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LeAnn Rimes: Late Night at LAX Airport

LeAnn Rimes: Late Night at LAX Airport

LeAnn Rimes arrives at LAX Airport to catch a late night flight on Sunday (October 2) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old singer was joined by her friend, hair stylist Mateo Sifuentes.

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“Dinner out w/ one of my best GF’s & 4 cool lil dudes,” LeAnn tweeted in the evening. “Being at home was bliss, leaving hurts.”

Earlier in the day: LeAnn was spotted showing off her toned legs while doing some clothes shopping in Malibu.

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  • mwannir
  • Ingrid

    What, no nasty comments yet? Thank goodness! You women on this site are vicious! I feel sorry for her having to deal with the cruelty of most of these comments. I’d love to know what all you women look like and if your backgrounds are squeaky clean.

  • Rachael

    I realize she is suppose to be a celebrity but her best friend seems to be her hair dresser. She seems to have a sad life.

  • Keeping it real

    Ingrid with all do respect, the comment box is for leaving good,bad and ugly opinions. Not all get the warm and fuzzy feelings that you may have of LeeAnn, and it’s not just women. The once beloved LeeAnn is getting what most call karma.

  • Daby


    Although I don’t agree with a lot of the really really nasty comments, Leann and Eddie destroyed a family in the public eye instead of doing it in private. Instead of getting divorced and then carrying on their love affair. Furthermore, I can overlook/forgive that, but what is hard to forgive is the way she pimps out those kids. Those kids deserve far better than a woman who loves the cameras more than she loves their privacy.

  • jj

    Next Leann post “Leann Rimes: takes a dump at Burger King”.

  • Indigo


    Yes, a lot of the comments are harsh but most of what Leann puts out there is deserving of criticism. People see through her act and see what she is pulling with Brandi and the kids.. so yeah, she’s gonna get called on it.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and I base mine on her actions. Her voice may be great but that pales in comparison to what kind of person she is showing herself to be.

  • Dani

    If Leann and Eddie ever have a child of their own and it is a boy they should call him Jared in honor of the coverage she gets on this once fun, now boring site. Spin, spin, spin.

  • Cindy

    why is this irrelevant anorexi.c creatura everywhere?

  • Ingrid

    @Indigo: There’s just so much hostility towards her. I consider myself a good person and no, I haven’t cheated on my husband, nor would I, but I’m far from perfect. So many people commenting here seem to think they are. How do any of you really know she ISN’T a great stepmom? Eddie’s ex got arrested for DUI, that hardly makes her “mother of the year”. Why isn’t anyone mentioning that? Maybe Brandi had a drinking problem and that’s why Eddie left her. All I’m saying is we, the public, don’t know everything.

  • Ingrid

    @Indigo: #1) I am not perfect and I doubt you are either. Who are you to judge? #2) How do you know she isn’t a great stepmom to Eddie’s kids? You don’t. #3) Eddie’s ex got arrested for DUI, so that hardly qualifies her for “Mother of the Year”. Maybe she had a drinking problem and that’s why he left her. All I’m saying is we, the public, don’t know the whole story, so why all the hostility?

  • Dulcebrisa

    Ingrid ( or I should I say leeman ;-) First of all the gerbil alias Eddie was the one dumped by Brandy because he was cheating on her with a waitress,and Leann at the same time .And Brandy is an exceptional mother not like Eddie who like pimping the kids with the anorexic to the media.

  • Ingrid

    @Dulcebrisa: Look, I’m not going to make this a personal attack on you. I don’t really know the whole story about what transpired in Leann and Eddie’s previously marriages. All I do know to be fact is that Brandi got arrested for DUI. If that’s your basis for calling her an exceptional mother than your criteria is quite different than mine. I still don’t understand why there is such hatred against Leann and to be clear, I’m not even a fan of hers. All this hatred says so much more about all of you than it does about her. It’s not normal to hate someone so much that you don’t even know!

  • Keeping it real

    @Ingrid so if Bridget was a drunk that is an excuse to have an affair? I thought vows read for better or worse, sickness and health? This has nothing to do with being perfect people. How can you not understand the criticism oh LeeAnn but are on here defending her! I think you should do your homework before jumping in to defend her. She had an affair, on her husband with another woman’s husband. Then instead of being ashamed about it she talked about how she doesn’t regret or would change a thing. What she doesn’t realize is what they do with you they’ll do to you! When Eddie is cheating on her, at least she’ll have you to feel sorry for her.

