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Johnny Depp Covers 'Vanity Fair' November 2011

Johnny Depp Covers 'Vanity Fair' November 2011

Johnny Depp crosses his arms on the cover of Vanity Fair‘s November 2011 issue, on newsstands Thursday (October 6) in New York and Los Angeles and nationally on Wednesday (October 12).

Here’s what the 48-year-old actor had to share:

On despising photo shoots: “You just feel like you’re being raped somehow. Raped. The whole thing. It feels like a kind of weird”just weird, man…. Whenever you have a photo shoot or something like that, it’s like”you just feel dumb. It’s just so stupid.”

On why he feels compelled to take on as many projects as he can: “Basically, if they’re going to pay me the stupid money right now, I’m going to take it. I have to. I mean, it’s not for me. Do you know what I mean? At this point, it’s for my kids. It’s ridiculous, yeah, yeah. But ultimately is it for me? No. No. It’s for the kids.”

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Photos: Terry Richardson
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  • lu

    fresh and fierce

  • xoxo

    I hate celebs who complain.
    if I got his millions I’d gladly get “raped”(get my picture taken).

  • Nikki

    Johnny Depp is the king of everything!

  • sweetness

    Johnny you’re amazing actor..BUT please can these stars stop comparing being photographed WHICH makes them more famous to being raped. Is it some trendy thing they say which they think makes them seem cool. Have they ever met anyone who has actually been raped? I hardly think being pampered and having everyone at you hand and foot to take your pic is comparable to being raped.

  • Oprah

    Seriously, Johnny Depp? Is he SERIOUSLY comparing photo shoots to rape?

    That honestly offends me slightly.

  • Nicole

    Let me count the reasons I love Johnny Depp (and its not his looks). to be fair, Johnny Depp has been anti fame and all that BS his entire career and before so the interviewer prob asked him about why he hates the paps and moved to France to get away etc.

    Idk, he seems cool, i’d drink with him and vanessa!

  • Oprah

    I’m honestly slightly offended by the comparing of photoshoots to rape, that just honestly is the stupidest thing ever to say, and this is coming from someone who likes Johnny Depp.

  • Oprah

    Aw shit, I thought my last comment didn’t go through, so I made another…And this one to comment on it. XP

  • Kirsten

    I like Johnny but he shouldn’t have said the rape comments. Also, why take on silly projects to make more money? He’s already a superstar. He’s a great actor and it seems like he’s selling out a bit. He should focus on quality films. I still love him, though and the cover is nice.

  • catchy

    barely looks like himself without facial hair O_o

  • Delilah

    I will always love Johnny, but he is pretty ridiculous complaining abut photoshoots and comparing them to being raped. He talks about all the money he makes being for his kids, but he has a very expensive lifestyle too. He has the chateau in France, apartments in London, Paris, and New York, several houses in Hollywood, and he owns a private island, a few boats, and his own private jet. When was the last time you heard anything about him taking a commercial airplane? coming and going thru an airport like most other famous celebrities? He has a lot of people working for him, too, serving him and keeping up with all his “stuff.” He’s a beautiful looking man and a great actor when he wants to be, but please spare me all the goss.

  • pan

    I wonder if Johnny’s gonna get sh*t for comparing rape and being photographed…same thing Kristen Stewart said and she got slammed by it. I mean, I’m sure they don’t mean to offend anyone. But it’s really just their opinion.

  • Zzz

    Johnny just made a no no. There are just certian things you don’t say and comparing a photo shoot to getting raped is one of them. Johnny you signed up for this life style if you don’t like it anymore, quit. I think you’ve made enough money for you and your kids. A person who raped didn’t choose anything, they are victims of crimes and is a terrible ordeal. Again it’s just a big no no.

  • Zzz

    Johnny just made a no no. There are just certian things you don’t say and comparing a photo shoot to getting raped is one of them. Johnny you signed up for this life style if you don’t like it anymore, quit. I think you’ve made enough money for you and your kids. A person who raped didn’t choose anything, they are victims of crimes and is a terrible ordeal. Again it’s just a big no no.

  • Mika

    i cannot believe this man i still so HOT :) i love you JD!

  • carrie

    he’s offensive for every raped victim and he worked with Polanski

    i can explain you dislike to be taken in pics but here he’s idiot and hypocrite

  • Smile

    Vanity Fair has three favorite actors who every single year grace their cover: Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson.

    But comparing photoshoot to rape is beyond ridiculous. Nobody makes him to do it. Well if Depp wanted , he wouldn’t do this VF cover, right?Sometimes it’s really getting annoying when famous people complain about their life, fame, but they don’t complain when take millions dollars checks.

  • Smile

    @xoxo: Good point. Who would mind doing it?

