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Brad Pitt: 'Moneyball' Tops Friday Box Office

Brad Pitt: 'Moneyball' Tops Friday Box Office

Brad Pitt shoots scenes for his upcoming movie World War Z on Saturday evening (September 24) at the Heygate Estate in London, England.

The 47-year-old actor was joined by his co-star Mireille Enos to dodge exploding cars and zombies in the scene.

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Brad‘s new film Moneyball is a hit at the box office and came in number one on Friday with $6.8 million. The Lion King 3D is expected to take the overall weekend once again.

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt on the set of World War Z

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  • an oldie

    fr previous thread, just reposting someones’ post.
    Moneyball Rules! @ 09/24/2011 at 4:31 pm +15

    more Moneyball praise- This tweet is from Rob Riggle. Rob is on The Daily Show & has been in a bunch of comedy movies (he has 1.1 million followers):

    RobRiggle MONEYBALL is worth your time and money… just sayin’….

  • Jen the hag

    suckers @ 09/24/2011 at 11:40 pm -8

    suckers you can’t say a movie is a flop until it finishes it’s round the world opening OK… to say moneyball is a flop becoz of 1 day opening is just RETARDED just like the JENHAGS and i don’t care about MANISTON movie i never see any one of them,., coz JENHAG movie will sure made me sleep hehehehehhe she’s that BORING!!

  • Just Saying

    You wonder why no studio is willing give Maniston lead role. Brad and Angelina are offered lead roles all the time. LOL.

  • JP Fan

    WAY TO GO BRAD!!! Excellent reviews for a fantastic movie..

  • Jimbo

    The reviews are fantastic but in reality this is a good film and not a great film. I did enjoy myself.

  • Wrong as Usual

    Dont mind the jenhags here is the list of top baseball movies
    as you can see the average baseball movie makes 6.8mil OW not even one day im talking about the whole do tell jen hags how did brad flop if the average baseball flick makes 6.8 the entire weekend..i would love to hear your explanation..these are the same fools that said abduction would that they are wrong they are saying MB had no competition despite the fact that there were 3 other releases..when Jen can carry a movie by herself get back to me

  • bdj

    CarrieBlasgen Carrie Blasgen
    coming from a girl who doesn’t care too much about baseball, #moneyball was fantastic! go see it

    Moneyball was an amazing love letter to the sport of my heart, baseball. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill were amazing together. BP was heartbreak

    1 minute ago
    Dj Skizz
    Moneyball was excellent.. Brad Pitt will def get an Oscar nod
    1 minute ago Favorite

  • an oldie

    Moneyball Rules! @ 09/24/2011 at 4:31 pm +15

    more Moneyball praise- This tweet is from Rob Riggle. Rob is on The Daily Show & has been in a bunch of comedy movies (he has 1.1 million followers):

    RobRiggle MONEYBALL is worth your time and money… just sayin’….

  • Wrong

    Dont mind the jenhags here is the list of top baseball movies
    as you can see the average baseball movie makes 6.8mil OW not even one day im talking about the whole do tell jen hags how did brad flop if the average baseball flick makes 6.8 the entire weekend..i would love to hear your explanation..these are the same fools that said abduction would that they are wrong they are saying MB had no competition despite the fact that there were 3 other releases..when Jen can carry a movie by herself get back to me


    Romantic Comedies don’t get Oscars???? Are your Crazy??? What about As Good As It Gets? Oscars in best pix, actor actress & director!!! Annie Hall? It happened One Night, the Apartment , Moonstruck?????
    Tons of nominations for Romantic Comedy Actresses (Renee Z in Bridget Jones,) JUST GOOGLE and you’ll find a huge list.
    But you need to give a great performance in the movie — not just on the tabloid covers.

  • Moneyball Review

    “Remarkable, just truly remarkable…

    Let’s just get straight to the point; Moneyball is an excellent film. It’s nothing more and its nothing less. Kicking off with some excellent footage from a 2001 elimination game, the movie does an outstanding job crafting scenes together with real-footage that really sp*ces a lot of the played-out scenes up a notch. Let’s keep things honest too, there hasn’t been a great film about baseball in years. Luckily, Moneyball hits everything out of the park and is one-hundred percent perfection in every category from the screenplay to the Oscar-worthy performances. It’s exactly what I wanted when I first saw the trailer, and that was a great movie about such a great game. Let the Oscar season begin!

