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Brad Pitt: 'Moneyball' Tops Friday Box Office

Brad Pitt: 'Moneyball' Tops Friday Box Office

Brad Pitt shoots scenes for his upcoming movie World War Z on Saturday evening (September 24) at the Heygate Estate in London, England.

The 47-year-old actor was joined by his co-star Mireille Enos to dodge exploding cars and zombies in the scene.

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Brad‘s new film Moneyball is a hit at the box office and came in number one on Friday with $6.8 million. The Lion King 3D is expected to take the overall weekend once again.

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt on the set of World War Z

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brad pitt late night world war z shoot 02
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  • bdj

    Poor paid hen. Go whine on McGreedy and McNeedy thread.

  • Poor Brangelina

    They suport each other spite! They have fun and feel good with all the nastiness! They are just sad and a shame!

  • bdj

    Mos_Heff Heff
    Moneyball is a great movie

    MVPatty10 Matt Patterson
    Moneyball=genius. what a great movie #bookwasbetterthough
    1 minute ago

    Danka_Dukes Kind.Of.A.Big.Deal
    Oh btw #Moneyball was a great movie!!! Didn’t expect it to be that interesting!

    FairlyRobin Robin Wright
    ‘Moneyball’ review: Brad Pitt’s best (and hottest) performance ever …
    2 minutes ago

  • http://computer Susan

    @Jennipoo: love it.
    “She excels at PR and playing the game. As for her acting, well, I can’t say the same.”

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Poor Brangelina @ 09/25/2011 at 2:16 pm

    Why are you here? Go to the non nasty and gross thread.

  • bdj

    oops on one of those tweets.
    Sorkin Rules!!!!

    adamrubins Adam
    @drapiroh I’m definitely with you on Moneyball. Sorkin rules

  • Poor Brangelina

    Brangelina fans are lonely and desperate! They spent most part of their day with hate! They are pathetic! all your fanatism and evil are sick! They are full of sh*t

  • s patton

    Oscar nod?

  • bdj

    Paid hen will have a meltdown soon. Look out for her alter ego, prevy troll, crazy spamming troll, Ellie, Phoebe, Yep and Baby Jane’s maid, Bet.

  • So true

    umm @ 09/25/2011 at 1:52 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +8

    Moneyball is not just a baseball film. It is a baseball film for thinking people. We know how jen hags think “‘thoughts” LOL.
    The movie is too complex for Jen hags’ little brain.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    bdj @ 09/25/2011 at 2:27 pm

    Poor paid hen. Go whine on McGreedy and McNeedy thread.

    Too dull & boring on their thread. They would rather be here reading our nasty and gross comments than go over to midget & ticky’s bore and dull thread.

  • dianad1968



    Thanks bdj. This b*tch and her enablers have the nerve to be “upset” that Brad said the exact same thing that she said, and said while she was STILL married. I beieve that someone in her camp got the heads up about the interview BEFORE it was released, so they had time to organize their attacks on Brad. This woman will be unhappy, and will only find peace when she sets the record straight,

    I actually cringe listening to 2 minutes of the c*apfest of an interview.

  • lol!

    so X said their marriage was boring and uninteresting and yet she cried a river when Brad dumped her. ha ha ha !!

  • Poor Brangelina

    Brangelina fans are delusional! They create thing to preserve the hate and the quarrel! MIserable existence! They sould listen Pitt, they should move on! They should look for love, joy, hapiness, peace, forgiveness, beauty, humanitarism! brangelina are powerful and they fans should inspire love!

  • bdj

    Pulling the whole story together is Brad Pitt. Because his character is in nearly every frame of the picture, it’s important that the actor is someone the audience feels comfortable with. Pitt has a commanding yet easy going presence that makes the film work with pure enjoyment.

  • ja

    @Poor Brangelina:
    HAHAHAHHA………..this is so funny. We are just protecting our Brangelina from you haters. You have to admit that we win in the end because Brad is with Angelina and they gained so much love and life being with each other while Jennifer jumps from bed to bed. Honestly, we do not hate Jennifer, just the crazy fans that attack. Jennifer fans are the one full of hate because you guys always have to throw the pity party!

  • Soledad

    For those fans who are old enough to remember Nat King Cole. This song reminds me of Brad when I read his Parade interview. I changed some of the words as I was typing the lyrics.
    Brad : “trying to pretend something it wasn’t”.

    Pretend you’re happy when you’re blue.
    It is very, very hard to do.
    You’ll NOT find happiness when you’re with Deadend
    Whenever you pretend.

    Remember anyone can dream
    And nothing is good as it may seem
    The bigger things you haven’t got
    Could be, a lot if you don’t pretend.