  • betty

    @Ingrid Who cares what happened in their previous marriage that’s history or care less about Eddie’s present marriage to Leann. Most people get ticked about the way the kids are being manipulated by Eddie&Leann . That divorce and the breakup of their home caused more damage than Brandi getting a DUI.ever could. Brandi is an exceptional mother because she was not out bed hopping and leaving them to be with other men like Eddie did and now taking trips etc. and dumping them on grandparents and nannies.They have the kids only to do the fun stuff with but not for other things.that are necessary for their well being.What is Eddie teaching them ,we know Leann has no tools.Brandi can explain her DUI but it would be very interesting to hear Eddie explain his leaving them while lying and cheating on their mother.with other women Leann included.Brandi is not the villain she didn’t start this mess. So if these clowns are disliked they brought it on themselves.

  • betty

    To all Leann lovers stop with the WE HATE LEANN bit it’s not hatred but intense dislike because she is a disgusting human being and a poor excuse for a woman .She makes all women and step moms look bad.

  • betty

    To all Leann lovers stop with the WE HATE LEANN bit it’s not hatred but intense dislike because she is a disgusting human being and a poor excuse for a woman .She makes all women and step moms look bad.

  • Lia

    I find it very strange that when she puts normal clothes on, she doesn’t look that skinny..
    but when she wants to show off, she looks horrible..
    and yes, she is a very attention seeking person, she is too insecure about everything including her relationship that’s why she is like this.

  • Speak Now


    Actually, anyone who hates a celeb 24/7 while refusing to focus on their own lives and mistakes is a poor excuse for a human being. Hypocritical. At least Leann has a live and it’s not a life full of hate, unlike you people.

  • Speak Now

    @Speak Now: *life

  • Dulcebrisa

    To Ingrid
    Brandy is an exceptional mother because she’s with their kids 24/7 giving them a NORMAL LIFE no exposing them to papparazis like leeman do.Leeman claim that she is the “perfect bonus mother” because she only spend weekends with the kids ,trying to win them with expensive gifts and that is not parenting.Brandy made a mistake I grant you that ,not everyone cope with a divorce drama the same way.But to judging her based on One Single accident is unfair.I don’t hate leeman ,to hate her is showing that she’s important and she isn’t ,but you ripe what you sow and all this drama is her and gerbils fault.

  • Diana

    Leann is a Bonus Bimbo.
    While Brandi was waiting for her eldest son to show up for his big soccer game, Bonus Bimbo had both kid out with her, and yet another pap photog showed up to take the pictures, yet again. What a gal that Bonus Bimbo is!

  • betty

    @Speak Now You mean the life she is living she is only trying to emulate the life Brandi had with Eddie.She is trying to diminish Brandi role as the kids mother and takeover as”bonus mom”with Eddie help. But it won’t work because the kids have a say so and I bet Mason is not going to let daddys new wife accomplish that. Brandi has been very accommodating allowing Eddie to let the kids go out of state she didn’t have to do it but she saw that as a good kid experience.but this douche can’t inform her that plans had changed and he would not be going to his soccer game . Two can play that game but Brandi put her kids interest first not her wants and desires. As long as Leann put her business out there she will be critiqued only fools or attention seekers go public. We comment because we all have erred but Leann thinks her stuff don’t stink.

  • Diana

    There is so much of the Bonus Bimbo everywhere … on tv, radio, in print, internet, etc. Rarely do we hear from Brandi in her own voice. This morning’s interview with Ryan Seacrest on is radio show gives a rare audio of Brandi’s very, very lively sense of humor and her down to earth style. Check it out:

  • http://deleted Diana

    If interested, check out Brandi’s radio interview at the kiisfm site because elsewhere, it’s quoted (no audio) out of context. I guess the Bonus Bimbo has some influence with various blogs. Brandi has her apparent good and loving nature which is worth a lot more than millions in the bank.

  • Indigo


    I never claimed to be perfect. I’m far from it. And my opinion is based on what Leann herself puts out there. She shows no respect for Brandi as the mother of the boys. If Leann was really the kind of step mother and person she is claiming to be, she would take Brandi into account when making decisions with regard to the boys. That’s why Leann gets some hostile comments. It’s because she claims to be one type of person but her actions show her to be another and people can see through that.

