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Rachel Bilson: 'Hart of Dixie' Has Cute Boys!

Rachel Bilson: 'Hart of Dixie' Has Cute Boys!

Rachel Bilson enjoys the sunny weather while shopping at The Grove on Sunday (October 2) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actress wore a pair of high waisted shorts and some shades as she browsed the stores.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rachel Bilson

Rachel recently spoke with MTV News about her new television show Hart of Dixie!

“Everyone should tune into…Hart of Dixie because it’s a lot of fun and there’s cute boys” Rachel exclaimed!

Be sure to check out Rachel in Hart of Dixie, which airs Mondays on the CW.

FYI: Rachel is wearing Joie sandals and Alexa Chung for Madewell “Thora” cord shorts. She also carried a Madewell polka dot sweater!

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Credit: Gonzalo; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Jon

    Love your new show Rachel!

  • dark

    love the new show too. its very homey and comforting. reminds me of sweet home Alabama with reese witherspoon.

  • http://j ivanka


  • offtheproperty


  • Jenny

    She’s so pretty, I always loved her on The O.C, Summer was always very charming and funny. So, I’m happy she’s doing TV again, brings back a part of The O.C!! =)

  • missi

    Like the show. Looking fwd to tomorrow! Funny story line the south is def like another world. Culture shock has been captured!!

  • Jon

    @just me: I read she is scheduled to be on R&K on Thursday, so no, they usually film the day before so you’re wrong there. And why would she have been in seattle? She’s been in LA for Hod, plus there were candids of her just yesterday that I saw on a Bilson site.

    P.S. Your really need to learn how put SPACES between you words, and well, actually learn how to make sense.

  • Jon

    @just me: Actually, let me correct myself, it’s LIVE with Regis and Kelly.,. so I’m guessing her actual interview will indeed be on Thursday.


    i thought she wanted to be left alone?

    never lasts though, she is wanting and needing the spotlight.


    and while we are on this,
    is there any further proof need now that she really need to stop
    wearing those awful jeans shorts?
    no matter how good you think you look you dont!!!

  • deshaun

    She only got credible expressions when she’s pap-tipping & shopping; so not when she’s acting/filming…

  • lexy hates bilson

    She needs to be at the synagogue thanking God that she met Josh Schwartz – the only man who will give her a job!
    BTW, how come she’s not wearing head-to-toe plaid? Wasn’t that what the “fashionista” was saying we should all wear??

  • Hahaha.

    Looks like comments are being deleted again.
    Didn’t someone in the last Rachel thread, link her talking about ” cute boys”on Dixie in her MTV interview like several days ago? Hahaha. Funny. Guess her check cleared for the month and she is back in town from shooting on location for Dixie. That show might be on life support after Monday when the next episode airs.Premieres are almost always the highest ratings a scripted television show will ever have. because people are curious about a new show to watch . After that a show can lose easily 5% 10% and up in viewers as each episode after airs.If the original audience loses interest.
    Shows like New Girl have already been granted a full season after just one or two episodes. While shows like The Playboy Club and Dixie are going to have to fight just to air the rest of their episodes.
    Good luck Hart of Dixie you are going to need it to stay on air. Hahaha.
    I personally didn’t think after watching the premiere it had the charm the old WB shows like Everwood, Gilmore Girls,Dawsons Creek and others had. I think Dixie was an attempt at that style of show but it didn’t come close enough for me to continue to watch it.

  • @deshaun

    Why would she return to the Grove to shop if she really does want to be left alone. After what happened to her last time she was there just a couple of weeks ago. She ran from the few paps taking her picture screaming Come on guys. I wanna be left alone. Yet she returns to a place she knows will get her photographed and ” bothered”. Yeah that makes total sense..not.

  • wow

    @ Hahaha

    You must be pretty desperate to make sure everybody sees what you type to post the exact same comment from last night that got deleted, LOL!

  • ?

    Duplicate post, JJ!! Ya posted this flipping non item on the 27th of Sept? What, ya thought we wouldn’t notice!!! Do ya get paid for posting the same nothing twice? Jeez!!

  • Kaylee@wow

    @wow: I don’t think they are so much desperate as they are pointing out censorship for no reason. A hardcore Rachel fan like yourself wouldn’t like it if one of your comments was deleted when you hadn’t used any bad language or any other reason why a comment might be deleted would you? I thought so. If comment hasn’t violated any basic rules then it shouldn’t be deleted. Especially just because it isn’t a positive happy comment. This is a gossip blog. At least the comments on here are not nearly as bad as some trash sites like Perez H. Also how would you know the comment was posted last night, that then was deleted? They never said when it was posted just that it was deleted. So I can assume you are one of those people that posts under many names on here that you even saw the deleted comments from yesterday, So much negativity going back and forth for no reason, on many threads on JJ. You come off as the one that is desperate to attack. Just because someone reposted their comment. Does it really upset you that much what they say? LOL. Instead you could have left a nice comment about Rachel Bilson if you are such a big fan but of course you didn’t. That says more about you than them. I feel sorry for you.
    On a fashion note. I am not feeling the shorts Rachel is wearing at all. Maybe it is the color or the cut, I don’t know. Could be the way they were paired with her shirt and shoes.Luckily she didn’t wear the sweater in her hand with them. Alexa Chung shorts? No one should be wearing something Chung slapped her name on. She is more often on worst dressed lists than best. LOL
    @?: I didn’t even notice that before @.@ LOL. Well I guess the new pictures of her do technically make it a new post but the MTV part is recycled. Come Thursday JJ.will have plenty to post about, well plenty that is new to post about I mean. Rachel will be on Live with Regis and Kelly and JImmy Fallon all on the same day. Personally I think they should of had her make the rounds BEFORE the show aired. Not after. That would be like promoting a new movie two weeks after its opening weekend. Not very helpful.

