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NBC Cancels 'The Playboy Club'

NBC Cancels 'The Playboy Club'

NBC has pulled the plug on The Playboy Club.

The new drama, which starred Jenna Dewan, Amber Heard, and Eddie Cibrian, brought in lower than expected ratings and backlash from the Parents Television Council.

“I think there’s a perception of the show that’s false,” Playboy Club creator Chad Hodge said of comments that the show objectified women (via THR). “There are different brands of feminism and I don’t think it should be boxed into any one version.”

Brian Williams‘ newsmagazine Rock Center will take over The Playboy Club‘s spot beginning on October 31.

ARE YOU SAD to see The Playboy Club axed?

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  • Jessica

    It was so amazing. What a shame NBC. Amber, Jenna, Laura, Leah and the rest of the cast deserved more time and so the fans

  • annie

    Such sad news. great show. Amber Heard will be missed

  • megan

    geez, i wish NBC would have gave it a fighting chance! a weekly dose of amber heard was good for the soul…now what am i to do?

  • Nancy

    Such a shame, but I also saw this coming. I was beginning to really like the show. PTC overreacted.

  • Lisa lee

    OMG… Loved the show!! Was my tip pick out of all the new shows!! Parent council!! Are You kidding me??

  • http://Da Slig o lambert ^_____^ cute

    Jenna so beautiful

  • bebe

    I didn’t watch the show, but I think it’s pretty lame that the Parents Council campaigned against it. It’s not a show for children, and from what I’ve heard, the sex and violence is pretty tame compared to a lot of other shows. Maybe they should have tried producing the show on a cable network.

  • Allison

    Parents have a problem with “The Playboy Club” but not 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, Dance Moms, and Toddlers & Tiaras?

  • wow

    noooooooooooo it was just getting good! I hate when Networks do this based on slow ratings (at first) many shows pick up momentum if given the chance. This sucks. It was the only new show this fall I like. boo.
    Beverly Hills 90210 (yeah that mega hit) had horrible ratings the first summer it was out way back in 1990. But with time it became a cultural phenomenon. Not saying this would too, but sometimes it takes time for people to get into a show. :(

  • Lily

    I hadn’t started watching the show but from what I heard it wasn’t bad
    though I can’t say I’m surprised NBC pulled the plug on yet another good show, when is someone going to get rid of those upper-level suits that are ruining a perfectly nice network because of a bunch of numbers?
    bloody number-crunchers :(((

  • Sarah

    I love this show WHY??? I love Eddie..

  • http://n/a The Save

    I think Parent Council campaigning against it could have been a good thing if the show had the goods to outshine the controversy. A show of this subject would want people to talk about it even if they don’t like the subject matter b/c any pr is good pr when its a new show. Unfortunately the show and its performers don’t have the goods to carry off this type of program. Amber Heard is an exception, but Eddie is terrible in this role to the point that I don’t even know why he was chosen.

  • Nicole

    omg WHY?!?!?!?! This show was freaken fantastic!!! I loved it!!! Screw the PTC, this show isn’t even half as bad as they make it out to be. Seriously this was my favorite new fall show, I am SO sad! :( Amber Heard is an amazing actress and I was so excited to see more of her! This is a sad day… I can’t believe this was axed, and Free Agents is still on. NBC you really screwed up…

  • amanda

    I can’t stand the major networks these days!!! It takes time for people to start getting into a new show. It’s not like the reality shows… know back in the day it took several seasons for shows like Who’s the Boss and Growing Pains to get a big fan base. Now if they don’t get the viewership they want in 2 or 3 shows they cancel the show. I cannot stand this!!!!!!

  • boo

    If this were a show where people acted “challenged” and crazy it would have been picked up for a second season already. what a pity. Its the first show I’ve watched on NBC in years. Is there a way we can petition?????!!!!! go on their facebook or something? I guess its not trashy Jersey Shore. The classy 60s are so not cool these days I suppose….sigh.

  • betty

    The show was cancelled due to low ratings.If the public liked the show they would have watched.There are always groups campaigning against something but if the public likes it they will watch regardless.

  • shopaholic

    I never watched it because I cant stand that lowlife eddie cibrian.

  • shopaholic

    Nope Im not sad at all. I didnt watch it because I cant stand that lowlife eddie cibrian.

  • Beck

    It’s the type of show that would’ve only worked on cable.

  • bertha

    wow, so many brainless morons who think this show was good.
    it was a total waste of airtime.

  • shopaholic

    Nope Im not sad at all. I didnt watch it because I cant stand that lowlife eddie cibrian.

  • Beck

    It’s the type of show that would’ve only worked on cable.

  • shopaholic

    Nope Im not sad at all. I didnt watch it because I cant stand that lowlife eddie cibrian.

  • shopaholic

    Sorry for my multiple posts, im having problems with my internet.

  • Val

    Eddie is a bad actor and an even worse human being.

  • http://@charlizzie Charlie

    I’m happy that I’m a Mormon. I’m happy that this show had gone in a wind. Morality still works on TV.

    And sorry Mr. Cibrian it hurts that you did not impregnated LeAnn which was why she fell in love for someone. Take that.

