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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: NYC Stroll

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: NYC Stroll

Hayden Christensen and girlfriend Rachel Bilson go for a walk on Wednesday (October 5) in New York City.

The 30-year-old Hart of Dixie star recently told USA Today that their relationship is “not a secret – I just don’t talk about it.”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rachel Bilson

“If you’re in a relationship for a long time and you grow together, I think that’s the goal,” she shared. “So it’s definitely at a different level, and I think that’s how love should be, and it should always grow.”

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  • Lizzie

    Sexy couple. I like them together.

  • Gaby Lang

    LOVE Rachel’s outfit. (Canadian Style)

  • Eh?

    Why is she listening to music while she is with her boyfriend?

  • lexy hates bilson

    Yes, she has to keep it private b/c they are a super couple like Brangelina. Maybe he’s in town so Josh Schwartz can get him a job too!

  • Lizzie

    @Eh?: She’s on her phone dumba$$.

  • Jax

    Wow. Doesn’t he just look like the poster boy for domestic bliss. Ugh.

  • Marie

    So they’re back on again? LOL Definitely not at the top of my need to know radar. Anyhoo…hope the second time around works out for them both.

  • Eh?

    to me it looked like she was listening to music, no need to resort to name calling when I asked a simple question Geez…relax…

  • mary

    I see Rachel is still bearding for Hayden + free press for her show doesn’t hurt either.

  • No name like so many here

    People were making comments in the last Rachel thread about twitter, you wanted proof now you have it, both are in NY, both still together-neither would give any thought to negative or positive comments made on this board.

    The few here that post under multiple names and repeat the same boring comments over and over have a field day with this, let’s see it will be for PR-cause her show got 1.5, Her picture is on JJ because payment has been made, Hayden needs to be seen with his 5 year beard etc etc

    Some of you should spend your time back on Imdb, or perhaps JJ is just the location for trolls because you ain’t got nowhere else to go.

  • zey

    see jared small doses of Rachel is fine.. I do dig her style… once a week maybe twice a week jared at most ok..

  • YAYA

    “It’s not a secret, I jut don’t talk about it”…I LOVE THAT!!! They are so cute together.

  • Ms.uma

    Love they, he so handsome

  • just me

    She did that on purpose he did not say that they was couple. She was the one that said. She ran behind him for pubicity that is all. They still not acting like couple. Still not acting like a couple.look like friends

  • LaughItUp

    A smile on her face… right at the cameras. No this wasn’t staged for the her new show at all. NEVER LMAO Might be worth a few thousand more people in next weeks ratings. Her boyfriend looks just THRILLED to be there. LMAO.
    @YAYA: She did talk about it recently in at least one interview possibly two. LMAO
    She is listening to music not on the phone. Bluetooth devices tend to not look like earbuds for music. Smile big for those cameras Rach Lol. I think everyone saw this coming just in time to promote her new show. Rachel posts never get old because of the humor factor. She always makes the mistake of looking right at the camera when pretending she doesn’t know they are there. Acting 101. Don’t look right at the camera Rach LMAO.
    If that movie she did with Kate Bosworth ever comes out I can’t wait for the photo ops we would get out of that. They basically are the blonde and brunette versions of eachother. Lol.
    Her hair is back to normal and a mess but on a positive note. I love her outfit.

  • Rita

    Nice to see photos of Hayden and Rachel, they are so cute together! Rachel will be on Regis & Kelly in the morning, and on Jimmy Fallon tomorrow night. Hayden has a movie called Battlecreek in the works with Clint Eastwood’s daughter directing that is supposed to start filming sometime this month (according to Hayden Fan News). I hope this movie works out for him. He does not seem to have problems getting movies, it’s just the ones he picks don’t seem to get off the ground for one reason or another. Hope they have a great time in New York.

  • screwed

    And of course here’s another hype!
    HER non-rating show badly needs more ratings as it consistently stuck-up w/ just a million – so here it goes…

  • blairite

    Rashchel: “Oh here’s the paps! Hey Hayden smile and look at me! Look at me dammit! The paps are here!
    Haydeign: “Yeah right… geeesh!”

    And of course they would eventually get marry… “””When The Sun Rises In The West And Sets In The East In The Northern Hemisphere”””.

  • Chelly

    Such big news…every gossip column is sure to grab onto this story. Right? I like him, but damn everyone makes this into such a big deal that it isn’t. Geez could he look any more annoyed and could she be happier to see a camera.