    Hands down, Brad Pitt is my favorite actor of all-time. That all began when I saw David Fincher’s adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel, Fight Club and his dark, twisted film that is Se7en. Both of these movies are in my top ten thanks to David Fincher’s excellent directing skills and Brad Pitt’s phenomenal talent. Pitt gives his best performance since Fincher’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button here as Billy Beane. Brad Pitt definitely deserves himself an Oscar-nomination and if he doesn’t even receive that then the Oscars can go take a hike. I’m not saying he deserves the win, but a nomination at that. My favorite actor is back in the game….literally.

    One performance that ultimately surprised was one by Jonah Hill. Seeing this guy in Superbad and Funny People, you’d never expect him to grasp such talent other than his works in comedy. I’m going to predict the future here for a second. This is what I see: Sometime in the distant future, it can be sooner or later, Jonah Hill will receive an Oscar-win for something. In Moneyball, he may not be Oscar-worthy, but he certainly proves that he is growing as an actor and has a future ahead of him in film that is better than where he’s been at for the past few years. The guy is a comic-genius and he clicks well with the genre, but he can definitely handle other genres quite well.

    One of the best things about Moneyball is the chemistry between Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. The two have got to have the best connection I’ve seen in a film in years. Every scene they have together is a home-run, whether it’s hysterical or dramatic. Not sure if Moneyball would have been as incredible if it wasn’t for the spot-on chemistry. You would have never expected it, but Pitt and Hill are a team to be reckoned with.

    Aaron Sorkin wrote The Social Network and won himself an Oscar for it. The Social Network wasn’t the best film of 2010, but it was beautifully written. Sorkin once again proves himself an incredible writer with Moneyball. The dialogue is on-par and the comedic side to the film plays out well. Moneyball isn’t written as dark or as serious as The Social Network was and that honestly helps make Moneyball a better success to Sorkin. He hasn’t received a Oscar-nomination for the script yet, but he certainly deserves it. The movie was also co-written by Steven Zaillian. Just like Pitt and Hill, Sorkin and Zaillian are also a team to be reckoned with! Let’s just hope they gain the credit for this they deserve.

    When Moneyball isn’t trying to humor the audience, it deeply touches them. A lot of scenes between Beane and his daughter are tearful, especially one in particular when she sings to him in the middle of a guitar store. While the film is touching at a few different points in the story, it isn’t inspirational and it doesn’t need to be. Seeing the trailer, Moneyball looks like another cliché sports movie that’ll try hard to inspire the audience. Moneyball is never inspirational, and in all honesty, its a good thing. It doesn’t make you want to play baseball or get involved in the business. It shows you the honest life of the sports business and the hell that players and others go through to keep a living.

    Excellent shots by Bennett Miller are shown here, especially of Fenway Park (GO SOX!). Miller was a great choice for directing the film and I especially loved some of the use of slow-motion he uses during some of the games, also portrayed with a dark background. He was working with not just an excellent screenplay but an awesome cast!

    Everyone behind Moneyball helped make it one of the best baseball films in years. This is one of those films I wish my grandfather could see, because this would have been the perfect film to experience with him. I’m looking forward to the Blu-Ray, just so I can watch the movie with my father and remember the good old days where we’d drive into Boston with my grandfather to catch a Red Sox game. Moneyball brought up a lot of great memories for me and that is what I took from it the most. It’s a film not to be missed. Remarkable, just truly remarkable this one was.</b?

  • Moneyball Fan

    #93- that’s a great review! Thanks for sharing- I really enjoyed Moneyball, too. Brad dues such a GREAT JOB playing the iconoclast. Also, I loved the scenes with his daughter! It gives you a glimpse into what wonderful dad he must be to the JP 6!!

