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Vanessa Hudgens: Halloween Costume Shopping!

Vanessa Hudgens: Halloween Costume Shopping!

Vanessa Hudgens heads to a Halloween costume store on Monday (October 3) in Studio City, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 22-year-old actress grabbed a smoothie with her younger sis Stella after the two got in a workout at the gym.

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Last week, Vanessa and Stella did some more Halloween preparation and stopped by a pumpkin patch.

The two sisters also enjoyed the sunny weather over the weekend with a bike ride around their neighborhood.

FYI: Stella is wearing a tank by Malibu Native. Vanessa is carrying a Linea Pelle bag.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens going to the costume store…

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96 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Halloween Costume Shopping!”

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  1. 26
    ehryle Says:

    I think she wearing her kuippo ring if her lipstick is red!!! hmmm is she’s ready to LOVE again!! Her ex bday is October 19th then Josh is 12th same month..just saying lol :)

  2. 27
    use your brain Says:

    Why do you all idolise a girl who takes nude photo’s of herself..

  3. 28
    ehryle Says:

    I think she just wearing her kuippo ring if her lipstick was red!! kinda weird bcoz her ex like this color.. hmm and his ex bday is coming this October 18th and Josh on 12th same month!! but she will be in Alaska on that date!! just saying lol :)

  4. 29
    ehryle Says:

    I think she just wearing her kuippo ring if her lipstick was red!! kinda weird bcoz her ex like this color.. hmm and his ex bday is coming this October 18th and Josh on 12th same month!! but she will be in Alaska on that date!! just saying lol :)

  5. 30
    ehryle Says:

    I think she just wearing her kuippo ring if her lipstick was red!! kinda weird bcoz her ex like this color.. hmm and his ex bday is coming this October 18th and Josh on 12th same month!! but she will be in Alaska on that date!! just saying lol :)

  6. 31
    ehryle Says:

    Why we Idolize because she is a straight forward girl, a strong one, a loving person, and she have a good relationship with her friends, family and people around her, she’s down to earth too so if you have a mistake its doesnt mean its end of the world hello and beside dont deal will the past if u want to use ur brain just look at the present and the future ahead!!

  7. 32
    tota Says:

    ??? I wait my younger sister brithday neer. I’m glad for me

  8. 33
    OverHim Says:

    I don’t see the kuippo ring. Am I the only one that’s missing it? I don’t get her love of those short shorts. She’s not a big woman by any means but she does have muscular legs and those short shorts tend to emphasize that in an unflattering way and make her look bigger than she is.

  9. 34
    ele Says:

    use your brain you always ask the same question ok then let my story begin when i was twelve years old i was sick with anorexia and i wanted to die because i didnt like myself i thought that i was ungly and fat when i was really skiny .I went to a hospital and when i went home that day was hsm2 on tv and i when hsm ended all the other i was happy, i laughed , i singed all the hsm songs i was happy and i wasnt happy for a long time then i loved hsm when i was sad i watced hsm i search it on inernet and then i found vanessa how happy ,confidence ,and beautiful she was and her quotes like as long as you follow your heart you are happy or confidence is a key you have to be confidence even if you are not i was seeing something in her eyes that nobody of hsm cast had it then i wanted to learn more about her i was buing everything that had her in i loved her so much when i learn from my friend about her nude photos and told me i guesse she is not innocent and asked me if i loved ashley more now that i learn about vanessas nude photos i told her no now i love her more than everyone yes i was dissapointed for a litlle but when vanessa apoliged about her photos and was getting so much hate for something that belonged to the past people who dont even know her were calling her *****, *****, **** that zac is too good for her and others things then i saw vanessa coming out of the car smilling after all those comments she was smilling i thought that i can do that i can be happy i deserve to be happy she is such a strong person after all this hate she is still so strong so geniously happy thats why i idolise her not because she was with zac efron i dont care about zac efron i dont care what she is doing at her personal life as long as she is happy i am happy i just want her to smile i dont care if the one is zac efron austin or josh i just want her happy when the other day i read what valerie said i felt like something killed me inside girl please dont ever call a girl fat its the worst thing ever everyone deserve to be called beautiful even if they are the ugliest person ever in your eyes they dont deserve to be called ugly vanessa maybe is a ***** like you said but she doesnt deserve to be called ugly

  10. 35
    ka simply amazimg Says:

    see halloween

  11. 36
    Sue Says:

    @florence: I hope she is not wearing her and Zac’s ring for some other guy that is just wrong. People do not wear their ex’s wedding ring for some other guy they should have their own things that is just disrespectful I hope she is a better person then that. That is the same for Zac I do not expect him if he gets another girlfriend to wear his ring for her.