  • just me

    jared she did this for her show nothing else. She still using hayden I see. And about her relationship with him Its not true are she would live in canada with him. And she don’t. That is not a relationship when you run behind a man. He suppose to come to you sometime. I bet he will not come back home with her at all. He probably go back home. And beside jared you wouldn’t post a picture when she was doing her work. All rachel do is tell lies. She said that she didn;t go nowhere and here she is.That’s why nobody take her serious about what she say. She says all that and she will be hooked up with another guy later on just see. It too late to promote her show now isn’t it ? The guys on the show must like her that well. Why she keep running behind hayden like that.You see he don’t want to be bother with her she making herself be with him.She don’t talk about cause its not a real relationship at all.They don’t act like no couple at all, You know that she will be hooking up with someone soon. Jared you’re late on this.If they are cute couple then that’s all they got. She will be back home tomorrow without him.She got to be on jimmy fallon show. Also he don’t look happy to be with her here. Stop saying that;s his girlfriend when he didn’t say they was. Just because she said it. things has change she said. About her being having the earphone on. She just pretending not to be notice, Its all about her. She lied about them having a relatinship to promote her show,

  • shadowy

    Just find an endless entertainment just to observe these 2 dweeb losers in action to the max!
    HIS bored-stiff face (as default) accurately looks like that “he can’t wait for HER flat-azzess to go back fast to LA while him on his Canadian hidey-hole for another indefinite period of time and would just wait for another month or so for their another obligatory photo-ooops” LMAO

  • That

    I agree. This crap has been going on for 5 years. What useless lives these people live, that this is all they have, promoting a fake relationship, and him looking miserable the entire time, for the entire time while she mugs for the camera. This is like porn for her I think. Good grief.

  • MM Hmm

    The only time she gets real press is when she’s with him. Her comments alone are small, but when he’s involved, she banks.

  • blairite

    Rashchel must have noticed that her JJ’s thread were having hard time reaching a second page anymore; she gets so upset that she had to call on for emergency assistance in aid of another photo-ops for her CW’s lowest rating debut TV show that would surely giving her more hits in the gossip blogs. So Haydeign came out of his cave to the rescue. Funny when these two started hooking-up, Haydeign is still a B-lister while Rashchel a Dlister; as it still is & by default. Now instead of him bringing his B-list status on her; it’s absolutely the other way around. Surely it really sucks when a “bad omen &/or dreadful curse” plastered on one’s face of a celebritard perpetually,

  • Peepholer

    They are so cute together!! Content, having fun, happy. Like, two pea’s in a pod!! Glad they are sticking it out. They seem perfect for each other.

  • just me

    @shadowy: Agree with you on that. And what she say is small when you don’t really mean it. And he go and hide for a fews weeks again at a time. I already said that what he does pretending that he going to work on a movie and he doesn’t do one. And she pops up and say something about their relationship when she said she don’t talk about it. As long as he show up with her in public she won’t say nothing about what he does when he leave and go home . Still doing the same thing hee did before. He want to keep his name out are magazines i see. No more mention about him going home as long as he’s not working and he come and hang with her for one day. To make things seem ok . Like i said she still using him. But still no one believe what she says anyway. Only the ones that like her.@Rita: What movie ? No one is in it but him. there is no one in it but him. About new york she taped the show last week. So she will just be home to do jimmy fallon show. Also hayden is not having a good time in new york he looks misable at most. If he cared about her he would have called to la to visited her.Natalie portman still would been the best for him. Rachel is still a nobody. She won’t get alot are comments until she break up with him. Like leo and blake.Letting people see him with her is not going to make people see her show at all. Rachel knows what she doing as always. Tell lies that she don’t want to talk about him. Then she does. When the lies going to stop? He suppose to be the star not her. This not going to end in a good way. I remember when all hayden was about was his work. Now he acts like he don’t care about it anymore.He just going have to leave rachel alone again. That’s the only way he going to get any work done. If not there goes his career. Rachel has her show why don’t she leave him alone?

  • The RINGER Would Rule!!!

    Ringer (The CW): 0.9
    Status: There’s no way the fifth network will slam the door on La Gellar, no matter how unremarkable her ratings are.
    ***This show will air for a full season.***

    Hart of Dixie (The CW): 0.8
    Status: This rating is traditionally at the BOTTOM OF THE BARREL for a CW drama, and yet it was the premiere.
    Question is: Does CW have anything to put in its place?

  • wtf?

    The Hart of Dixie isn’t too bad. I don’t understand all the hate.
    P.S They do appear to be an odd couple. He always looks so depressed.

  • That

    Peepholer, you are obviously blind. Or just dumb. This is truly the face of :
    “They are so cute together!! Content, having fun, happy. Like, two pea’s in a pod!! Glad they are sticking it out. They seem perfect for each other.”


  • reedley

    “The oc-relic looking like a brainless chipmunk laughing hard at her bff’s deep-sick-catatonic-dog face” LOL.
    … their one for books laugh-story would always be an awful, predictable & a tanking telenovela.

  • ?

    Have his prospects as an actor dried up? He doesn’t seem to do too much these days.

