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Gerard Butler: Cirque Du Soir Nightclub with Mystery Gal!

Gerard Butler: Cirque Du Soir Nightclub with Mystery Gal!

Gerard Butler takes a picture of a photographer with his phone as he leaves Cirque Du Soir nightclub on Saturday (October 1) in London, England.

The 41-year-old actor was joined by a mystery gal as he left the club.

Gerard‘s film Machine Gun Preacher expanded into 33 theaters in North America this weekend after having a successful opening in just 4 locations last weekend.

Earlier in the week, Gerard attended the UK premiere of the film about a former drug dealing criminal who undergoes a significant transformation and finds his calling in helping kidnapped and orphaned children.

FYI: Gerard is wearing a pair of Simon Spurr 2-Year Wash denim with a Rogue leather biker jacket.

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gerard butler cirque du soir nightclub with mystery gal 02
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gerard butler cirque du soir nightclub with mystery gal 04
gerard butler cirque du soir nightclub with mystery gal 05

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  • ka simply amazing

    im going out now

  • http://dat slig o lambert ^_____^cute

    scottish eyes here people now to be happy

  • http://dat slig o lambert ^_____^cute

    gerard have butler eyes

  • Westie

    I wonder how the phannies will deny this happened? He looks a bit vacant and slack-jawed. Perhaps surprise at being caught in the company of a female – and such a classy-looking one!

  • what

    she is just passing by…

  • Canera

    Two people one going one direction one seems to be going the other? Not sure are they together?????????????
    Cut him a break even if they are, so what. He’s been working hard, let him have fun.

  • Q

    Gams 7appy walk

  • Ria

    I think the girl is some random hookup GB met at the club. She’s his type too. He probably couldn’t arrange for them to leave separately (and then meet up somewhere else) like he does with his onenighters in LA and NYC. I guess he just needed his sex fix. And forgive me for saying this, but the girl isn’t exactly classy looking (but not worse than the one he was seen hooking up with in Israel a few years ago. *shudder*)

  • kel

    He’s hot!

  • Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

    “Not exactly classy looking”? WTH does that mean? WTF is wrong with you people?


    @Ria: why do you talk like you know him? and who are you to judge that woman?

  • Ria

    @Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged:
    Well, look at the way she’s dressed. An October night in London isn’t exactly warm, look what GB is wearing, and she’s dressed like it’s in the middle of summer. I’m sorry but it makes her look cheap. My opinion only of course ;)

  • oh dear

    He really does seem to rely a lot randoms doesn’t he? I wonder how happy he really is living that kind of lifestyle?

  • niknoks


    It was 21c last night in London, it’s 20c now in London and it’s 11pm. So I would say she is dressed appropriately for the heat.

  • bystander

    @Ria: My earlier duplicate comments seem
    to have dispppeared. Looks like the sensors are out tonight.
    Actually, at the moment it is very warm in the UK, and summer clothing is de rigeur. Mind you, cheap taste in tacky clothes is also prevalent.

  • niknoks

    @oh dear:

    Some people do enjoy that lifestyle, with no responsibilities or commitments to anyone, it’s not for me but different strokes for different folks I guess.

  • puff

    The necklace, the *many* bracelets, the horrible pink purse, the skirt or what the heck it’s supposed to be: No. Just no.

  • Mary

    she can have him, he’s so damn gross

  • Trisha

    Looks like your average teenager. Just his type. ;b

  • oh dear

    @ nik noks

    You’re absolutely right, but people who choose to live that lifestyle tend to come across as a bit more solid and content. I can honestly say I’ve never really seen a picture of the guy where he looks geniuely content – except when he’s with his mom. He always looks like he’s putting up a front, or he looks slightly ill at ease with himself. I think it would be so nice to see him in a relationship with a women who cares about him. He always looks a bit lost and lonely. Maybe that’s part of his appeal.

  • to jerky females

    oh for crying out loud

    she’s sophisticated!

  • legends

    G. is beginning to worry me. It seems like whenever he’s caught leaving a nightclub, he’s always with some woman who looks like ‘she’ could actually be a transvestite. Seriously, I caught myself looking for an Adam’s apple, here.

  • GiaM

    She does certainly not look like a teenager. I would say mid 20′s.

  • niknoks

    @oh dear:

    He has said in the past he would love to settle down and have kids but I guess the love of his freedom shouts down the desire to stay committed to anyone.
    At least he is not one of these men that gets married and continues to f*ck around.

  • niknoks


    If that’s a teenager, she’s had a hard life because she looks late 20′s.

