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James Marsden's Wife Files For Divorce

James Marsden's Wife Files For Divorce

James Marsden‘s wife Lisa Linde has filed for a divorce, can confirm.

“This was a mutual decision. They are committed to raising their kids together and remain great friends,” a representative for the 38-year-old actor said.

James and Lisa have two children together and were married eleven years ago in 2000.

James is currently in New York City working on his next film, Bachelorette, which also stars Kirsten Dunst.

Lisa‘s father is a well known songwriter – he penned Elvis Presley‘s hit “Burning Love.”

TMZ was first to report the news.

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    wow they are both pretty, beautiful looking people how could they not get along together , just does not add up !

  • Louise

    How weird! I didn’t expect this

  • Laura

    sad! with two kids. Now, who´s gonna jump on him first? he will eventually become a Bradley Cooper/Gerard Butler manwhore. sad, again.

  • Shawna

    Another one bites the dust! No one stays together anymore. Marriage is hard but it is supposed to be for life.

  • jazzmen


  • OK

    Aww. Good luck to them both.

  • Kat

    Not suprising…He’s been in Hollywood for awhile but he is starting to get some real fame…

  • hubba hubba

    He’ll end up in a celebrity mash up couple ….it will be good for his career

  • Mimelia

    I just can’t believe it … I’m shocked and so sad. They are so awesome together :( Another couple who split, it’s just unbelievable ad really sad. I hope the best for them after that and I hope that their kids will be ok.

  • Anna

    WHAAAT?!!! I can’t believe this….UGH. So awful….:(

  • Margie

    I’m shocked! Wow! Kinda weird but I guess in Hollywood this is normal. Sad.

  • kami

    i thought they were one of the few couples who had a solid marriage. but actors who are on a movie set kissing enticing co-stars for 3 to 6 mos at a time always stray. the temptation is too strong for them. goes to show that everyone in the acting business is weak.

  • Hot Potato

    Kate Bosworth will be on the prowl now. She needs a step up from current “beau” Michael Polish. Beware James Marsden!

  • pinkydoo

    I bet she couldn’t stand his gay ways…

  • kitty

    bet Kate Bosworth made a pass at him too and pissed off wifey. wouldn’t surprise me/anyone.

  • Jessica
  • Ka simply amazing

    I think nothing wrong becuze This life hollywood

  • E. Norma Stitz


  • Sofanda Cox


  • Lou S. Kunte


  • Bob Abouey


  • mks


  • MarilynandtheDiamonds

    OMG! Wth!?!?

  • Surprised.

    Proof that almost nothing if not absolutely nothing can last in Hollywood. They were together such a long time and had two children together and were lucky enough to marry long before his career took off. Now that it has they split. All around a very sad story. What I found interesting is that his rep said their split was a “mutual decision” yet you don’t have a joint public statement from both of them. Also that she is the one that filed for divorce and not also him. Sounds like she may have been the one that was upset with something that happened with their marriage. I have always had a high opinion of Marsden and would hate to think he might have done something wrong to end his marriage but it is Hollywood and wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. One of the things I always found charming about him is that he had been married and a father for so long and seemed to balance work and a family life. Often when one partner becomes” bigger” than their spouse or marriage it all falls apart. I just hope he doesn’t turn into one of those actors that starts dating everyone for the fame. It would be really sad to see. He doesn’t need to ride the presswhore dating train in order to be a true A list leading actor. He has the talent and the appeal to get there on his own with hard work. I wish them both the best of luck and you never know maybe they will have a change of heart about the divorce. Sometimes the threat of a divorce can actually help save a dying marriage but who really knows what happened. Who did what and how much damage has been done. I do know I don’t trust the statement from his rep. Their job is the spin things for their client to make sure things look best for them in the public eye.

  • Jazz

    @JACK MAN: Are you serious? You think mutual beauty is the foundation for a solid marriage?

  • stella

    to the poster above, I think the person was just kidding. Its called sarcasm -_____-

  • Oz

    Nothing’s forever in life, for the most part! Statiscally marriages don’t last to begin with, Hollywood or no Hollywood. Very rare few enjoy long lasting marriages. A career that takes up endless hours of an individual, jetting back n forth isn’t a “steady, long marriage type career”.. Not easy!!

  • Knuckleheads or Bulldogs?

    To those few knuckleheads who insist on trashing Kate Bosworth at every opportunity…..give it a rest!

    You are trivializing and demeaning a sad situation between Marsden and his wife.

    Maybe I shouldn’t refer to you as knuckleheads….angry bulldogs sounds more accurate. Oh wait, I don’t want to insult bulldogs!