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Jennifer Aniston: 'Five' Screening in NYC!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Five' Screening in NYC!

Jennifer Aniston attends a screening of Five held at Skylight Soho on Monday (September 26) in New York City.

The 42-year-old actress, who wore Dolce&Gabbana, was spotted leaving her apartment with beau Justin Theroux en route to the event.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

Earlier in the day, Jen promoted Five on Good Morning America.

The Lifetime project, directed by Jennifer, Demi Moore, and Alicia Keys, is an anthology of five short films exploring the impact of breast cancer on people’s lives.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston at the Five screening…

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Credit: Jason Kempin; Photos: Getty, Justin Campbell
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125 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: 'Five' Screening in NYC!”

  1. 1
    JustJen Says:

    I love Justins new hair style

  2. 2
    JustinIsHot Says:

    Rock it Jen & Justin!!

  3. 3
    xiopio Says:

    He’s soooo sexy! :)

  4. 4
    Amory Says:

    Not loving the hair – it’s so flat these days. I also can’t help but think that she’s copying his style. She doesn’t look bad, just not great.

  5. 5
    Tracy Says:

    Here again is the woman who STOLE Angelina Jolie’s STYLE.
    Suddenly JA’s color is also BLACK>>>>>> eeekkkk

    What Aniston can’t STEAL is Angelina’s class!!!!!

  6. 6
    ANI Says:

    aggg me encantannnnnnnnn!!

  7. 7
    ANI Says:

    aggg me encantannnnnnnnn!!

  8. 8
    Mary Says:

    Tracy you mean the classless one is Angelina right? You know the whole stealing another woman’s husband? If anyone has class it’s Jen whose kept mum on the whole ordeal unlike Brad who just keeps putting his foot in his mouth as of late.

  9. 9
    YAAAS HONEY!!! Says:

    @Tracy: So Anelina is the creator of the color black now? wow that’s news to me.

  10. 10
    I need a Big Thesaurus Says:

    She’s so boring…
    Always trying to stay interesting and relevant with a new boyfriend or hairstyle.
    Nobody cares…

  11. 11
    James Says:

    lmfao shes trying to get with a male version of angelina jolie but she just ended up with a loser.

  12. 12
    James Says:

    he even got a tattoo in latin just like angelina jolie. He copies her.

  13. 13
    Heidi wants her midget back Says:

    trash, what else is there to say!

  14. 14
    Roxy Says:

    Usually I pass JA thread, because I find her dull, and boring, but since some of you love to stalk AJ & BP thread, ready to attack like a pack of out of control wolves, I’m gonna say this….I’m happy she did something to her nose, because I saw an old interview she did…geezus that honker was so big, took up most of her face. It’s like they are trying to shove their “relationship” in everyone’s face, trying to force feed us their “love”. The way they seems to be joined at the hips, they remind me of that trashy couple Eddie Cibrian and Leanne Rhimes ( I think that’s how it’s spell). It seems everyone forgot he was in a relationship before he took up with her, however, I have a feeling they paid her off to stay quiet. Actually I don’t think anyone cares…YAWN!!!

  15. 15
    Barb Says:

    @Roxy – right on sista.

  16. 16
    Lana Says:

    Great looking couple.

  17. 17
    Roxy Says:

    @Mary: Really she kept her mouth shut? please…wasn’t that old washed up hag making nasty comments about him when he died his hair blonde. On Oprah throwing herself a pity party. Did that interview running her mouth, started crying when she found out Angie was pregnant. I think the only reason people like her is because they feel sorry for her. there’s nothing interesting about her. Sitcome star, who makes the same tasteless crappy movies over, and over. Brad told the truth, but for some people the truth is hard to swallow. She said thing’s about Angie, even had that tacky Chelsie Handler making nasty comments about Angie, but the difference is, AJ doesn’t give a crap what people thinks about her. JA needs the press and publicity. The best thing that happened to JA was that Brad, Angie, Jen, triangle…it’s keeping her relevant.

