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2012 show during Milan Fashion Week on Saturday (September 24) in Milan, Italy.

The 26-year-old Israeli model received a bouquet of white roses at her hotel from designer Giorgio Armani, along with a card that read, “Dear Bar, Welcome to Milan!!”

“I can’t think of a better way to wake up,” Bar tweeted. “So sweet:):) thank you Giorgio:)”

The night before, Bar attended the amfAR Milano benefit to help raise money for AIDS research.

15+ pictures isnide of Bar Refaeli at the Emporio Armani show in Milan…

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bar refaeli emporio armani fashion show 01
bar refaeli emporio armani fashion show 02
bar refaeli emporio armani fashion show 03
bar refaeli emporio armani fashion show 04
bar refaeli emporio armani fashion show 05
bar refaeli emporio armani fashion show 06
bar refaeli emporio armani fashion show 07
bar refaeli emporio armani fashion show 08
bar refaeli emporio armani fashion show 09
bar refaeli emporio armani fashion show 10
bar refaeli emporio armani fashion show 11
bar refaeli emporio armani fashion show 12
bar refaeli emporio armani fashion show 13
bar refaeli emporio armani fashion show 14
bar refaeli emporio armani fashion show 15

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64 Responses to “Bar Refaeli: Emporio Armani Fashion Show!”

  1. 1
    Maguire Says:

    Love Bar Refaeli, very attractive and sexy. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible. With her blonde good looks and voluptuous curves, this ultra-gorgeous and sensual woman is pure Israeli perfection.

  2. 2
    Rebecca Honey Says:

    Bar Refaeli has an amazing figure. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country.

  3. 3
    Naomi Says:

    Good taste, beauty, natural curves and a smile to die for. Thanks JARED!

    Let’s say that I would love to receive flowers from Armani…..:)

  4. 4
    ka simply amazing Says:

    nice body

  5. 5
    Slig o lambert ^______^cute Says:


  6. 6
    Erin Fan Says:

    Such an attractive woman.

  7. 7
    James Merrick Says:

    She is absolutely beautiful. It is a shame she couldn’t show off more of her great body with that dress. She is a wonderful woman with a great personality. In interviews, you see that she is so down to earth and funny. There’s a lovely gentleness and sweetness to her.

  8. 8
    Sasha Says:

    Her figure is very feminine and becoming more and more athletic. Her shoulders, arms and legs are solid and toned. Yummy….

  9. 9
    Garsik Says:

    Her Twitter comments show her as the opposite of a fame hungry model. I think she enjoys the modelling process. I do hope she gets recognised for her work.
    She sounds like a lovely person. It is nice to see a person as such in the modelling industry.

  10. 10
    same person? Says:

    Are all these comments from the same person?
    These EXACT comments show up on EVERY Bar post.

    She does look good here though…and the past few posts. Whatever she’s doing she should keep it up!

  11. 11
    Dantius Says:

    God, you have great legs.

  12. 12
    BloodbuzzOhio Says:

    She’s really boring.

  13. 13
    MarilynandtheDiamonds Says:

    She looks like an immature kid! Grow up!

  14. 14
    people Says:

    I see her perfectly beautiful

  15. 15
    Yawn Says:

    the “model” who can’t get a runway gig. yeah such a model. she is a worthless panty model.

  16. 16
    Love u Bar Says:

    Stunning. Amazing sexy body, she is beautiful

  17. 17
    Victoria Says:

    She looks amazing.Wow Leo, what have you missed?

  18. 18
    LondonCalling Says:

    # 10 yes,you are right and eveyone thinks they are bar pr….i dunno but they are annoying

  19. 19
    toomuchcake Says:

    @Victoria: @Victoria: you mean Victoria’s reject? her eyes are very aged and puffy.

  20. 20
    sorella Says:

    She is gorgeous. Wow hard to believe that Lindsay Lohan is YOUNGER than Bar?!! Wow LL needs to look at Bar to see how healthy living looks!!

  21. 21
    Suspect no 1 Says:

    hmmm, do I suspect Flakely’s fans in here commenting badly on DiCaprio’s really beautiful former gf? See, Bar never had to post nude photos of herself on the Internet and never needed a boob, nose and chin jobs. And her hair is washed more often than Flakely the mole face!

  22. 22
    tyler Says:

    looks like beat up prostiture on crack

  23. 23
    princessBar Says:

    Very pretty woman

  24. 24
    ben Says:

    can this gold digging w.hore jsut go away , you are old and ugly bar ..leo will never take you back you nmiserable old witch

  25. 25
    ugh Says:

    Gawd so overrated as a model. does she even model? I never see her in magazines outside of Us Weekly and Maxim and no that does not count in my books for a model; Snooki and J Wow are also in them..She just looks like a Soap Opera actress, not a model. Very bland and boring.

  26. 26
    shauna Says:

    POSTERS 1-12 = BAR herself or her mother.. no life loser spamming your own post aint gonna get eo back you fugly hagg

  27. 27
    Kai Says:

    I dont know how she rates as a model, but i love her body. It may not be “model” perfect but its perfect anyway. She’s yummy!!