    And just to be clear, I never called Brandi “mother of the year.” Let’s not make it out to be a case of ” I don’t like Leann so therefore I must love Brandi”.. As for the DUI, Yes, she got a DUI (that btw I never referred to as minor thing) BUT the difference is she took responsibility and apologized for it, unlike Leann who has yet to take any real responsibility for her actions. She just gives sound bites about a lack of “tools” for publicity and blogs. If she would really take responsibility without offering excuse after excuse the public may have a different view.

  • Diana

    Bravo, Brava, Indigo! You’re making me think of the word integrity.

  • cathleen

    I agree with Lia. This how normal people look when going to the airport to sit on a plane. Maybe she’s getting tired of her new “Kardashian” look, running around with 5 inch heels and short shorts. Now if she keeps dressing normal and quiets down on twitter, everyone can play nice!

  • betty

    @Cathleen It will take more than that for Leann. As for playing nice she needs to stop being phony and be real.That’s one thing people like about Brandi SHE IS NO PHONY!!! She admits her faults and shortcomings and say what’s on her mind.Her interview on the Insider was great and showed he with her kids something that is rare compared to the clowns always pimping .them.

  • gwen

    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Love the Cameras — Are They the New Heidi and Spencer?

    Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been the reigning King and Queen of ridiculously staged photo ops for the past few years, though there may be some new competition on the scene. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian seem to share Heidi and Spencer’s flair for drama, posing for a serious engagement shoot and silly bikini beach strolls. Also like Heidi and Spencer, LeAnn and Eddie just love to share PDA in some of the most unusual places. Considering all of LeAnn and Eddie’s recent camera time, we’d like to know what you think — are LeAnn and Eddie the new Heidi and Spencer?

    The 5 Most Annoying Celebrity Couples of 2011

    Less is more when it comes to celebrity couples. When stars focus on their personal relationships in private, it’s better for their image than mugging for the paparazzi 24/7.
    There are celebrity couples we love, but who are celebrity couples of 2011 we love to hate? Here are the top 5.

    4. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian
    Eddie Cibrian leaves all the talking to his country singing wife who loves to hop on Twitter and remind all the haters, who chastised her and Eddie for being cheaters, how happy and in love she is as Mrs. Cibrian. We even get plenty of pics of the skinny stepmom in skimpy bathing suits prancing down the beach with her man.
    “I love me the way I am & I don’t care what jealous people think,” tweets Rimes.

    -From OMG

  • gwen

    LeAnn Rimes: Late Night Famewhoring at LAX Airport

    Wow another STAGED photo-op? WEWE is on a major mega media blitz? So let me guess, she is trying to convince people that she is popular by saturating the internet with DAILY “candid” shots of her?
    Seriously, if WEWE can get breat implants with out being spotted by ONE media outlet, then we all know that WEWE can avoid the paps if she really wanted to.

    1) ““Dinner out w/ one of my best GF’s & 4 cool lil dudes,” LeAnn tweeted in the evening. ”

    Yes we know, WEWE made sure that the HW babyscoop site got photos of her out and out with those kids.

    So once again WEWE tweets where and when she will with those kids and then it’s followed by

    2) “Being at home was bliss, leaving hurts.”

    We all know why leaving hurts and it has nothing to do with bliss. WEWE Rimes doesn’t want to leave because she ia afraid of what will happen in her absence, which is that EC affairs will be exposed if she isn’t there to clean up after him.

    3) What toned legs? Oh yeah, I forgot, that’s WEWE money talking.

  • gwen

    From Deadline Hollywood:

    “On the other broadcast networks last night, NBC’s The Playboy Club got off to a disappointing start with a 1.6/4 in 18-49 and 5 million viewers at 10 PM. It was down 30% from the premiere of NBC’s short-lived drama Chase in the same slot last year and did only a little better than last fall’s big flop, Fox’s Lone Star, which opened with a 1.3/3 and 4.1 million. The Playboy Club tied another short-lived show, Crusoe, as NBC’s lowest-rated fall drama premiere ever. The Playboy Club didn’t get much help from its lead-in, a two-hour The Sing-Off, which managed a 1.9/5 in the demo and 5.2 million viewers. (Chase had a stronger lead-in last year from The Event.) Sing-Off, whose only previous run was as a limited holiday series, was down 32% from its December debut to log the show’s lowest-rated telecast. Overall, NBC’s Monday lineup was down 30% from last fall, a troublesome sign for the network, which is looking to mount a ratings turnaround.”