  18. 18
    Evangeline Says:


    Um, Jennifer got a poor, nice girl kicked out of her home by homewrecking the relationship. If Angelina “homewrecked” brad and jennifer, at least she had the decency to know that Jennifer would still have a home…unlike poor heidi bivens.

    Classless and a homewrecker = Jennifer Aniston.

  19. 19
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Wow! Black again.

    YAAAS HONEY!!! @ 09/26/2011 at 8:16 pm

    I am not against MANiston wearing black. However, you fcuking trolls rant on Angie when she does it. Double standard. Btw, she copied Angie again. Wearing the same handbag. MANiston doesn’t know how to be orginal.

  20. 20
    chelsey Says:

    @Tracy: Umm, seriously? She’s not cover in tattoo’s, looking like a skinny ***** with a big head,sucking face with a relative and caring blood. Jen is GORGEOUS AND JUSTIN IS A HOTTIE.

  21. 21
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Don’t forget she used Knox & Viv’s name in one of her interviews.

  22. 22
    Chelsey Says:

    chelsey @ 09/26/2011 at 8:42 pm

    And Jen doesn’t have a tattoo. She might have one tattoo but it is still a tattoo. Thunder thights looking like a *** **** with tiny little eyes, plastic surgery nose, long chin, leather face, big pores and very thin lips. Angie and Brad are both sexy & gorgeous.

  23. 23
    Chelsey Says:

    She looks like a transvestite.

  24. 24
    Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig Says:

    I hope the reporters don’t ask jen any tough questions like “what is Five”, dumba$$ will prob say – comes after 4
    the vest and pants are too tight looks like the 90′s.

  25. 25
    Oprah Says:

    Justifer FTW

  26. 26
    Heidi Says:

    read their Jen and Justin stories, very interesting indeed
    especially who they say Jennifer ends up with

  27. 27
    Jane Says:

    why are people still comparing Jennifer Aniston to Angelina Jolie? Some of the saying that JA is a homewrecker. i find it pathetic because boyfriend/girlfriend do breakup, from what i know is Justin is not MARRIED, so i dont think she;s a homewrecker

    but breaking up a Marraige that i can tell is a homewrecker

  28. 28
    Ventriloquist Dummy Says:

    Wow, those are powerful chin for sure!! she absolutely look like a ventriloquist dummy, LOL!!!

  29. 29
    hilda Says:

    I see she got out the extensions for the night. Short hair by day, long by night. She looks worn and cakey. Her clothes look like they are a size too small.

  30. 30
    So Handsome Says:


  31. 31
    ulka Says:

    love her

  32. 32
    JustinIsHot Says:

    Rock it Jen and Justin.

    Hakuna Matata, Bad Spitt.

  33. 33
    andrew Says:

    she is wearing too much clothes recently… I dont like it at all! she is too beautiful and sexy to be like that

  34. 34
    LOL Says:

    Trump combover!!! Really? Way too funny! Shows you how shallow Jennifer is and he is Jen and Huvane’s new boytoy whom she stole from Heidi after 14 years. Who is the real homewrecker?

  35. 35
    Black AGAIN? Says:

    I like Aniston and all, but I’m just sick of seeing her wearing black, all.the.time. Ugh.
    She needs a sexier makeover. Maybe dye the hair a rich brunette, wear some red lipstick, slap on a colorful dress and move that mouth of hers! It always looks so stiff. Like she just came back from the dentist or something. Jennifers look has been the same for over a decade now. TIME FOR CHANGE, girl!

  36. 36
    Luiza Says:

    justin is so cute!!

  37. 37
    Roxy Says:


  38. 38
    longchamp Says:

    this guy always looks so faux intense, like he’s about to diffuse some hostage situation or some s-hit. chill, it’s just some movie screening/lunch/HI vacay… jeez.

  39. 39
    lol Says:

    Brad looks like Justin’s retardedfather.

  40. 40
    sarah Says:

    The haters must love there Angie…when I say love I mean…creepy…like lilo and Sam Ronson kind of freaky love…cause everyone knows Angie likes the gal’s as much as she likes the guys.

