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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Lemonade Lunch

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Lemonade Lunch

Kate Bosworth hangs onto her director beau Michael Polish while leaving Lemonade restaurant after having lunch on Monday (September 26) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Last week, the couple attended a launch party for the new Alexa Chung for Madewell collection at Chateau Marmont.

Kate recently made an appearance on Chelsea Lately where she chatted about the infamous rape scene in her new film Straw Dogs.

“It was nerve-racking because obviously, this was a remake of the [director Sam] Peckinpah original,” she told host Chelsea Handler.

“I didn’t think too much about it, to be honest, until about three days before and it was blocked out for two days. It was the type of experience that I just wanted to be present in and not think too much about,” she explained.

FYI: Kate is wearing AG “Ex Boyfriend Crop” jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish leaving Lemonade…

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62 Responses to “Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Lemonade Lunch”

  1. 1
    CJ Says:

    He is so unattractive! She must have to close her eyes when she kisses him and think of Alex. How can you go from a hulking gorgeous buff man to this little dweeb? I do not dig small men

  2. 2
    Blackcat99 Says:

    PLEASE!Someone make her GO AWAY!

  3. 3
    Jeannie Says:

    Dear Lord she’s so clingy. Like really, who clings to people like that? Run MP run.

  4. 4
    JEN Says:

    I see she brought out the “wedding ring” again. This chick is so desperate I swear. Unless of course she actually did marry the poor sap, and in that case I would advise him to annul it as fast as he can.

    The only decent thing in this post is the bag. Anyone know the brand?

  5. 5
    Mjforlife Says:

    The man has a young daughter that is what worries me he needs to run no question about it AND HE WILL give him time HE WILL just like they all do…

  6. 6
    chelle Says:

    You all know she sooooo screwed around on Skars with this guy. That or she truely is a bed hopper….just saying. Most people ” in love ” don’t move on quite that fast.

  7. 7
    desperate! Says:

    funny how there is a new post on alex filming his new movie disconnect take note kate (“WORK! FILMING! ) and then all of a sudden JJ posts pics of Kate and her PR bf doing nothing but posing for the camera! DESPERATE!

  8. 8
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: I still am not sure about that, I think she and AS were basically over when she got cast in Big Sur. Now when she and MP actually started dating, there’s the question. I suspect not too soon before the breakup announcement.
    Jeannie, I suspect she’s clingy because AS would barely touch in her public, especially after summer of ’10. So I suspect she’s clingy because she can be-MP’s not running in the other direction.

  9. 9
    wow Says:

    She looks so pale and sickly.
    She can be pretty when she takes care of herself, but right now she just looks awful.
    She needs help,

  10. 10
    chelle Says:

    I actually have a wedding band similar to that ….hubby got it because we’re not allowed to wear anything else and my other set it sautered together.

  11. 11
    Jeannie Says:

    I didn’t know he had a young daughter. Maybe the ex wife limits the time spent with the clinger.

  12. 12
    dailynightly Says:

    Wonder if she had a liquid lunch. Looks like she is using him to keep from falling over.

  13. 13
    PurpleSamantha Says:

    If you look closely in the fifth pic, he’s got a band on his left ring finger too. Do you think he’s seriously playing along, or shotgun wedding (no comment on who was holding the gun)?

  14. 14
    ladybug Says:

    @PurpleSamantha: It’s odd, isn’t it? You’d think she’d be flaunting the marriage.
    And if he’s playing along, why? He (and his twin) are well respected indie filmmakers/actors/producers? Why play along with this?

  15. 15
    kitty Says:

    stage 5.

  16. 16
    kitty Says:

    OH DEAR….does she still have the labels on the bottom of her shoes in pic 9…rookie error!!

  17. 17
    dailynightly Says:

    She must be drunk if she forgot to remove the “Payless” stickers from her shoes.HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  18. 18
    wtf? Says:

    ok don’t shoot me but i like her outfit, like a lot.

