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George Clooney: Skinny Dipping is a Tradition at my House!

George Clooney: Skinny Dipping is a Tradition at my House!

George Clooney carries his luggage as he checks out of his hotel on Thursday (October 6) in New York City.

The 50-year-old actor was in town to premiere his film The Ides of March, which he directed and starred in, along with his co-star Evan Rachel Wood.

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George recently revealed an interesting tidbit about his home in Lake Como, Italy.

“[Skinny dipping] is a tradition at my house!” George told Us Weekly. “It’s funny. Some people skinny dip, but I always go upstairs and put a suit on and then I jump in the lake.”

Charlie Rose can be hot. [He, Evan Rachel Wood and I] had some hijinks over there,” George‘s Ides co-star Marisa Tomei told Conan O’Brien about going for a nude swim at his house! “We would all end up skinny dipping.”

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Credit: Asadorian-Mejia; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • @_@

    Boring How’s care??

  • bedds

    God, I hope I get invited to his house!



  • Irena

    So it’s tradition but he never skinny dips? Bummer

  • americana

    I want an invite, hell I’m in Italy more than once a year.

  • americana

    I want an invite, hell I’m in Italy more than once a year.

  • http://Dam Slig o lambert^______^cute

    This man so nothing dont have fan

  • Bubbly Fizz

    Looks like he partied hard and had a great time to the wee hours. And checked out of hotel first thing in the morning! Cool!! Love a party animal.

    Had his folks there too so would have been awesome. Glad to see him enjoying himself so much.

  • MINX

    Ides of March starts today! Yay!!!!

    The movie is getting rave reviews. Can’t wait.

  • Butt Naked

    ewww…. I don’t mind skinny dipping. But not in a murky lake, thanks.

    Pass!!! It’s full of eels.


    he’s living a lonely life

  • Okay?

    Why oh why is everything used for publicity where he is concerned involve someone being or acting like a ho, or trashy? I do not hear about any other star emphasizing the ho in their life.

    He is hiding the latest ho and brings out the parents, and makes his mom is a drunk. Uh, what is the point?????????

    The sad thing is that his his latest train wreck skank will be getting full publicity once he thinks the coast is clear. Well he got his priorities straight, only his trashy women show their naked butts. I wonder what it would be like for him to date a woman that knows how to cover up? Now he he gabs about Berlusconi and made him look like a bigger fool than he is especially since he is Prime Minister of Italy. Gave up the Italian idiot, and now it is fair game to rip? George shut up while you can.

    This is too painful to watch.

  • Okay?

    I also meant to say about him saying his mom being a drunk as a joke and what’s the point?

  • In the Buff

    Skinny dipping at night! With no paps lurking around…
    Still he takes no chances.

  • Ah…Bite Me! ©

    Lonely? Needs to connect with some woman he loves.

    Not all these phony PR stunts fugly ho-bags.
    Great that he didn’t bring Balloon-Head Kiebler with him. I hope she doesn’t go to London premiere.
    Horse Canalis ruined it for him 2 years ago.

  • Buck Naked

    he might have pool parties where everyone skinny dips.
    No suit on..
    Coz there’s no prying paps :-D

  • Ah…Bite Me! ©

    @Okay?: take a chill pill, will ya! Broken record…rant rant rant!

    Maybe the rumor/ fling between George & the Godzilla sized freak wrestler has fizzled out? I hope it has. Zero chemistry.

    You sure like to see him lead an empty, unfulfilled life.
    You sure stereotype him as an aging sleaze.

  • Okay?

    I do not stereotype, he does that perfectly on his own. He has lousy tastes with these s.k.a.n.k.y. And stanky women. This rabid conversation he is pushing along about skinny dipping is what portrays him as “aging sleaze” as you call it. His doing. His choices.

    Maybe he likes the image of being aging sleaze. He works hard to keep it.

  • Under Surveillance

    There’s that shifty peep-squeak Stan peering through the glass door again. Making sure his prize acquisition is “behaving.”
    Always trying to blend in the background incognito.
    It’s his job…yep… but give George some breathing space.

  • Ah…Bite Me! ©

    @Okay?: someone wrote on a blog or a forum recently that he uses the fugly skan*ks as a front. That he’s going through a tall blonde phase, so probably indulging with the ones he wants to see privately and uses Stacy Kyborg as a cover-up.
    Could be just slander, but if so, I’d feel sorry for him if his life is so empty.
    He’ll never be truly happy if he can’t have a strong genuine emotional connection with another human being.

  • What Matters

    Don’t believe all the undermining and rumors anyway.
    His private life is his business. He seems like an amiable guy.
    As long as his films do well. People admire him for his work.

  • Okay?

    Yeah right. This is what George and gang remind me of with this nonsense:

    Bet you can’t figure which one is Stan can you? Ding Dongs!

  • poo

    hhhhhh….silver screen is that you?? talking to your self again??

  • Cupkin


    And this is someone who is supposed to be taken seriously as a diplomat or humanitarian.

  • Amor Vincit Omnia

    @Cupkin: you’re right to some degree.
    People should just admire him for his work and pleasant, down-to-earth personality alone, but he’s in the public eye, and so they want to know about his private life.
    *** In that respect, his image is getting seriously undermined.***
    He should be allowed to do as he pleases if he’s not harming anyone, however, the fact remains that he’s scrutinized because the average person who takes an interest in him is bemused by his bad choices of publicity relationships.

    Canalis was linked to prostitution and drugs in courts.
    Larson – allegations of escorting in seedy Vegas nightlife.
    Kiebler- stripper wrestler with a sordid past.
    When Rock Hudson passed away of AIDS his image and legacy was badly tainted as people were shocked at the duplicity.

    George is clearly NOT gay. However, the relationships are very phony and people nowadays are not fooled as much.
    It’s too contrived. He looked unhappy at the TiFF by comparison to these photos at the NY premieres.
    *I sincerely hope he stops the phony PR spin.
    *Disassociates with trash like Kiebler, as he did with the equally embarrassing Canalis.
    * I hope he finds true love with someone he genuinely has a strong connection….
    *And he should stop deceiving himself before it’s too late.

  • Okay?

    All of you guys make valid statements. The downside is that has for so long and on a routine basis mixed professional and personal. He has a head of concrete and clueless to how much damage he has caused by participating in this nonsense.

    It truly is like the 3 Stooges in live action drama. No sense in telling him to get rid of the latest s.k.a.n.k. because he will flaunt her that much more. It will take something pure box office failure before Mr. Potato Head gets a clue. I know not to expect anything better. It is all a bs game to him. Tragedy.

    As for Kiebler’s sordid past someone showed me online that there is talk she had lesbian fling with a fellow wrestler. Who knows if this is true, for it is far from flattering.

  • Ah…Bite Me! ©

    @Okay?: but he hasn’t been flaunting her at all. Au contraire, no mention, no photos together… may have been just a publicity stunt.
    I hope so. No show of her in NYC.. And what a great mood he was in.
    So you think he’ll take the embarrassing Towering Inferno to London or Paris for the premieres?
    Maybe it’s all over.
    I can’t believe that these are real relationships. These women not only are seriously unattractive specimens, they’re ignorant, uncultured and zero talent.
    He’d have to have some serious self-loathing to subject himself to this.
    Who’s the third one you’re calling a stooge:
    George, Pipsqueak Stan the peeping Tom, & ???

  • Okay?

    3rd Stooge- Bryan Lourd. Who else? Right now he is not flaunting, but if he stays true to form he will especially for publicity. Sickening just sickening.

    I would like to hope his taste is really not that bad. This crap is so passe’. No telling what is coming next. That is what scares me.