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Jennifer Aniston Drops $450,000 on Painting

Jennifer Aniston Drops $450,000 on Painting

Jennifer Aniston smiles while out in New York City on Wednesday (September 28).

The 42-year-old actress recently spent almost half a million dollars on a painting – and it was all for a great cause!

Jennifer attended an auction benefiting Artists for Haiti, where beau Justin Theroux did the bidding on her behalf.

When he won the bid, Jen forked over $450,000 for American artist Glenn Ligon‘s “Stranger #44,” an abstract work of oil, charcoal, and graphite on canvas, according to Us Weekly.

In case you missed it, check out some shots of the couple taken by photographer Terry Richardson!

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  • Yuck

    Ah, all ye hail the Queen of Pretension.
    No matter what she wears she always looks like white trash. I guess that’s why her fans relate to her so well.
    In case Justin doesn’t pan out, Jesse James is now available, Jennifier. He’s another gem of an attention ho.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s so awesome! She works hard and has the money to spend and uses it towards charity!! Go Jen!!

  • headlights – HIGHBEAM

    she has no shame

  • headlights – HIGHBEAM


  • Anch1977
  • http://justjarde mike

    i love you jen
    great cause

  • Anch1977
  • Dag

    she’s hot

  • Leenah

    I don’t see the justice in the world.I can’t afford going to college and she spends 450 K on a painting,life does suck for most of us.

  • Ziggy

    Jen looks GREAT!
    Anyone who would write differently is JEALOUS!

  • Ziggy


    Ah, all ye hail the Queen of Pretension.
    No matter what she wears she always looks like white trash. I guess that’s why her fans relate to her so well.
    In case Justin doesn’t pan out, Jesse James is now available, Jennifier. He’s another gem of an attention ho.


    You’re TRASH!
    Get a LIFE!

  • Ziggy




    How many feaking times do YOU have to post to get your stupid message through?

    We don’t care about your darn Video.

  • Generous Humanitarian

    Jennifer is a good person.

  • Yuck

    You know what’s interesting to me? She has been with Justin for months, they even went on vacations and were out and about many times. But no one paid them much attention, no one cared, actually.
    Brad Pitt mentioned his previous marriage briefly and all of a sudden this couple is photographed (by choice) everywhere and talked about. Like their union is something new. Such is the star power of Brad Pitt. It reminds me of how an intern became so famous just for giving the ex-president a bj.

  • Ziggy


    I don’t see the justice in the world.I can’t afford going to college and she spends 450 K on a painting,life does suck for most of us.


    And, that’s why she is Jen and you’re NOT!
    Get over it…….

  • bodywoman

    Go Jen!!!!! You are pretty, rich and talented. Embarrass these haters!!!!!

  • Yuck

    Come on, just admit it, she is no beauty. She looks like a man!
    Is she taking steroids? Why is she getting more and more masculine, especially her jaw?
    She looks more manly than Chaz Bono. Sorry, Chaz, I don’t mean offense by it but you had a sex change dude, and this woman still looks more masculine.

  • ahem

    So…if Jason did the bidding for Jenny, why didn’t he buy the painting for herl? Kind of like he holds that umbrella half-azzed for his woman. Old Jenny is doing all the work for her tool.

  • Good On You!

    Buying a painting at auction for charity beats the hell out of buying $150 million dollar security systems for one of your estates.

  • ahem


    Looser? I think you meant loser and no, the poster is not. Because it is true about Jennifer. Poor, poor victim Jennifer. Always the victim, always needing someone to defend her honor. Why?

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @Yuck: You’re Envy shows when you continue to post and repeat you’re comment do you think the more you say it , it’s actually gonna be true?….The women is like 40 something but she looks like she is in her twenties beautiful and healthy

  • @good on you

    If your referring to the JP’s–first that story was generated by a British tabloid, but the figure the was a 150,000 British pounds not $150 million. AND if the story is true, then kudos to Brad for protecting his family from a credible threat.

  • umm

    @Good On You!: It was more like 150,00 pounds, about 250,000 dollars idiot

  • Isis Lara

    Dang… dude is already working his sugar momma. Get a job! No self – respecting man would want a woman to pay for him.

  • Yuck

    Twenties? Another reason why her fans relate to her so well, completely delusional.
    What I say is already true, not what I think is “gonna be true”.
    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez should take black and white portraits of their love for public viewing, it’s more age-appropriate. Couples in their 40′s, it’s so not cute. I don’t see Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz doing it.

