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Michael Fassbender: 'Dangerous Method' at NY Film Festival!

Michael Fassbender: 'Dangerous Method' at NY Film Festival!

Michael Fassbender attends the New York Film Festival presentation of A Dangerous Method on Wednesday (October 5) at The Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall in NYC.

The 34-year-old actor gave director David Cronenberg a hug on the red carpet.

The drama, out November 23, also stars Keira Knightley and Viggo Mortensen and centers on the relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, who founded the discipline of psychoanalysis.

10+ pictures inside of Michael Fassbender at the A Dangerous Method presentation during the New York Film Festival…

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Credit: Marc Stamas; Photos: Getty
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  • ray

    i am so into this guy!! omg he is so damn fit!!

  • Hanna

    The New York Film Festival is abuzz with the new Cronenberg film that depicts the relationship between the fathers of modern psychology: Dr. Sigmund Freud and Dr. Carl Gustav Jung. Both men knew one another in Vienna and through Fred, Jung was introduced to Sabina Spielrein who became his patient and then his lover. Spielrein’s personal history included some sort of sexual trauma and physical abuse by her father which directly related to her penchant of S&M and other hysterical tendencies. For some reason Michael Fassbender’s performance as Connor as caused me to see the father issues reflected in his other work. A Dangerous Method is just the latest Fassy film to do just that.

    Children belong to their fathers. A daughter carries her father’s surname until she marries and takes her husband’s name. A father gives his daughter away to her spouse. Whether you like it or not, agree with me or not, Daddy is the first man in your life and he is the template to which all men are perceived in your eyes. To borrow a phrase from an author whose name I can’t remember: Daddy is your destiny. Especially when it comes to your dealings with men. Sabina Spielrein, by the accounts explored in the movie, appeared to have a father-daughter relationship professionally with Freud and an incestuous trauma repetition one with Jung. According to some, the intimate affair between Jung and Sabina began after she stopped being his patient. Nevertheless, by today’s standards such a breech of trust even after the end of a therapeutic relationship would still bring down the long arm of the law. But in pre-WW1 Vienna, the married Swiss psychiatrist did not have a licensing body to worry about.

  • Capricorn

    Dr. Carl Jung would be stripped of his license today.

    Another film due to come out in theaters is A Dangerous Method also starring Michael Fassbender. For those X-Men fans who thought that Professor X/Magento’s relationship was epic, the Freud/Jung bust up was very much the same. Both men are the fathers of modern psychology and had begun as professional collaborators. Jung was mentored by Freud and much of their philosophies form the foundation of most academic psychology programs. One cannot be a therapist without studying the writings of Freud and Jung. Their names were lent to a an entire discipline and are synonymous with it, such as Freudian or Jungian, plus the numerous cultural references to their ideas in common language. When you hear the words – “its a daddy or mommy issue” – you’re borrowing from Freud. Or if you are prone to want to interpret dreams or explore your unconsciousness its stepping into Jung’s territory.

    Like the X-Men’s duo, when Freud and Jung broke it created two distinct philosophies and vernacular. In Freud we have the ego, ID, hysteria, Freudian slip, free association, repression and neurosis. As for Jung, there is the shadow, complex, archetype, synchronicity, and symbolism of the collective unconscious. Brilliant and pioneering in their contributions to the understanding of the mind and soul, these two men were still humans with shortcomings. For Dr. Jung it was his affair with Sabina that doomed his relationship with Freud. For what Jung is in the history of psychology it is ironic that his illicit affair today would cause any therapist to be stripped of their license.

    Fassbender’s portrayal will be interesting to see as Sabina had a predilection for what we now call S&M. Even more ironic is that Sabina went on to become a therapist herself and studied with Piaget who wrote many works on child development. It makes one wonder: are all therapists essentially wounded healers themselves? If Sabrina were to try to be a licensed psychologist today could she with her mental health history? Perhaps.

    A Dangerous Method could be a biopic tale of projection, transference, sex therapy, and boundary violations that are now illegal. After watching this movie I may never look at Jungian work quite the same way again.

  • Hanna


    I agree … he has an excellent body of work so far:

  • haha

    Best actor period. I envy those who get to watch “Shame” at the NYfilm festival.

  • Hanna


    Fassbender has been described as the new Marlon Brando and his range is impressive. What is a Shame is that many believe the dark voyeuristic story of a passion addicted Manhatten yuppie will be too much for American audiences. That’s a shame because if it is a social critique it is a compelling tale of the loss of connection in a harried busy world and the meaningless tryst that only deepen the void. Fassbender was brilliant as Irish MP Bobby Sands in 2008’s Hunger which was also a film by Steve McQueen. What is the biggest shame of all is the rumor that the powers that be are pushing Clooney in the Oscar race for his role in Descendants. Clooney is also a fine actor but Shame goes beyond the obvious R rating scenes to reveal the despair of loneliness and how meaningless random hook-ups can get. Addiction is no joke and one thing about Fassbender’s character is that he is in a chronic misery that he tries to find relief for through the strange encounters all over New York.

  • You

    I’m in love with this man. He is one of the few best young actors right now! I hope this year he will take his Oscar to home or at least be nominated!

  • Hanna

    @You: He is stealing alot of hearts. Look at all the celebrity crushes he has stolen all around (Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler lament) –

  • You

    @Hanna: I know. Michael stole my heart the day i saw him in the movie called Fish Tank.

  • Hanna

    @You: You’re either going to laugh or think its odd but Fish Tank was one of the films I cited in my psychology research project on the impact of absent fathers in female emotional development. So much so that I just included references to Fish Tank on my research essay on the psychology of fatherless daughters. An excerpt with obvious edits as my final paper does not read like this (far more technical with stats and stuff and written according to APA guidelines) of the report appears on my tumblr:

  • You

    No, why would i laugh?:) Fish Tank was simple and at the same time complicated movie (i don’t know whether it makes sense). But i liked it very much. It reflects the reality of this kind of families living in the society. There are not so many movies like this one. So i think to use Fish Tank as an example on this subject is good and i read this link you posted. It was interesting

  • Hanna

    @You: Thanks. I am usually not one to use film or pop culture references in academic work but the realism of Fish Tank seemed to capture on screen the essence of many case studies I read. The acting was superb and the storyline was a near variation of real life stories from girls who were taken advantage of by a stepfather/mother’s boyfriend. What surprised me was how I was more sad for Mia instead of more mad at Connor at the end.

  • You

    @Hanna: Yeah. Agreed! The acting was really impressive in this movie. Everything was so real and natural. The actress playing Mia didn’t have any acting experience, but she was superb. Yeah, the ending was surprising. I liked Conor even though the thing he had done was unforgivable. But this sympathy lasted only toward the end when everything became obvious.
    The choices Michael is interesting and i’m looking forward to see A Dangerous method, but i don’t know i feel about Shame. Although the reviews were the best, it doesn’t seem my cup of tea. Anyways i’ll try to see it.

  • Hanna

    @You: @You: If you haven’t already check out the movie Angel, he is tortured and tormented and convincingly so.

  • magnoliafun

    hi lok s to old for his age! like 45 nit 34 !! open your eyes!!!

  • FFer

    My father was a very passionate fish tank hobbiest in the mid 60s. Then one morning before going off to work at Boeing, he discovered that all of his beautiful angel fish had suddenly up and died. Around the time when JFK and MLK were assassinated, as I recall. The tank sat there in the dining room completely empty for the longest time, then he got rid of it.

  • jrfan

    …..Most random thread ever.

    Anyways, Fassy is my spirit animal. Especially because he never reads. <3