  • annie

    her show is as boring as bilson,a REESE she will never be,too many stupid movies,R.W. movies r fantastic and she is a fine hayden has bascially ruined his career,his movies r horrible,too many great actors out that farm


    This girl has no existence, no public recognition when Hayden Christensen is far far away in Canada.
    She should give him a call and beg him for one of their PR stunts that they like to do whenever it s needed.

    She needs him to create some publicity around her new show.
    Even if she plays slightly better, she still not good enough to be a lead in a series IMO.

    Where’s her on and off hubby?

    Everything seems so superficial in this girl, her acting ability, her so called private love relationship, her fame.
    Might be hard to fight daily to stay in the spotlight when all she has is to sell her private life in a way or in another.

    High waited shorts suit her better as they elongate her short stubby legs.
    She is so average even her friend is these pics looks better.


  • Janel

    Maybe people should refrain from sayn anythin negative & ignorant if they have nothing to say nice then learn to keep the mouth shut. Dont be ignorant bcuz someones doing most likely way better than u ! Save the drama for ur momma. Lol it might be wise to just take the shit to twitter instead. As for the shorts yeah i agree… Maybe if she had diff. Shoes to accentuate her legs…. And maybe a not so bland top. Still a doll tho! Luv her since the O.C

  • ??

    Wonder how bad the ratings for Hart of Dixie were tonight? Second week slump?



    in case you have forgot this is a open board,
    which means people are free to say what they wish and you are such a fan, go to one of her fan sites and post there since no one comments on there i’m sure they would love to hear from you.

  • @21
  • deshaun

    Bilson’s middle initial or extension name is… “karma”.

  • Jon

    @deshaun: What? You make no sense.
    @@21: Having it remain stable it good. It gained views throughout the episode as well. Especially since Ringer dropped 1 million viewers between the pilot and the second episode. Rachel’s show is increasing at least. I’m liking the show, and I hear lots of others are as well.

  • Jon

    *is good…typo, my bad.

  • Jon

    @SHE NEEDS HAYDEN: She has no existence? Rachel got hugely popular being on The OC, she got her start without your precious Hayden having anything to do with it.

    LMAO “PR” stunts? How could they possibly do PR stunts when they’re rarely ever photographed together.

    And where is Hayden exactly? I think he needs her more than she needs him. What has he been doing? Nothing. I’m not trying to be mean towards the guy, but if Rachel only got with guys for PR stunts, I think this relationship would be over and she would be with someone who is actually relevant these days.

  • InTime.

    So far a full season has not been ordered for Hart of Dixie yet. So it isn’t out of the woods so to speak . I think if the show lasts long enough for all nine of the episodes that they have filmed so far to air, then we will all see her with one of her male co stars soon enough. Either Scott Porter or Wilson Bethel. The rumors will start up if the show makes it long enough.She always ends up paired up with whoever is her latest co star. Will be interesting to see if its Wilson or Scott though. Wilson and Bilson would rhyme at least. Hehehe.

  • H & R

    @ Jon

    Where is Hayden? There are two twitter sightings of Hayden in New York City today, one on Park Avenue. There are photos on one of Rache’s fansites now of Rachel at the JFK airport in New York from today. So they are both in New York City. You are right, if Rachel and Hayden are just for PR, they are not doing a very good job of it. After 4 1/2 years, they would have no life if they are just in it for PR.

    @ In Time

    Rachel said Tom Sturidge, her costar in Waiting For Forever, was “”like a brother to me” in February this year. She has gone out of her way in 4 magzine interviews in Sept. and Oct. to say she and Hayden are back together. Why bother to do that, if you plan to go with another costar? She did not end up with Tom Sturidge, or the guy who played her boyfriend in The To Do List move she just made. Hayden will always be Darth Vader, more infamous than Scott or Wilson are on Hart of Dixie whether it is successful or not. Scott and Wilson probably have girlfriends of their own who might object to your idea, too.

  • @InTime

    @InTime.: Rachel had a relationship with Adam Brody for 3 1/2 years. She’s been with Hayden for over 4. She’s been in love with two guys she worked with, big deal. You act like she’s Jennifer Aniston and literally dating every guy she meets.