  41. 41
    Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig Says:

    @longchamp #38

    ….like he’s about to diffuse some hostage situation”…Hahahahaha ITA, guess that is his Intense Edgy face.
    Truth is this gug is Butt Ugly when he smiles wide

  42. 42
    LOL Says:

    Justin got a weave. Next PANTS THAT FIT.

  43. 43
    Roxy Says:

    @longchamp: ahahahahahah!!!LMBOOO!!! So true and so funny. That’s my laugh for the night…thank you

  44. 44
    passby Says:

    same 80s hair style with a weave.

  45. 45
    JustinIsHot Says:

    Rock it Jen and Justin.

    Hakuna Matata, Sputley Brad.

  46. 46
    Spongebob Says:

    They have the same height, stiff face, and wearing black again??!!! YES, FUGNISTON IS A MAN’S STEALER, SHE STOLE THIS MIDGET FROM ANOTHER WOMAN WHILE THEY’RE STILL LIVING TOGETHER!!!!! Brad found life exciting when he met Angie, yes Angie steals his heart that is almost buried to the grave due to his BORING life with botoxniston. Justin whO? is wearing a hair piece to cover his bald wide forehead, or maybe an implant, bwahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Demi Moore looks better than botoxniston, she looks more like a woman and not a man face fugniston………….

  47. 47
    Oh Please? Says:

    JA is just like Witherspoon…..
    and one hell of a chinny chin chin!

  48. 48
    hilda Says:

    LOL Justin got himself a hair piece too. Check out his hairline! the pressure is on huh Justin? He won’t recognise himself when this run this over. Pass the popcorn, this is getting good.

  49. 49
    Nice Chin Says:

    Demi is SMOKIN’ HOT!!!
    (note to Jen: Don’t stand next to Demi. She makes you look terrible!)

  50. 50
    Tmaria Says:

    This is how you know she is self conscience and week minded. I believe she read these media tabs every day. She has been putting these pictures out daily. The dull statement in eating her little pea brain up.She is dropping pictures out to combat what was said. So glad Jen handlers found this cheating douch-fameho that will gladly play these pr games with her. All the other real me wouldn’t play pathetic pr games.

  51. 51
    TTC Says:

    I also like his new hair style. A little side part. He needs his scruff back. Clean shaven style does not suit him; not hip at all !

  52. 52
    aaa Says:

    @ stella :: yes justin is sexy short hot hairless
    dream’s girl

  53. 53
    Tracy Says:


    What about Jen stealing Justin from Heidi is live-in girlfriend of 14 years, huh?

    So who’s the homewrecker here, regardless of whether Justin & Heidi were married, but they were co-habiting like husband & wife.

    Jen pushed Justin to move in with her in her house. Perhaps afraid that Heidi might come and visit Justin in their previous home.

    Desperate move here from your classless lady.

  54. 54
    Tracy Says:


    Justin and Heidi was a sharing a HOME together until
    MANISTON pulled Justin away from Heidi.
    Maniston is definitely a HOMEWRECKER. (married or not)

    Maniston broke up the “HOME” of the loving couple. Poor Heidi had to move out. Stupid Justin moved in with Maniston in her house.
    This guy is a smoocher and she is a desparate sucker.

  55. 55
    Whatdheck Says:

    I used to think Demi Moore got a long face, but next to Aniston her face is way smaller lol.

  56. 56
    Dee Says:

    Jennifer is totallllly changing her style and demeanor yet again for a man, but that’s just her. It’s to be expected. The outfit she’s wearing is hilarious!! I understand and appreciate the attempt but come on, update it a bit! Looks like you went shopping at Out of the Closet. Props to her though. She’s happy and it seems genuine. I’d never wish anything but the best for anyone when it comes to love.

  57. 57


  58. 58
    noelle Says:

    although im a Jen fan, i cant deny that Angelina seems to have integrity and i dont buy it for a second that she had an affair with Brad while he was still married to Jen! she is no homewrecker. she would never do the same thing her father did to her beloved mother! she would never inflict that kind of pain on another person! PERIOD!!!