  • jane

    hm… I lOVE Johnny Depp, but last time Kristen Stewart compared anything to rape she got a huge amount of crap. Deserved crap, but still. I doubt that’s going to happen to Johnny.

  • soph

    What? What he has is not enough to feed, dress and give his kids tons of opportunities most children never get? I mean, it’s not like he is a working actor who needs a paycheck to pay his bills. And then complaining? Money makes people a bit delusional which is kind of surprising when we are talking about Johnny Depp, I thought he was different:/

  • شات حلا

    you only get “raped” if your publicist calls the paps and tells them to do so…

  • Bibi

    He must have hundreds of millions by now. How much money do his kids need/spend? He and Vanessa look like borderline homeless people with their appearance. I am glad to see him fresh and cleaned up every once in a while when he is “raped” (photographed by world’s most talented photographers!!!)

  • what?

    Shut up, Johnny. Just shut up.
    He sold himself out to the all mighty dollar by doing garbage like Pirates 4 for the money, then he has the nerve to whine about fame?
    Then to top it, he compares getting his picture taken to rape?
    And we wonder why he supports Polanskl?
    That’s it.
    He will never get another dollar at the box office from me.

  • eww

    Has he had work done?
    He looks….different.
    BTW Johnny.
    After that comment about rape…..go to h*ll.

  • http://n/a Victoria

    Kristen Stewart made similar comments last year about how she felt she was “raped” regarding the media intrusion into her private life. I wonder how the public will react to a male star’s, in this case Johnny Depp (who is is a more popular artist ) as compared to a female making similar comments. I remember it was there was a lot of negative PR she received where her publicist had to issue a statement and do some damage control with RAINN.

    Just an interesting thought. I think we understand why stars might feel violated but their choices of words in describing their emotions and experiences should be considered and chosen carefully. Their comments are read my many and can be considered insensitive in an area of already difficult issue. My thoughts go out for the people who have unfortunately are victims of a horrendous crime nonetheless.

    Thank you.

  • justme

    I am offended by his choice of the word rape. And he needs to suck it up, there are worst things than doing a photo shoot for your job!! He should try REAL WORK, doing a real job like millions do every day to make ends meet. The Whole money comment is offensive too considering how many struggle from paycheck to paycheck and he gets loads of $ to play dress-up!! I thought he had more integrity as an actor and was not ruled by the $, but that says alot about him. He could donate it to charity then (actually come to think of it, he rarely is seen doing charity?!). DISLIKE these comments and makes me not like Johnny quite so much anymore.

  • Lauren

    Is no one taking into account that this is a magazine, and that what he has said could’ve been edited out, and now is being taken out of context? This happened when he was quoted about America a few years back.

    Just because someone has money, doesn’t it makes them happy. Celebrities are just like everyone else, if you take away their extravagent life style, they can have the good days, their off days. Johnny Depp is allowed to complain like everyone else. The one I actually admire about the guy is that he is honest about what he’s feeling about celebrity life, he seeing it for how it is. He’s been in the business for 25 years, and he has never lied through his teeth. He does a job, that’s all he’s seeing it as – a job, doesn’t matter how successful it is.

    Yes, comparing photoshoots to rape was a bit…extreme. But, if you all think about it, photoshoots and being photographed in general is violation of privacy – you’re exposing yourself to other people’s scrutiny. By the sounds of it, he’s saying he’ll happily do them, because he gets paid to do it – but he’s not happy. He’s a private person, most celebrities are private people.

    You’re all scrutinizing him now in fact, for a quote that may not be the ins and outs of what he meant – you’re reading an article that had been snipped and trimmed to the editors liking.

  • Jasmine

    I love Johnny but this interview makes him sound like an ignorant prick.

  • http://google sunflower

    How dare you compare photo shoots to rape. You have no idea what ‘rape’ really is. You should be ashame of yourself for saying that and apologize to all the women, men and children that have actually experienced such a trauma. Such a jerk!!

  • durrrr

    Wow thats a horrible thing to say. Especially offensive to people who have actually been raped.

  • Frida

    I love love love you Johnny but comparing a photoshoot to rape is not the way to go.

  • Brandon

    How disgusting that he would compare someone doing his makeup and hair then taking his picture to rape, He should really apologize what a loser , then again he also thought rapist Roman Polanski should be forgiven and allowed back in the states to make movies so it seem he thinks rape is no big deal, how disappointing.

  • Ka simply amazing

    looks at his face gay poor hahahahaha

  • ghia

    Now that is a dumb and self-absorbed comment. Photoshoots are for promoting your movie idiot! which by the way gives you your millions of dollars. Comparing it to sexual assault is more than offensive not only to victims but to the majority of the populace as well.

