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Katie Holmes: Suri Drops Her Ice Cream!

Katie Holmes: Suri Drops Her Ice Cream!

Katie Holmes and her 5-year-old daughter Suri head to The Milkshake Factory on Monday (October 3) in Pittsburgh, Penn.

The 32-year-old actress treated Suri to an ice cream cone, which she accidentally dropped on her way out.

Last week, the mother-daughter duo, along with Katie‘s husband Tom Cruise, popped into the same store for five sweet treats.

The family is in town while Tom films his latest project, One Shot.

FYI: Katie is wearing Aldo “Qualheim” boots in black suede.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri grabbing ice cream at The Milkshake Factory…

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katie holmes suri ice cream 01
katie holmes suri ice cream 02
katie holmes suri ice cream 03
katie holmes suri ice cream 04
katie holmes suri ice cream 05
katie holmes suri ice cream 06
katie holmes suri ice cream 07
katie holmes suri ice cream 08
katie holmes suri ice cream 09
katie holmes suri ice cream 10
katie holmes suri ice cream 11
katie holmes suri ice cream 12
katie holmes suri ice cream 13
katie holmes suri ice cream 14
katie holmes suri ice cream 15
katie holmes suri ice cream 16
katie holmes suri ice cream 17

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  • Anon

    WORDS FAIL ME!!!!!!!!

  • Daby

    Oh great. Another thread about this talentedless bimbo and her child.

  • taylor

    That kid eats a lot of shit. I don’t really care, it’s none of my business what they feed her or anything, just pointing it out. Everytime I see a post about Suri she is being fed some sugary crap.

  • http://j ivanka

    1. wtf with katie’s outfit? she has a lot of money and she uses that?
    2. suri’s legs are just like katie’s, poor girl
    3. it’s cold and she is using a dress and eating ice cream?
    4. FAIL

  • kizbit

    Katie looks like a homeless woman. What a mess.

  • It’s Robo-Bride

    Geez Katie looks bad. Horrible horrible outfit and hair.

  • bali-surf

    she became a weirdo after married that top gun guy!

  • MB

    Katie robobride is a mess and so is her kid. Suri needs some vitimins,looks like an anemic,not good.

  • lold

    What a title! :D

    The world is doomed.

  • lil

    I have an overall, but KH looks like circus came to town!
    OMG that is an awful outfit for a fashion icon!

  • kc

    What a mess. Kate is shameful. Those clothes are just horrible.

  • Atain Halley

    This isn’t news , but btw i like little children

  • joel

    Very stupid to buy such a huge ice cream for a little girl. Drop to happen.

  • kizbit

    Katie’s outfit really makes me wonder if she looked in the mirror and said, “Yep! I look great!”

  • Go Ask Alice


    I know and I agree ANON that words fail you, but if you don’t mind, my I give you some words, LOL!!!
    Good that kid , Suri, dropped her ice cream because her lil 6yr. old body has enough sugar in it to last for another 6 years . Sugar is the main staple of her diet.
    -Cold in the NE states now. It is fall. Cool, breezy, mild cold monrings and mild cold nights and the child is wearing a thindress,noundershirt,you bet, no leggings , and Good God,sandals.
    -Kaite Holmes is such a trifling, dummy, robotic, silly girl.
    -Suir is not where she should be which is at a home base and in school .
    And yea, I like Brad and Jolie, but do those kids of the traveling JoliePitt vagabond ever go to school.

  • Jessica
  • Ka simply amazing

    Little tom

  • jk

    Mimi Katie :)

  • jk

    Mimi= Mini :)

  • Lisa

    If Katie had the brains to order Suri a child sized ice cream cone, maybe Suri wouldn’t drop it. Poor child with an idiot mother. This makes me sad.

  • Deanna

    Shouldn’t Suri be in school right now?

  • African Girl

    Is this girl okay up there?

  • darina

    gasp…pictures of Suri without makeup, how embarassing!

  • brat learns a lesson

    Suri probably demanded the double cone, NOT the child size, and dropping it will teach her a lesson about being greedy and wanting more than you can handle,

  • to #22

    Which one? lol

  • Ally25

    Kate looks like a homeless bag lady begging on the street in that outfit.

  • sonia0404

    Katieturd really managed to look like c-R-A-P while feeding Suritard crap for breakfast!

    That brat has no manners, very bad hygiene, nasty to look at. And yes very greedy and demanding, no doubt. Her ice cream was supersized because the humanoid demanded it and her turd for a mother dared not to question.

    What a freak show!

  • shane

    ugh! looks like she went trash diving! Did hubby cut her allowance?

    Only gave her enuf to buy the 5 year old brat a triple decker ice cream??