  • bdj

    Baby Jane will get an Oscar for Victim of the Decade.

  • Just Saying

    Many good romcoms became Oscar nods or winners, but Maniston always choose crappy ones or the crappy ones always choose her bcause the good ones want better and talented actress not useless talentless Maniston. rotflmao.

  • an oldie

    One more for the troll, courtesy Moneyball Review.

    Brad Pitt, Moneyball Scores In Summer’s 9th Inning

    Jenny Shields, Wilmington Celebrity Headlines Examiner
    September 24, 2011

    Sorry Taylor Lautner. All bets say the go-to film this weekend is Moneyball, the late summer sleeper starring Brad Pitt. With an A-lister like Pitt at the helm, you would expect this film to be released during the height of the summer movie season. Instead it’s buried away in post summer pre-Christmas, off-season — too soon for the Thanksgiving rush and too late to rate as a summer hit. Yet when it comes to solid storyline, direction and pure enjoyment, the film smacks it out of the ballpark.

    Pitt stars as Billy Beane, the Oakland A’s General Manager desperate to land a winning baseball team despite having next to no budget to pay top salaries. When three of his ace players are snatched up by teams with ample cash to spend, Beane tries to scrape up someone up from the bottom of the barrel in Cleveland, only to discover even his out-picks are deemed off-limits. The recommendations of a fresh-out-of-college kid with no track baseball record, played perfectly by Jonah Hill, seem to to have no rhyme nor reason. Later Beane discovers the kid has a name, Peter Brand, along with a theory that defies tried and often not true baseball logic. After a series of flashbacks, Beane eventually buys into the concept and the rest, as they say, is history.

  • dianad1968



    I tried watching The Switch recently, and I could barely watch ten minutes of it. Another actor who seem to be always working, but keep doing the same character over and over again is Jason Bateman. He needs to do a Jonah Hill and try something different. But then he is from the school of Ticky, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler , Paul Rudd et al. These people all run into each other…see one see all.

  • lol

    Ticky’s fans are idiots.

  • Observer2

    You got to hand it to the trolls. They’ve got their priorities straight and not afraid to admit it. They hate Brad and Angelina. They spend money to see Brad and Angelina. Just so they can come and fake bash them.


    Romantic comedies don’t receive Oscar noms? Only the good ones do. And that ain’t ever gonna include Lenny.

    And again, what is Lenny’s next movie? And why did Wanderbust get pushed back to Feb.? I mean, it was opening Oct. 7th. Anna Faris has an R rated comedy coming out during Oscar season and the studio didn’t blink and push it back.

    Again, what is Lenny’s next movie? Is she being pursued by studios left and right? Umm, that’d be a no.

    And she’s got to make 4 movies to make what Brad and/or Angelina make on one.

    Listen to the Money Talk. C’mon, C’mon. Listen to the Money Talk.

  • Guest

    do the jen hags even know what the definition of a bomb is..a bomb is when a movie heavily underperforms..i have yet to see an article saying MB has bombed..a bomb would be 10mil or the 3.8mil Fri that Lautner aka the guy you all said would beat pitt brought rather a classic 3D movie like TLK edge out MB than having lil bow wows movie outperform pitts OW..did you forget the numbers Switch got..couldnt even beat lil bow wow opening weekend…and lol at comparing Bounty Hunter too bad the Ugly Truth with heigl had a higher opening of 27mil as opposed to your idols 20mil

  • patti

    Amazing! Brad’s films get better and better every yr. True when you are happy and in a relationship where you feel satisfied and feels like life keeps going your way , you do your best work ever, Brad Pitt is a major star since he settled down with Angelina Jolie. Everything he touches turms to gold. Moneyball took in 6 mill on it’s first day. Fab Mr. Pitt !
    Looks like an Oscar coming your way!

  • Indigo

    I know I’ll get thumbs way down for this but… Moneyball just looks so boring! Sorry but even Brad Pitt isn’t enough to make sit through a sports film… But his upcoming Zombie flick, I’m THERE!