  19. 19
    Jeannie Says:

    Maybe that’s why she’s holding him like that…so he can’t run.
    He is very respected & well liked, I don’t get why he’d go along with her nonsense.

  20. 20
    Heather Says:

    Hated her with Skarsgard but I actually like these two as a couple it seems to fit better and she annoys me less.

  21. 21
    ICK! Says:

    She’s on him like an anorexic python on prey. So much for her fans claiming she wasn’t into PDA. It’s obvious it was always Alex not wanting PDA…at least not with her.

  22. 22
    Shannon Says:

    Doesn’t it look like she’s hiding her face? I think she had a peel or something, cuz her face is looking TIGHT…and old. She just looks bad for a 28-year old actress.

    God, what she wouldn’t have given for Alex to let her cling to him like a spider monkey in public.

  23. 23
    Nonsense Says:

    Have to say, they appear to be very happy together. So – good for them!

  24. 24
    @Heather Says:

    I actually like these two together too!

  25. 25
    The knuckleheads are here Says:

    Welcome! The assorted wackjobs are present and accounted for so the next level of Kate bashing can now commence…….

    **You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You all make mean and disgusting comments about KB. **

    You deserve the disrespect and mocking you receive.

  26. 26
    Shannon Says:

    @ladybug: These two are obviously still in the honeymoon phase of the relash. Who knows for sure if she cheated, she def could have used MP to make Alex jealous, especially if they were on their last legs. She seems the type. She also seems sad, & definitely not as smug.

  27. 27
    Ella Says:

    Why does she feel the need to always drape herself over this man? There’s a big difference between clingy and affectionate, and she is definitely the former.

    Also, that center part does NOTHING for her, except accentuate the negative.

  28. 28
    ICK! Says:

    @The knuckleheads are here:

    The only people who are mocked are KB’s 3 stans that still refuse to acknowledge she’s a man hopping, talentless fameho with no friends in the industry. The fact that the “fashion icon” wasn’t invited to Fashion Week or anything else should tell you dimwits she’s been blacklisted by Gwyneth for messing with Chris Martin.

  29. 29
    Camille Says:

    Alex was hanging out with Kristen Wiig after the SNL party last Saturday. Yay, I love her! And is this the return of the semi sheer shirts?

  30. 30
    The knuckleheads are here Says:

    @ICK! What has she done to you personally that you spew such venom about her. Why do you persist? Enjoy what and who you enjoy and stop being so mean. Comment on someone you like so you can express positive feelings. You haters are to be ridiculed.

  31. 31
    cat lady Says:

    Isn’t Kristen Wiig like 38 years old? Why was Alex at a SNL party?

  32. 32
    Camille Says:

    @cat lady:
    Yeah so? Alex is 35. It doesn’t mean anything, just that he hung out with a couple cast members. He was at the party because he was invited. He wasn’t on the show, but maybe they wanted to talk to him about being on it in the future. Not too sure.

  33. 33
    Farrah Says:

    Kate is stunning and seems to be very happy these days. Good for her!

  34. 34
    ladybug Says:

    @cat lady: Yeah, she’s 38. So? It’s not as if she’s nursing home material. Why shouldn’t Alex be at a SNL party?

  35. 35
    ICK! Says:

    @The knuckleheads are here:

    KB is the epitome of a self centered, entitled person who expects something for nothing. She gives nothing back and stands for nothing except herself. Her choosing to fameho topless in Mexico rather than attend that charity for foster kids tells me all I needed to know about her. Alex being with her only made people think the worst of him.
    Why do you post on Alex’s boards since you’re not a fan? Your preaching is just hypocritical BS.

  36. 36
    Shannon Says:

    @Camille: I would LOVE it if he got with Wiig. She’s hilarious, successful, and very pretty. Make this happen, people!

  37. 37
    The knuckleheads are here Says:

    @ICK! You are beyond any reason. Seeing the two threads one after the other,I thought that was a perfect opportunity for you to see how everyone can enjoy their favorites in peace. I thought you had a heart. I was wrong
    Btw as far as I know I can post on any thread. I do not have anything mean to say about Skarsdard. He seems nice. Some of his fans not so much!