  59. 59
    irene Says:

    Jen looks so happy. I think she deserves love. Good luck Jenny!))))

  60. 60
    ja Says:

    There was barely a home to begin with for Jennifer and Brad. Angie came in the pic and saved Brad. Remember before they split, they took a vacation together. I think it was all leading to Brad wanting to be with Angelina and prolly had Jennifer’s blessing because I think the magic between them died. Did you ever stop to wonder that maybe after Jennifer saw Brad with Maddox she became bitter? Brad had fatherhood written all over his face.

  61. 61
    bobbi Says:

    Aniston is stuck wearing black because she’d look stupid in bright colors next to this Justin guy.

  62. 62
    clarice Says:

    She finally nabbed her very own leprechaun….she probably carried him out in a takeout bag from Heidi’s bed. Poor Heidi, at least she hasn’t thrown a pity party for herself.

  63. 63
    yep Says:

    @Roxy: lol! to bad you forget how it is to be in love especially when everything is new! love this couple! i am so glad jennifer and the other ladies took out time to help direct these short stories on breast cancer! may we all have more knowledge and better to help or deal with it if is should happen to us. i love justin hair! gee when that man smiles makes me melt!

  64. 64
    nina Says:

    Jen doesn’t care anymore about Courteney Cox, now she has a boyfriend, she’s doesn’t need her, wow what”s a great friend…

    Courteney Cox (botox or not, don”t care) is more classy, she tries with her husband to save their marriage and supports him at DWTS

  65. 65
    uk Says:

    @ Nina: I think you are correct. Courtney seems to have realized that Jennifer doesn’t seem to be a good/reliable friend. There hasn’t been any pictures of them for more than 1 year. Might wonder what happened between them.

    I think Chelsea Handler had something to do with it. Who wants to be friends with her?

  66. 66
    ughhh Says:

    This slvt pregnant? Bwhahahahaha
    She hates kids like her drunk friend Chelsea.
    Remember that Justin. She will never give you a child. You have to be satisfied with Dolly. lol But, you don`t want child anyway. You want to suck the fame out of this dull boring D-list so-called actress and that`s OK. Fame ***** found it`s soul mate

  67. 67
    yep Says:

    @Roxy: yep, jolie has been in the spotlight for dragging 6 children everywhere. like kate on that tv show! jen has been promoting 2 movies and a short movie on cancer! giving to charity! winning the decade of hotness award! hand print on hollywood blvd. love jen! looking forward to these stories.

  68. 68
    Jones Says:

    McStumpy is starting to look just like Ben Affleck once he started dating Jennifer Lopez. Totally bought and paid for.

  69. 69
    Mike Says:


    Love them

  70. 70
    Mike Says:

    Love jen

  71. 71
    Ivermom Says:

    Spoiled I tell ya, we are getting spoiled! Looking great again….just cause Ange wears black does not mean Jen can’t….get over it. Jen rocks it better than Jolie!!

  72. 72
    mic Says:

    @ Ivermom how old are you ? better than… ????

  73. 73
    Ivermom Says:

    Jen rocks black better than Angie. Are you fcuking kidding me? Putting down the crack pipe. You Aniston fans rant on and on about Angie wearing black all the time. Now that you idol does it more often than she did before you said its ok. Angie rocks it waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than your idol. Angie owns it.

  74. 74
    Ivermom Says:

    yep @ 09/27/2011 at 9:39 am

    All those things that you mentioned Jen brought them with her money. They didn’t just give it to her. She brought her body as well. Do you think you Jen Jen can get that body without her 110 mil. Also, Jen has dragging shorty all over to promote her 1 movie & 1 short movie.

  75. 75
    Lisa Says:

    He’s sexy!

  76. 76
    Ivermom Says:

    clarice @ 09/27/2011 at 6:05 am +6

    She finally nabbed her very own leprechaun


    OMG! That’s funny.