  • Guest88

    do the jen hags even know what the definition of a bomb is..a bomb is when a movie heavily underperforms..i have yet to see an article saying MB has bombed..a bomb would be 10mil or the 3.8mil Fri that Lautner aka the guy you all said would beat pitt brought rather a classic 3D movie like TLK edge out MB than having lil bow wows movie outperform pitts OW..did you forget the numbers Switch got..couldnt even beat lil bow wow opening weekend…and lol at comparing Bounty Hunter too bad the Ugly Truth with heigl had a higher opening of 27mil as opposed to your idols 20mil

  • Hardley

    If Brad Pitt is the superstar that you loons say he is, his name alone would bring in a bigger box office. Which it didn’t. Huge flop.


    Unfortunately, Wonderbust was probably pushed back so SS could be a presenter at the Oscars — you know how the studios always have actors pimping upcoming movies at the Oscars even if they know they’re crap — its a free commercial.

  • an oldie

    Rolling, Rolling, Rolling… @ 09/24/2011 at 5:24 pm +10

    SoYoureAnExpert I thought #Moneyball was phenomenally made, and a must-see for baseball fans (all sports fans, actually).
    Tru101 Anytime a movie can make u root for a team eventhough u already know the outcome…that’s a great movie. Great job #MONEYBALL
    Art_Ortiz3 @stephencbishop yo Bishop GREAT work brotha all around. I tip my hat to you and glad I could be part of all this.. #nicelefthandedswing lol

  • an oldie

    cr Moneyball Review

    Right on the Money(ball)
    Saturday, September 24, 2011

    I was wrong! Yeah, that is what you want to read as the lead in a fantasy baseball advice and analysis column on which you have been relying all year (I hope). About what was I wrong? Well, I was asked a few weeks ago whether Moneyball has anything to do with fantasy baseball. My answer was “of course! Billy Beane is living the dream of fantasy players the world over.” It did not take long for me to see my error. Early in the screening of the movie I was privileged to attend earlier this week, Billy Beane (in the person of the incomparable Brad Pitt) said with both conviction and resignation: “It is an unfair game.” Smack! It hit me. It is not that Billy Beane is living out a fantasy leaguer’s dream, it is that fantasy leaguers are living out Billy’s dream. Unlike in the real thing where one team can spend 100+ Million while another is limited to one-third of that (a fact well emphasized both visually and through dialogue), fantasy general managers DO play on an even playing field. Each team is limited to a mythical $260 budget; no one gets a penny more or a penny less. That is Billy Beane/Brad Pitt’s dream — equality — a dream Billy/Brad knows is reserved for the millions of fantasy GMs out there.

    Ok, I need to backtrack. I was not completely wrong. What a relief! There IS a lot that fantasy leaguers will recognize and with which they will identify while enjoying what is really a terrific film. Oh, and it is not the reliance on computers, newfangled statistics or fist pumping of the geek brotherhood. Then, what do I mean? Well, let’s start with one of Billy/Brad’s favorite sayings: “Because they are cheap!” Like the Beane character in the movie, many fantasy leaguers find themselves in situations where they have spent a majority of their budget but nevertheless must fill out their rosters. How to find the proverbial “diamond in the rough” or undervalued player to vault the team into contention is the annual conundrum that challenges fantasy leaguers and is the real joy of playing what is arguably America’s hobby. It is also what drives the Oakland GM throughout Moneyball. Neither Billy nor true fantasy baseball players take pride in being smart enough to draft Albert Pujols after 10 or so seasons of almost superhuman performance. There is no secret there. What fantasy leaguers thrive on and what makes them successful is getting the undervalued Melky or Asdrubal Cabrera cheap in the spring BEFORE their breakout.

