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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Rainy Day Duo

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Rainy Day Duo

Vanessa Hudgens and rumored beau Austin Butler get caught in the rain as they head back to his car on Wednesday (October 5) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress and Austin, 20, grabbed some food to go from SunCafe.

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Vanessa recently opened up about her upcoming project Frozen Ground, sharing that the film has “an amazing cast.”

50 Cent is going to be my pimp,” she added with a laugh. “We’re still in the process of getting ready. I feel like it’s going to be a challenge that’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I’ll be playing off of a true story and the person who went through all of this will be by my side.”

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  • Sara12

    Well its nice that she’s dating…….and that’s all I’m gonna say

  • Yo-Landi

    ho ho ho

  • me

    i like the color of her boots

  • Gaby Lang

    I think the hat doesn’t work with this oufit… I like the boots though. (Canadian Style)

  • loo

    Cute cute cute

  • loo

    Austin is HOT!

  • Me

    I think Austin is totally hot as in good looking and great body. And he’s behaving like a true gentleman.



  • loo

    They look so cute, Vanessa looks so happy! Cant wait for Journey 2, Gimme Shelter and The Frozen Ground

  • thenextbestthing

    (these are no ‘boots’, they’re classic Hunter wellies, where I live everybody has or rather has to have one of those. London city and my black pair are inseparable). the movie is a good chance for her to see what is must have been like for Sandra Bullock and Leigh Anne Tuohy.

  • OverHim

    How many people are they feeding back at her house? Two grocery bags of take out is a lot of food for 2 people. lol I like her cute rain boots though.

  • zac-is-wack

    i like vanessa with anyone other than a cheater like…

  • kami

    i’m guessing she got those boots for alaska. lol

  • viv

    i dont like this guy, wheres zac? :(

  • annii

    owwwwn so cute!

  • annii

    Zac who?
    I think he and Vanessa broke up like a year ago.. why would she be with him?

  • Ka simply amazing

    Zac or this guy they are same boring no one good.

  • annii

    me too

  • annii
  • Vanessafan

    This Austin dude gives me the creeps – It might be his unfortunate face. Whatever, I’ll stop hating. Vanessa looks happy :) I’m super excited for all her upcoming movies, I can’t wait until they are released.

    Also, I’m loving her hair at this length.

  • Vanessafan

    How is she a ho? They could be friends and WHO CARES? She’s allowed to date how many people she wants to date. Last time I checked, it was a free country.

  • annii

    haha i really like him, maybe because he is a good friend with Ashley and the whole group. and now with Stella and vanessa´s family… and IA she looks so happy lately

  • BOJI

    I think they make a very cute couple or Friends if you call it that. He is such a gentleman. I saw one of his earlier interviews on the red carpet where he said he’d always pay for a girl whether she was his date or just a friend. And the couple of times I’ve seen him out with the girls, he is always being the gentleman. Way to go, Austin! You’ve won me over.

  • maria

    @BOJI: I so agree, Boji. A real man is ALWAYS a gentleman with a woman, and I’ve already seen that many times with Austin. He seems very well spoken, and I’ve heard he comes from a very nice family. He was raised right. And I think he’s adorable and has an amazing body…..sorry, just had to say it.

    @Yo-Landi: I think you don’t know the definition of the word. A girl who’s had one BF for 5 years and was faithful and loyal to him, is not a “ho”. And if she’s “dating” Austin? Why not? She’s single and has not jumped into another relationship yet. She’s taking her time and being cautious about it. No reason she can’t finally date again. It’s certainly better than hiding in seedy clubs and hooking up.

  • http://peggy sue

    @zac-is-wack: who cheated show me the proof.

  • kami


    i agree, he is a gentleman. nice to see him opening the car door for vanessa. i’m sure she appreciates being treated like a lady.

  • annii


  • annii


  • gglover128

    He seems like a nice guy although I’m still waiting for zanessa to get back together.

  • ehryle

    Yes he seem just a nice guy and a gentelment that is great having Vanessa’s cicle group of friends either Austin or Josh they really care for Vanessa even her ex before why because Vanessa is a bubbly person, sweet and fun to with, she enjoying every Single day of her life with family, friends and people around her! so I think every man can be a gentelment if they really care for every girl like her!! I can see Austin as of now just her friend whatever his intension nobody knows!! as far as we know Vanessa is enjoying being a SINGLE life!! after a week she gonna be busy heading to Alaska then we will see after that..

  • Tata

    Cute boots and hat, V!!! :):):)
    are they really dating??