  77. 77
    Jen Rules Says:

    @ yep, right on it! you couldn’t have being more right

    @ Ivermom And you know she buy all of what she have because you were there when she wrote the check? I bet you wish you had all that money so you could buy a new body for yourself, lol!

    Loveeeeee you Jen!!!

  78. 78
    Roxy Says:

    @yep: Wow, Wow!!! you are really in serious denial and very dellusional. I know a good Doctor who can give you some good meds to cure you dellusion. Anyway are you actually believing your own BS? Who are you trying to convince us or yourself? What was the other crap you said….she’s promoting 2 good movies? (I”m sorry I didn’t feel like scrolling up to re-read your nonsense). Please tell me what good movie Jen has made recently…snooozzzzzeeee!!! I bet she’s secretly happy Brad blasted her, bcuz she gets to be in the spot light again.

  79. 79
    uk Says:

    @Yep: You seriously shouldn’t have listed Jennifer awards. Angelina has all of the awards an actress can possible have and will gain more on comings years. You just proved us again that Jennifer really isn’t that talented, only when it comes to looking fit.

    And no I am not the only one thinking that, all of the major Hollywood companies who produce Oscar worthy movies are not standing in queue to hire her in their movies. Angelina can pick any movies she wants, then they will be passed on to another actress if rejected.

    No matter how much you protest that’s what true power and talent is.

  80. 80
    Jen Rules Says:

    Jennifer Aniston was in friends, one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, The series won many awards and was nominated for 63 Primetime Emmy Awards , that is her thing, so now she should start doing action or drama to compete with homewreker anorexic, she know who she is, she do what she loves, she has nothing to prove

  81. 81
    Mike Says:

    Good luck for her

  82. 82
    Tota Says:

    Sexy couple

  83. 83
    OprahHAPPYanustonHASloser Says:

    Is that the best she could do with all of her money, buy a broke down no name wuss, who keeps changing his look to suit her cat lady fan base? Pathetic. Lol. Oh he reads his press alright…the fans don’t like the beard? Shave it. The fans calling him an old bald dude. Get a lace front WIG. Bahaha. The fans calling him a midget…wear lifts and have Anuston walk behind you at all times. Wheeee!! Lol too sad.
    You just know, her fan base was really hoping she could nab a John Mayer, a Gerry butler, a Ryan Reynolds (like Sandra bullock) or in lieu of a handsome actor, at least a billionaire like Ellen barkin or salma Hayek or Liz Hurley…but lame-iston picks up a poseur middle aged gigolo who’s lost his hair and is 5 feet tall, that she has to LOAN money so he can pretend he cares about his friend stylers haitian charities. Loll.
    Maniston has to feel like an sold sugar mama. And a bad one at that. Who pays for another over the hill loser like yourself. Bahaha

  84. 84
    who Says:

    Jen and her TreeStump purchase matching in ladies pants, how cute.

  85. 85


  86. 86
    Gia Says:

    The body language is not there at all. They both look on edge and not comfortable at all. He always seems to want to get in front of her, dragging her by the hand. Obviously not the look of someone proud to have her on his arm, not that I can blame him. Her face looks really anxious and tight in the photos with him

  87. 87
    One Go Says:

    Does this man ever change his pants? He’s been wearing then for six straight weeks now. What a joke.

  88. 88
    Love Them Says:

    Good Lord…all you haters get off this thread! You only come here to bash Jen and you admit to doing that…you all are so pathetic. She is not a fame *****…she is trying to live her life. She never bashed Brad as a matter of fact she was pretty tame when she spoke of what happened. If she wanted to she could have done much worst but took the high road. Why Brad felt the need to speak of her recently is beyond me. He said in response the article that it was taken the wrong way. In a recent interview it was brought up and he didn’t want to talk about it. Here is a thought…don’t speak about it at all. You want to say something about Angie…go for it…she is great and the mother of your children. Praise her as much as you like. When you put someone else on blast for publicity – really tasteless. I’d rather hear about Angie and your children. Your movie will do well without the bs.