    There are of course other familiar realizations that will come to fantasy leaguers while they revel in the movie. Specifically, there is no attention paid to starting pitching. Many fantasy leaguers believe pitching is inherently too unpredictable and therefore scarce resources are better spent on hitting. The venerated League of Alternative Baseball Reality known as LABR provides a case in point this year. Doug Dennis spent his scarce resources on offense, offense, and more offense and, barring an unprecedented collapse, will take home the gold when the season ends next week. [Note that because it is a movie, the filmmakers had poetic license to ignore completely the reality thatOaklandhad three of the best young hurlers in the game in 2002 – Mark Mulder, Tim Hudson and Barry Zito but I digress

  • correction

    interviewer):I’ve got to be honest with you, your fans scare me. That’s not a joke. Whenever I hear someone insinuate that something mean or rude has been said about you I stay off social networking sites. Your fans are hardcore. They aren’t having any kind of conversation unless it’s to say Jennifer Aniston is wonderful. Which I agree with and not because I’m scared.

    (Jen): Well, since you’re being honest, I will be too. I hate calling them “my fans” because they don’t belong to me but I will say I love them. I know that when people hear celebrities say that it tends to sound rehearsed. Well, I know it’s not because I do. I’ve got people standing guard for me and spending their hard earned money so I can do what I love. That’s a support system I could never accurately say thank you for. And for all my fighters, I want you all to let go of the fight. It’s not real. I want you to smile because you keep me smiling.

    you see why i love her, she is so kind. we love you to


    By Daniel Frankel at TheWrap

    Sat Sep 24, 2011 9:02am EDT

    Saturday update:

    SO MUCH FOR EARLY FRIDAY BOX OFFICE PROJECTIONS: Updated data shows Disney’s “The Lion King,” in weekend No. 2 of a 3D re-release, pulling away from the pack and on pace to gross around $24 million for the weekend.

    That same raw box office data HAD Sony’s Brad Pitt baseball film, “Moneyball,” winning the box office with around $23 million this weekend. Better developed estimates now have the film grossing around $19 million.


    At this rate his movie is going down quicker than Angie weight!

  • Guest88

    are u movies AVERAGE 6.8mil OW…so yes it did bring in a bigger box i guess your right, he is a superstar..take a look at top baseball movies, they rarely do well, if pitt wsnt the star this movie would have been lucky to make $10mil..the power of Brad

  • dianad1968

    LOL, yes Ticky got an Emmy and GG for “Friends”…..TV. And didn’t she get those during the very last years of Friends, like a consolation prize? Nothing to brag about. LOL

  • Alice

    According to Award Daily, Moneyball could win Oscar Best Picture. If you look back to last two Oscar Best Pictures, both are critics and audience pleasers and very inspiring stories. Moneyball falls into the category.

  • Faye88

    Rotten tomatoes: All critics 94. Top critics 97. Audiences. 91
    I would say Brad & gang hit a grand slam. Congrats to those involved with the making of Moneyball!!!!

  • an oldie

    One more for the troll.

    Moneyball: Brad Pitt Is Perfect Representation of Billy Beane

    Moneyball star actor Brad Pitt does a fantastic job representing Oakland Athletics Billy Beane in both the personal and professional aspects of his life.

    Beane is a man obsessed with living up to his predictions, and using statistics and mathematical formulas to determine which players can be successes in Major League Baseball.

    Pitt plays this role perfectly, and really gives us a sense of how difficult Beane’s life was as he rose to prominence among the ranks of baseball’s great minds.

    Moneyball is a fantastic film that pays great attention to the small details of Beane and his story, and in the process creates an emotional and exciting film.

  • Guest88

    shoot even AJ was nominated for an Emmy and she doesnt even really do film..instead of worrying about Brad shouldnt yall be on FF guessing whether your idol is preggers or not..i believe the FF hags predicted MB would do between 3mil-12mil, i saw a thread on that disgusting site where they predicted those that it didnt bomb they are on JJ changing their story

  • Marieme

    Whoo-hoo! That’s right suckas, Brad rules!!

    Also love how industry people are supporting Brad on Nikki Finke’s site. Whereas a couple of idiots tried to knock Brad over his recent (fully justified) comments they would not have it! No serious person in this industry takes ex seriously or her joke of a career. Whereas Brad has everyone’s highest respect. People want to see Brad and want to see this film. Hope Brad & Ange have a celebratory weekend! Rowr!

  • Observer2

    Let’s be fair to Lenny. Now, she didn’t start getting nominated for things until AFTER she married Brad. That all stopped once Brad LEFT her.

