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Jennifer Aniston: Good Morning, America!

Jennifer Aniston: Good Morning, America!

Jennifer Aniston steps out in style on Monday (September 26) in New York City.

The 42-year-old actress, who hid behind a pair of Ray-Ban shades, taped an appearance on Good Morning America earlier in the day to promote Five, her new project with Lifetime.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

Five is a series of short films about women and breast cancer directed by Jen and other female celebrities, including Demi Moore and Alicia Keys.

Don’t miss Five, which will air in a two-hour block on Lifetime on Monday, October 10.

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Credit: Elder Ordonez; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Ka simply amazing

    Go crap

  • scary so scary

    obviously trying to show off that ring on that finger.
    so is she pregnant with the garden gnome yet or do they just love the attention of public speculation?
    i hope he spends all her money. she has plenty and no one to share it with.
    whatever happened to giving quietly? now that she has a lover she has to flaunt the fact that she “donated” this much for a painting?
    but of course it’s to the stiller foundation which obviously reaffirms that everything she does is self-serving. she will naturally expect future roles in stiller productions.
    i can’t help laughing at the fact that her hand just hangs there, making sure the photographers have a good shot of her ring finger. big deal, woman, nobody really cares about your personal life unless it has something to do with your famous ex.

  • great

    she looks good. her hair sure grows really fast. glad she is helping bring awareness to a disease that affect millions of women. as women we shuld all stick together.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Black again.

  • Anch1977
  • Anch1977
  • Anch1977
  • TRRT

    Love her! thanks for the pics.

  • someone

    She looks great!

  • HOT !

    still beautiful

  • chelsey

    GORGEOUS!!! To all you haters. Sorry she’s not covered in skanky tattoo’s, acting like a freak.

  • ugly

    ugly as hell

  • dd

    @scary so scary: yes and its hideous.

  • You’re so smart

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: I have a feeling you sit on you’re computer refreshing the JJ page and waiting for a Jennifer Aniston Post their is not one post of her that you are not on i get you love the JA but its really sad and pathetic honestly their is a difference between being a fan and being a creepy sad stalker

  • @ great

    I think that’s called exensions.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    She actually looks pretty here dam her

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @You’re so smart: I know i am sad and pathetic but i can’t help myself i have nothing better to do my life is so boring therefore i must involve myself with the lives of people who do not know of my existence

  • what howard stern is obsessed with jennifer lol.. he finds her so f@cking HOT

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @scary so scary: But Jolie Pitt’s always flaunt it when they donate double standards B!itch

  • Her Crack Dealer


    LOL look at the nose difference!! Now, next up is the chin to fix

  • jmho

    leotards are not pants

  • Tulisa

    gosh she is one rough looking creature

  • Amory

    I don’t mind the top half, but isn’t she a little old to go out without pants? She’s really morphed into a female version of her boyfriend. She hasn’t looked very feminine or light lately – kinda grungy instead.

  • cara

    Funny how when the posts are about her CAREER (in this case a short film), barely any responses and nobody writes “can’t wait to see it, so talented” ect. It’s never about the work. She gets a lot of hits only because of who she was married to and how “uncool” they were towards her and who she is dating now. But it’s rarely about the work. Guess it’s not just Brad who found her uninteresting LOL, unless it’s about her dating life, nobody cares. Sure her PR team knows that too, so must wonder how to keep her in spotlight and how market her as she approaches 50!! Must be hard when an actor’s career is not based on talent or the work.

  • truth

    By the time ‘Friends’ was on air I started to hate TV

  • Mash

    Is it me or she looks pregnant….I cant stand her…all she has is $$$ coz she sure doesnt good…dont get people fascination with her…she is boring……I hope that ugly boyfriend of her spends all her $$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • crowd

    Is she still angry with her mother?? It’s been a while Jen!

  • Caroline

    @@ great: why extensions? just because you hair doesn’t grow it doesn’t mean the rest of the human population has the same issue. Jen’s hair is amazing, it’s abundant, shiny, has the ability to grow fast and it looks healthy. c’mon give the girl some credit, and leave the envy

  • Abigail

    It’s okay to let go of the boots jennifer, For several days. isn’t it 80 degrees in NY ? And she should where more colors..Not everything is monotone in life .

  • amalia

    looking good

  • Alice

    The ring and necklace look like matching costume jewelry…don’t tell me that ring is from what’s his face…

  • Whatevah

    OMG what happened to her face? She totally got the uglies.

  • Elis
  • Ivermom

    Another cute outfit worn by the one and only Jen!

  • MeMyself&I

    At first glance I thought those were leggings and I was thinking it was a nice look. At second glance, those things are way too thin and revealing to be leggings, they are tights. That shirt is way too short to wear over tights, she either needs to wear it with leggings/pants or a skirt but the way it is now it looks like she forgot to completely dress herself.
    I like the new edgier look but in this picture she’s trying too hard.

  • Lia

    @Mash Why is she boring? Because she doesn’t kiss her brother, drinks blood, adopts children, blablabla????

  • Lia

    @Mash Why is she boring? Because she doesn’t kiss her brother, drinks blood, adopts children, blablabla????

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    Jen will soon add “writer” to her list of stalking all things jolie, Jens new book is titled
    “Tails of a Coattailer”, justin wants her to call it “Coattailing Mothofu(ker! because it’s Edgy

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    Why is jen dressed like that skank pamela anderson?? Put your pants on Jen you are too old for this crap

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    This b itch is copying Angie again. Wearing the same purse as Angie. What a pathetic ho.

  • naturegirl

    An over BOTOX old cvnt trying so hard to capture her far gone youth

  • notafan


  • yep

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: jen owns you even after 7 years! wonderful cause! maybe some one you love might be helped!

  • yep

    @jmho: leggins aren’t leotards! jen looks awesome! looking forward to seeing the 5 stories. i am hoping they will help me help some one dealing with breast cancer to know what to say or what to do that would be helpful.

  • yep

    @truth: so? jen is a beautiful classy lady! love her outfit! the whole look!

  • yep

    @Whatevah: beautiful,unique, classy look and lady!

  • yep

    @Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig: actually, factual jolie copies jen! brad was jen’s first! jen director movies first, jen has always been artsy (educated at an art school) so don’t get your point! each lady is their own person! you don’t have to continue to down one to like them both!

  • yep

    @naturegirl: are you chelsea? language – lady like and gentleman like! love the outfit from top to bottom! justjen!

  • yep

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: seriously! jen has had that purse all summer! don’t you get tire of hating? let me know what you change your name too when you move on from the divorce.

  • Demi

    shes lovely.