    Jen is trying to live her live. No she didn’t invent black and neither did Angie. Get over yourselves. This couple looks great and they are out having fun and look it.

    And yes…she is a great actress and has won an Emmy for her show and she should be proud of it. Of course she does comedy….that is what she is known for as many other actors who do the same.

    She looks great and those of you who think otherwise you need to get your eyes checked because millions of people agree with me.

    Leave Justin alone. I like the way he dresses. They say the same about Johnny Depp and he looks great too.

  89. 89

    Actually, old Maniston and her bald middle-aged poseur dude, are TOTALLY copying Brangelina and how they hold hands and walk. Brad is da man, and always out in front of his lady, with a possessive hold on her hand and arm, totally cool mackin’, while Angelina is behind him all serene and beautiful.
    Obviously, pathetic manlesston, has been taking notes…she probably told Justine, here hold my hand like THIS, that’s how brad and Angie do it. Lololol. Unfortunately for traniston, when they do it, they look like some old broad chasing an over the hill boy bander who’s lost in the 80s. Lol

  90. 90
    allie Says:

    The people on this site are horrible!!! Jen did a wonderful thing for breast cancer!! Why the hating?? If you dont like her dont click and read about her. I am not a fan of AJ so I dont read anything about her or brad pitt. Also Justjared why do you always put AJ up when Jen is in the news??? Does she own you?? Just wondering.

  91. 91
    divagirl715 Says:


    Perfectly said. BRAVO! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Only need to add how humorous it is that JA is suddenly wearing all this black; Dressing like her boyfriend (that no one knew until she started dating him!) and trying to look like Jolie (that will never happen).

  92. 92
    divagirl715 Says:

    Yikes! Zoom in on the Jen&Demi face shot and it is NOT good. They have super tiny tight figures, but their age is showing, and then some. I remember years ago seeing pics of Demi’s mom and thinking, oh dear, poor Demi is not going to age well. She’s already had so much work done, and I think that it makes it worse. Body, amazing, face, scaring me! And Jen’s face has always been unattractive to me…never got past the square chin, big nose and tiny eyes. She’s all good hair & body (and she cut her hair recently, not good!).

  93. 93
    Jennipoo Says:

    I’ve come over to the dark side. I ‘m wearing more and more black like my Idol Angelina. I know you guys always made fun of her when she wore black, but you won’t do that do me will you? Pretty please, I’m your Jennipoo.
    I always wanted to be her, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. She has Brad ( my boo), but I can make Justin into whatever I want him to be. See, I’ve started with his hair. It bothered me so much when people called him McBaldy. He’s getting paid, so he can hardly complain. Did I tell you I bought him an over priced piece of art? The proceeds went to charity, so I get double points. Yay, me! :-)

  94. 94
    divagirl715 Says:


    Allie, you’re clueless. Jolie was just rated #12 (in the WORLD) of MOST powerful, relevant, famous and well-liked celebrities (Oprah was #7).

    Aniston is a washed up tv star making crap movies, ONLY relevant due to tabloids using her in a b.s. triangle DUE to the fame of Jolie & Pitt. In fact, her marriage to Pitt is the only thing keeping her in the press! Ironic really. That and all the unattractive, boring women who love to feel sorry for her and follow her pathetic love life.

  95. 95
    divagirl715 Says:

    LOL, I just realized what we’re LOOKING at. It’s a t.v. film on the Lifetime channel. LMAO!!!!!!!!! This is NOT fame. It’s embarrassing.

  96. 96
    Tota Says:

    Good girls

  97. 97
    Tota Says:

    Love. Justin

  98. 98
    Tota Says:


  99. 99
    Marie Says:

    I read BP’s Parade interview and never once took any of what he said as a slight against JA or their marriage. Brad seemed to be reflecting about HIS shortcomings during that period in his life when he also happened to be married to JA. I must be one of the few who didn’t see what he said as blaming her for his failings or unhappiness. It takes 2 people to marry and 2 to divorce. Only JA and BP know what went wrong in their marriage. AJ is an easy and obvious scapegoat for its demise but bottom line is the vows taken were between JA and BP and that is where the sole responsibility for its ending lies. In my experience, people are only able to infiltrate relationships that are already suffering from signs of breakdown for reasons between the two people involved not the 3rd party.

