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Mary-Kate Olsen: Wedding at a Winery!

Mary-Kate Olsen: Wedding at a Winery!

Mary-Kate Olsen arrives at a wedding held at a winery on Saturday (September 24) in Malibu, Calif.

The 25-year-old fashionista was driven to the event in a black Mercedes.

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Earlier in the week, Mary-Kate did a little shopping at Barneys New York.

M-K and her twin sister/business partner Ashley also recently sat front row at the J. Mendel presentation during New York Fashion Week, which took place earlier in the month.

In other exciting Olsen news, the ladies were recently named creative directors for Superga North America!

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Credit: Dobner/Fontoura; Photos: AKM Images
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  • tara

    My GOD she looks old! Like a grandmother coming from a funeral…
    I don’t mean to be mean but looking at some of these 20something starlets makes me think that I guess age really is just a number…it’s your lifestyle and spirit that defines truly how old you are.


    pretty car. ugly chick.

  • Alexis

    Geez, she looks 75! What the hell?!

  • Sar

    Black? To a wedding?
    And Jared, you called her a “fashionista”? May I ask why?

    I’m just so confused

  • Bean

    Someone die at the wedding?

  • pippa martins-st. onge

    I wonder if she is still messed up about killing Heath Ledger?

  • MarilynandtheDiamonds

    Looks like someone’s ready for Halloween!

  • Raichill

    Good grief. She looks like an old lady. Her make-up, hair and clothes are dreadful.

  • Dina

    Thanx for posting pics like these JJ.
    Makes us all feel great we don’t look like that!

  • prune juice


  • Dee

    Ashley seems pretty normal but MK is just out there. She’s got the face of an 80 year old on the body of a 12 year old, dressed in all black…….to a wedding?

    Sad, how she’s a naturally beautiful billionaire and she looks like this.

  • Lulu

    Why does she look so old?

    Lindsey looks like crap at 25 because of the drugs. What’s MK’s reason?

  • Ann

    My eyes cannot believe what they’re seeing. She looks like a witch and her hair makes her look 100. This is why I always think the Olsen twins are 40. Good grief.

    Must unsee.

  • maria

    I really don’t understand why this girl is a fashion icon. She wears the most ill-fitting clothes that totally don’t suit her age group. Seriously. She looks homeless with these bag lady clothes. She makes me HATE boho, or whatever it is she’s selling. Just plain awful.

  • Laureeeen

    Dear God, with what she’s wearing, it looks like she’s going to a funeral…

  • lily

    um yea…i usually don’t comment on this but seriously? She looks 80, that dress, the hair, the make-up, horrible!

  • Prezes

    Could those sisters stop acting like unhappy gazillionaires? I know – annoying paparazzi – but that why you’re rich in the first place.

  • her

    very original, classy ! So MK ! Love this!

  • AhhbrahemFinkTheGreat.

    Mary you are so beautiful, I love you… I think it will be are wedding soon. I like the wirlly gigs on your blazer, very nice.
    Your skin is still smooth as ever, you are a pretty wonderful looking girl (woman now right ;0 [not sure how to do a kissy face]).
    Did you wear your blues or greens ; (wink, wink)
    my god, I thought my mom deleted the amazing race aghh.
    You what I been up to, I heard what you been up to, lets get in touch.
    “time to go to bed”…..
    lets keep in touch a little bit better (real life not just spiritual)… although this is a wonderful thing we can have it better… you know whom I be.. god still have a lot more carhcter to wirte (characters to write, but what ever)

    I know your wonderful, you know I am great just ask about me.. did you finish the game or skip out, like norm, you know me skipping all day everyday, showing up everyone on the playground ;)… Army man (spirit) is here you know what I am all about (not sure about that wise cracker) … well you almost got a good 1,000, yeah I presume that most of it sucked but some of it was good.

    Whatev you got me, lets get together, sucker ;} you know… (an old funny ha ha, F’in spirited Abe messin’) No all seriousness lets be real, get a hold of me, lets get back into touch, this circle of life ends quicker than we think, although this repeat rerun is fun lets get together.

  • Really

    Trying WAY to hard.

  • roxanne

    Was it a costume-themed wedding? Then her outfit would make sense. She looks frightening.

  • Wow

    O.M.G she looks like an old witch at a funeral. WTH. O_O

  • cami

    she looks like a 60 year old lady going to an English tea party
    and AhhbrahemFinkTheGreat FYI no body responds to your comment because its so freaking long it bored me after the first sentence!!!!!!!!!!

  • cami

    she looks like a 60 year old lady going to an English tea party
    and AhhbrahemFinkTheGreat FYI no body responds to your comment because its so freaking long it bored me after the first sentence!!!!!!!!!!

  • me

    She looks like the old witch in Big Fish.

  • Jess

    Her & her sister are certainly not ugly girls, but they make the most unattractive faces.

  • leave it

    lol these comments are way to funny hahahah im seriously cracking up at them, she looks sooo old that hair is dreadful aswell

  • Fake

    I’m frightened, and I need my mommy.

  • jelly




    I cant help but love her. I mean, her whole life is like one wierd artsy photoshoot after another. And although she looks really old here, it seems like its almost always in a freaky intentional way, as opposed to Lohan who’s skin is what makes her look old, not her hair/dress combos. Go MK ;)

  • theoni

    oh look its Cruella De Vil!run plp run

  • jackie

    What a beautiful grandma!

  • barbie

    Her and her sister are the masterminds of a multi-million dollar clothing/fashion empire. I think age is indeed just a number in their case, as they have achieved, and have the responsibility of those double their age. This kind of responsibility is showing in her face. Kudos to them though. In contrast, to all those mid-twenties men/women still partying and acting irresponsibly, these two sisters are working very hard.

  • nes

    I just love her look, considering to wear black for a wedding .

  • sjp

    She looks like the witch from her movie Double Double Toil and Trouble

  • Simone Luft

    Ohhhh my… Grammaaaa

  • Duchess

    Hellooo MK . Will you take care of yourself someday?

  • toodles

    like others have said…

    she looks like she’s attending a funeral.

  • Gina

    @pippa martins-st. onge: what an awfull thing to say. Is his death a joke for you?

  • Kitten Mittens

    Its not what she’s wearing.It her cheek bones .She needs some fillers or some cheekbone implants cause her facial skin is traveling down south.