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Taylor Lautner & Lily Collins: 'Abduction' UK Premiere!

Taylor Lautner & Lily Collins: 'Abduction' UK Premiere!

Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins hit the red carpet at the UK premiere of their new movie, Abduction, on Monday (September 26) in London, England.

The 19-year-old actor (in Dolce&Gabbana) and his 22-year-old co-star premiered the film in Los Angeles last week.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Taylor Lautner

Over the weekend, Abduction came in fifth place at the box office, bringing in $11.2 million in ticket sales behind films including The Lion King and Moneyball.

FYI: Lily is wearing Versace‘s black cocktail dress with black leather and gold grommet details from Resort 2012 collection. She accessorized with David Yurman‘s cushion on point drop earrings.

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins at the UK premiere of Abduction

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Credit: Dave Hogan; Photos: Getty
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  • BloodbuzzOhio

    If he still didn’t have that sh!tty Twilight Saga, Abduction would’ve killed his career. Poor reviews and underwhelming performance at the box office.

  • Sartain

    What a load of horse nonsense that Lily Collins was daing Taylor Lautner. She isn’t interested in being a cougar and wants to find an older guy. Taylor Lautner can’t handle older women anyway and Lily Collins is way out of his league.

  • Moses Ashford

    Weren’t they cocky already planning a sequel before this film came out?
    When you have a cast that includes Alfred Molina, Jason Isaacs, Maria Bello, Sigourney Weaver, Elisabeth Röhm and Michael Nyqvist, you would think it would be a heavy awards contender.

  • Keyes

    Lily Collins is really beautiful and gorgeous. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible.

  • Magdalena

    I think Abduction will do great in Europe. For example it´s number one in south America, I think that people in USA judge badly actors and actresses from the twilight saga when they make another movie. I saw Abduction and find it awesome, I respect people who didn´t but I think that the critics were cruel and it looked like they have conspired against a ” young” actor who´s only at the beginning of his career and treated him like am actor aged 40 or 50 with a lot of movies behind him. Let him grow , he´s a hard worker I believe that soon he can do good things.
    As for him and lily glad they aren´t together anymore just because she was a bitch to us during Abduction premiere in Los Angeles, she does not deserve the sweet guy he is.

  • Ron

    Starting to get pissed with the BS comparisons to him and other good actors (action stars). Movie is crap, acting is crap, plot is crap.

  • Evelyn

    Lily is stunning and has amazing legs.

  • Robsten_Fan

    love them… <3





  • anthony

    Not sure how I feel about the move (I’m waiting to see it when it hits dvd) But the idea of such a young action star.. idk seems strange to me. I don’t really get who the target audience is with a teenage star in this movie. It may make more sense once I see it??

    On another note Lily is a very beautiful girl. I have only seen her in the Blindside so I don’t know much about her acting skills beyond that, but gorgeous for sure.

  • Alright

    Lily looks really bad here. like her skin is so pale, they should have put some bronzer on or something to make her skin look a little healthier like she’s alive. also, she looks pissed off, i get she probably isn’t close with taylor since he dumped her, but this is the premiere for her own movie! isn’t that enough to be excited? also, the dark hair is too dark for her skin complection, it makes her look ghostly pale, kind of like a vampire ;) also the hair in combination with that dress is just too much black. taylor can pull it off because he’s tan so the color contrast isn’t so extreme, but it’s way too harsh on lily.

  • Michael

    They don’t look too happy. Taylor Lautner’s manager must have told him the box office numbers lol….

  • Jane

    I saw Abduction. It was great acting from Taylor. If you liked Taylor in the Twilight movies, he acts the same here. He plays the jock now, not an outcast on an Indian reserve. He does lots of his own stunts and you see his martial arts on display. He also attend teen parties and get drunk. It’s a fun teen movie but with martial arts,explosions and fight sequences. More humor would be nice. It’s a little too serious. Plot is kind of dumb. I like Taylor’s personality in interviews and in Twilight, so it translate well on screen. If you don’t like him, this movie isn’t going to change that for you.

  • alex

    what a bad movie.and this kid cant act.i dont think he will have job for along time after this flop.

  • veronica

    bad movie bad acting by tayler .i think he should do more tv, areality tv show about young gay movie actors that are trying to make it in hollywoood.

