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Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Park Day with the Boys!

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Park Day with the Boys!

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady spend the day at the park with their little ones on Friday (October 7) in Boston, Mass.

The 31-year-old Brazilian supermodel and her 34-year-old football player hubby pushed John and Benjamin on the swings – the happy family appeared to be having a blast!

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The day before, Benjamin had fun on the slide while his mama kept a watchful eye.

Last weekend, Gisele closed out the Givenchy ready-to-wear presentation during Paris Fashion Week.

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  • ellie’

    Those boys are adorable.!!

  • YES

    Gisele looks like a man!

  • lil

    beautiful blended family.

  • Keilee

    the boys aren’t ‘their’ little ones. theyre ‘his’ little ones. Shes already gotten herself in hot water by considering herself John’s mother so you might wanna remember that she isnt. John is not her kid, benjamin is. you might wanna note that.

  • helena

    i cant tell which one’s which lol

  • MarilynandtheDiamonds

    Baby Leo!

  • Belle

    So great to see a lovely family spending time together and genuinely enjoying themselves. I think Gisele and Tom are both great people and seem to have managed to create a caring environment for those two adorable boys amidst what might have been a difficult situation.That shows a lot of depth and character to me, and in the end is what matters most in life.

  • Belle

    @Keilee: I think what Gisele actually said is she loves John as though he is her own son. I don’t see anything wrong with a stepparent that will be in a child’s life (and his brothers) also viewing their stepchild as their child too. After all, John and Ben are brothers and share the same father, and surely it can’t be a negative to have another person who loves you unconditionally in life. As a child of divorce, I know I would’ve welcomed another caring parental figure. So many people don’t even know the love of one parent, I can’t imagine wanting a stepparent to love a child less?

  • sky

    why do Jack look so unhappy.

  • gisele the godness

    love gisele!!! she is the best!! she is a very good human. Just the fact by treating both boys equal is just amazing. John will never feel neglected by both of his family. And his stepmom seems to do everything she cans to support his relationship with his dad and his half brother. I wish people could realize this is the real hard deal to do she could be a bitch now that she has her own kid and just ask Tom to meet his kid away from them. After all the media has said. But she just prefers to be nice and never go after her stepson. Go gisele!! bridget is one lucky person to have u as the wife of Tom.

  • why

    Gisele looks like a horse, and brady seems really dimwitted.

  • gisele the godness

    people just stop picking on this lovely family.

  • gisele the godness

    people just stop picking on this lovely family.

  • Me

    Gisele looks more manly than Tom. Both overrated in the looks department. Thank goodness the little boys are cuties.

  • closetlove

    Hey haters; memo to you; If you don’t like her don’t click on her links. She won’t be 60 on all those power lists next year, but 20. Because of you. You’re only gonna make her more relevant and or powerful/rich. pretty funny actually.

  • John

    Perfect family

  • Laura

    beautiful family. I love Tom and Gisele

  • Isabel

    It’s really cool when you see a happy family

  • Mary

    Gisele is a good mother, always playing with the boys

  • Mary

    Gisele is a good mother, always playing with the boys

  • TOO cute

    The boys looks so much alike. Beautiful family and Gissel is a great .she love both boys which is rare for a step mom.

  • @_@

    Park day hows care??

  • Ms.uma

    Great family.

  • Ms.uma

    Great family.

  • Cinema Nostalgia

    Lovely boys. They look alike as well.

  • ????

    I see that alot of celebrties are hands on parents…contrary to the believe that celebrities don’t care about their kids and only have nannies.

  • bobbi

    Adorable sons and Jack is lucky to have another parent who loves him as much as his biological mom.

  • Sabrina

    Every time I see Tom Brady, I feel like I see Dexter ! aha
    Cute family, and cute little boys !

  • Mary Jane

    So gorgeous mama and son they’re so much lookalike!

  • Luca

    Benjamin is just the cutest baby!
    He seems to be a happy child, too!
    he’s my favorite celeb baby!

  • ellie’

    The boys do look like each other..there adorable..Love Tom & Gisele one happy family.

  • NotAtAll

    Some of you need to look at close up pictures. Other than fair skin, the two kids look nothing alike – completely different eyes, different nose, different mouth, different face, different hair.

    And just because Tom and Gisele see Jack for two three day weekends a month that does not make them good parents – more like good Aunt and Uncle.

  • mwannir
  • Maddie

    Not at all-True

    Jack miss for Bridget. He looks miserable with Gisele , Benem and Tomem

  • Yeh_wuteva

    Gorgeous family, especially the daddy and the oldest son.
    Unfortunately Benjamin ended up taking after Gisele in the looks department. I can’t really see the Brady in him except for the slants in the corner of his eyes (in which BTW, aren’t as prominent as Tom, Jack or the nieces’) and Gisele eyes are kinda slanted I believe so he may have got them from her. I honestly believe Benjamin’s father is spanish. Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe in a few more years he’ll start to look like Tom, but as of right now I really don’t see it at all. w/o someone saying so I wouldn’t even think he’s related to Jack.

  • BRYNN1880

    @Yeh_wuteva: are we looking at the same picture?is jack suposed to be the cutter boy?LOL.he is ugly,just like tom was at his age.and people wouldn’t even think he is related to benjamin because jack is a moynahan, not a brady like benjamin.ben is cute !and you hate him because he is not a bastard like jack.don’t blame ben blame old bitter.

  • miri

    Yeh_wuteva for you Ben look a lot like Tom

    Ans his Dad is not Spanish. She never will cheat on Tom.
    Maybe Tom on her in couple of years (but I doubt that) They found the love of her lives

    you are like @ notatall Maddie stupid haters

  • Kate

    @BRYNN1880: Can you please refrain from using my email name on this website and whatever other websites you frequent. It is kind of creepy. I live in Boston and read the Boston Herald sometimes I don’t know why you keep using my email name on websites and I have people asking me why I am posting things when I am not. Thank you it is much appreciated. Had I know commenting on the principal in Somerville would have led to someone stealing my email name I would have never posted a comment..

  • Patricia

    I think Gisele and Tom are both great people and seem to have managed to create a caring environment for those two adorable boys amidst what might have been a difficult situation.