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Blake Lively: Dare to Check-In Halloween Suite!

Blake Lively: Dare to Check-In Halloween Suite!

Blake Lively previews the Renaissance Hotel and Madame Tussauds’ “Dare to Check-In” Halloween suite on Wednesday (October 5) in NYC.

The newly single 24-year-old actress played with Tarot cards and drank a “blood” martini!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

The haunted suite, located on the Renaissance New York Times Square Hotel’s 13th floor, features an array of creepy decor and special effects for the Halloween weekend.

FYI: Blake is wearing Theodora & Callum espadrilles.

20+ pictures inside of Blake Lively previewing the “Dare to Check-In” Halloween suite at the Renaissance Hotel…

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blake lively halloween suite 01
blake lively halloween suite 02
blake lively halloween suite 03
blake lively halloween suite 04
blake lively halloween suite 05
blake lively halloween suite 06
blake lively halloween suite 07
blake lively halloween suite 08
blake lively halloween suite 09
blake lively halloween suite 10
blake lively halloween suite 11
blake lively halloween suite 12
blake lively halloween suite 13
blake lively halloween suite 14
blake lively halloween suite 15
blake lively halloween suite 16
blake lively halloween suite 17
blake lively halloween suite 18
blake lively halloween suite 19
blake lively halloween suite 20

Photos: Albert Michael/
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  • http://dam slig o lambert^_______^cute

    blake lively cry she no one love me

  • keira

    She looks like troll face with that hair

  • Maguire

    Blake Lively is lovely, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible. There’s a lovely gentleness and sweetness to her. I hope she finds love and happiness with someone around her age now.

  • Chace

    I always noticed she had a lot of hair but her hair must be really really thick to maintain those curls

  • Timothy Dutton

    It is an enormous relief that she dumped Leonardo DiCaprio after only a few months and unlike Bar and Gisele, didn’t waste several years of her life with someone who was just using her and would never marry her. She now has a second chance to find a guy close to her in age and settle down.

  • Elle

    She looks like shit, as usual….way to show Leo what he’s missing.

  • lilith

    or good extensions :)

  • @lilith

    Yeah thats possible
    But I remeber when America Ferrera was on some chat show and was asked what she would pick from her Sisters of the Travelling Pants co-stars and she picked Blakes hair cos of its density.
    Also off duty Blake always appears to have bohemian/beach hair almost matted which is often naturally thick

  • Hmmm…

    Fugly as usual. She should get lost already. She can’t act, she is ugly and pretentious! Get lost, Fakey!

  • Ann

    Excuse me? What kind of idiot thinks she dumped LEO?? Of course she wants everyone to think she had the power to do that. Lord knows he did the dumping. He always does. She’s the girl who wanted to go to the Oscars with him. Do you really think she would do the dumping this close to Oscar season? Please.

  • billie

    I like her hair it looks nice better than usual .

  • evie

    I love you, Blake!

  • Hahaha

    Her PR team is working around the clock to make her happen but they went way too far with the breakup story. People are just laughing at that Us Weekly article. Is there anyone delusional enough to buy that cr*p? She is pathetic and just plain ugly! The Halloween theme is perfect for her scary face! She blends in very well!

  • Lacefront

    And so it begins
    The familiar names just had to crawl out of the Leo and Bar forums
    Ah well

  • Alllly


  • gregg

    What kind of lame publicity is this?

    Her publicist must have picked the closest and easiest way to get her picture taken.

  • ka-blamo

    I bet she’s kicking herself now for being just another one of Leo’s girls.

  • T

    New hair, still same ugly face

  • Hmmm…

    @14: And you just have to deal with it! :)

  • Hmmm…

    @14: And you just have to deal with it! :)

  • Hmmm…

    @14: And you just have to deal with it! :)

  • MarilynandtheDiamonds

    She was always single.

  • Mayle

    Judging by the hair, she confused the event for a Halloween party.

  • @Hmmm

    I guess your really emotionally involved
    Saying it once would have been OK

  • :)

    love her hair and outfit

  • zurichgirl

    wow she looks beautiful, i love her style, inspiring, go blake!

  • Mia

    Something about her face is off in those shots.

  • Blake=Plastic

    She got dumped after only 4mths in the PR stunt..poor plastic Face..

    Ryan Reynolds, don’t want her…

    Leo don’t want her..

    Ryan Gosling don’t want her..

    Harvey Weinstein don’t want her…

    Penn has moved on..

    Watch out Alexander Skarsgard…Silicone Breasts will be using her easy bake smile in your face soon, but just Hit it and Quit it like the rest of the IT actors…

    Fake Blake is the new Hollywood Bike…get your free ride fellows..

    Emma Stone, Carey Mulligan, and Jennifer Lawrence…laughs…

  • Joanie


    She just remove her fake Nose…and there is her mask…

    She looks old like 30ish

  • Love

    I’m no Blake fan but the hair is nice. I’ve got naturally big thick curly hair too, girls pay for this kind of body in their hair..and I get tons of compliments on it as well. Hair like this is refreshing in a world full of flat heads.