  • gwen

    WEWE Rimes is STILL tweeting about those kids? So then why exactly are we supposed to believe that EC is in love with WEWE because he embraces her when EC still won’t abide by these words?

    “In fact our children should be protected from exposure to public “gossip” in the tabloid magazines and paparazzi.”-Eddie Cibrian

    ”Respondents actions are not child focused at all and exploit our dissolution to create more media attention for herself.”-Eddie Cibrian

    “A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure.”-Eddie Cibrian

  • gwen


    Amejean/athena/athony(aka speak now)

    Each day you come back with a different name. Why? Wow, no wonder you are out in full force. So what was that massive delete-a-thon you did in the previous two threads about? How odd that JJ would delete are posts are your request, when they wouldn’t even delete the posts that you made in our names?

    Speaking of nasty, who did you hijack the name Ingrid from? It’s more than obvious that Ingrid isn’t your REAL NAME; and of course that you are also posting as justshutup in the other thread. So how come JJ hasn’t banned you yet?

    Yes, thank goodness that WEWE can pay her mouthpieces to write fluff when the public doesn’t respond to her attention seeking in a favorable manner, right? So is that why you went on a major delete-a-thon? Seriously AMEJEAN/ATHENA/ATHONY do you really want to go there? Vicious is when you show up making posts in other posters names, like you did two weeks ago when you were using countrygirl’s name and like you did last week when you made posts in our names. No one is going to pat WEWE on the back for setting up and staging these photo-ops.

    That’s the problem isn’t it? It’s the fact that we don’t feel sorry for WEWE. Speaking of cruelty whose name did you hijack and steal because we all know that your name isn’t INGRID. Cruelty is when WEWE Rimes exploits EC kids just to keep her name and face in the press.

    “I’d love to know what all you women look like and if your backgrounds are squeaky clean.” Wow, now why does this sound so familiar? Because you said the VERY same thing when you were posting as CBME/RACY, when you were posting as 3 horses/ginger on twitter, and when you were posting as countrygirl two weeks ago. So once again, why are you playing these games with people’s names?

    And you have absolutely no reason at all as to why people dislike WEWE Rimes? You know exactly why the backlash against WEWE Rimes keeps growing and getting bigger. It’s why you come here each and every day to deflect by trashing BG.

    If you were a good person, you wouldn’t show up each and every week with a different name that you stole from someone else.

    You are asking people to glorify WEWE bad behavior even though she is doing some very bad and inappropriate things with and to those kids. That is just not going to happen. If WEWE is going to keep staging these photo-ops and exploting those kids, then she is going to have to deal with the backlash that comes with it.

    This isn’t even a issue about being perfect. It’s about what is right and wrong. WEWE keeps doing the wrong thing and then expecting to get rewarded for it. We know that WEWE isn’t a great a stepmom for the simple fact that she keeps tweeting and blogging about those kids after EC stated that he didn’t want his kids to be exposed to any type of public exposure and of course after he threatened to sue his ex-wife if the kids made cameos on her show.

    Are you back to the DUI’s again? Eddie was videotapped getting into a car after he had been drinking, yet we don’t ever hear you go after EC for this. So you are not concerned about BG DUI. What bothers you is the fact that BG has the public’s support because if you were concerned about DUIs, you would have made it an issue to express your dislike over the fact that EC drinks and drives. Why won’t people mention BG DUI? The better question is why are you talking about BG DUI when EC was videotapped driving after he had been drinking?

    So is that why EC is cheating on LR? Because she has a drinking problem? Seriously, you boo hoo about how people are being harsh and cruel to WEWE and yet you try to redeem LR by trashing BG.

    Who is WE? You and Darrel B? We do know everything. We know everything because a) EC referred to WEWE as a speedbump in his marriage, b) WEWE kept denying the affair and stated that the media made everything up, c) WEWE leaked his affair the affair to US Weekly when she realized that EC wasn’t ever going to leave his wife, d) EC stated that he picks out WEWE clothes and since WEWE SWF BG, we can speculate that EC is must still have feelings for BG because why else would he dress his new wife like his old wife?

  • gwen



    Seriously, you made it a personal attack on us a long time ago when you used our names to make posts in this thread, made threats against us, and of course opened several twitter accounts to stalk and harass anyone whom you thought was me. You are saying the very same things I saw you write when you were posing as RACY/CBME, so I know that your name isn’t Ingrid. And I am wondering why JJ is still allowing you to post even after we had to threaten legal action just to make them delete the posts that you made in our names.

