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Zac Efron & Lea Michele: 'New Year's Eve' Trailer!

Zac Efron & Lea Michele: 'New Year's Eve' Trailer!

Check out Zac Efron and Lea Michele in this newly released trailer for the film New Year’s Eve!

The star studded comedy focuses on several individual couples and singles in New York City, and how their lives intertwine as the clock approaches midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Zac and Lea are joined on screen by Halle Berry, Ashton Kutcher, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Hilary Swank, Michelle Pfeiffer, Abigail Breslin, Seth Meyers, Robert De Niro, Sofia Vergara, Josh Duhamel, and many more!

New Year’s Eve is slated to hit theatres on December 9!

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  • Saunders

    According to IMDB and Wikipedia, Carla Gugino, Sienna Miller, Sara Paxton, Greg Kinnear, Cam Gigandet, Shaquille O’Neal, Meg Ryan, John Stamos, Julie Andrews, Frankie Muniz, John Lithgow and Ice Cube are all in this film as well but have not been shown in the trailers or the photos so far.

  • Marieme

    This is going to be the first worst movie of the holiday season. It looks awful! Too bad because I love many of the actors.

  • MarecOne

    Wow. Great trailer. Hope movie is as great as this.

  • Mel

    Til…..TIL???????? LOVE HIM!!!!

  • pita

    Good trailer!!!I can’t wait to watch this film with all my friends…

  • Merlin’s Mum

    Zac Efron is sooo much more than HSM!! Shame so many people still think he’s Troy Bolton!!! This is just a bit of fluff. Nothing wrong with that!!! Sometimes you just need a bit of fun!

  • kerri

    Can’t wait for the movie :) Zac is absolutely hot!

  • Enough already

    @Louise: ENOUGH of these stupid, poorly written attempts at scamming us of money. This looks SOOOOOOOO bad, and Efron and Michelle look the WORST. Hands down. Awkward and just awful. And shame on the idiots who thought we’d want to see this mish mosh of crap.

  • sara

    horrible movie just like valentines day

  •!/ProudofZacNessa ProudofZACNESSA

    People, Haters
    why do u hate Zac?
    do not you remember his many roles?
    Mike O’Donell (Mark Gold), Link Larkin, Richard Samuels, Steven Morgan, Charlie St Cloud, Cameron Blade
    and blablalab, u only see HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL,
    Can u understand it?

    This trailer looks good!
    Josh Duhamel is hot…Zac too ;Q____

  • yikes!

    she has a mouth like a barracuda

  • Miranda

    Going to see this movie for Zac Efron, Lea Michele, Ashton Kutcher, and Josh Duhamel.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …This movie looks really bad. I can understand someone wanting to see it because it might have two of their favorite actors but.. LOL Yea, horrible looking movie.

  • Zzz

    Valintines day wasn’t bad enough they just had to make another one the looks even worse. People never learn.

  • dina

    since when zac efron id a good actor ? seriously ? what happened to hollywood ?
    another movie with 100 hollywood stars and no story

  • cool

    i will watch this because lea michele, i want her to do more movies

  • cutie

    Oh I’m definitely going to watch this movies.
    Two words because of Zac Efron.

  • alex

    after HSM he didnt have any offers becous studios cant put money on his name.guys dont like him and girls are over him since there is robert pattinson and other actors that get cast in all the good movies.he just not that good for big movies he will start doing more things for tv soon .and the other one if its not amusical i cant see her in other kinde of movies.

  • SarahNL

    Lots of people are going to hate.. but I’m watching that movie when it comes out. xD I’m just glad Taylor Swift is not it in.. she was so awkward and annoying in Valentine’s day.

  • OverHim

    I was hoping this trailer would make it look promising and somewhat funny like they were able to do with the Valentine’s Day trailer. It didn’t work for me. Not funny.

    And I was hoping this would be a promising bit of fluff to see on a break during the Holiday season but if they can’t even get a chuckle out of me with the trailer I don’t know if I’m ready to drop 13.00 even if I do like most of the cast in a lot of their other roles.

    And what’s up with leaving half of the cast out of the trailer? There are a ton more big name actors in this that haven’t been in any promo materials.

  • alex

    Love Actually was the best, Valentines Day was shoddy and this… oh no…

  • ky;e

    I’m definitely watching this movie.

  • ogłoszenia uk

    I love women but this guy is cool and looking good I gona watch this movie 100%

  • Merlin’s Mum

    @alex: Hmm? No offers? So where did all the films he’s doing come from then? If you’re gonna hate at least know what you are talking about.

    The Lorax
    The Lucky One
    The Paperboy
    Liberal Arts
    And that is only the ones he has finished or is working on. :)

  • francesca


  • Soni

    Ok when he is going to realize he belongs with Vanessa Hudgens? It has been long enough now.

  • Smilykid

    Yay!!! I remember you said you had a secret crush on zac efron!!! Your dreams are coming true, can’t wait to hear you sing, love u lea!!