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Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom & Flynn: Paris Airport Arrival

Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom & Flynn: Paris Airport Arrival

Miranda Kerr, hubby Orlando Bloom, and their adorable son Flynn arrive at the airport on Wednesday (September 28) in Paris, France.

The 28-year-old Aussie model and her family stayed close as they made their way through the terminal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Last week, Miranda and Flynn were spotted catching a flight out of New York City.

Earlier in the month, Miranda helped launch “The Great Crusade” as part of the Rugby World Cup celebrations in Auckland, New Zealand.

Miranda is also currently featured on the cover of Elle magazine!

FYI: Miranda is wearing Nobody Cult Skinny jeans in Code.

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  • James Reagan

    Miranda Kerr is really gorgeous. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible. There’s a lovely gentleness and sweetness to her.

  • anonymous

    I really like her style. And her life.

  • roxanne

    Beautiful family

  • Sally

    The pics from London airport with Orlando greeting Flynn were so sweet! He obviously adores his son.


    Flynn weighs more than his mom.
    I don’t like this family. they’re fame wh*res. clearly they made Flynn only for marketing reasons…

  • @4

    Interesting that there were no pics of Orlando greeting Miranda.

  • mayfffryn

    Department store campaign model and her family?
    Very very cheap!

  • Dullphi

    What pathetic famewhores they are! How dare they use public transportation to travel!!

  • yuckers

    miranda’s head is as huge and round as my new basketball.

  • Timeout

    They both seem to love the kid but don’t have much interaction with each other anymore.

  • @5

    I think that they’d prefer to travel by ship but they’re such famewhres that they choose airplanes to be papped at airports

  • gossip

    do she take steroid? face very puffed.

  • yuck

    dam* gemma ward for bringing out this big head fat face alien trend. Luckily, true beauty seems to be coming back in the world of modeling. phew. Miranda and her fat face can go continue posing in her cheap catalogs.

  • wow

    I guess that the delphi sockpuppet on duty is paying attention today.
    Seeing this beautiful family must make them go crazy!

  • HoHum

    How predictable that they show in Paris for the only high fashion gig she can get no doubt.

  • PMSL

    Department store? Balenciaga, Jill Sander, Vogue x 3, i-D, etc., etc., etc. = department store? on what planet?
    Travel by ship? Is this 1911, instead of 2011?

  • @6

    They are only together because of the baby. OB more or less admitted in this latest interview for Vanity Fair that everything revolves around his son because of his own background. He talked about how much he misses him and can’t stand to be away from him. Never heard him say anything like that about MK.

  • @15

    So being an exclusive at a HIGH FASHION event in PARIS is a bad thing?
    There are thousands of models who would kill for such a gig.
    Your complete lack of intelligence concerning fashion is really making you sound stupid. Or should I say MORE stupid.

  • @17

    Considering the question was about his role as a father, his answer is spot on. He also made sure to say that Miranda is with him on location if she doesn’t have any prior commitments, but I guess that you just ignored that part, right?

  • Ka simply amazing

    I dont care at all

  • sara

    YAY! I love them!
    I’m so happy that Miranda will be back on the Balenciaga runway! They must really love her!

  • HoHum

    Exactly my point…everything revolves around the baby. She obviously has to be around when he’s working on location if he’s going to see the baby.

  • Knowledge

    That baby is so gorgeous. Hope he will eventually have his daddy’s beautiful curly hair.

  • @22

    By all accounts they are a loving family, and devoted to each other.
    Why are you looking for problems? Are you so hateful that you need to tear down others who appear happy just to make yourself feel better?
    That’s so sad.

  • notnow

    Uh, oh, looks like Miranda is annoyed with Orlando again. She barely looks at him in pap pics these days and when she does it’s like she wishes he would go away.

  • YES!


  • LoriLori

    I’m just glad dad learned how to carry the baby, no hate toward this family,
    all celebs want to be photographed at some point.Relax

  • HoHum

    What accounts? Just stating what I’ve seen and read. Sorry if it doesn’t fit with your fairy tale of their lives.

  • Molly

    They are so cute together. Hope they will have some more babies.

  • Janz

    Wow! Orlando is looking quite fit these days.

  • irene

    Oh, this family is so sweet. I love the three of them))) especially baby))))

  • Ka simply amazing

    Hows cares this average baby

  • @28

    Well, I’ve seen genuine affection, and read first hand accounts about how sweet they are together.
    You can’t admit that they care about each other because that would make your own life seem just a bit more empty.

  • ta

    They all look great!
    Flynn is just the cutest thing!

  • @25

    Well gee, they are usually walking in pap pics, so how is she supposed to look at him?
    Just wondering about your ‘reasoning’.

  • sammi

    What a beautiful family!
    So glad that Miranda is in Paris for fashion week!
    And Orlando will be in London for the premiere of 3M on the 4th!

  • @25

    Isn’t she supposed to be obsessed with fame and trying to sell how happy her marriage is when it isn’t?
    Almost forgot. Serious in pics = they hate each other. Happy in pics = pretending

  • http://Adjt Slig o lambert ^_______^cute

    Good family

  • mwannir
  • @37

    I see that you have successfully applied the famous rule of the delphi double standard.
    They just make this way too easy, don’t they?

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    What are they supposed to do french kiss at a freaking airport? What would the loons say then?

  • @41

    Well they once had no problem french-kissing on a hotel balcony, but that was before she had the ring on her finger.

  • @41

    My all time favorite delphidiot comment came last year when Orlando met Miranda at Heathrow.
    They claimed that his hugging her in greeting (instead of throwing her to the floor and ravishing her on the spot) made him “look gay”.
    You just can’t make this stuff up.

  • @42

    A hotel balcony is a bit different than an airport walkway, don’tcha think?

  • NancySue

    Speaking of rings, why doesn’t he wear his wedding ring anymore? He used to wear lots of rings all the time.

  • @44

    Not much difference either way if there is a pap with a camera snapping away at you. Or would you like to pretend that they don’t they were being photographed on that balcony?

  • andie

    Wow, these two just can’t catch a break! If they’re not together it’s like “where’s Orlando? I never see them together.” If they’re together it’s like “they’re not making eye contact/ not smiling so they must hate each other.” I mean seriously give it a rest already! Are you ALWAYS with your partner? Are you ALWAYS making eye contact and smiling at your partner? I highly doubt it! The logic of haters always confuses me.

  • Nels

    Is Orlando through filming in NZ already.

  • @35

    Maybe the reasoning is there were several pics at the London airport where he managed to show lots of affection for his son. I didn’t see a single one where he and Miranda even acknowledged one another.

  • @49

    Don’t bother reasoning with the shippers. They only see double-standards when it applies to those who disagree with them.