  • http://facebook me

    i just read some comments of some fans of vanessa telling she now she become a bitch and she doesnt care about zac anymore and she is not sweet anymore and different things i mean why she is not sweet anymore and she is a bitch? because she moved on are you crazy true you dont want your idol happy you want her unhappy? i guess they expext vanessa to cry and be unhappy . for the first time after nine months she is happy her smile has reached her eyes and you tell me that she is a bitch because she moved then sorry you were never a real fan and the funny side story is that the girl who told that her trumbl site tell that she support vanessa and zac even if they broke up such a hypocrite sorry but you were never a real fan girl its my last time here soem people they have no heart

  • Alma

    They look cute!

  • Sienna

    Love the hunters. I’ve never seen them in red before but they look good:)

  • Emma

    Scott Walker is directing The frozen ground, and he’s supposed so be a really hot new director, and the people behind the movie and Vanessa’s agency are really happy about him directing. I’m even more exited for the movie now.

  • Anne

    I just love her leather jacket!
    -Austin looks cute too.

  • Zarah

    Austin always wears that caps like those! Haha they look good on him though. And is just a cutie, love that girl!

  • florence

    They’re wearing matching leather jackets that’s so sweet, they are so intune with one another great match.

  • florence


    You will be wating a long time for that to happen because it’s NEVER going to happen.

    You can tell since she’s got back from Hawaii and put that chapter with efron firminly behind her that them reuniting is not going to happen.

    And as for people calling her a w**** and a h* then efrom is the male version becuase as soon as the break up happened he was off clubbing and hooking up with whatever moved while Vanessa was busy working.

    Even now though he is filming he is still clubbing in the early hours and then drinking the next day so it’s obviouls what is important to him drinking and clubbing.

    And big deal she is now with Austin and obvioulsy ready for the world to know it, what she does in her personal life is no longer efron’s buisness so the fans who say she is disrespting him is rubbish if they were still together then yea but there not and she was faithful and loyal for 5yrs nearly 6 , so if she is disrepscting him then he is doing the same to her by going clubbing and casual dates and anybody who thinks that he has’nt had any intimate female company is just ridicioulous workjing or not if he can find the time to go clubbing then you can bet he’s found time to have some female in his bed or trailer.

    She’s happy with Austin and I hope they have a long and happy life together they are a great match, so much love their you can see it in her eyes and Austins when he look’s at her.

    Ignore the hater’s Vanessa and just carry on.

    She’s not hiding away who she’s with either and good for her.

  • http://facebook me

    no matter what anyone says, we’re going to be a fan of them, even if they have broken up, because we didn’t become a fan to support their relationship we became a fan to support them both in everything they do. ♥ that was what that girl said about zac and vanessa and now believe that vanessa is a bitch not sweet anymore and dont respect zac and everything why ?because she moved on we dont know what happened beetween them and i dont care but not being a fan because she is dating again after ten months then you never were a fan girl sorry you were a zac efron fan i am a vanessa hudgens fan i dont even care about efron i konw him only because of vanessa i dont watch his movies i dont care what he is doing at his personal if i remember right wasnt he with that teressa girl one month after the break up oh yeah but i guess he is the golden boy he doesnt make mistakes right ?

  • http://Tda Slig o lambert ^______^cute

    Wow nice vanessa .i love rain

  • em

    Vanessa can’t act

  • http://facebook huhu

    em huh okay you are stupid we get it bye

  • em

    she is gorgeous!

  • em

    he is

  • em


  • em


  • lei


  • zurichgirl

    omg i dont want to be mean but she was beautiful once.look at her now

  • florence


    That’s exactly it with Zac he could bed half of the USA and his fan’s would still sing his praises I have always found it curious that after their problems seemed to have been worked out in Jan/Feb we suddenly heard about his encounter with TP and we never heard about Zanessa again as a couple, so the TP had a big impact on the months that have followed and the break up.

    And all the people calling Vanessa a bitch ho and say she is disrepecting Zac what planet are you all from and like I’ve said if she’s that then he’s the male version and is dispecting her just as much.

    She’s happy again and is in a relationship where she doesn’t have to constantly hear stories about her bf flirting with anything that moves or gudhing about other women’ s’ Austin is showing her so much love and respect and it’s finally nice to see it. Long may they be happy and I doubt she gives efron a first thought let alone a second one.

    Can’t wait to hear about Austin visiting her and being their for Xmas and her birthday at kest this her she will have good reason to smile about both, while no doubt her ex will spend his birthday and Xmas clubbing and hooking up.