  38. 38
    taylor Says:

    Kate was great in Straw Dogs. So was AS.

  39. 39
    ladybug Says:

    @Shannon: I think she’s got a boyfriend.

  40. 40
    renee Says:

    Michael Polish appeals to me. He’s a real man.

  41. 41
    ICK! Says:

    @The knuckleheads are here:

    I no more have a heart for KB than she has for foster kids.

  42. 42
    @ICK! Says:

    Yeah right. I really do feel sorry for you. You just don’t get it. Buhbye

  43. 43
    Shannon Says:

    @renee: *snort* good one!

  44. 44
    Kelley Says:

    Ive read before that she calls the paparazzi and tells them where she’ll be. And you will notice their is more pictures of her than any other celebrity. I bet Leann Rimes does it too.

  45. 45
    Fake Says:

    the 80′s wants her outfit back..she has no style..

  46. 46
    ladybug Says:

    @renee: “Michael Polish appeals to me. He’s a real man”
    As opposed to a non-real man? That doesn’t really make any sense.
    I actually think he’s kind of cute, in the nerdy, geeky, slightly disheveled perpetual grad student sort of way.

  47. 47
    Jack Says:

    LOL do you really think the Polish dudes are “well respected”? They make completely crap films and this one can’t act to save his life. He and Kate are perfect for each other.

  48. 48
    Belle Says:


    Hahahaha – the “Cling-on” seems even more appropriate! ;-) I note that MP is getting a lot of flack for his looks, but let’s face it, she’s so past it in the aesthetics department (despite all her ‘procedures’), not to mention in the professional capacity so she’s doing well all things considered…

  49. 49
    Nina Says:

    @CJ: what a shallow b1tch you are!

  50. 50
    Marlo Says:

    Her nasty just never stops.

  51. 51
    alexa Says:

    Kate’s so pretty and looks very happy. Good for her.

  52. 52
    @Jack Says:

    MP is a highly regarded filmmaker. He’s unbelievably talented.

  53. 53
    Natalie Says:

    Kate looks so happy and effortlessly pretty! I’m happy for her.

  54. 54
    Natalie Says:

    negatives for saying she looks pretty and happy… haha
    only ugly and unhappy people would thumb-down my comment :)

  55. 55
    ladybug Says:

    @Natalie: I think you’re being thumbed down for the ‘effortlessly’ part.

  56. 56
    Bored Says:

    I don’t think MIchael Polish is ugly at all. He’s just not Alexander Skarsgard but then neither are 99.9% of the male population. I think Kate and MIchael actually make a well matched couple. Just my opinion but they look like they are really dating as opposed to to Kate and Alex – I don’t totally buy his not liking his private life out there as the reason for the lack of affection (or even like) towards Kate while they were dating. Curious to see how he behaves in his next relationship.

    On another note, I question her choice of carrying a bag that she could easily fit in.

  57. 57
    Natalie Says:

    @ladybug: effortlessly for Hollywood standards…

  58. 58
    Emma Says:

    Man! I would love to know what happened between Alex and Kate to cause the breakup. He was kind of bitter about love in the recent Men’s Journal article, leading me to think perhaps he dumped her, she got him back and then dumped him for Polish. Or maybe when she saw things fizzling out between them, moved on to Polish. Alex didn’t cheat on her because there’s no way he could keep that **** private. So what happened??? Ugh! I’d love to know!

  59. 59
    oy Says:

    No one and no one do lunch.

  60. 60
    Good to Go Says:

    I think Kate and Michael make a good couple. They seem happy and relaxed together.

  61. 61
    twitchyswitchy Says:

    Kate’s better off without Alex. Despite how sweet he comes across, his ego is so large it need its own zip code. He’s a manho, will do anything with two legs.

  62. 62
    Adorable Says:

    She’s bright and beautiful! She’s got it all going for her. I’m jealous but I still adore Kate.

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