    You’ll find a love you can share
    One you can call all your own
    Just do Mr and Mrs Smith, Angie, will be there.
    And you’ll never be alone.

    And if you sing this melody
    You won’t be pretending anymore
    The world is yours, it will be yours, my friend
    So why should you pretend?

  • dianad1968

    I am going toost that David Letterman link at CB..let’s seee the hags spin that. LOL. Now they’re saying that Brad couldn’t even beat TLK. Nevermind that all of last week they were crowing that MB would bomb/sink/flop. These fools never learn, no wonder they admire Ticky.

    I would lov to know what percentage of women made up the audience for MB.

  • sullivan

    Brad Pitt knocked it out of the park. The guy is amazing. This weekend I was talking to a group of people about films. Pitt’s name came up. All of the men said they would see a Brad Pitt movie. They all said he’s a great actor. All of the women said they love him and they appreciate how he’s aged. Still great looking, but he’s not afraid to show his age. Very sexy.
    Sometimes I read so much of the name-changing hens’ crap that I forget – most people in the world (and in the film industry) love Brad Pitt.

  • Rose

    @bdj: Thanks for this link. Is it possible for you or someone else to post this at CB? I would love to hear sad spook’s fans screaming as they jump from the nearest balcony, lol.

  • Poor Brangelina

    I sincerely hope you guys change and be more peaceful! Then you wont be the most ridiculous and desperate fans of Hollywood! Time will tell if you can

  • Stars Are Moneyball Fans, Too

    Yet another star has some Moneyball love- Kate Walsh tweeted:
    Tw’eeps, I snuck out to watch ‘moneyball’ I enjoyed. Turns out:brad pitt is a movie star.

    Celeb site I’m Not Obsessed picked up on it:
    Kate Walsh Goes Solo To See Brad Pitt In ‘Moneyball’
    Posted on 2011/09/25 at 10:36 AM
    It looks like funny roaster Kate Walsh had a low-key Saturday afternoon. She was spotted going to the movies solo. That’s part of the beauty of being single: you can do things like that without having to arrange for a sitter or negotiate childcare duties- LOL.

    So what did Kate go see? Brad Pitt’s new movie, ‘Moneyball.’ And it sounds like she was impressed:

    Tw’eeps, I snuck out to watch ‘moneyball’ I enjoyed. Turns out: brad pitt is a movie star.

    Have you had a chance to see ‘Moneyball’? Would you recommend it, even if you aren’t the biggest baseball fan?!%29

  • tazzy

    @Miami D: Sorry darling but all the money in the world would not be enough for me to go on Ms Sad Spook Dulliston’s thread. LOL at you, a card carrying bonafide crazy person calling me loon, LOL. At least you are good for a laugh.

  • tazzy

    @Miami D: Sorry darling but all the money in the world would not be enough for me to go on Ms Sad Spook Dulliston’s thread. LOL at you, a card carrying bonafide crazy person calling me loon, LOL. At least you are good for a laugh.

  • rescue

    Hmm, Kate Winslet. She sure thinks a lot of herself.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Rule. Moneyball!!

  • bdj

    Coming in at second place, but with no cause for shame, was Sony’s

    The well-reviewed Brad Pitt vehicle grossed a solid $20.6 million, which gives it the biggest opening weekend ever for a movie about baseball. The film scored an A from Cinemascore across all demos. The picture played 51% male and 64% over-35. The latter stat makes its opening even more impressive (older audiences don’t generally rush out to opening weekend) and its long-term legs that much more likely (as the word of mouth bleeds down to younger demos). Like an old-fashioned adult drama, the film pulled a weekend multiplier of over 3.0x, something that rarely happens in this day and age.

  • bdj

    The well-reviewed Brad Pitt vehicle grossed a solid $20.6 million, which gives it the biggest opening weekend ever for a movie about baseball. The film scored an A from Cinemascore across all demos. The picture played 51% male and 64% over-35. The latter stat makes its opening even more impressive (older audiences don’t generally rush out to opening weekend) and its long-term legs that much more likely (as the word of mouth bleeds down to younger demos). Like an old-fashioned adult drama, the film pulled a weekend multiplier of over 3.0x, something that rarely happens in this day and age.

  • bdj

    oops sorry for the duplicate. I don’t have that cut and paste thing down pat like the troll.

  • LenLT

    Going to see Moneyball today. I hope I’ll like it since I’m not a sport fan but I wanna support the JPs.

  • marina

    this jenhen asking for peacefulness… please you go and post this same text at the FF forum et al and come back and tell us iyou did. Now THOSE are some pathetic clingy ridiculous and desperate deranged fans out in the web. I became a JP fan, not because I liked BP or AJ, but because I saw how they were relentlessly attacked by crazy women who didn’t even respect their children
    Some crazy jenhen attacked Brad in Garmany, IIRC, and they are talking voodoo, mind control, racism, hate and a myriad of other spitful things about the JPs. Here, and in other sites, the JP fans respond to these crazies with information and links, not pure tabloid c*rap

  • marina

    sorry it should read:
    I became a JP fan, not ONLY because I liked BP or AJ….