  28. 28
    ali Says:

    all she does is pose in bikinis and attends events
    to try and meet a rich husband .
    this woman hardly works .
    without Leo she is nothing .

  29. 29
    Emporio Says:

    Giorgio loves her more than anyone else because she’s unique and special

  30. 30
    kelly Says:

    wow amazing woman.

  31. 31
    tal Says:


  32. 32
    Blakey fakey Says:

    @ben: you nmiserable ben & Flakely’s fans (nude photos .. boob – nose jobs..), Bar will never take the old fat Leo back

  33. 33
    chace Says:

    @Suspect No 1
    If her hair is washed so often.
    Why does the racist no mark always look so damn greasy acne ridden and puffy
    She has lip implants is regulrly dissed in the fashon world and is now probably huntng for a rich Amercan.
    Copying Gisele again

  34. 34
    jhon Says:

    she looks gorgeous in this pictures….

  35. 35
    Strawberry Jam Says:

    For anyone who knows what DiCaprio’s momager Irmelin looks like, it’s interesting to notice she probably looked a lot like Bar Refaeli when she was a young woman. And since Leo’s girlfriends all alike, his Oedipus complex will certainly be a life-long struggle.

  36. 36

    FAT FAT FAT ! Great body? Are you blind? Look at her huge hands and short legs:P

  37. 37
    @Suspect no 1 Says:

    Totally agree. Besides, Bar looks so much happier since her breakup with that immature now become boyfriend of a siliconed, nose job starlet. LOL!

  38. 38
    Gorgeous Says:

    Thank God, since Bar left Leo she is much happier. Go leo, enjoy fakey blakey, Do her a favor & Marry her, and all her fans – go with that man’s face Mrs plastic surgery and leave bar in peace.

  39. 39
    just me Says:

    She looks so beautiful but that dress is totally terrible! Her and the dress do not go together. No one would look good in that dress. Otherwise she is so pretty!

  40. 40
    @Gorgeous Says:

    Yeah all her five fans
    Including Ms greasy faced pimple forehead’s mother Tzipi
    Oh and Leo left Bar!!!!

  41. 41
    @Gorgeous Says:

    Yeah all Ms greasy faced, pmple forehead five fans and that includes her mom Tzipi.
    And Bar fans stop coming to Blakes pages too
    Oh and everyone knows she didnt leave him Leo dumped Bar!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. 42
    everio Says:

    Go back to Israel, and stay there. She is just a user of people. Used a man twice her age for marriage just to get out of the army. If she is a proud Israeli, do something for your country, you *****. You don’t even support Israel. All Bar cares is to use people to get contracts. She never had anything nice to say about Leo, she goes on Ellen Show, and the nerve of her to say Leo who? Stupid *****, you would have never gotten any coverage in USA if it wasn’t for your contact with Leo. She is plain ungreatful *****, no wonder Leo dumped you. Of course she is happier, all you think is about yourself. She is ugly on the inside and not so great on the outside. Open your eyes people.

  43. 43
    TheTruthIs Says:

    Bar is funny: she used to wake up next to Leonardo DiCaprio every morning and this is her idea of a best way to wake up?!! I do not get it! :D :D

  44. 44
    boom Says:

    of course she looks happier, because she is camera friendly now, she is not girlfriend of an a list hollywood actor anymore, she has to look happy and nice, she needs publicity.

  45. 45
    Bar>Lively Says:

    prediction: when leo (and i am fond of him :)) is done with his wild-oat sowing he will return to Bar, who, is perfect for him. lively?? pleeeeese

  46. 46
    KerryLynn Says:

    I also think more than half of the positive comments are made by the same person – they are always the same on every Bar post – it’s pathetic really. And having to drag Blake ‘s name into Bar’s post – can’t ypu Bar fans praise Bar without putting Blake down? OF course not, because it is all about jealousy. Those plastic surgery remarks and nude photo remarks are stupid also because Bar takes the prize when it comes to fake breasts and as far as nude photos, I’m totally sure Bar has made them herself but hasn’t been hacked into. My nickname for Bar is Ms. Stumpy Legs, LOL!

  47. 47
    Katchitup Says:

    Agree with most of you here. Bar looks much happier since she was dumped by that guy who ran after the shredded wheat hair, silicone implant wannabe actress who looks 37 but is 23. Bar looks awesome.

  48. 48
    @Bar>Lively Says:


  49. 49
    harley Says:

    Leo, you messed up, again.

  50. 50
    everio Says:

    These Bar fans are dissolution. Bar has posed complete nude in a tv ad, and some of her tops in other poses, were see-through, so who is calling the kettle black? Perhaps Blake is a much nicer person in real life, beauty is skin deep you know. As far as “that guy” dating Leonardo sure put Bar on the map hasn’t it? Otherwise many here, would never have heared of her unless you live in Israel. She is simply an UNGREATFUL *****.
    Enough already of her, why Jared do you keep posting on this worthless model?

