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Jennifer Aniston: 'Five' Screening in Washington, DC!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Five' Screening in Washington, DC!

Jennifer Aniston hosts a screening for Lifetime’s Five on Monday (October 3) at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC.

The 42-year-old actress was joined on the carpet by Patricia Clarkson, producer Kristin Hahn, Lifetime president Nancy Dubuc, actress Jeanne Tripplehorn, and Second Lady Jill Biden.

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Earlier in the day, Jen and Jill visited the Breast Care Center at the Inova Alexandria Hospital to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston at the Five screening in Washington, DC…

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Credit: Paul Morigi; Photos: Getty
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  • thry

    she looks adorable. i love her

  • nash

    group of powerful hope. i hope to become powerful when i am older

  • chioma

    jennifer aniston is such a strong woman. gush she is amazing

  • Hannah


  • ellie’

    So proud of your commitment for such a good cause..your a strong & smart woman and so proud of you..!!!

  • ellie’

    So proud of your commitment for such a good cause..your a strong & smart woman and so proud of you..!!!

  • ellie’

    So proud of your commitment for such a good cause..your a strong & smart woman and so proud of you..!!!

  • but.. but.. but

    I thought that that there were 5 women that directed this thing. Why is she promoting it as if she is the only one.

    I am a supporter of Breast Cancer.. But why didn’t we see pictures of her at hospitals and such when she was actually filming. That would have been the best time.

    but her fans are just blind to not see how she is making this about her, not the cause.Where are Alicia and Demi and the other Directors.

  • Domino

    @but.. but.. but: Because she’s not a famewhore who calls all the cameras for you to see what a good person she is. She doesn’t need to show it off.

  • Ghost

    What a fake media Ho . Her quote about charity is that it’s not my thing. JenJen is only doing this to promote her screening of Five. The way her deluded minions support her you would think she was the only one in the world saying something about Breast Cancer . She only does this for self promotion which is evident by her public presence in the last week…… Show off her fake pr boy toy ., Be seen out and about, but don’t be seen before or after these little projects need hype , And last but not least hold your belly to stir up your pretend pregnancy rumours to fuel the fire. ( hasn’t Jen said she was going to have a baby for the last ten years? Well, where is it ).

  • rachelgreen

    jennifer aniston will do ANYTHING for publicity. shameless. bet she thinks she deserves an award now. show her face and omfg gimme a nobel prize. smug as hell like she discovered a cure.

  • sharon


  • Domino

    SNOOOOORE @ the haters. It’s amusing how important Jen is to them though, posting at her threads every single time there is a new one. They only make them popular with each click! So thank you, haters. <3

  • sasha


  • Laura

    Just Jared don’t you know? These assholes you love so much, aka Brangel@@nies, don’t care about Breast Cancer.

  • uh-oh

    @but.. but.. but: Actually please get you’re facts straight all the directors went different places to promote the awareness they want on like a little tour separately so if you are going to look for ways to make her look bad i suppose you get your facts right thank yoy

  • amy

    Just beautiful! Jennifer Aniston!

  • She’s All About SELF!

    Did she donate her fee to the cause?? Did she write a million+ check for the cause?? Hell No! So why is she getting all this attention for 20 minutes that 4 other people shared in?? did they not contribute to the cause with their time and efforts?? Just like Aniston, mememememememe only ME. selfish hack!

  • please

    What commitment ? She is promoting a movie. Plus she dressed inappropriate for the event.

  • uh-oh

    @She’s All About SELF!: how are you aware she hasn’t just because she doesn’t gush about it to the media you no nothing take your hate somewhere else


    She is promoting her movie at a building named after Ronald Reagan! What a piece of sh*t she is. All the horrible things she has said about Reagan and Bush and other Republicans. Shame on this media Ho!

  • Clara

    what a fake OMG.

  • funny

    Funny how everyone keeps saying she is promoting her movie erm you are aware she needs to promote the movie in order to get the word across about Breast cancer? how old are you people?………..And erm she is not the only director so if you call her selfish then that makes the other directors selfish and the actors? who are trying to do good here please just for a second stop being childish and bitter

  • ellie’

    This hatred for Jennifer is not called for..This is not about Jennifer.. This is about a good cause for everyone..Just to save one life matters..Get yourself checked to many dying over this disease.. .Stop the hatred already…I’m glad all the woman worked on this film to bring awareness to you and everyone else..Thanks to them all..

  • Ali

    @She’s All About SELF!:
    she’s getting all the attention because sh’es JENNIFER ANISTON nuff said.. Su ck it!!!

  • Allie

    but she smokes & talks about breast cancer LMAO

  • Bobby

    How could a woman be so phony and smoke and advocate breast cancer prevention?
    Are people that stupid to buy her PR ????
    too funny to get angry.

  • ellie’

    Jen doesn’t smoke ..and this is serious important to bring awareness…to make fun of this is sickening..

  • Emma

    Doctors, Nurses, and many other people in the health care department SMOKE and they obviously know better than that. OMG shocking, let Jennifer be. right now she’s doing beast cancer, not lung cancer.

  • Aniston Wh0res Out Cancer Pts.

    This is revolting. This is not about the cancer survivors but about using them to sell a Lifetime movie.
    Aniston couldn’t care less about their illness. Just like she couldn’t have cared less about her mother’s cancer. The only time Aniston will care about this disease is if she gets it herself and it ruins her figure.
    It’s dangerous to spit in karma’s face like this.

  • please

    Remember when she went to the school to promote drinking water rather than sodas. How she and smartwater were going to campaign for this in all schools. Well she only did it ONCE. Promoted her movie and smartwater than walked away from the campaign.