    I think both AJ and JA are talented actresses. It is really a shame that JA just hasn’t been in anything worthy of her talent in several years but bills, mortgages, etc. still have to be paid so one does what one has to do. I do wish that her love life wasn’t always being touted as the “next great thing” for her or some beacon of hope for that all elusive pregnancy. Neither a man nor a baby is going to bring JA happiness unless she’s happy with herself first and I can’t say that she isn’t only that the media makes her out to be this tortured baby less without a man woman over 40 which is more pathetic than what is likely the actual truth concerning JA’s undocumented private life. I just think it is sad that after all these years THIS is what people are so fired up about while our country goes to hell in a hand basket and our very rights as human beings is being diminished with each passing day.

  100. 100
    Emma Says:

    @Roxy: Roxy, Shhhhhh!!! and go back to sleep..

  101. 101
    yep Says:

    @OprahHAPPYanustonHASloser: no her fans were not! gee! as a jen fan i just wish her happiness. yes, i do like john mayer i love his music and think is a nice looking man. however, i like justin more as he is more her age, talented, seems like a gentleman and hot! whether jen gets married, has a child or whatever she is a good person and deserves happiness! if you wish the best for a person you want them to be happy! don’t know if you are too old or not to remember when some one you are friends starts a new relationship you talk more about them and silly little things the same for your star! HAPPINESS for Jen and Justin!

  102. 102
    yep Says:

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: black bag wow! now angelina is the only woman who can own a black handbag! lol! both ford bags but different! jen already owns you!

  103. 103
    yep Says:

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: your point being what? never did she ever say anything negative about the children! brad the photo which was a sensitivity chip missing now more like a chain! jolie talking about falling in love with her husband “uncool” all the same year 2005! after jolie said they didn’t cheat! that is what 6 years ago! i have been way pass that years ago – yet you brangelinas still feel the need to live in past? and have for years blame jennifer! however with all this lastest we know who has kept things alive – brangelina! truth comes out! anyway, still don’t care! i am enjoying jennifer and justin! an awesome special couple! HOT HOT HOT!

  104. 104
    yep Says:

    @Chelsey: you are on the wrong article a lady with huge cheeks, lips so big they inject them and receding hairline jared has photos of her daily so i am sure you can find her. so happy for all these ladies – breast cancer takes away too much!

  105. 105
    yep Says:

    @Evangeline: you don’t even know what you are talking about! they haven’t choosen to play their out in the media. so for the lady who didn’t chose a public life – i respect her enough to let her move on without dragging her into a brangelina thing! too bad you feel that in order to down jennifer that you are willing to drag who YOU say is an innocent person down.

  106. 106
    Ivermom Says:

    Awww….someone needs to grow up…had to use my name to post under and really, my one comment about Jen rocking it made you that upset? Shew, someone needs to get a grip! Use your own name from now on. I stay off Angie and Brad’s posts because I dislike them, if you dislike Jen, what are you doing here…go look at the Jolie/Pitts.

  107. 107
    yep Says:

    @Chelsey: so to down a person you talk about their looks? jennifer is beautiful! talented! awesome! lady! remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. gee must have a lot for her to have made over 110 million! talent and beauty! classy lady! lovely couple jen and justin! i hope everyone gains knowledge from these stories on breast cancer that can help them or some one they love! thanks to all involved!

  108. 108
    Emma Says:

    there are so many delusional people here, that is not even funny! those haters should definitely just limit themselves to breathing!

    On the other hand Jen and Justin are looking great, i wish them the best. and I am looking forward to watching FIVE.