    And let’s give Lenny credit. Brad got nominated for awards BEFORE he was with Lenny and AFTER he left Lenny.

    Since he LEFT Lenny for a more fulfilling and interesting life. He’s been a part of Oscar nominated movies, Babel, TAOJJ, TCOBB and IB. And now it looks like MB.

    Lenny’s got Squiggy spending her money like the bought man he is.

    I’m sure that Lenny’s mother is so proud of her. I mean, she left her after she had a stroke to hard pimp her relationship on the other coast. Can’t say that Lenny doesn’t have her priorities straight either.

  • Guest88

    You all have to remember these are the same freaks that said SALT bombed because it made 36mil challenging the troll to provide a article that says MB bombed or tanked, move execs love to call out a movie when it bombs so surely you should be able to provide me with a link to an article stating this

  • an oldie

    cr MR

    ‘Moneyball’ Movie Review: The Only Game in Town

    By Ellen Killoran | September 24, 2011 1:43 PM EDT

    Brad Pitt is pitch-perfect as Billy Beane, the general manager of the generally losing Oakland Athletics who fought his way out of a corner and radically changed the way major league baseball was played

  • pia

    I am so proud of you Brad. Great job on the film Momeyball.
    My son’s just came home and can’t stop talking about how great the film was. Hubby and i will be going tomorrow evening. Can’t wait.

  • Guest88

    notice the poster “mike” on is def an FFer because he/she is comparing MB to bounty hunter love how he/she got roasted in the comments..he/she also asked if brad comments about sad sppok would effect his Oscar chances and the posters there pretty much concluded Mike aka FF hag was smoking that stuff..i would love for the troll to go on real movie box office boards and say MB bombed and see what the response they would get..

  • seriously

    Are Jennifer Aniston fans brain dead? Comparing Brad Pitt’s movies to Aniston’s movies is ridiculous. Brad Pitt makes awards-worthy movies. Aniston makes idiot movies. The end.

  • Moneyball Review

    Another great Moneyball review. It is too long to post here.

    Some quotes.

    “I have heard some film critics call Moneyball this year’s The Social Network. I can see where the similarities could be found because both movies are about a character taking a new look at an existing problem and helping craft something new out of it. In The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg took the idea of social interaction and redefined it for the new computer age. In Moneyball, the movie presents Billy Beane perfecting a way to field a baseball team in a small market that can help them compete with the large market big money powerhouses. Both movies take the facts of the real life stories and embellish them with fiction in order to create an entertaining movie. No offense to David Fincher, who I pretty much worship, but Moneyball is a better movie than The Social Network.”

    “There is little shown outside of the clubhouse and that works great for a movie whose main character is the sport of baseball. Occasionally, we see Beane with his daughter, proving that he has something outside of the sport that grounds him. The moments with his daughter always ring true and gives the character a heartbeat away from baseball, reminding him of what’s really important. That is not always needed because Brad Pitt is spectacular in the role. He plays it with a calm, laid back coolness that makes him easy to cheer for. He is seconded by Jonah Hill in what is a tremendous performance for the young actor. Hill normally plays the blundering comic relief but, in this movie, he is an insecure, uneasy boy in a man’s world and it might be the best performance I have seen from him. He does provide comic relief in the movie at points but it is always due to his reaction to uneasy circumstances.”

    “the best sport’s movies are the ones where the good guys don’t always win. Friday Night Lights finished with the good guys losing. Rocky ended with Apollo picking up the victory over our hero. These movies did not tack on fake happy endings just to send the audience home happy. They showed the loss but then added something extra. These movie moments make people realize they just watched something real but, it’s okay because the story warranted it. Moneyball ends with one of those moments.”

    “Moneyball is a fantastic sport’s movie, with some great action, some wonderful clubhouse scenes and pitch perfect acting from Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. It’s not a documentary about the history of the sport. But It is a great movie.”

  • an oldie

    “Moneyball” is a thinking person’s baseball movie, and a baseball fan’s thinking movie.