    Such dedication :)

  • ellie’

    Jen gets PR b/c shes Jennifer Aniston..Jen doesn’t smoke..and don’t make fun of this disease to raise awareness.. Shame on all of you…..

  • Carolina

    The fake does NOT walk the talk.

    both her & boy toy smoke. lmao

    amazing!!!! are people that stupid to buy this crap?

  • Aniston Wh0res Out Cancer Pts.

    let Jennifer be. right now she’s doing beast cancer, not lung cancer.
    You idiot. Smokers have a higher incidence of breast cancer.
    Typical moronic Aniston fan. They know nothing and are too stupid to see what a hypocrite Aniston is.

  • Carolina

    she smokes & so does Mc Baldy
    (saw pics recently)

    ok…be a ostrich LMAO

  • ellie’

    If u don’t like the site just leave…making fun of a group of stars making a film to raise awareness…and Jen doesn’t smoke anymore., haven’t seen her with one any pictures..

  • Frozoid

    Please God, make her get her hair off her face for once!

  • Emely

    @TWPUMPKIN: you couldn’t have sound anymore pathetic if you had tried, lmao! so out of a sudden aniston has power over how a theater is named. i think you are watching too much tv, come back to reality.

  • She’s a smoker

    She still smokes. remember she was caught with JM smoking and in a recent interview it was mentioned she likes a smoke after dinner. Plus she smokes to keep skinny.

  • julie

    where was ja before this film? so phony it’s sad.

  • Speak Now


    People hate Jennifer so much, they refuse to think clearly.

  • guest

    great job! not to be outdone, haters should go to jolie’s unhcr. she has to promote so people should be aware.

  • Aniston Wh0res Out Cancer Pts.

    Sycophants so blind they can’t see a phony when she is right before their eyes.
    If you can’t see this all about, and only about, promoting herself and her latest little directing gig then you are a fool.
    We’ll just see how long this “concern” and these “concerned” looks last. (I think she thought her acting coach said look constipated)

  • Heidi

    Can this woman knows what is formal and informal means? This should be a formal occasion yet she wore a cowboy look. Look at the rest of the women in that occasion, they were wearing formal dress. Please Aniston, have some respect to all the women whom you use for your self promotion. Oh! well, the good thing is, at least she’s not wearing a hooker style dress. And what’s up with that BLING BLING hanging in her neck? She looks like she’s a LEADER OF A HIP-HOP GANG and a DRUG LORD combined. Yeah! very classy.



  • mwannir

    oh my god.
    she look like a teens, she look so young.
    she’s 42 years old but look so young, because her body is full of botox.
    if no botox , she look like a granma for her boytoy.

  • wp blog

    From the Washington Post:

    Jennifer Aniston offers starpower but few words in D.C. for breast cancer movie

    Can you hear it — the roar of pink? With the start of October comes annual proof of breast cancer’s dominance on the cause circuit. The always A-listy Susan G. Komen for the Cure gala at the Kennedy Center will cap off the month, but pink ribbons are already spilling out everywhere, from the NFL field — where players are already accessorized with the hue — to screen stars.

    Case in point: Jennifer Aniston, who made a rare D.C. celebvocacy appearance to raise even more awareness for the disease.

    On Monday, the actress spent a rainy afternoon with Jill Biden and Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius touring the new Inova Breast Care Center in Alexandria, which puts breast-cancer doctors from various disciplines under the same roof.

    Aniston, 42, nodded approvingly during the tour. She seemed very moved when a nurse described how difficult it is to help patients who lack insurance.

    She was dressed California casual, reports our colleague Krissah Thompson — black turtleneck sweater, jeans, that chunky gold ring on her left hand that all the tabloids buzzed about last summer.

    A few hours later, Aniston and Biden turned out at the Ronald Reagan Building for a reception and screening of “Five,” a Lifetime anthology of five short films about breast cancer, linked together by an oncologist (played by Jeanne Tripplehorn) who has learned cancer runs in her family.

    Aniston is an executive producer of the film and directed one segment. (Other directors include Demi Moore and Alicia Keys.) For the most part, it’s very, well, Lifetimey — although the “Friends” veteran managed to mine her segment for a dark humor that feels legitimately and charmingly her own. Patricia Clarkson — who lobs her lines with a distinctly Rachel-esque zing — plays a Stage 4 cancer patient who blows through her life savings and hosts her own premature funeral.

    In the house for the screening: Nancy Pelosi, Ray LaHood, Rand Paul, Scott Brown, Rosa DeLauro. (Aniston’s D.C.-bred boyfriend, actor Justin Theroux, was not in sight.)

    We lingered at the red carpet (neither red nor even pink, actually, but blue), hoping to ask: Why breast cancer — as opposed to, say, cervical cancer, or heart disease, or diabetes?

    Clarkson (slim-fitting black skirt and top, bright red lips and nails) spoke to us of the importance of early detection, and mammograms, and hope. Tripplehorn (slim black dress, eggplant nails) made the case that a disease we seem hyper-aware of still begs for adequate research funding.

    Aniston (black blazer, jeans tucked into spiky black boots) simply stood on the carpet, showered with camera flashes, and kept a distance from reporters.

    Sorry, no questions.

  • marie

    why do people have to second guess someone’s motives that you don’t even know…..doesn’t matter what the motives are, what matters is getting the word out there….i think it’s a great cause and i have no reason to believe she is not doing it for the right reasons….and anyone that says differently i would ask what is your source…do you know her?? do you know a close personal friend of hers?? or is Star magazine your source…why always jump to a conclusion that someone is bad….see the good in people…your life will be much happier!!

  • WTF???????????

    Where did Demi Moore and Alicia Keyes go?