  • Mary

    So sad to hear this! I was just becoming addicted. And I love Jenna in it!!!!! She will get a better bigger role after this

  • Val

    Eddie’s a bad actor and a worse human being.

  • Ka simply amazing

    You’re hot and nice big boobs

  • Julie

    The show had great production values and a fine cast, except for Cibrian. He seems to think since he’s good looking he can just stand there and we will all swoon. Bring the show back without Cibrian and it might make it. I can never take seriously a show that has Cibrian in it, even bit parts.

  • Ladyb

    I am very disappointed. I really like the show. I hope cable picks it up.

  • sorry

    whos cares if you dont like Eddie or not. Get rid of him and I would still like it. He can easily be replaced I’m sure. It was a good show. Love anything vintage Playboy. what a pity.

  • Ladyb

    Julie, I kind of disagree. I think I was surprised how good of an actor Cibrian is. The only thing I didn’t like was he’s constant smiling. There are some scenes I thought he should have a serious face. But his accent and coolness was good for the show.

  • The Save

    @Julie, I couldn’t agree more. I don’t care about eddie’s private life or what type of man he is in real life I just wanted to watch new quality tv shows for the season. Eddie Cibrian is terrible in this role, he just didn’t fit and it was obvious. There are so many good looking, available actors who would do this role far more justice then Cibrian did.

  • rebecca

    im so sad, they canceled this show. it was really interesting and showed you what life was like for these women. The PTC probably do not understand the show and probably thought it was all about porn. i mean damm they left free agents on air why not cancel that??

  • frances

    to the people that said the acting was good… are you kidding?? the female leads were tolerable, but all Eddie C did was try to copy Jon Hamm’s Don Draper character… it made me cringe because it was so obvious that he was trying to copy that character, and it was a bad impression of it. He was AWFUL.

  • not a fan of le cibri

    I’d love to be a wall on the fly in Leann’s house right now, first her fence, then Brandi’s show is rocking it, then she coudln’t stop bragging about living in Chi Town and now they have to pack up and go home to find him a job. LOL – Karma Leann!

  • Jenna

    Personally I thought the show was okay but it made one thing clear to me. Eddie Cibrian has cute dimples but can’t act his way out of a wet paper bag. He did not fit the role and the show probably would have had a longer shelf life and been better off without him. He isn’t talented enough to have such a pivotal role and from most of what I read in comments here and on other sites, many people can’t stand him based on his personal life.Not a good thing for any show and his lackluster acting skills hardly compensate. As far as the Parents Council goes, this show was not marketed to kids in any way unlike so many of the “reality” shows glorifying teem pregnancy. Why aren’t they protesting them? I am sure they have done much more damage than The Playboy Club ever could have.

  • Judit

    cant say im surprised, the show was a bit slow (i dont think it was about the perception)… anyways im sad for Amber Heard and Jenna Dewan, finally i could see them somewhere and now its gone :( Give them a new show pls

  • Krystle

    I love this show! i’m a woman and do not feel objectified at all. It’s been added to my week’s lineup of TV and should not be cancelled

  • Script-tur

    No surprise here. NBC jumping on the boat with a blast from past type show..and ABC’s PANAM…is too little —too late.

    AMC jumped ahead with MadMen, Breaking Bad and Walking Dead because just like FX, Showtime — and the originator–HBO..cable programming rules!

    These nets have the others beat with better scripts, edginess and acting.

    AND—JonHamm and the rest of the MM cast are REAL actors and they have NO time to tweet like Mr. Cibrian’s new wife does because THAT is so distracting ….it’s a turn off!

  • Maurene

    Why do they always cancel good shows. I was really enjoying this and am very dissapointed.

  • tristessa

    that’s not fair, I just see a couple of episode, it’s too soon to decide if it’s good or not.

  • SandrahMsFabulous

    Shows like that should be on HBO, Showtime…to survive. Brandi Glanville (Cibrian’s ex wife) will have something to talk about for sure. Wasn’t Cibrian in CSI Miami? What happened? He kind of reminds me of John Stamos > one of those actors struggling hard to make it in Hollywood.

  • anthony

    I really liked the show, I would have traded Eddie for someone else but that is about it. Amber, Jenna and the others were amazing and there wasn’t much sex or violence at all. I figured it would get the axe though, most of the good shows seem to while dumb “reality” tv crap shows seem to go on forever… Who needs 5 talent competitions, Jersey people getting wasted or to see a group of idiots trying to survive on an island year after year..???

  • شات حلا

    arab girl good for edi

  • Go Ask Alice

    I saw the two shows and it was ok. A lil slow. Same for Pan Am, which should be getting canceled soon.
    Eddie C smilies too much..not best actor.
    these two shows are coycats ofMadmen era shows,thing is you have to go all the way as in on HBO,Showtime. Bring it. If you go half way, the show gets canceled. You have to push boundaries with these shows and thus,they are not for network tv.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …The funny thing is i’ve been watching this. And even though I ‘sort’ of liked it (meh) I knew it was going to be canceled at any moment. I’m sure it might have gotten better but oh well. LOL

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Not surprised at all, I predicted this would be the first new show to get cancelled. People just weren’t tuning in.

  • Dawn

    The show would have tanked even without the PTC. Don’t give them a victory on this.