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Brad Pitt: 'Moneyball' Tops Friday Box Office

Brad Pitt: 'Moneyball' Tops Friday Box Office

Brad Pitt shoots scenes for his upcoming movie World War Z on Saturday evening (September 24) at the Heygate Estate in London, England.

The 47-year-old actor was joined by his co-star Mireille Enos to dodge exploding cars and zombies in the scene.

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Brad‘s new film Moneyball is a hit at the box office and came in number one on Friday with $6.8 million. The Lion King 3D is expected to take the overall weekend once again.

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt on the set of World War Z

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490 Responses to “Brad Pitt: 'Moneyball' Tops Friday Box Office”

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  1. 76
    bdj Says:

    Too funny troll. I see you are back spamming the thread. The name may change but the deranged writing remains the same. It is hard out there for a 15 cents a post troll.

  2. 77
    small dingy Says:

    we are not even sure if the supposedly biological kids are his or her brothers. i think they are angies brothers kids cuz brad dongy is to small to procreate.

  3. 78
    Hardley Says:

    Stop posting reviews you loons. They didn’t help Friday’s boxoffice and the numbers will go down from there. Flop.

  4. 79
    Moneyball Review Says:

    “Moneyball” Movie Review
    September 24, 2011

    When Brad Pitt stars in a movie, there is an automatic buzz in the air. Expectations are set high as avid movie watchers prepare themselves for a movie that not only provides entertainment but also substance of some sort. Pitt’s latest release stays true to his track record and provides audiences with exactly what they are waiting for.

    There’s no use fighting clichés, because lets face it; there’s a reason they work. “Moneyball” (directed by Bennet Miller) based on a true story, is the classic sports film. It tells the story in a way that appeals to human emotions while still staying true to the sport at hand.

    Though essentially a story about a man who changes the way the world plays baseball, “Moneyball” is also a story about a struggle. No one makes sports movies about perfect people who have it easy, because well that’s just not very interesting. Audiences are drawn to tragedies, chaos, and inner turmoil. Pitt’s character, Billy Beane, faces the struggle of fighting the system.

    Beane is the general manager of the Oakland A’s, a low budget professional baseball team. Without sufficient funds, he is unable to retain his strong players and loses them to teams who are able to pay much higher salaries. Bogged down by his own unsuccessful past career as a professional baseball player and failed marriage life, Beane struggles to find a way towards success. After meeting Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), a recently graduated Harvard student with fresh new outlook on the way baseball should be played, Beane fights against the odds to create a new winning formula. Pete teaches him that winning isn’t about having the strongest players; it’s about having the right puzzle pieces to create the overall desired effect. He uses a computer-generated analysis to choose new players on the team with the hopes that the new formula will help them beat the odds.

    Pitt is the perfect choice for the character of Billy Beane; it’s as if this role was created for him. He plays the part to the tee and carries a majority of the weight of the movie’s success. The chemistry between Beane and Pete adds comic relief and creates many memorable moments throughout the movie, especially when the movie starts to get dry and sport heavy at parts.

    Though the movie could have been edited a more thoroughly to get the story out in a more concise and less lengthy manner, it is still worth the time to watch on the big screen. The true story of Billy Beane is powerful and inspirational, and Brad Pitt does him justice. Audiences will walk away with a whole new understanding and appreciation of baseball not only as a sport but also as a grueling business. If nothing else about the movie does it for you, watch it for the 133 minutes of Brad Pitt.

  5. 80
    an oldie Says:

    # 471 Moneyball Fever! @ 09/24/2011 at 11:04 pm +2

    christwofour26 Wow. Moneyball was even better watching the second time! #isdvdoutyet? @stephencbishop @JonahHill @prattprattpratt


    4lisaguerrero @stephencbishop JUST saw it 2day (couldn’t see it in Oakland cuz I had 2 work) & thought you were GREAT-Yr scene in the cage w Brad= Perfect

  6. 81
    vickifromtexas Says:

    # 74 karma @ 09/24/2011 at 11:34 pm
    karma is brad’s movie doing great at the box office.
    karma is angelina taking her little boy on an airplane ride and x taking her little boy to purchase art.

