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Jennifer Aniston Drops $450,000 on Painting

Jennifer Aniston Drops $450,000 on Painting

Jennifer Aniston smiles while out in New York City on Wednesday (September 28).

The 42-year-old actress recently spent almost half a million dollars on a painting – and it was all for a great cause!

Jennifer attended an auction benefiting Artists for Haiti, where beau Justin Theroux did the bidding on her behalf.

When he won the bid, Jen forked over $450,000 for American artist Glenn Ligon‘s “Stranger #44,” an abstract work of oil, charcoal, and graphite on canvas, according to Us Weekly.

In case you missed it, check out some shots of the couple taken by photographer Terry Richardson!

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  • http://justjarde rina

    Go Jen!!!!! You are pretty, rich and talented. Embarrass these haters!!!!!

  • http://justjarde rina

    good girl

  • LA

    Why is she in the news so much. Shes not doing a movie and her boyfriend doesn’t seem to work much. She dresses like him now, like she is 20 years younger as if she has no identity anymore. whats up.

  • maya

    Nice lady!

  • Dl

    But remember she doesn’t publicize her charity… She’s not like JP ‘s..all I’ve heard the last few days from you hens.. Look she gave 450k to charity.. She wasn’t publicizing her charity before because she wasn’t giving anything… Remember her quote” charity is not my thing”.. Soon she”ll be adopting babies.. And don’t forget what she said…”Adoption isn’t for me”..

  • ugly manniston

    and she isn’t even hiding it any more , ewww

  • Rox

    Oh please!!! all you sour saps are jumping around acting like JA is the queen of charity work. She finally does something besides sun bathing in Mexico and everyone is getting all worked up about it….what the heck ever. I wonder if her “man” ever picks up the tab. I have a feeling that it doesn’t matter to her as long as she has an arm piece to parade around. But hey, if it makes her fans happy then who am I to judge. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a relationship shoved in our faces. They are freaking everywhere, and joined at the hip….geezus!!!

  • Nippleston

    Here goes the nipples.



  • deke

    Nip alert!

  • Rox

    @Yuck: Yep she does have a rough looking face…and what’s up with those black n white pics they took yesterday before going out, and 2 seconds later they are on the web. She’s starting to remind me of an immature love sick teenager. She’s suppose to be an A-Lister, but they are starting to come off like one of those Kardashians looking for media attention.

  • Rox

    @Yuck: I was thinking the same thing. I have a feeling this is gonna blow up in her face.

  • Rox

    @Jennipoo: hahahahahah!!!LMBOOO!!! That is priceless

  • It’s an act

    I’m confused . . . is this one Heidi or Speidy?

  • notafan


  • naturegirl

    What do you expect she is a desperate OLD EX-WIFE. And the only way she can get friends is to buy them, girlfriend & boyfriend LOL

  • candy93

    wow, such a rich girl

  • Kelly

    Those jeans are really hideous.

  • dd

    she is working it alright taking advantage of the moneyball highlights.she really is a stealer.

  • sakura

    botox shows

  • Michelle

    Should be the charity of Ben Stiller. Anyway, wish I have some extra $$$ too. Don’t mind doing any charity to help others.

  • why

    Please wear a thicker bra! We know you have nice knockers but we do not need to see hard nips from you every other time.

  • jannie

    oh my, her face is full of botox, eww…. she’s no beauty period…..

  • Manny

    I see Dumpistan has her headlights on high beam. Thank God, it really does distract from her face.
    BTW I hear Demi and Ashton are having troubles… Dumpistan should hire Ashton to be her boy toy. At least he has a job…

  • Dee

    Awww, poor Jen still having a hard time with the hipster look. Not working for you, hon. And seriously, what is up with your nips? Do you make them hard on purpose before you leave your home?

  • Hey SUgar Mommy

    Great cause my a$$!!! Publicity more so….just give it without fanfare JennyHo!

  • lisa

    Jen is such a natural beauty. She is down to earth and has a kind soul. I wish her nothing but the best! Oh and that body, she has one rocking body!

  • Manny

    They are nipple enhancers…
    It is the only way she knows how to promote, let’s get n*de.

  • Theveygarah

    I love u jen.. ur an amazing woman.. u dont need to give birth to show how great u are…stay beautiful!

  • NipplesAlert

    HEADLIGHT or radars on the lookout for paparazzi to take her pictures, hahaha!!!

  • OMG

    Can’t Jen just donate money without taking something in return?
    Her middle age matronly body is starting to show. Her face is decaying from too much cosmetic surgery. She has to go back to the table and do her ‘yoga’ exercises. LOL!

  • Karen M.

    Theveygarah @ 09/29/2011 at 2:13 pm

    She can’t give birth even if she wants to. Her eggs are all dried up.

  • Jennipoo

    Theveygarah @ 09/29/2011 at 2:13 pm

    I love u jen.. ur an amazing woman.. u dont need to give birth to show how great u are…stay beautiful!

    Thank you so much my Hen for your support. Having babies is so ewwww. Shhhh, I didn’t say that. lol. Besides what would I do with the little tyke? Play dates with Courteney? Oh, she dumped me too; My, bad. Anyway, I just can’t see myself as a mommy drudge; all that spending time with the child, feeding it, cleaning up poop, taking it … hey, wait a minute, I can hire Nannies for that. No need to be bothered with the kid at all. I’ll have all the time in the world to hang out at the beach in Mexico with my really important Hens, like Chelsey.
    Oh, dear, then there’s that stretch mark thing. Pilates won’t get rid of that. How will I keep Justin’s interest then. I’ll still have the money, well, some of it. Justin insists on spending it, bless his heart. I have enough to worry about as it is. Once Justin’s career really takes off and he’s spent as much of my money as he wants, then what? I’ll tell you what, I’ll be stuck with a whining, crying brat, nannies or no nannies. Ewwwwwwww!
    So, you’re so right my little Henette; no babies for me. muahhh, snookums!

  • aly

    so what exactly is wrong about donating money to charity?
    Not everyone needs to go to a third world country to get their picture taken to show that :they care.

    Not everyone needs to adopt kids from other countries, either.

    There are plenty of ways to help people in need in a classy way without making it all about yourself calling the paps to follow u around. I bet there is a lot of people with money donating anonymously on a regular basis.
    Not everyone is a media wh-re. Not everyone call themselves “humanitarians”

  • oy

    She’s looking more and more like Linda Hamilton every day.

  • apples

    @Karen M.:

    wow that’s wrong. You are pretty much asusming every woman in the world is valued purely because their ability to have kids.

    What if someone really just don’t want to have kids? is that really too hard to comprehend?

    and how about the people who have a medical condition and can’t have kids? are you going to mock that too??

    that’s just a horrible thing to say.

    PS. in the context of marriage, if things don’t work out and both adults decide to get divorce, they will get divorce with or without kids. Kids don’t make or break a relatioship, or a marriage.