  • montole

    Could she wear any more bracelets?

  • Trisha

    GiaM It was tongue in cheek statement after all the talk of him luring in barely teens on the other thread. She’s a bit more age appropriate, I think, if he actually is with her.

  • montole

    What? Barely teens??? Are you talking about 13 – 14 year-olds???

  • oh dear

    @ nik noks

    true, very true.

  • oh dear

    @ nik noks

    true, very true.

  • Again

    LOL! There’s a lot of ‘Gerard Butler and Mystery Gal’ here on JJ ;)

  • Red Dress

    I could care less who he’s with. In fact, it’s nice to see him with a woman (if he is with her), but he really should take that hat off. It’s not very flattering and makes his nose look much longer than it is.

  • Lisa S.

    Well she doesn’t look like a teen to me, so whew! That’s a good thing. Haha Hopefully the guy finds what he is looking for one day. His career sems to be going goEveryone deserves happiness.

  • Lisa S.

    Ok I officially hate posting on my phone today. Arggggg Whatever, hope the guy finds happiness, blah blah blah. Back to the good stuff now. My life. :-D

  • A.

    @Lisa S.:
    What is all this talk about Gerry and teens? Has he hooked up with a teenager lately or what?

  • Lisa S.

    Just look through the threads. It does sound bad when “teen” is said. The rumours (yes just rumours i know, but a lot them) are about numerous 18/19 year olds. Which is fine, but not when the man in question is in his 40′s.

  • FYI


    No, he hasn’t.

  • dargabriel

    Its been said Mr. Butler is searching for his other half, hopefully he’s on the right track. He has so much going for him, his career,great family,good friends. He’s not dating teens, if anything he’s a guide and mentor to them, poor Gerry always, damned if he does damned if he doesn’t. A few words to Butler or anyone on a roller coaster, hang in there. Have a great life.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Have fun in London need to relax after all that promoting…Wonder if Celtic is playing this weekend..humm..time to check their site…Have a great weekend JJer’s..:)

  • candycane

    @Ria: “the girl isn’t exactly classy looking”
    Gerry attracts his own kind!

  • good grief

    @candycane: What a spiteful piece of work you seem to be. Candycane is a very classy moniker. LOL.

  • ria is really very spiteful 2

    i’ve seen her female bashing on other threads too.

  • boo hiss boo on ria

    i’m a chick and even I don’t like ria
    ria is mean spirited doing regular bash up jobs on various women. she’s just a jealous asian fat ass

  • more on ria

    a filipina of the snobby persusion.
    if you’ve ever met filipina who is snobbish, and tell me who of them aren’t arrogant, then you know what im talking about.

  • oops

    no offense jared!
    i know you’re filipino too but you know there are filipino women who are arrogant snobs and that’s ria.

  • Excuse Me?

    @Lisa S – Is “numerous” fair? I just saw the one in my feed from the 19 year old at Cirque du Soir last night who said he asked her out on a date and invited her to hang out with him in VIP. I don’t know the girl she’s just following me on twitter so she could just be playing around. Hope so. The girl in that photo isn’t the tweet girl. Not sure why people are being so mean about what she looks like.
    Does Gerard Butler have a daughter or little sister? When I see 40+ guys attracted to girls in their early 20s or younger I wonder if they’ve ever been responsible or cared for a young girl, because if they had I’d think they’d have a defensive reaction to someone coming on to someone that age not a sexy feeling when seeing someone that age. The only reason her tweet popped out at me when I saw it in my stream is because I have a little sister who is about the same age and starting to get that kind of attention and I feel very protective of her. She’s not one of these club girls who wants to hang out with the older guys with money fame and power who go to those places and I’m trying to keep it that way by getting her to do fun stuff when she goes out instead of clubbing. Speaking of which, heading out. Bye.

  • michelle

    @Excuse Me?:
    Rumors of Gerry and teens go all the way back to “Dracula 2000″. This has been going on for years.

  • michelle

    @Excuse Me?:
    There were rumors of Gerry trying to hook up with teen girls during the filming of Dracula 2000, Nim’s Island, Law Abiding Citizen, and Playing the Field. God knows how many others.

  • Truth

    Please everyone; let’s not try to turn Butler into a pedophile! These types of allegations are not only sick they are also damaging for the person involved.

    People can make up anything they want to on twitter and facebook without any real proof or validity.

    Let’s not take a rumor and pass it off as fact.

  • disgusted

    @dargabriel: He’s “Guiding” and “Mentoring” teen girls? Is that what you call it??
    He chases teen girls because in his mind he’s 14.