  • quit hating

    loved it and as a straight man i thought it was an awesome movie. I doubt Alfred Molina, Jason Isaacs, Maria Bello, Sigourney Weaver, Elisabeth Röhm and Michael Nyqvist would have done it if they didnt think it was a good movie. im glad i didnt listen to the critics they got it wrong . Like they do with many actors/actresses they dont know what the public like . And how many critics are actually professional actor/actresses that have been in the industry for years hmmmmm i think none.

  • pinholeupme

    Lets face it, he’s a pretty boy (some may disagree) closet gay who couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag.
    I saw the movie and it was the worst crap I have ever seen.
    Taylor is no action star. AND WHY THE HELL WAS SIGOURNEY WEAVER EVEN THERE!!!???? She is one of my favorite actresses.

  • Mann

    I can’t believe one of my all time fav directors John Singleton would do such a crap job on this movie, does he even care anymore? I bet that’s how they got Sigourney Weaver signed on to this Teen Flick with the god awful Taylor Lautner as the leading man, thinking if he can make Tyrese and Ice Cube look good, he maybe can do the same here. Instead he made everyone look like they had the acting skills of Taylor Lautner. Very Very disappointing.

  • aquarius64

    This site is slow! These two broke up months ago. The official announcement was Friday.

  • hey

    they actaually broke up THREE months ago.

  • Tamia

    Damn what ever ended this relationship must not have been good by seeing their body language. Pulled pretty much apart, not even smiling in the pictures nor at the camera. They looked like they were forced to pose together, and wanted to get away from each other, but had to take pictures for press. I’m not saying they have to be all up on each other and cheesing to make everything look okay between the two of them. Lily looks so sad in her pics, and Taylor looks like he’s been moved on, but seems a bit tense because he has to stand next to her.

  • penelope


    they were never “going out”
    taylor is “on the other team” if you know what I mean.

  • hey

    have you seen a sex tape of him and and another man? have you seen him ever go out on a date with another man? have you ever even heard about him being interested in another man? no, i didn’t think so, so i suggest you stop talking such loads of BS! i could accuse you of being gay right NOW, do i have any proof that you’re gay? no, do you have any proof that taylor’s gay? no. so shut it, you’re making blind accusations.

  • So&So


    Agreed. I only feel for John and Albert M cause they’re some of my faves. Taylor wood board acting ass annoys me..

  • penelope

    yes he is gay and you must be one of those lame ass chicks who thinks that he will someday be your husband. dream on

  • hey

    are you stupid? it’s people like you that are responsible for stereotypes and prejuduces in the world. you’re so ignorant it’s gross, you don’t know one thing about this person and you’re there making a claim about his sexuality? how does that make sense? do you think taylor could give two craps about you? he’s out making millions doing something that he loves and you’re some miserable loser sitting behind a computer who feels better by putting others down. when in reality, NO ONE GIVES A CRAP about you’re ignorant opinion. like i said before, you have ZERO proof that he’s gay. stop trying to belittle people who achieve success. it’s pathetic.

  • SKG

    So you’re clicking on links about it and reading about it, because… ?

  • SKG

    Uh, @penelope honey, I’m not ‘one of those girls who thinks I’m going to marry him someday’. I’m someone who actually happens to know one of his ex-GIRLfriends. So stop talking out your ass, sweetie.

  • Alright

    you know one of his exs? you never said anything about that before…which one? and how do you know her?

  • FF

    Box office is down to all the people who want to see ABDUCTION but are too embarrassed to admit that they want to see a film headed by “that shirtless teenager from Twilight”, and are therefore holding out until there are less adolescent girls in the cinema or until it’s out on DVD.

    What’s been most interesting is seeing people pretend that they don’t feel threatened by his popularity yet turn absolutely gleeful at the prospect of this film failing.

    Yeah, I see what you did there.

    Put him next to another action star and people can excuse themselves wanting to see it by saying they went to see the other star. It’s not because he lacks appeal but because right now he’s most associated with Twilight and a lot of people who would like this kind of film want to distance themselves that association.

  • Sam

    There’s pictures of them smiling, Jared just pics the angry ones.

  • Brie

    Taylor Lautnor looks thinner than ususal and stressed out- ever seen him lok this haggered before…

  • Berrie

    Taylor’s a good-lookin kid…too bad though, excellent action sequences… but he cant act for shit.