  • @@

    PLZZZ! What is there is

  • @H&R

    @H & R: Its okay little Rayden don’t have a panic attack .I think it is extremely possible she could fall for either of the guys. They are both good looking and she is going to be spending a lot more time with them ,than Hayden. It happens. It could happen even if Raydens dont like it.:P Also a twitter sighting of Hayden you mean like the twitter sighting of him in Germany that his fans went crazy for and then found out it wasn’t him but a look a like? Twitter sighting mean completely and totally nothing without a picture to go with it. Of course Rachel is in NYC she has two big interviews coming up there. As far as Porter or Bethel having girlfriends…you don’t know that they do :P They could both be single and finding working with Bilson very charming. Even if they did have girlfriends it wouldn’t be the first time a guy fell for his co-star while in a relationship. :P
    As far as the Rachel sighting in NY since JJ didn’t post the pics you should link which fan site it is. Or at least give the name. I never understand why people say some Rachel fan site. :P

  • @30

    @@InTime: The difference is the size of the project and how long she worked with them. OC she worked with Adam for years and they dated until the show faced cancellation. Hayden and Jumper. Jumper took over a year or two to film. I believe her part was shorter though But longer than a normal shooting for a film. So they worked together for longer than three months. Tom Sturridge in Waiting for Forever. The film only took a couple of weeks to film so she never spent too much time working with him. How he could be like her brother when she only worked with him a few days . Is a little funny, Also the project was very small. Same with the To Do List again she only worked on that project for a very short time. So her track record shows when she works with someone for long enough on a bigger project a click happens for whatever reason. Hart of Dixie if some people get what they want could last for a while which means she will be spending a lot of time of location with both of them and in LA with them. Let us be honest Hayden isn’t in LA THAT much for her. So no she isn’t like Aniston but she does have a pattern just like Jennifer and many others do. For the record though Aniston got with Brad before they ever worked together. So he wasn’t her co-star yet.Just to correct your example. Would it be that bad if she did have a bf that was in town more often with her and it didn’t look so forced and painful for them both? Um of course not. She just turned 30 years old and big changes like that often change the way people are thinking about their lives and the people in them. I think she would be cute with Porter. Bethel strikes me as the player type and no I don’t mean because of his character Wade either. I think he got cast as Wade because he might be a lot like his character so far.

  • @H&R!/rachelonlineorg
    if there was a picture of her arriving it was yanked.

  • yeahyeahyeah

    @@30: Who cares, it’s not mine or any of your guys love life. You can’t really judge on what Hayden and Rachel’s relationship is like. You can dislike Rachel or Hayden all you want, but you have no idea what they’re like together. Neither do I. I don’t remember the exact date of when Hayden was in LA last, but it was at the beginning of last month I know. And I’m pretty sure he’s been in LA or she’s been to see him in that amount of time. I doubt they’ve gone a whole month w/o seeing each other. Did we get pictures? No. You can’t base what their life is like just by a couple of snap shots the paps take.

    Who knows what will happen in the future with them, they might stay together and get married. Or they might break up. Rachel could end up dating somebody else, whether it be her co-star, a random guy, or even Adam again. But why don’t we quit predicting what’s going to happen and just let it go. Why I’m even in this conversation right now I have no idea, but the constant talk about where is Hayden, why isn’t he in LA, will Rachel date this guy, why isn’t Rachel with Hayden.. blah blah blah it’s getting so old. I’m officially done. I have nothing against these two, couldn’t care less if they stay together or not. But I do know that I know absolutely nothing about them.

    @32 i saw some of those JFK pixs on but they are not there anymore.

  • fitzroy

    “Only & consistently” just around 1 Million viewers – what is there to hype about?!
    Nobody really take that CW Network seriously – just looked at their ratings! The network who cuddles the likes of Gossip Girl that likewise gathered around 1 M viewership for the last 2 years or so & 902010 w/ their 0.5 ratings or more like non-existent ratings… sheeez CW is simply a “loser’s” network – whom this little mutt too refuge when she got “bypass” by the likes of NBC & CBS.

  • H&R

    @ In Time

    It’s okay, little non Rayden, don’t have a panic attack, neither one of us knows either of them like #35 yeahyeahyeah says. And what, exactly, is a Rayden? I happen to like them, have no idea how long they will last, and do not care if they do. I wish them the best in their relationship, if they meet other people I wish them good luck. I agree with # 35, no one knows them and to predict what they will do is impossible. But some things make sense and do not need photos to be plausible, like two sightings of Hayden very close together by two different people who live in New York City when Rachel is going to be in New York, too. Makes much more sense than Hayden being in Germany at a Star Wars gaming convention when he does not attend them in the US or Canada. A little common sense and looking at who made the tweet helps figuring out if a twitter comment might be spot on. The photos on RachelOnline are no longer there that were there last night. Maybe the photos will turn up on here later. But it is amusing to see you continually predicting the future of Hayden and Rachel. Whatever will be will be with them.