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Vanessa Hudgens: Grocery Girl!

Vanessa Hudgens: Grocery Girl!

Vanessa Hudgens has her hands full of groceries from Trader Joe’s on Tuesday (September 27) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress, who showed off a bit of her toned tummy, stocked up on lots of goodies at the supermarket!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Over the weekend, Vanessa wore a low plunging dress to the premiere of Iris: A Journey Through the World of Cinema by Cirque du Soleil in Hollywood!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Goddis sweater.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens grabbing some groceries at Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles…

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  • I don’t get it…

    I don’t see the fascination in her. Is it the High School Musical followers? She must have a charisma or a style people love. Good for her, but to me she is just a normal girl. Maybe that’s it.

  • rhonda

    Who cares? She is no longer relevant.

  • I don’t get it…

    I still don’t get it… Do the publicity agents hire people to to be fans for these celebrities? Like her and Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, etc. Honestly, please come forth. I honestly don’t get the fascination w/ certain celebrities.

  • jr

    @I don’t get it
    Noboy cares. I’m sure things you don’t undersatnd or don’t get could fill quite a lot of books.

  • I don’t get it…

    @jr: I’m sure you’re right on both points. Sorry to offend anyone.

  • BOJI

    Don’t Get It, now where have you been all this while? I’m a mature fan, and you’re absolutely right on both counts, Vanessa is normal just like any other person but she is also special in that a lot of us can relate to her, her family, her background, her values and how she treats her friends and family. She’s a hard working girl, not from a priviledged background, down-to-earth, and a survivor esp. with all the negativity and bad press from her youthful mistakes. She’s spunky, fiesty and multi-talented. These are some of the qualities we so admire in her. And this is why I’m rooting for her.

  • leave zac alone

    Zac is a great guy, why are you all hating on him? He wasn’t even mentioned in the article, BTW Vanessa is very nice also

  • BOJI

    I agree, leave Zac well alone. He has nothing to do with this thread. There is absolutely no reason to hate him. Vanessa has not spoken ill of him so why should you? and vice-versa.

  • obsever

    @boji can you please tell that to haterssuck and tell him even if he trying to defend your idol from haters or people with different opinion he can use a better appraoch instead of calling people names, and he should stop hating ashley she is a good friend to vanessa, thank you.

  • justme

    if ?????? didn’t come here no one will bring zac’s name and yea i agree with you haters suck should ignore this ?????????? if she she did lauren and ????????? will never come to vanessa’s post and no one will tak about zac believe me

  • Haters Suck!

    THANK YOU!!!!!! That’s exactly right. I wouldn’t have mentioned zac if his dumb fan ?????? would just leave vanessa alone. But no I’m the bad guy for defending Vanessa while the people who start crap are held blameless. Notice no ones mad at ????? they are mad at me. Apparenlty they can say whatever they want but I can’t. What kind of logic is that???? It’s completley ridiculous
    and @observer one more thing the reason I created this name os to show the haters I can be as nasty and ugly as them and throw their crap right back at them. If they can say what they want why can’t I? Turn about = fair play. And remind me again why am I the only one being blamed?

  • observer

    @haterssuck there is no reasoning with you. you are blinded by your own feelings of superiority, your opinions are just that not truths or facts, hope you don,t get swallowed up by your hate. you say you love vanessa but you constantly abuse her bff ash saying she not a good person. if you really had an ounce of respect for her, then you would trust her ability to judge character, if ash was bad would she hang with her ? stop calling people names its very immature and speaks about the kind of person you really are in the flesh.

  • observer

    @lauren your obsession with vanessa personal life is getting to be a problem, it doesn,t matter who she dating or hooking up with her life, her choices stop with the obsessions of both exes personal lives you are stalking people over the internet. suggestion find some other thing you find interesting to focus your attention on. as for ?????? stick to your idols threads, it will make every one happy.

  • Haters Suck!

    I honestly don’t understand what that Had to do with anything we were talking about but whatever. Let me see if I could make this as clear the only person I support here is Vanessa, not zac, not Ashley. You’re right I do think ashley is a bad person, I wish Vanessa would stop haning around her, but she does and that’s fine but that doesn’t mean I have to like Ashley because I don’t and I never will. But at the same time u won’t see me on an Ashley post talking $hit, u won’t see me on a zac post talking $hit, they both mean zero to me. but when their fans come here and talk $hit all bets are off and I’m not just going to sit in the corner and keep my mouth shut. You can think what you want about me I honestly don’t care, take your own advise and stick to zac and Ashley posts of inlove them so much.

  • Haters Suck!

    one more point and I want to make this perfectly clear. I didn’t come here looking for a fight. I had no intention to insult zac, i had no intention to insult Ashley, I just wanted to compliment one of my favorite celebs. Their fans brought the fight here, not the other way around, just know that.

  • ?????????


    @ Haters Suck!!!! have i upset you by others not being nice to you. Poor you, you brought that on yourself.

    and to whoever said i would leave if Zac was not being mentioned, i wouldn’t bet on it. LOL

    The only one good thing i will say is that on the other page there is a video of the paps chasing V on her bike on the road, well that is just down right crazy. I deal with Road safety in the school i work in and that is too dangerous. See i am human afterall. night all

  • Haters Suck!

    Brought on myself, how did i do that exactly? I know people will blame me and not you i realize this but thats fine by me, i could careless. Youre the only reason zac was mentioned, hes a piece of trash just like you, you both belong in the gutter. Poor kids at your school, they never had a chance with someone like you around.

  • ?

    I just wnt to ask u something id like to know. I saw on the other page the reason you are so awful to vanessa is you think she cheated on zac. Id just like to know, how do you know that? Did zac tell you that? Has he said that? Don’t you think he would’ve by now? If that’s the case why do so many of zacs friends still hang around vanessa. Laura new is one of zacs friends she is still one of vanessas best friends, ashley and zac seem to be very close but she’s been spending lots of time with vanessa, I follow zacs co star robert hayes on twitter he will sometimes gush about vanessa on his twitter. If vanessa did something bad to zac wouldn’t these people be mad at her? So again how do u know she cheated on him? Id like to hear your reasoning on this or perhaps you should wait for actual facts before passing judgement.

  • Something is missing…

    @BOJI: Thanks for your feedback. That was interesting to hear.

  • BOJI

    Ok, I have to make this clear. I have made it a point not to comment on a post of a celebrity I’m not interested in unless of course, the one I’m interested in gets a mention.
    Those of you who come on to post on Vanessa’s thread and keep bringing her ex. is asking for trouble and that goes for her ex’s thread too. So let’s leave well alone. I’m a fan of V’s and I’m not about to lecture another fan.

  • http://facebook ele

    i am really tired of the haters they have no life and telling stupid things for attention really i dont care what they think haters are haters why loosing your breath writing something to them. just dont give a shit about what they think. and this is the last thing i tell about efron i dont give a shit about him i dont care really i never liked him and i never will so stop trying ???????????? telling me that she cheated i dont care at all i like her movies and i always like her movies i dont like ashley tisdale not because she is a bad person but because i hate her movies and i love vanessas face and i hate ashley face i think she is pretty yes but not beautiful i think vanessa is beautiful and i dont care if you disagree with me understand. efron and tisdale mean zero to me i dont care about them the only thing i know about them is that they were at the beach together flirting and hsm nothing else and i dont want to learn i dont care who they are dating what are they doing because is not my life its theirs vanessa and zac they were not happy so they broke up its so difficult to understand that