  • http://computer Susan

    @marina: When did a crazy fan attack Brad in Germany? Please post picture and Link, try to deal with FACTS.

  • Sweet JPs

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Moneyball- so did these guys (the 2nd one is a writer/director of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim, etc.)
    dkirchhoff Moneyball = crazy spectacular movie. Just saying.

    edgarwright Have never watched a game of baseball, nor fully understand it & yet I dug ‘Moneyball’. Great stuff from @prattprattpratt & @JonahHill.

  • Jen the HAG

    Poor Brangelina @ 09/25/2011 at 2:50 pm

    Are you for real did you go see what the FUGLYFEMALE aka FemaleFIrst posters which is ANISTON central been posting for the last 6 years ..if you want to see a DEMENTED AND SCARY FANS go to that site they hate ANGELINA JOLIE like somebody did them wrong pesonally.. MANISTON fans are the most hated fans in HW for real!! just ask LAINEY and Perez Hilton.

    BTW Jenhags your idol said it first that their marriage was boring and uninterestng while still married to Brad .. so BRAD is right all along.. so braindead hags stop criticizing Brad Pitt who was just telling the truth when MANISTON had already said it first !!

  • http://computer Susan

    @rescue: Are you talking about her saving Richard Brason’s Mother? Did she write that story for Hello?

  • queen jolie

    so moneyball is a hit.ive read it was always been predicted to make 17-18million but made 20plus million.20million is big for a baseball movie. i thought jennifer aniston has a big fanbase and because of that dull comment , the movie will bomb at the box office because ja has huge fanbase and will boycott the sure ja few fans are very angry for the success of moneyball.they thought they are that powerful but truth is aniston doesn’d have much fans as brad and angelina especially overseas.she cannot even carry her own movie, she needs famous co stars for her movie to be a hit.she’s not a movie star for god’s sake.and besides her few fans wont watch moneyball regardless.if aniston fans are that many mr.and mrs, smith should have been a bombed but it became the biggest movie of brad and angie instead .

  • Tracy

    Outstanding performance by Brad Pitt. He and Jonah Hill deserve an Oscar nod. Excellent movie overall. Go see it.

  • rescue


    If you cannot see it, I cannot help you.

  • Guest88

    The jen hags are liers and upset that despite their pedictions that MB would bomb it fact the link below from which is a site with a great accuracy project MB to do 18mil on Sept 10th, this was BEFORE the parade interview was released, and hsx had it tracking at the want to spin things because it didnt bomb..since when is a baseball movie suppose to beat a Kids 3D that appeals to a ALL age groups

  • Dakota

    #250 bdj and #263 dianad1968,

    Good find to remember her saying their life was boring and uninteresting on David Letterman. Brad spoke the truth and got lambblasted! What a difference in his life now with Angie and the kids. He wanted more out of life and Jennifer obviously didn’t. This was a marriage that was going to end in divorce.

  • http://n/a Marcus From PA

    Money-ball was excellent!! I see the delusional Heniston fans are out again. Will they ever learn? Jolie and Pitt are so interesting and Heniston is about as interesting as Showerwater. Get over it trolls.

  • bragfan

    AICN UK: WORLD WAR Z Spy Set Report!!

    Published at: Sep 25, 2011 1:45:03 PM CDT

    Courtesy of Undead Fred, who was an extra on Marc Forster’s WORLD WAR Z yesterday, we have a little bit of info straight from the set. Production is currently taking place just outside of Surrey.

    Loved your Roger Moore interview! Was fantastic! Just thought I’d give you a few snippets of information I have recently come by…..yesterday I was fortunate enough to be involved in filming on the Brad Pitt huge budget zombie fest that is World War Z, which is currently shooting in Cranleigh near Guildford…..can you believe they are actually shooting at Dunsfold Park (Where Top Gear is filmed) I couldn’t believe it, there were hundreds of Russian Extra’s including Spetsnatz Soldiers, and there is Clarkson test driving a new Mercedes whilst Jack Dee sat in his immaculate Mercedes Gullwing….was quite surreal! Was hoping to see a Zombiefied Stig but alas no! Their were a couple of scenes being shot, the scene I was in was shot in the back of a Hercules which was doubling for a U.S Army Helicopter of some discription, possibly a Chinook. The set up was that that the helicopter was flying out of some American city possibly Philly, whilst a Ranger hung from the back watching the chaos below, the camera rig moves from the rear of the helo towards the ranger where green screen is present and the city scape below will then be added in digitally. The Helicopter is full of Rangers heavily armed and a little apprehensive as they do not know exactly what is going on below on their own soil….

