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Kristen Stewart: Horseback Riding for 'Snow White'

Kristen Stewart: Horseback Riding for 'Snow White'

Kristen Stewart wears armor as she goes horseback riding in a scene for her upcoming movie, Snow White and the Huntsman, on Wednesday (September 28) in Marloes, Wales.

The 21-year-old actress filmed scenes off the southwest coast of Wales with a few co-stars.

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At Comic-Con in late July, Kristen was asked if she saw any of herself in the character of Snow White.

“It’s hard for me to play a person you don’t see parts of yourself in. I’d like to be like her. Well, I’m the fairest in the land. And I have a seriously good heart, really, for people who don’t know me,” Kristen joked (via E!).

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Credit: Simon Hammond; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • Jo

    “Well, I’m the fairest in the land. And I have a seriously good heart.”
    Sounds like a concurred little brat lol

  • Jo

    “Well, I’m the fairest in the land. And I have a seriously good heart.”
    Sounds like a concieted little brat lol

  • wow

    this movie looks fantastic, Kristen is going to rock this role as she always does ! cannot wait for this Bad ass Snow White !

  • boom

    miss grumpy

  • Sancho

    There were more photos of her in costume on the set where she was smoking.
    So hot to see Snow White smoking a cigarette.
    She should be dubbed ‘the most miserable ***** in Hollywood.’
    God knows she definitely has the face to go with it.

  • You

    She looks great! Seems like it’s going to be one badass movie!

  • clamity

    Why do they have to remake classics just why????

  • annamorphos

    I really don’t know why they chose her for this role. All of Kristen’s other movies (except Twilight) have BOMBED! She’s not a strong enough actress to carry a movie by herself. If this movie makes it past the first month, I’ll be very surprised.

  • Anonymous


    That was a joke, moron!

  • wow

    @annamorphos: you are an idiot you obviously dont know shit about movies , not all her movies have bombed read up before u trash talk

  • wow


    and you are mr./ Miss douchebag STFU u dont know her

  • blah

    she is playing huntsman or what?

  • wow


    Jealous Much, so what if she smokes big deal the majority of hollywood stars do , i have no clue why is it a big deal that she does and saying she is miserable all the time is not working , specially when there are pics of her smiling everywhere you haters are soo dumb

  • jennifer

    isn’t it suppose to be wed not thursday?

  • wow

    @blah: you are an ASSHOLE or an idiot either or maybe both

  • OK


    It’s NOT A REMAKE.


  • wow

    i cannot wait for the day where internet losers get their asses sued for libel !! shut your disgusting mouths haters cause one day you will pay for your shittalk

  • wow

    @clamity: Not a remake you are probably one of the idiots out there that thinks Disney made Snow White, No that were Brother Grimm and the story is dark

  • brenda

    I can’t wait for this movie! Kristen is goping to be kickass in this role, this is a very dark version of snow white and it is perfect for her. For those who say she has bombed, her other movies may not make a lot of money but she gets critical acclaim in almost each, like in The Runaways and Welcom To the Rileys, she freaking won best actress MIFF for that role, and its not voted by fans, but by judges. Yes, i know her role of bella seems dull, but then again, isn’t the character dull? She is only playing the character afterall, give her a chance and watch her other indie movies, she stole my heart since Speak.

  • brenda

    I don’t understand why people have to go out of their way and attack her, so she doesn’t love the spotlight, how does that hurt you in any way? There are actresses that I prefer not to watch, but i don’t go bad mouthing them, im glad kristen doesn’t seem to care of what people think, and that is one of the qualities that i admire most about her.

  • Anonymous

    Cool. Totally badass. Definitely gonna watch this one!

  • Ann

    agreee with brenda! kristen is perfect for this role! beacuse it’s a dark snow white..not the usual snow white///as the images shows it:D just wait and see…so proud of kristen!!!!
    an honest,modest,simple girl that stays true to herself no matter what! i just love her,her style!!!! can’t wait for this snow white!!!

  • Ann

    oh and unlike other”stars” she works!!!!!! all her life she worked and continues to do that!! she minds her own bussines!! in this holywood life///she is unique!!! like i said,simple and honest

  • pan

    That was a joke …if you saw the vido..they were all having a good time at comic con and saying jokes.

    @clamity: Disney is not the classic Snow White. gosh.

    and to all the other people talking trash about Kristen…why do you have to comment? Yes, she do a lot of others in hollywood. get over it. Yes, she does smile…there are more pictures of her smiling..people just dont tend to post it. Weird.

    This movie is gonna ROCK! she looks fierce and badass! love it!

  • pan

    Btw JustJared…there are A LOT more pictures of Kristen. Please put more up! And of Chris Hemsworth also..he was there too! :)

  • You

    How can you- people, judge Kristen being not right for Snow White when she has NEVER done anything like this before?!! Just wait until the movie releases, then begin your complaints. But i’m sure then you won’t find words to say when she surprises you!