  • Giovanna

    The comments about her being with him for publicity are so stupid, he is no huge deal. He will always be Darth Vader and to the true Star Wars fans he is the guy that managed to make Darth Vader seem like anyone could kick his ass.
    Racel isn’t smiling at the camar she is talking on the phone. I have the same headphones and that thing she is holding between her fingers is what you talk into.
    The one thing i will never get is the comments on this website that say she loves having her picture taken for publicity when to anyone else she is one of the only actresses who dosen’t start acting all fake when there is a camara in front of them. Celebrities get photographed. She dosen’t get photograhed anywhere out of the ordinary, only when she goes out to do what we all do. She only ever acknowledges paps with a polite smile but looks a bit uncomfortable but continues with her things accepting as part of the territory.
    So if you don’t like her don’t look at her pictures and if you’re jealous which is all you sound like then become actresses and get photographed and go after Hayden.
    Rchel is talented. Acording to people who have actually met her and know her she is very nice and down to earth. Plus she beautiful.

  • Jon

    @Giovanna: Thank you! I agree with you 100%!! I will never understand why the people on this site think Hayden is such a big deal. Hayden was popular for being on Star Wars, yeah. Well, Rachel also became popular from being on the hugely popular TV show, The O.C. I’m sure the people who are saying all of these things have never even seen a single episode of The O.C., so they don’t understand why she is so popular. And saying she’s just “using” him is HILARIOUS. Using him for what?? The only media buzz there has ever been about them is the break-up/make-up thing. These two are hardly ever photographed together, if she wanted to get attention for being with him like most of you say, you’d think we’d see a lot more of them.


    wow a mixed bag of comments here,

    love the way as allway’s he is so happy to be with her (not)
    could they look any less fake as they do now?
    i mean who has headphones in while being with there so called boyfriend, i call that bad manners,

    sorry once again they could not look any less like they are a couple they need to stop it now they are fooling no one.

  • aberfitch

    Oh yeah she’s such a “beautiful & private…* tranny*”!



    that will be the only thing he will like about her.


    oh please people, get over yourself saying she does not enjoy having her picture taken? what planet do you live on

    she lives and breathes having the paps taking pics of her, and its the best acting she does pretending otherwise, its well known she does tip them off as to where she is, and only acts like she does not when hc is with her, why do you think she wears sunglasses? to hide the fact she loves it.

  • LOLiipop

    again dating?
    I like rachel :)

  • gglover128

    @lexy hates bilson if you hate Rachel then why are you on her post all the time lol

  • to all hypos


    Oh please get over yourself. You sound so naive to say that PR including paparazzi candids are not part of every entertainers life.
    What planet are you from?
    There are very very few entertainers that can afford to stay completely out of the public eye and still work. For most every other entertainer out there, the paparazzi are a necessary evil sometimes.
    They are there so why not use them to your advantage.
    It doesn’t make any of the celebs bad people. Don’t be so naive or play intentionally dumb about it.
    It works and that’s why you’re on a gossip site.


    @40-TO ALL HYPOS

    if you think you are clever enough to read the past comments do so,
    i was talking about the fact she acts like she does not enjoy the paps,
    that is a lie she loves it, but does not act like she does ok?
    they dont and seek her out you know,
    they are outside her home and follow her inside shop’s
    if she did not like it why not say something?
    but she never does,

    so hear you go let me post this video of her saying she wants to be left

    its funny how she goes to these places knowing they are there.

  • sina

    visit plz :D

  • to all hypos


    Oh. Now she’s a liar and you know exactly what she’s thinking do you.? Facts? What facts? Almighty psychic. Please, if you are some kind of insider and you actually know her, please let us all know. LOL I follow the comments here. It’s ridiculous how people claim opinions and gossip as facts.

  • sina

    @43- TO ALL HYPOS

    you really do need to step away from the computer before you do yourself any harm with all that anger you have,

    calm down its only a message board if you dont like what you see here
    dont come here then.
    see i’ll help you in any way i can need the name of a good doctor do you?

  • to all hypos


    I’ll step away if you will but then again did you see the LOL in my comment. I’m the one having the fun. Consider your buttons pushed. You’re the one who takes this serious enough to post on every single Rachel thread. I hardly ever post, mostly read. So maybe you need to ask yourself why that is. Check it.

  • jess

    I feel sad seeing these pictures, I don’t know, Hayden never appears happy

  • OK

    Just listened to Rachel’s radio interview with Covino & Rich on their blog and it was quite good. They asked her if she was taken and she said yes “I’m taken”, that is about all she would say. When they asked about her relationship with “her man”, she said “I’m not talking about it, next question” and laughed and said similar things that she has said in previous interviews.

    As to the photos of Hayden above he looks like a nrmal guy walking down the street, he would look rather silly with a grin plastered on his face. Rachel is talking with ear buds and a microphone she is holding, why would he be smiling when she is talking on the phone?
    He is not frowning, just minding his own business. This photo shows a few moments of their day at a busy coffee shop. We have no idea what the rest of it was like since we don’t know them.

  • OK for radio interview with Rachel and others

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