  7. 82
    suckers Says:

    @Jen the hag: when bounty hunter opened to 7+ mili you called it a flop but this movie could not beat a cartoon. mind you lion king came out last week and brad still is defeated lol.

  8. 83
    Jess Says:

    PT, completely agree with you that.Brad gave a movie star performance. He dominated the screen with charisma and energy.

  9. 84
    bdj Says:

    krazy_kenny9 Kenny Begaye III
    Great movie #Moneyball!!
    50 seconds ago Favorite Ret

    Moneyball a metaphor for life! Great movie!!nny9 Kenny Begaye III
    Great movie #Moneyball!!
    50 seconds ago Favorite Ret

    Ludovic_Dumas Ludovic Dumas
    Loved Moneyball.

    minutes ago
    Jessica Green
    Samus_Aran_ Jessica Green
    Moneyball was a very good movie Brad Pitt, amazing.

  10. 85
    an oldie Says:

    cr Moneyball Review

    Review: “Moneyball”
    Saturday, September 24, 2011 at 9:38PM

    Moneyball is an instant contradiction, a fine humanistic film championing an innovative but dehumanizing method of team-building, reducing all star athletes to statistical equations. The film has two stories to tell, that of a middle-aged man finally making his mark on the game he was supposed to rule in his youth, and the reinvention of baseball management to achieve a more equitable playing field with or without mega-funds.

    The story begins after a disheartening loss for the Oakland Athletics. The humiliation is compounded by the loss of three star players who the A’s don’t have sufficient money to replace. General Manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) butts heads with owners trying to get more money and with his own management staff who are entirely resistant to innovative thinking. Enter young economics / statistics master Peter Brand (Jonah Hill moving up to the majors?) who frees up Billy’s mind with his theories on why so many players are over and undervalued. They begin to make controversial and provocative changes which mystify or anger the baseball powers that be including their own team’s manager Art (well played by Philip Seymour Hoffman).

    There’s a smart visual well into Moneyball’s first act in which huge banners of the A’s three lost stars are dropped from their places of honor crumpling as they hit the ground like the deflating egos of management. Billy takes the leap of faith with Peter and they rebuild with new players, a team of misfit toys, who are all undervalued (or not valued at all). Shortly afterwards, when we see the stadium again, there is only one banner trumpeting one of the League’s oldest fan-beloved players David Justice (Stephen Bishop) whose glory days are far behind him.

    Moneyball’s solid screenplay (by Oscar winners Aaron Sorkin and Steven Zaillian) has a good joke at the expense of metaphors but I can’t resist this one. For all of Moneyball’s strengths, from a solid cast with vivid cameos (Reed Diamond from Dollhouse is superb in a one-scene face/off with Brad Pitt) to able and sharp direction (Bennett Miller of Capote fame) and editing (which skims veritable mountains of statistical information, old footage, and emotional backstory) it really all comes down to one star banner: Brad Pitt unfurled.

    “I’ve been in this game a long time.”

    Yes, you have Brad Pitt, yes you have.

    In his two decades of stardom, Pitt’s best work has generally happened within three types: weirdos he attacked with gleeful creative gusto (Tyler Durden, Jeffrey Goines, Chad Feldheimer), strutting men that basked in their own golden light (J.D., Rusty and Paul McLean), and family men with wounded machismo (Mr O’ Brien and Detective Mills); In Billy Beane, all of Pitt’s strengths coalesce as if he’d been in training for this one. He’s loosely idiosyncratic and funny (that goofy business after a “good talk” with the humorless Art is just wonderfully endearing detail), he harnesses his potent movie star charisma with weary grace playing a man who, unlike himself, didn’t live up to his golden boy promise, and in scene after scene but particularly when visiting with his teenage daughter, he lets his worried humanity show; he feels like a failure and this daring move is his last shot at glory.

    Brad Pitt’s shiny star turn is so good, in fact, that it neatly blinds you to the film’s minor flaws. No one, including the man himself, is reinventing the wheel here and for all the star light that Pitt gives off, the film doesn’t use any of it to fill in poorly lit corners. It raises but never addresses troubling side issues like what to do with the understandable revulsion that greets the dehumanization of players (exarcebated by so few of the players having distinct personalities) and it has a strange inability to flesh out the important side story of Art’s insistence on managing the team in opposition to Billy’s plans. The scene wherein Art finally capitulates to a different way of thinking would be a superb bit of economic storytelling in most films but here, given the underlit subplot, it feels like not enough as a wrap-up.