  • marabelle

    Kristen Stewart really brings out the jealous mean girls in full force! Wowzers! So much hate. I think a lot of this hostility has to do with who her famous hot boyfriend is and very little about her. I think she looks great and I’m excited to see her as a badass Snow White! I bet the ones who are insulting her the most will be in the theater too just so they can unfairly rip her apart some more. Some of you really scare the crap out of me with your amped up Kristen Stewart hate.

  • Irena

    Is she going to overbreathe every 3 seconds during her dialogue again?

  • mwannir
  • Ashley

    I gotta admit this movie looks like it might be badass!

  • boom

    @wow: hey wow you shut the f?** up and stop licking her a$$, moron.

  • wow

    im not licking anyone ass im just being fair you are the pathetic bitch with low self esteem that needs to attack celebs to feel good about herself not me

  • wow

    @marabelle: i completely agree with you marabelle all this psychotic hate over Kristen is pure jealousy cause of her relationship with Pattinson which is soo pathetic like hating on her , stalking her family online and sending her death threats will make Rob fall for them, stupid psychos!

  • wow

    @Irena: are you going to get therapy?

  • boom

    @wow: damn ! you got me genius, look at the pictures, she is not grumpy at all, its just my low self esteem sorryyy :)

  • ME

    I don’t buy her in this role at all. They should have gone with someone like Evan Rachel Wood, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, or maybe Imogen Poots.

  • pan

    @ME: there’s a reason why they got her and no one else. Like the director said…Kristen has piss and vinegar. She’s badass and she doesn’t give a &^$% :)

  • E

    This movie looks like it’s going to be quite epic and much more in line with the Brothers Grimm, as it looks to be dark, as opposed to the lame Disney version. The bulk of the hate for Kristen, even though it’s denied constantly, is because she is dating Robert Pattinson. There is no comparison to the amount of hate she received before she and Rob got together, to how it is now. Once again, it illustrates the point that women treat other women horribly and that’s just a sad commentary on our society.

  • clarice

    She’s attractive but looks more like Joan of Arc than Snow White.

  • wow

    @boom: yeah lovely sarcasm darling , u haters should get new jokes cause repeating the same crap abt Kristen has gotten really old , of course u cant distinguish concentration from grumpiness

  • Cyn

    So excited for this movie! Kristen is great

  • di

    Kickass my ass. She is the dumbest so called actress who cannot act even to save her life. She needs her PR team to write great comments about her on every article ever published.They systematically attack other people who honestly says she is nothing but crap.She should take some acting lessons from Dakota Fanning or Emma Watson
    All her movies outside twilight has bombed. Even SWAT will bomb worse thanTaylor Lautners Abduction. You think people are going to rush to the cinema to see this shitty actress. Get real.
    She just got lucky with twilight franchise

  • di

    Robert pattinson has never said he is in a relationship with Kristen Stewart. If he really truly likes her he wouldnt hide the relationship. He was just using her for the time being till he moves to the next girl and next till he finds his perfect one.
    The guy only hides a relationship when he is not serious about it.
    Keeping privete life private is bull s crap talk

  • Chacha

    Get acting advice from Elle Fanning and Emma Watson? More like the other way around. Kristen is booked solidly for the next year, with Breaking Dawn promo, Snow White filming, On the Road promo. She’s more successful than them, in terms of earnings and experience (resume). She has more connections. She doesn’t need to be a model to find work as an actress. Elle, I can understand because she looks like a model and has the height, Emma, I’ll never understand. She’s all over the place with her career choices and she’s British so she’ll find it hard to make blockbuster movies in Hollywood like what KStew is doing. British TV movies is her calling.

  • blablalh

    Kristen didn’t get lucky with one Twilight franchise you twat. Kristen won that role fair and square. She beat Emily Browning, Anna Kendrick, all the indie actresses to get that role. It doesn’t matter if they turned down the audition. Receiving an audition doesn’t guaranteed getting hired. She earned Twilight. She wasn’t just chosen with no experience. She was the most experienced of all the young actors. She had done at least 15 movies before she got her big break as Bella Swan. You on the other hand need to realize it takes work to catch a big break. It isn’t all luck like how you made it sound with Kristen.

  • duh

    keep in mind that kristen chooses to do indie movies most of the time so we don’t really know how bankable she is

  • duh

    keep in mind that kristen chooses to do indie movies most of the time so we don’t really know how bankable she is

  • Q

    @di – u should **** ur self now!!! Rob & Kris doesn’t need to tell the whole world they love each other LOL..too much PDA & expose doesn’t good for relationship as well example Hollywood star like Zac & Vanessa,J.Lo & Marc etc…(u can do ur own research)..They don’t want to sell their private life to mag for publisity!!! All Rob & Kris fans know how much they love each other…Just look the way they looking at each other..(so many proof for a past few years) From Twilight till NOW.. i believe in their OFF-screen relationship!!!! ALL THE HATERS JUST GET AWAY :))

  • Jo-Jan



    She is amazing actress…as a guy,i want my future wife like Kristen Jaymes Stewart..(sorry Rob) hahah…i love everything about her..stop judging Kris just because she smoke lol…idiot! COME TO ME MY SNOW – STEW..JUST LEAVE ROB..ALL HIS FANS R SO make me really hate ROBERT PATTINSON SO MUCH!!!!