    We were literally used for one scene and that being the helicopter flying over a city….however we were told that the chopper was transporting U.S Rangers that would be amongst the first of the armed forces to hit the ground at the start of the outbreak I do know that the scene we were in was not part of the original script, I got the call late Tues night and had to be on set at 1430hrs the next day….I can also confirm that the film is definitely veering from the book, we were told that Brad and his family are in Philadelphia when the outbreak actually starts, which I can only assume are the scenes we have seen doing the rounds on the net…The costumes were fantastic and definitely accurate…they had some huge hulking SA’s who were being used as Spetznatz soldiers and at least 200 other background artists who were all Russian bizarrely….so guess authenticity is a must for the production even tho’ I doubt they will be heard in any way shape or form.

  • http://justjared Long Time Lurker

    Jennifer Annuston is becoming more pathetic , Dull a nd Boring it!ts beacuse of her fans who are so unintelligent just like thier idols , they always keep Dullniston on thier worthless new that no one is paying attention, pretty soon all those paid bloggers and paid intertaiment TV show will come to thier senses , and they will call it enough,, we have enought of her we!re tired of her,Period….

  • dianad1968



    Hi Dakota, I can’t take credit for finding the interview, another fan found it, and bdj was helpul in posting a better link. But isn’t it eye -opening?

  • groundcontrol

    LOL! The haterz can’t win for losing. If the facts don’t help them – as they never do – they they just make up facts.
    No matter how hard they try to pick at everything Brad or Angie and even their little children do, the proof has always been in the realities of the lives they lead and the careers they have.
    Brad and Angie have proven what loving and committed lives can bring about – a beautiful and loving immediate family, a beautiful and loving extended family, careers in which both Brad and Angie find themselves working with numerous A List directors and writers, careers in which they can wrrite their own contracts, can pick their own scripts and even have them rewritten from male to female lead, can choose the directors they want, can cast their films, and can even have the production move heaven and earth to accommodate their schedules – both professional and personal.
    The difference between the child/woman the haterz opt to praise and defend and the Jolie Pitts is oceans apart. There is simply no comparison and none should be tried.
    I’ve had fun playing with trolls and refuting their lies and their nonsensical ramblings but at some point I need to leave that alone. They are like pit bulls intent on the attack – mindless animals with whom no reason, reality or even human decency can distract from their irrational frenzy.
    Despite my experience with the underside of life it is amusing that it took crazed celebrity obsessed haterz to make me realize just how much crazy and emotional damage can be found among people who are not behind bars.
    Moneyball is a triumph! Critically acclaimed for both Brad and the film itself. Financially it is in a great position to pull a 4X or 5X multiple in US BO alone. This film will do very well for its investors and the studios will probaly walk away with multiple awards – increasing the BO even more when they re-release it come Oscar season or release it on DVD for the holidays. Ka-Ching!!! And you just know that in exchange for a lower fee Brad took a cut of the gross. LOL!

  • bdj

    Second is Moneyball, the new film based on the Michael Lewis book. Moneyball was just that this weekend, as the baseball movie managed to earn $20.6 million from 2,993 venues. This was the expected start for the Brad Pitt/Jonah Hill starrer, as tracking estimates were right on target. Sony is the distributor behind the Michael De Luca/Scott Rudin production, and should be credited for putting together a strong team to make this movie (much like Pitt’s character does with Oakland A’s).

    For a September release, this is an all-star team, and the reviews reflect that. Moneyball is 94% fresh at RottenTomatoes from all critics, with top critics coming in at 97%.

    For Brad Pitt, Moneyball continues a white hot streak for the actor. Since 2004′s Troy, the actor has had seven films finish with a domestic total over $100 million, and seven films finish with an international total over $300 million. Two films – Troy and Mr. and Mrs. Smith – have both been a hair away from the half-billion mark worldwide. With Coogan’s Trade and World War Z coming, it doesn’t look like the shine will come off of Pitt for awhile to come. .

  • Tracy


    That’s a laugh…..person like you prays…..and gives out nasty comments……..HYPOCRITE…. you pray to Satan maybe.

  • abcd


    So Maniston told Letterman in 2004 interview thaty her marriage to Brad was uninteresting, and Brad just confirmed it now, and the Tabloid and Maniston’s PR are complaining?

    The Jolie-Pitts are blessed. Good couple, beautiful inside out.


  • bdj

    Someone posted the link first. I just google it and re-post it. However, look for it to be removed since the paid hen has gone quiet and missing.

  • bdj

    Ahh there’s the paid hen.