    It’s based on the Michael Lewis book about Billy Beane, the ex-ballplayer turned Oakland A’s general manager who upended the game by rebuilding his team through cold-hearted statistical analysis called “sabermetrics.” “Moneyball” takes a dry story about numbers and no-name ballplayers and turns it into something funny, deep and illuminating.

    love the baseball stuff in this multi-writer script, but also the “Art of War”-style maneuvering that Pitt’s Beane becomes known for, the pithy wisecracks that sum up how one plays the general manager’s game — “When your enemy’s making mistakes, don’t interrupt him.”

    Pitt makes this guy flawed, uncertain, temperamental and impulsive. His is a performance that makes this an inside baseball movie that even non-fans can understand and enjoy. And he plays this confidence-starved gambler with a verve that Oscar voters are almost sure to reward, sometime after the dust has settled on another baseball season

  • Guest88

    why does Jen ALWAYS need a Popular male co-star to get a hit..its nothing to brag about that Jen cant carry a movie..Brad can, Angie can, Cam D can, Sandra can, why cant Jen..once again please show me where it was said that MB bombed..also explain to me how it bombed if the average movie for baseball flicks make 6.8mil yet MB made that in only one day..also explain why Jen couldnt beat little bow wow OW weekend and why the movies where she has to carry it always flop

  • Hardley

    You need to learn how to read. I don’t think he’s a superstar, you do! He couldn’t even open this movie with all the press he created for himself this past week.

  • Guest88

    Here are Box office numbers for when Jen was the bigger star in the movie

    Switch OW
    Love Happens OW

  • Observer2

    Don’t drag poor Sandler into this. So, you’re basically saying that Adam is the one that carried JGWI and saved Lenny?

    We know that already. But, thanks for the clarification.

    Why can’t Lenny ever save a movie? RHI, Derailed, Friends With Money, Love Happens, The Switch and most likely Wanderbust.

  • Ang

    Saw Moneyball tonight with hubby. We both loved it. Brad nailed the character and delivered a great performance. I’m not a sportsfan at all but this is a movie that you can watch again and again. Matter of fact, I will watch it again because I know I missed a lot of the smaller nuancen in the film.
    Bennet loves him some Brad, lots of close-ups (plenty of screencaps when DVD comes out).
    We went to the 8:25 pm showing and the theater was full. The audience was diverse from what I saw, between early 20s to mid 60s I would say. I heard no negative comments as we left. Oh and I loved the movie score. I hope the DVD is out before x-mas. I will definitly by several as stocking stuffers.

  • Guest88

    you say he couldnt open the movie..yet a movie of this type opens up to 6.8mil OW..yet MB made that in one day, how did he not open the movie?..please provide me with an atirlce that states MB has BOMBED and TANKED..i believe those are the words being used to descibe Lautners film, you know the one you all swore would be number one because Brad dare call your idol boring

  • an oldie

    cr someone on the previous thread.

    Entire article at link

    Golden boy Brad Pitt proves he’s an actor, too

    And that ethos is precisely the one Pitt has embraced over the past six years. The 2005 action comedy Mr. & Mrs. Smith was the biggest smash of his career. But instead of following the money, he’s leveraged his star power to take consistently weird and wonderful chances, sometimes as part of a larger ensemble, sometimes carrying a picture on his own. He made quietly devastating use of a relatively small part in the multi-character Babel and was just as potent as a goofy, airhead gym rat in the Coen brothers’ comedy Burn After Reading. He gracefully ceded centre stage to Casey Affleck in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (itself a dreamy, sprawling meditation on the morphology of fame), then anchored David Fincher’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and, this year, Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life.

    Both those ambitious, uneven dramas found Pitt capable of the expressiveness, specificity and focus that distinguishes a performance from a mere star turn. But in the far more accessible, warm and viscerally satisfying Moneyball, Pitt seems finally to have achieved an equilibrium between the two — balancing the celebrity of the audience’s projections and the artist who went along for the ride on that fateful trip out of Missouri. He could have been a star, but it turns out that Brad Pitt was an actor all along.

    The Associated Press