    Way too much for a 5 year old! Brat probably demanded it.

    Pitiful sight!


    Katie needs to be beemed up to the spaceship and change her outfit. What a friggen mess. Poor Tom.

  • Romeo

    Like most kids-including Suri Cruise-that are on a trip with their kids outside, #3.

    As if they can’t afford another one, #s13 and 20. Mind your own kids. Only TomKat critics would hate on them for buying their daughter too big an ice cream cone.

    She’s home schooled, #21.

    You have no idea how she’s like or how she is being raised, #27.

  • JennG

    Katie does not look like a happy camper!Maybe she’s getting sick of being Suri’s blanket carrier/slave/personal assistant.Maybe she’ll get tired of all the scientology bull crap & parent that kid like a normal human being.I was LMAO when I saw the picture of her freaking out because she dropped her cone!

  • gIGI

    I see that Kate is still working as a farm whore at $1.32 a trick.

  • OOPS!
  • mya

    Kids need stability in their life. Travelling should be just occasionnally not all year long. Going to school (not homeschool) allowed to socialize with other kids, and learning that the planet is not just for themselves and the people around at their services. Suri and the Jolie-Pitt kids maybe turn as crap kids when they will be older. My girl is the same age as Suri, she is changing in good little lady because she understand more and more everyday that life can’t be as she always want, people around are not at her service and that she has to share the planet with a lot of people too. Who’s to blame? not the kids but their parents to not allowed them to be normal kids. Celebrity parents or not.

  • Suri Jackson

    I have to say that when I saw the story title abt Suri dropping her cone I felt bad. Those are awful moments for a kid…dropping your cone or your popcorn in the theater. Sad that you dropped it and scared that you were going to get in trouble on top of that. Then I saw the size of the one and could only think about what an idiot parent Katie is to refuse to set any boundaries for Suri.
    Katie and Tom seriously need some non-cult related parenting classes.

  • dina

    comme on……….why dont they let her play with other kids!!!
    poor suri :-(


    Suri totally looks like her dad Joshua Jackson.

  • lucy2

    Yup! People can “try” to find Tom characteristics, but the bottom line is that her forehead, browline, and nose are undiputably Josh’s.

  • lucy2

    indisputably –

  • daby


    Traveling isn’t the issue. If it was then you’d have a lot of messed up kids that belong to military parents–those that serve their country. The issue is how you raise a child. Celebrity kids are always going to be different because of fame and money. Travel has nothing to do with a child’s development–the JP kids go to museums and child appropriate activities. Tomkat’s child goes shopping constantly and is over indulged. That is a huge difference.

  • yep

    This kid totally has something wrong with her… she really cute, but either shes got some for of autism or DEEPLY affected by the crazy lifestyle, it is really showing through photos now.

  • anon

    Great going Katie. Buying that huge ice cream for your child. Suri will have type II diabetes by the time she’s 10. The girl has too much sugar.

  • Suri is stimming with her head

    Just look at the 2nd picture from the last in the other website.
    The moment this certified brat dropped her 3 decks up humongous ice cream, did she bellow out wailing and crying.
    One can only imagine how her lousy excuse for a mother, more her blanket carrier had to scurry in to get her a chocolate replacement.

    Otherwise, the whole street might have to evacuate due to the noise she made.

    Suritard’s picture should be printed next to the entry of ‘brat’ in every dictionary.

  • janie

    Katie is ridiculous. I can’t believe she bought such a huge ice cream cone for a child. Too much indulgence.

  • stream

    this poor kid is only fed ice creams and hot chocolates. Her dead eyes tell the whole story

  • shane


    take a look….the brat is also stimming in the photo after the 3 scoop ice cream fell out.

    helluv a size for a 5 year old

    crikey’s sake… airhead she’s got for a mom

  • Joji
  • geez


    Yikes! Probably wears diapers still….especially at nite because she wants to pee in her bed and not get up….because that is what she wants to do.

    What is wrong with these parents? Their brat, over 5 years old….still using a bottle .

    bet…the idiot, Romeo will stay….maybe it’s for her baby doll. LOL

    (the bottle has milk in it !)

    this kid is gonna be some wacko if the parents dont get smart fast


  • Susan C.

    I can’t believe this crazy woman. Katie has a mother, sisters, aunts etc, Are you going to tell me NO ONE can get through to this sorry excuse for a mother!!! One day little miss priss is in heels and lipstick and the next she has a blankie, baby bottle and pacifier stuck in her mouth!! My God!! that family is a total wack job!!

  • Bella

    Why isn’t this little girl in school ? Never mind the ice cream it could be a rare treat but what about the child’s education!!!