    Kristen’s comment last year was dumb but more reasonable given that she compares it to the papz who hounds and shouts nasty things to her. Thank goodness she apologized sincerely. But Johnny Depp? he’s been in this industry for decades and he should have known better. He is now on the level of Natalie Portman when she said eating meat is rape. I hope he doesn’t get a pass this time just because he is a super A-list star.


    I get that everyone is upset about the rape comment – yeah, to a large majority of people the word relates to the action. However, I’ve found that it’s very common for people with more conceptual/ creative backgrounds to use the term to relate this idea of seizing something by force – to suggest something highly invasive – granted Depp should be more aware of the effect of his words but on the other hand. people shouldn’t take his words so literally, he’s not comparing himself to a victim that’s been sexually raped but using the word in a more conceptual manner.

  • Putter

    @DAISY: Well said. I don’t particularly like him, but some are taking his comment to the extreme. I get what he meant, he just shouldn’t have put it that way.

  • edzctor
  • @36

    So he was “forced” to sit for photos?
    Was his person invaded?
    Did they brutalize his poor little psyche like asault victims are brutalized?
    There is no excuse for him using those words. And it’s made even more damning because of his support of Roman Polanski.
    And he does feel that he is a ‘victim’ or that comparison would never have crossed his lips.
    He should be ashamed of himself.


    So you’re just giving up on Johnny Depp just like that!? I will always love him! NO MATTER WHAT, and:

    You’re so overreacting everything. The editors definitely never really write the exact words that famous people say, if they put it together this and that way it will be paid much more attention. I think that you’re the ones that’s dumb and stupid, don’t fall for anything until Johnny do admit it, or apologize for it or refuse it. It’s so wrong of you to just give up all faith in Johnny with only hollywood/celebrity evidence! There’s so many things written about him that isn’t true at all. Even daily news in the newspaper are changed into a more dramatic story. AND don’t use such an evil words tords him, he still is a person!!! YOU’re the ones that makes me angry. Years back there was an article who told everyone “Johnny Depp is dead” and another “Johnny cheating on Vanessa” The cheating story was actually vanessa and johnny kissing, but all the horrible paparazzi said it was someone else. AND YES, I DO HAVE EVIDENCE.

  • Script-tur

    I could care less what this article says…does change my mind.

    I continue to enjoy Depp’s movies. He still maintains the mystic that I like my actors to have on screen…meaning….I can watch him and NOT see Depp…but the character.

    Cannot wait to see him as Barnabus Collins in Dark Shadows remake.


    @IUY_Vilma_ALWAYS JD:

    Besides, I get what he mean, it’s just that’s a bit strangely formulated… But just because the word “rape” is in the text everyone has to go extreme.

  • annie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE him or not i love that hes doing lots of movies,the more we get to see him or me anyway,love him,the koolest guy.hes so talented and hes got the smarts too.what a classy handsome man.



    Thanks! Finally someone who think like I do! :) We shouldn’t judge famous people this hard, we shouldn’t say evil words to him without evidence!!! Long Live JD


    @Ka simply amazing:

    That’s just a silly comment who ever you are. (reply to Ka simply amazing) Firstly, please just don’t go around and say that kind of things, it’s not cool. Secondly, he’s not gay, and his looks are brilliant. Specially when you know that he’s 48 years! Long Live Johnny Depp

  • no

    It’s not just the word that he used today. It’s his past comments, too.
    i gave him the the benefit of a doubt when he mouthed off about America. But he turned me against him when he stuck up for a pedophile. After this, he can go to he!!.

  • dina

    WTF………..stupid things that only a STUPID man can say………come on be real emo

  • rescue

    Johnny, adore you….but come on. Rape? No.

  • crystal

    i still love him after all this years he is still sexy



    He wasn’t forced in the traditional sense, no. But if you look at his justification for doing his job, you must surely understand a little then? – This idea that he does things he doesn’t love because of his kids – so yeah, indirectly his hand is kinda being forced. You might say, Oh he can say no and choose to walk away any time. But seriously? Walk away from such a well paid gig and do what? How would he provide for his kids in such a way then?

    Also, as aforementioned, I understand that people are offended (and am slightly playing devil’s advocate) but people should stop literalising Depp’s use of the word – if the word strawberry came to mean/ represent a horrible attack on coloured people – should people not say that they love strawberries or stop using the word altogether? So many words have more than one meaning – a lot of them are only known by the public for one particular usage – but people who use words in different ways/ for different purposes shouldn’t be crucified.

  • Bobby

    Depp has said a few idiotic things in the past, but I’ve always managed to convince myself that they really weren’t so bad, and that he is still awesome.

    But this time… I just can’t.