  12. 37
    Sue Says:

    I do not mean her and Zac’s wedding ring I mean people who were once married do not wear their ex’s ring for someone else or to show they care for someone else they have their own thing

  13. 38
    elendur Says:

    What is a kuippo ring? And what does it have to do with Austin or Zac?

  14. 39
    florence Says:

    Her and Zac were never married and he gave her the ring so if she wants to wear it for some other guy why not and there’s no fear of us seeing Zac wear his ring he hardly wore it when they were together it did’nt mean much to him then, not like Vanessa who wore it 99% of the time when she was with him which to me and many showed just how committed she was to him more than he was to her.

    So at the end of the day once your given jewelley unless it’s a engagement or wedding ring you can wear that piece of Jewellery when and for who you want to.

    I hope her and Austin have a long and happy life together they make a great couple. And she’s a lot happier now than she’s ever been pictures are proof.

  15. 40
    barbie Says:

    She used to be really hot-looking before. Somehow, this X-factor seems to have now disappeared, with bad dressing (she’s too large and muscular to pull off this outfit), bad hairstyle and badly-applied makeup. She actually is a very pretty girl with a strong dancer’s body….just needs a little help….

  16. 41
    Sue Says:

    @florence: I don’t care what you think about Zac he gave her that ring and if she is the person everyone keeps saying she is then she would not disrespect the relationship she had with Zac by wearing his ring for some other the way Zac has worn his ring even after the break up and i do not think she and Austin make a cute couple. He is not cute at all

  17. 42
    elendur Says:

    It’s obvious now she’s dating Austin. We wont know if it’s a “relationship”
    until she gets back from Alaska.If their still together then I’d take the kuippio ring stuff a little more seriously.

  18. 43
    me Says:

    when vanessa is going to film frozen ground

  19. 44
    FloridaSam Says:

    Yeah, show those chunky legs!!

  20. 45
    FloridaSam Says:

    @Sienna: “pitty” or “petty”? Oh, right – you wouldn’t know the difference. You’re too busy idolizing.

  21. 46
    Barbra Says:

    @sophie: Eat a lot, you’ll have them.

  22. 47
    me Says:

    FloridaSam there is somewhere a job for a ***** and ***** give me a call please i can help to get that job because you are a real ***** bye loser

  23. 48
    me Says:

    FloridaSam Barbra you are that ***** ???????????? right nice try

  24. 49
    OverHim Says:

    @florence: A long and happy life? They’ve been dating for like 2 weeks. He just turned 20 in August and she’s 22. I doubt either one of them are thinking happily ever after right now. Goodness. Give them some time to breathe and get to know each other and get beyond casual dating where all of their friends are around every time they’re out before pairing them off for life.

    I like Vanessa, iffy taste in fashion these days aside, but if she’s wearing a ring that Zac bought her, which represented their relationship and commitment, and is now using it to symbolize her commitment to another guy, that’s just really crass and thoughtless. And I don’t think she’s that crass or thoughtless.

    Not to mention it’d be really cheap, crass and tasteless of Austin. What guy uses the girlfriend’s ex’s ring to symbolize their new relationship? From what I’ve heard Austin is a nice, respectful guy so I doubt the Kuippo ring is some symbol of his and Vanessa’s relationship.

    Or maybe her wearing it, if she’s even really wearing it, has nothing to do with whatever she does/doesn’t have with Austin and has everything to do with what the ring means personally to Vanessa and Vanessa alone? Not everything she does has to do with whatever man is currently in her life.

  25. 50
    OverHim Says:

    @barbie: yeah, she does seem to be dressing like when she was about 15 pounds lighter and could pull off anything. But with all of the muscle she built up her current style doesn’t flatter her at all. She can’t pull off skimpy, barely there anymore not at her current weight and body shape. She has a stylist so why not point that out and help her find a more figure flattering style for her new body. She’s still very pretty but she needs help in pulling everything together again to suit her new body.

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