    Billy continually worries that all of his accomplishments will be dismissed if he loses the final game of the season. The film needn’t worry about the same thing. The final game here is a beautifully elongated nearly sports-free quietitude while Billy merely contemplates his options and a coda that works as a reprise of one of the sweetest earlier scenes with tenderness and even gently needling humor as the credits begin to roll. Late in the film we’re told “you can’t help but romanticize baseball” and it rang so true, even to me! I don’t know the first thing about baseball, nor do I care to, but I was nodding my head like some dreamer in the bleachers waiting to catch that fly ball.

  11. 86
    plz Says:

    Fans ignore the haters as if they know what is a good movie, considering their followers of crappy romcom tv actress. ignore

  12. 87
    bdj Says:

    an oldie
    Those tweets are great.

  13. 88
    HorribleBosses 1st night 12.4m Says:


  14. 89
    dianad1968 Says:

    Sorry for the duplicate posts…I usually post again if I think the first post didn’t go through. JJ eems to have a “delay” feature.

  15. 90
    Just Saying Says:

    Maniston’s movies ain’t gonna be in Oscar nominations, not in the same level of Brad and Angelina movies. Not worthy to be mentioned.

  16. 91
    karma Says:

    @vickifromtexas: thank you for saying her lil boy because that kid is not brads. 6.7mili is good? ur in denial. brad pitt flopped really bad. not surprised because he is no shia lebouf haha

  17. 92
    an oldie Says:

    LOL. STOP posting the GOOD reviews. The troll can’t take it anymore. Hey troll, we know that if they were bad reviews, you would be here all day posting them. So why should we stop “laisser le bon temps rouler”?

  18. 93
    Moneyball Review Says:

    Fan review after watching MB.

  19. 94
    Observer2 Says:

    Damn! I love it when the trolls lose their s h i t. And they’re losing it big time, right now.

    Good, good times.

    Brad’s going to the Kodak and not to be used as a so-called gimmick like Lenny.

    Lenny can’t even give a good performance presenting. LOL.

  20. 95
    correction Says:

    @Just Saying: romantic comedies dont get oscar nominations honey.. she already got an emmy and golden globe for her comedic chops. you go jen.

  21. 96
    bdj Says:

    illywatson3 Billy Watson
    Moneyball might be the greatest baseball film ever made.
    14 seconds ago Favorite Retweet Rep

  22. 97
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Awwwww, the trolls are piss & in pain again. How great is that. They are piss Brad called MANiston dull. They got more piss when Brad’s movie received great reviews. And now they are on suicide watch because Brad’s movie top Friday’s BO. I am afraid it will get worse when Sunday comes. There will be a mass trolls suicide.

  23. 98
    Just Saying Says:

    Oscar and emmy .LMAO. Not the same level dumbazz.

  24. 99
    money ball flops Says:

    brad pitt will never be an academy award winner. he cant go far with that his country accent lol. who is the king of box office flops? brad pitt is. from now on i will be calling him flipidy flop

  25. 100
    Brad "Never Been Better" Says:

    . He has never been better, and the movie is the best sports film since Bull Durham, a real triumph
    Working his way into the weekend, Brad Pitt was busy shooting a range of dramatic scenes on the Heygate Estate in Elephant and Castle, London on Friday night (September 23).

    The Golden Globe winning actor could be scene mingling with crew members in between filming segments which saw him shooting his way out of danger as cars exploded while zombies ran towards him – with one of the creatures even falling from above onto the roof of a car.

    The work efforts come as Pitt’s just-released movie “Moneyball” shot to the top of the box office by earning $6.7 million on opening day while expected to pull in $21 million during its first weekend in theaters.

    Of the 47-year-old’s baseball based flick, Deadline Hollywood’s Pete Hammond said, “This is a classic movie star role in the tradition of something that Robert Redford or Paul Newman would have done in their prime. He has never been better, and the movie is the best sports film since Bull Durham, a real triumph considering the long and winding road it took to get to the screen.”

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