  • grr
  • Jennipoo

    Hi, again, My Hens. Jared just so loves to talk about my art purchased; bless his heart. I bought it for my man, don’t cha know. Plus all the money goes to Charity. I get double points for that. See, I DO take interest in what my man likes. I have no idea why Brad thought I was boring. Oh, as for my security system, I paid more than that to protect me from my fans. I mean, undesirables:-) Love ya!
    Every one is always talking about Brad and Angelina donated this and that; it was getting on my last nerve. So I just told myself, SELF, you had better get out there and be seen donating to charity. Ha, but I got a picture to impress Justin, they got nada for their money . hahahaha!
    Anyway, since I have no acting offers; really all I’ve done lately are cameos and ensemble roles; I decided that I had to keep relevant somehow. Giving money in a cool public way is always relevant. Don’t you think? Plus Justin loves the attention and my money. Did I mention before that he loves my money? It won’t hurt to help him out a bit. His place is a dump, I’ll move him over to the big house soon.
    Well, my Hens, I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your everlasting devotion. In this day and age, it’s hard to find suckers, I mean, fans like you.

  • explanation

    @Yuck: Paparazzi are always after her and I dont think Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz have as many fans and haters as Jennifer

  • tina

    @Ziggy: Umm, yeah, so there is a reason why you should NOT go to College. Read the article s l o w l y. Uh…..there you go…it’s a CHARITY. As for Jen, she looks GORGEOUS and her obvious generosity to this charity proves she has a great heart.

  • reena

    Ugh, she looks like a man, except for those nipples of hers that she is always showing us…WE DONT WANNA SEE THEM JEN.

  • helena

    jen has never looked gorgeous in her life. She really has a homely face. truth……

  • betta


    Sorry dear. She bought a PAINTING at this charity auction. She got a physical thing of value for her contribution. It isn’t like she gave $450k free and clear to the cause and to the charity. Many other actors and actresses provide their services and money free and without publicity. So I hardly think this proves she has a good heart.

  • hmm

    This man is going to bleed her dry..but at least this money will go to charity. Too bad the painting will go to Justin and he will probably sell it when he dumps her after their movie flops.

  • anime

    @reena: Shut up fattie

  • Yuck

    Terry Richardson is paparazzi? I don’t think so. They asked and most likely paid for those photographs. Paparazzi don’t exactly do black and white portraits.

  • hmm

    A great heart is giving to charity without getting anything in return. It is like if I bought something at a store and the store owners took the money I gave them and donated it. But that is Jen’s way She isnt likely to do anything unless she gets something out of it, whether it is something tangible or good press, or both.

  • explanation

    So they called Terry Richardson to take those pictures and publish them by themselves?

  • Yuck

    No, Terry Richardson broke into her apartment and forced them at gunpoint to pose for those photographs.

  • hmm

    Yes they called richardson because he is a friend of theirs,,,,if you know anything about that guy it makes one wonder about their choice of friends…anyway, yeah he put the pics on his web page and it got picked up just as justin and jen knew it would since the other pic terry took of them ALSO got picked up by the media. i do have to admit, justin plays the fame game better than jen’s other men. he at least seems more than willing. kind of sad for someone in their forties.


    Could I have been wrong about Jennifer.? Why is she friends with that pervert, richardson…or that criminal, joe francis. …or that crude, racist, filthy mouthed child hating chelsea handler?

  • rebecca


  • Sam

    To Jen’s fans … still insist she hasn’t changed the way she dresses for Justin? When did you EVER see Jen dressed like this? Well, except for the hard nips. That’s her trademark, like her chin.

  • Jen in Rehab

    Now that’s a real smile on jens face, mcstumpy,
    2. Tight tank top, fake nips on display
    3. Higher heel
    4.Vain attempt to look busy – no one is calling

  • lissett

    You have some serious issues, I hope you get help. I’m not even trying to be rude.


    Look at how she can walk around and no one is bothering her,., no one gives a cra p. Big stars attract attention and big crowds. jen only has the one photog whom she most likely called to snap her pics.

    And why is she dressed like a teenager? A slut ty teen that is since she once AGAIN has forgotten her bra. She loves showing off those nips.

  • please no

    omg she will be 70years old and still showing her nipples to the world.

  • Domino

    @ahem: Who the f*ck is Jason? HAHAHAHA. Oh my god, not only are the trolls jealous, but they are actually retarded.

  • gina

    She dresses like my mechanic, except he has moobs and well.. you know.

  • http://justjarde rina

    great cause!

  • http://justjarde rina

    amazing jen