  109. 109
    Justin and Brad Says:

    Jennifer it was uncalled for to make comments about your sex life with
    Brad acting like Justin is the Casanova Lover you have always wanted.
    You purposely insulted Brad being the sarcastic woman you are and
    called him vanilla. I’m sure Justin is a satisfying lover but you made some of us lose respect for your relationship with Justin by insulting Brad Pitt.
    Don’t even try to insult Brad like that Jennifer because it is apparent that
    you missed having a lover like Brad.
    I am glad for you that Justin is a lover for you like Brad.

  110. 110
    mary Says:

    Luv this couple. They look cute together. Ms. Aniston, you deserve to be happy. Don’t mind the haters. More power and God bless you forever :))

  111. 111
    mary Says:

    Luv this couple. They look cute together. Ms. Aniston, you deserve to be happy. Don’t mind the haters. More power and God bless you forever :))

  112. 112
    Laranjen Says:

    Shiloh’s pic is right above Jens on this page and it startled me how much they look alike !

  113. 113
    Nice Chin Says:

    Have you seen Aniston’s baby pic??? Nowhere near as adorable as Shiloh

  114. 114
    ellie' Says:

    Jennifer & look great together..look so in love !!! Great looking couple!! You deserve to be where your at..!! Always a classy woman..and so happy!!! Always loved your smile..and its still beautiful..
    Jennifer does own all of you people live here….Why all the hate ..Jen has long ago moved on..all you people keep bring up the past…especially her X…Get a life and stop all the hating…

    Love you Jen & Justin…

  115. 115
    ellie' Says:

    Jennifer & look great together..look so in love !!! Great looking couple!! You deserve to be where your at..!! Always a classy woman..and so happy!!! Always loved your smile..and its still beautiful..
    Jennifer does own all of you people live here….Why all the hate ..Jen has long ago moved on..all you people keep bring up the past…especially her X…Get a life and stop all the hating…

    Love you Jen & Justin…

  116. 116
    Jen is a LOSER Says:

    How disrespectful of her to make a mockery of Meryl?
    (Note to Jen: Don’t ever make that face again, its disgusting)

  117. 117
    Elis Says:


    As for AJ, I’ll NEVER get tired of giving her crap- she went after married/taken men her whole life, including HER MOTHER’S BOYFRIEND. Disgusting…

  118. 118
    Dl Says:

    You must don’t have children and if you do must keep them locked up in the basement or attic… Because a good parent take their kids to the movies,to plays,museums, puppet shows, out to dinner, etc. Let’s inspire our daughters to win “decade of hotness” award…I guess you miss that quote from JA ” charity is not my thing”..”don’t be so delusional …” she should win the ” sugar mommy for the year” award.. The new boy toy is a douche… Did you see the umbrella photos??? He damn made sure his leather and hat didn’t get wet..

  119. 119
    oy Says:

    The attire is reminiscent of Peg Bundy.

  120. 120
    Jen is a LOSER Says:

    I don’t think Justin Thuroux or whatever cleans his clothes…he looks like he smells like weeks of old laundry

  121. 121
    Annie Says:

    Not seeing the hot in Justin. He looks like a bad cartoon villian.

  122. 122
    Dl Says:

    I guess we are in agreement about the new boy toy .. That’s he’s a douche since he betrayed his girlfriend of 14 years..

  123. 123
    uk Says:

    Jennifer proves over & over again that she looks for the outside beauty of a man. Everyone she has ever dated might look hot at the moment but not content. That’s why they usually end of leaving and marrying someone else who loves them for whom they are.

  124. 124
    J. "lame" Anusstain Says:

    Her bf has crazy in his eyes. He’s found a cash cow in hagiston. I hope he goes postal on Anusstain and bleeds her dry and I hope he takes Huvane down the sewer too.

  125. 125
    yep Says:

    @uk: i see a good looking, talented, intelligent, self made man when i see justin! i’ve seen jen be with some man that i didn’t think were good looking vince , tate and fred! one could say the same of plenty of people! according to science you go toward a person smell and i am sure if you find them attractive! don’t think you could be loving on some one you were not attractive too! for jen’s age she has dated the normal amount of man possibly less than normal. i am glad she has found happiness! wish the best for jen and justin!

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