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Miranda Kerr: Loewe Presentation at Paris Fashion Week!

Miranda Kerr: Loewe Presentation at Paris Fashion Week!

Miranda Kerr rocks the runway during the Loewe fashion presentation during Paris Fashion Week on Saturday (October 1) in Paris, France.

The 28-year-old Aussie model has had a very busy Fashion Week – on Friday, she walked in the Christian Dior show as hubby Orlando Bloom watched from the front row.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Earlier in the weekend, Miranda walked in the Lanvin and Viktor & Rolf presentations.

Miranda, Orlando, and their adorable son, Flynn, were spotted arriving at the airport in Paris on Wednesday (September 28).

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  • kanza

    donst like her chipmunks head

  • meg


  • lola

    You’d think there were no other models working in Paris this week by the way her presence has been covered!

  • YAY!

    Another high fashion runway!
    She looks gorgeous! And I’m so happy for her success in returning to the runway. That’s where I think she belongs. And evidently, designers are in agreement.
    LOVE HER!!

  • Justin Beaver

    You can see the hunger in her eyes and she exudes sexual confidence.

  • Dawn

    I can’t stand to look at her face anymore!!!
    She’s not a runway model then suddenly she is in every show…
    Why? Why JJ posts about her 1000 x a day?

  • Ka simply amazing

    Yes so beautiful

  • @3

    Well, this is a gossip site, not a fashion site, and she is famous for being more than a model.
    With her relationship/marriage to a star as popular as Orlando, she gets a lot of attention by the media. She is more well known by the average person that many models who are more famous in the fashion world.
    She is a celebrity in her own right, as well as a model. That’s why she gets coverage here.
    That, and the fact that she attracts haters who will post over and over again, giving JJ lots of hits.

  • Bharbrah


  • Ka simply amazing

    I saw candice pix in paris alot beautiful gorgeous

  • @6

    How can you claim that she isn’t a runway model? That’s how she started, before VS hired her. She has the right build, and she has a great walk.
    And she has walked for HF brands before. It’s just that this year, Balenciaga did not have her as an exclusive, and other designers are snapping her right up.
    If you don’t like seeing posts about her, why did you click on the thread?

  • @10

    Candice is doing really well, too.
    She and Miranda are the only VS girls who are having success crossing over to HF.

  • http://smartnesspattern.blogsp
  • Ka simply amazing

    I love fashion models

  • ta

    She looks gorgeous!

  • Gaby Lang

    I really like this outfit! (Candian Vintage)

  • YAY!!!!!

    Miranda is also walking for John Galliano today!!!!
    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  • ernie

    OMG Who gives a shit? Why is this chick featured everywhere, all the time? Of all the models to choose from…

  • karo

    @@10: and Izabel Goulart is doing quite weell also. Happy for these girls!

  • butta

    love her body, hater her face.

  • LOL!

    Oh, the delphidiots never disappoint, do they?
    Especialy when they get caught opening their traps too soon.
    Miranda walks for Dior = no one else wants her, or she needs to talk to Abbey Lee to see how a real model works it, or she’s only walking because Orlando agreed to sit in front to bring them publicity
    Miranda walks for several HF shows (with Abbey Lee, but without Orlando) = she’s just desperate for attention.
    Hypocrites never rest!
    And they make it so easy for us to mock them.

  • @19

    I love that they are doing so well. For a while it seemed that designers were shunning the VS girls. Looks like they came to their senses. =)

  • bookworm

    wow she earned a lot of money this weekend. ………………..

  • You

    Now are we going to see all the fashion shows she is in? She is not the first and also the best model walking the runway!

  • @18

    YOU evidently “give a ****”.
    Why else would you have clicked on her thread and taken the time to post??

  • @24

    No one ever said she was.
    It’s just that she is among the most famous as far as gossip sites go. And since we are on a gossip site, she is the model that will get most of the attention. If you want fashion news, you are in the wrong place. So either find one of the fashion blogs, or stop your whining. You chose to come here, right?

  • Bored

    she’s self absorbed, self contained and her recent rudness to a child who has autism at JFK airport makes her ugly. Now she fits, ugly on the outside and ugly on the inside. Makes me feel sorry for her child.

  • Slig o lambert ^_______^cute

    Miranda pretty girl. Where my faves models i told you befor

  • @27

    You actually believed that load of BS?
    You really are stupid, aren’t you. Or are you the author of that load of lies?
    Wouldn’t be the first time one of you haters went to extraordinary lengths to insult her.

  • @27

    Miranda is escorted through the airport by airline personnel, directly to the first class lounge. She is never alone. Please tell me how this fantasy of yours took place?
    There is no answer because it would have been impossible for this to happen. If you believe any of it, you are dumber that we all think….and that’s saying a lot.

  • You

    @@24: Lol. I feel sorry for you. Appearently you are the same person replying everybody. I don’t care what you say. I will write what I think.

  • @31

    I feel sorry for those who are so bored that they take the time to comment on threads about people that they don’t like.
    The poster at #25 nailed you, and that hurt your feelings.
    Poor little hater.

  • sara

    She looks beautiful!
    I can’t wait to see photos from the Galliano show!

  • You

    @@31: Hater? You are serious? Show me where did I write that I hate her? Actually, I think she is cute. I only stated that why should we see her every fashion show, she is not the first person doing it. If you are unable to accept other people’s opinions and in your replies you are only insulting them, then I have words to those like you.

  • Slig o lambert ^_______^cute

    Genevienue pantano and emily didonato

  • ka simply amazing
  • Justin

    Chipmunk dumb walk dead.

  • Go

    Go Fugly

  • ka simply amazing

    hehehehe sorry

  • @34

    You came here, to a gossip site, whining about the fact that she isn’t the only model out there, and you claim that you aren’t a hater?
    OK then.

  • Toyota

    Oh my gad look her eye the seems call me tota help me.

  • sal

    I see that the sock with the language barrier finally made it!

  • Slig o lambert ^_______^cute

    I love to see models

  • Nic

    Lovely kiss you kerr.

  • Katy

    She need plastic surgrey in her chipmunk , eye , boobs , nose .

  • Slig o lambert ^_______^cute

    Jared bring other models

  • reba

    I really like the look of the clothes in this show. Very urban chic and sophistocated:)

  • sara

    She looks gorgeous at Galliano!
    She’s wearing a floaty, feminine, periwinkle blue dress.
    So beautiful!

  • ka simply amazing

    stop saying chipmunk for flynn and miranda.

  • o