    You are lying, you do know the whole story of what happenedin EC and WEWE marriages, because the posts that you are making as Ingrid are the very same ones we see you make EVERY WEEK. If you don’t know what happened in their marriages, you wouldn’t come here and various other sites each and every week making excuses to justify WEWE and EC affair or blame BG and DS.

    Once again we know what happened because WEWE has been very public about it. We know that EC doens’t want WEWE for the simple fact that WEWE SWF BG. We know that EC is cheating on WEWE because she won’t let him out of her site unless she can be there to clean up after his affairs.

    Wow, so you think that you can redeem WEWE and EC by brining up BG DUI? How interesting that you ignore the fact that EC drinks and drives, it was documented by both x17 and JJ. So then by your own logic we can conclude that WEWE isn’t a goodstepmother; afterall, she was drinking on a beach with EC kids during her birthday bash, now how did they get home? Did EC or WEWE drive?

    You do understand why people dislike WEWE. It’s why you show up here with a different name, why you hijack our names, and why you keep trying to redeem WEWE and EC by bringing up BG DUI even though EC was documented getting behind a wheel of a car after he had been drinking.

    Seriously, how where have heard this before? You are not a fan of WEWE Rimes, yet you show up posting the very same thing we saw you post when your name was CBME/RACY? Susan O(who use to be irena) on CB. So why all the deception? Why argue that you are not a WEWE fan when all know who you really are?

    So what does it say about you when you show up on this site with a different name each and every week? What does it say about Ingrid that you show up to defend WEWE by trashing BG and DS or stealing other posters names?

    Wow, now what poster is always saying, ” It’s not normal to hate someone so much that you don’t even know!”. Right, SPEAK NOW. So in the 3 posts that I have read so far I have already identified several connections between CBME/RACY and you and you and SPEAK NOW. So Speak now, if it’s not noraml to hate someone so much that you don’t even know, why then do you show here with a different name that you took from someone else? Or even better, why do you open up several twitter accounts just to stalk and harass BG?

  • gwen

    @Speak Now: @Ingrid:

    Hi ingrid, or you do you just want me to call you AMEJEAN/ATHENA/ATHONY.

    1) “Actually, anyone who hates anyone who doesn’t like WEWE Rimes 24/7 while refusing to focus on their own lives and mistakes is a poor excuse for a human being. So then SPEAK NOW that makes you a poor excuse for a human being right seeing as how you spend how many hours writing post after posts about haters?

    2) “Hypocritical. ”

    Well obviously you don’t know what that word means because if you did, you wouldn’t keep coming here to lecture others because people won’t glorify WEWE constant attention seeking.

    3)”At least Leann has a live and it’s not a life full of hate, unlike you people.”

    HAHHA That was funny. Did you say that with a straight face?

    WEWE doesn’t have a life, it’s why she tweets so much about another woman’s kids.

    WEWE life is full of hate and you are evidence of that. The fact that she keeps staging photo-ops with those kids is evidence of this.

    It’s more than obvious why you have been out in full force, because WEWE is releasing staged photo-op after staged photo-op to JJ and you are here to prepare the way.

    Ingrid is also posting as Susan O on CB, she uses the same line, which is that she isn’t a WEWE fan. Oh wait, didn’t countrygirl say the same thing? So did Krissi and Katie, and Vesper. So we have heard this all before Speak now/Ingrid.

    BTW, I have my posts saved, so whatever you tell JJ to delete, will be reposted again.

  • gwen

    I see that someone is here messing with the votes.

    So SPEAK NOW, how many posts will you have JJ delete this time?

    You can delete all you want, I have the posts saved.

    Keep in mind how bad it looks when JJ deletes our posts, considering that they still haven’t deleted the posts that you are making in other posters names and how they only deleted the posts you made in our names last week because of a threat of legal action against them.

    Speak now, thanks for once again making it obvious that JJ posts about WEWE because she has a deal with them.

    Have fun asking JJ to delete posts, I will also have fun reposting them again!

    PS-The error page is popping up, so I it’s more than obvious that you are here.

  • betty

    I notice Leann only tweets what she wants too/NBC has cancelled Playboy Club and her tweets are more subdued. Thought the show would have lasted longer.I bet that’s a letdown for Eddie.But that’s showbiz.