  • Cammie

    Her PR team is trying to ride the Leo Breakup with the help of US weekly

    By the way she didn’t she claimed she was going to Marry Leo…LOL!

    I bet her PR team is pissed that Leo dumped her after only 4 mths…She went chasing after him in OZ…but he was SOOOO over her…

    No more hiding in big hats or riding bikes in long skirts to get wedgies or leaving a full grocery cart in the store…

    I can’t see any IT actor wanting to deal with this girl after this..

    Maybe she can get with Hef..he likes silicone fulled blondes…

  • zurichgirl

    why are you so hatefull on Blake? those are not just ‘i dont like her’ comments,
    do you have some personal issues with her?

  • Hmmm…

    @24: That`s right, dummy. Emotionally involved. Because it can`t be some technical issue that my comment was posted 3 times instead of once. Genius! You don`t have anything better to pick on?

  • @32

    She is just telling the truth! LOL!

  • @Hmmm

    I’ll refrain from having a big slam at u as I dont want to get the mods involved but I will say **** OFF

  • @Hmmm…2

    sure it was just a technical issue idiot, in your brain maybe haha

  • Hmmm…

    @35: Wow, why are you so worked up? Chill and don’t read blogs like this if you can’t handle it! :)

  • Cammie


    Several People on here don’t like The Hollywood Bike…

    It’s not just one person…Most people can see right through her fake smile…

    Truth hurts doesn’t it

  • Cammie

    Also It’s strange how nobody calls Blake out for trying to date other people’s Husband and Boyfriends..(Ben Affleck, Leo while he was with Bar)

    They call it game, I call it no shame..

    Also she is a complete Liar about those nude pics…

    What about this girl is there to like..

    She is average looking with All the plastic Surgery, can’t act, brown noses around with like Anna Wintour and Chanel…

    Soon she will fade, you have to have more then long legs and silicone breast to have a long career.

    And her PR is very annoying and pushy….

    Yet she can’t get major roles..

    I heard she turned a zombie movie…Wow!

  • Hmmm…

    @36: YOU call me an idiot? That’s priceless! But what else can I expect from a Fake Blake fan? It’s beyond their level to understand stuff like that! LOL!

  • @zurichgirl

    These are not Leo fans
    Now I NEVER post in Leo stories and I don’t like his fans
    Apart from Daffy, KS, CG and the Schloginator
    But I honestly don’t think this is all them. Most don’t care. Compare the post numbers when he broke up with Barf to his recent ex.
    these are the 5 – 6 Bar Refaeli repeat offenders that used to pollute us in the Gisele forums till they tired
    The insults are even the same manface, horseface, ugly, plastic surgery, whore (that crap about Gisele from John Casablanca) etc

  • @zurichgirl

    My comments answering your question are been moderated because it attacks the Bar Refalei fans on this board but leaves the Blake slammers alone
    Proof if it were needed who lines whos pockets

  • LOL

    @41-42: Lol @ your theory! Whatever makes you happy! LOL!

  • MaisyRL

    all of the fans that believe Blake Lively dumped Leo Dicaprio need to look at the evidence. Blake Lively was the one that said she had the biggest crush on Leo after Titanic, had his poster up on her wall…etc. She’s been trying to date A-listers, trying to get at least one to stick w/ her. Leo was the biggest catch of them all, b/c of his A-list status and relationships w/ directors. And we’re to think SHE dumped HIM?! seriously? forget the fact that Dicaprio has dumped better looking women for a sec. In what world does anyone believe SHE dumped HIM?! can’t argue against them facts. Her PR team will try to link her to someone quickly *cough* Ryan Reynolds *cough* to make her out to be the winner, dumper, and continue to be relevant as the “it” girl. Unfortunately, her time is almost up. Her *modeling career* went nowhere after Chanel, and her *acting career* is following suit.

  • meh

    @Maguire: What’s with the same person posting with different names and their overuse of adjectives? *eyeroll

  • @Hmmm…2

    your insults and nicknames are priceless honey!
    if you dont want to be called idiot again dont bother to answer me.
    just keep posting the same bullshits again and again with your friends.

  • nun

    lovely! go blak! it’s ok haters, she’s not with him anymore, you can go and hate on aniston if you want to

  • Jessica

    @Ann: Gisele dumped Leo…

  • lina

    beautiful girl!!!!!!

  • Hmmm…

    `honey`??? LOL! You think it bothers me that someone like you calls me an idiot? Cute!
    I`m not going to lower myself to your level and continue this `conversation` with you. It`s embarrassing to talk to someone like you.
    And AGAIN: Fake Blake is ugly, has no talent just a reputation of a casting couch actress and now people say `she dates like a guy`. Impressive!