  51. 51
    @everio Says:

    FYI, Bar has indeed posed in the nude for an artistic exhibition in Israel… in fact you could only see her rear. That’s quite different from taking pictures of herself in the nude with an Iphone and then pretend she didn’t do it. LOL!

  52. 52
    everio Says:

    How original using my name. What was that nude video for? Is she campaigning against furs???? LOL! OH yea, it just makes Israel so proud to have her nude on tv, great accomplishments there Bar! The rabbis must be so proud of her. Instead of doing her obligated duty in the army, she chose to pose nude for the sake of art. LOL!! Its certainly fine for her to use a 40 year old man for a fixed marriage to get out of the army, how honest, how honorable of her, while all other Israeli citizens had to do army duties. Now those soldiers are honorable to their country.

  53. 53
    daffy Says:

    It’s unbelievable they are still posting that crap about how great she is…so transparent its her, adi, and mommy !

    and she looks like crap here, totally too chunky to MODEL Armani, just show up at the party.


  54. 54
    daffy Says:

    @same person?:

    Yes as a matter of fact they are. Might be bar herself…some of them very similiar to her god awful twitter. Funny, hunh?

    But dont worry folks, she’s not WORKING and not likely to be. She lost Rampage, Victoria passed a long time ago, lost Samsung and sued her client, lost Bonita de Mas and has god know what now. Just a matter of time before she is BROKE. Good think leo bought her a “go away now and shut up” condo.

    Bar had:

    nose job
    boob job
    lip job.

    and needs lipo.




  55. 55
    daffy Says:


    god that must of H U R T.

    dumped for someone younger and more succesful, if not prettier. better legs though.

    just give it a rest folks.

    or you wouldnt still be talking about it.

    But i think the achey breakey blakey mistakey is over too.

    remember when we were afraid we’d be stuck with bar?


    No modelling in the last three months since he dumped her. Who coulda thunk it? Except for Israeli crap clothes and something editorial that was probably scheduled before breakup.

    NO MODELLING whatsoever.

  56. 56
    Stunning Says:

    Al flakey fans – Read it and Eat your heart… “She’s a real peach: Bar Refaeli steals the show in stunning gown at Milan Fashion Week…Bar Refaeli, 26, showed she is the cream of the crop”… (-:

  57. 57
    ASHLEY Says:

    shes stunning and gorgeous and a natural beauty…. alot of haters and jealous woman here especially miss nappy as known from before eat your heart out

  58. 58
    ASHLEY Says:

    shes stunning and gorgeous and a natural beauty…. alot of haters and jealous woman here especially miss nappy as known from before eat your heart out

  59. 59
    FatKerri Says:

    steals the show? she wasn’t even in it! HAHAHHA. she is always a guest, never the star.

  60. 60
    KC Says:

    This dress neither fits or flatters Bar. Stuffing yourself into a dress isn’t sexy…

  61. 61
    Blake=Plastic Says:

    Horse faced Blake..prettier the Bar…Hell NO!, Blake is ugly even with the nose job, and she is nothing but LEGS..ugly face, silicone chest and legs…

    A Giraffe has long legs…

    Bar looks alot prettier then her without needing plastic surgery…

    Leo Got dumped that’s why he ran with Plastic Surgery..a girl who has been chasing him for mths..Nice Photo OP in Europe, but now back to the ugly stepsister treatment, follow me like a dog for Fake Blake…

    NOw Plastic Blake looks SAD with dirty hair and wedgies ducking in cars..

    And Fake Blake is a LIAR, she lied about Nude photos….

    Ewww.. Leo can do so much better…

  62. 62

    and if you are asking why we still come here once in a while its because it was never “jealousy over leo” or jealousy over ugly handbags, it was because we HATE YOU and your approach to dealing with/hornswaggling/lying/insulting the public- you are a nasty, unprofessional racist heifer and your little girl just aint all that….no matter how much you say so and also you are HATED in Israel.

    We arent impressed by your “product” and we LOATHE how it is presented. That kind of crap doesnt fly in the us even though you think it does.

    Why dont you threaten me again with “ISRAELI SECURITY????:”


    we’ll see barfie to her finish, !

  63. 63
    Oh -My, My Says:

    There is too much water under the bridge now for Barf. She has screwed up with the public and demonstrated her levels of entitlement, racism, STUPID, stupid decisions, like fraudulent marriage and then posing in army gear too often. ———- LEO is not missing anything. If they do reconcile, call it the treadmill of insane misery and boredom for Leo. Leo: you still need to clear up your preaching on – do not buy blood diamonds – why not an interview with a sympathetic journalist…..

  64. 64
    Hi Ali! Says:


    If you live in Israel, can you post some of the damning articles on Bar on this site… with only some translation of key phrases that show how she is disliked in her own company.

    I still cannot believe she actually went to mel gibsons movie in Cannes.

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