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Katie Holmes Holds Hands with Her Hubby!

Katie Holmes Holds Hands with Her Hubby!

Katie Holmes holds hands with her husband Tom Cruise as they enjoy the gorgeous weather on Friday (October 7) in Pittsburgh, Penn.

The 32-year-old actress paid a visit to her hubby on the set of his next crime drama One Shot!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

The day before, Katie and her daughter Suri visited Tom on set after grabbing some Starbucks together earlier in the morning.

FYI: Katie is wearing J Brand “811″ Mid-Rise Skinny Leg jeans in Aubergine.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes holding hands with Tom Cruise while visiting him on set…

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Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Fame Pictures
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  • tweener

    wow, now they really convinced me that they are really in love.


  • Chris

    I am laughing my ass off that he is TALLER than she is in these photos. Oh god…these two are always good for a laugh. Please never change weirdos.

  • vool


  • bebe

    Cute couple! They’ll celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary next month and have been together for nearly 7 years. Haters will hate, but they’ll just keep on living their lives.

  • http://justjared POLO

    this f*ckin’ midget is gonna be playing the great jack reacher????????????
    the movie’s got FLOP written all over it. PLU, ewwwwwwwwww katie looks like a man. UGLY family!!!!

  • http://justjared POLO

    * PLUS

  • Klein

    Last minute ive checked they were divorcing :)
    – sent from Just Jared for Android

  • Is that a baby bottle?
  • dani

    Katie: Fashion FAIL
    Tom: Jack Reacher FAIL

  • ellie’

    I think there a great family..Tom is a great actor, a great father, a beautiful wife,,What else can he ask for . Tom has everything, Like he really cares what you think…LOL and the man still looks HOT !!!

  • Susie#1

    So how tall ARE his lifts? What an absurd couple.

    As for Jack Reacher, I’ve read all the books and there’s no way Cruise could even begin to fit in his shoes. Reacher’s personality and morals are far from Cruise’s…and that’s just the beginning.

  • Suri is stimming

    @Is that a baby bottle?:

    Something this STRONG WOMAN cannot do without.
    Imagine her howls and wails and th eflood of tears! That’s insufferable!
    No wonder Katie looks like in her 50′s.

  • tiny sneeze

    So a man is holding hands with his beard….um, I mean wife. STOP THE PRESSES!! This must be page one on Just Jared.

    Seriously, who gives a flying sh*t about these two losers. One is braindead and the other one is brainwashed.

    To elle: I guess Tom could maybe ask for the ability to ditch the beard and come out with his boyfriend. Other than that, yep, he has the perfect life. Sadly, you’re a bigger loser than he is.

  • Mia

    She is certainly braindead by all the brainwashing by the Scientology Church of theirs.
    I feel actually sad for Katie because she sold her soul.
    Tom does what he is supossed to do for the Church and she is a puppet, so is her daughter.. Sad indeed

  • Deanne

    Nice lifts Tom. As if anyone believes you have had a mid life growth spurt and are now taller than you wife who has always towered over you despite her slouching. He must think that he really can control the minds of the public. What a tool.

  • @ellie’

    a) Tom used to be a great actor. He has lost his mojo now. A local Pittsburg paper reported there are very few fans watching the filming unlike Batman who was mobbed w/ fans. They also said the place is full of paps, but very few fans.
    b) Since Suri is still on the bottle, pacifier, has her blankie etc. I’m not sure he is a great father. He is a loving one, but great….no.
    c) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you want to be married to a woman that can’t act, sing, dance, design clothes, wear clothes and frequently sports dirty hair, dirty clothes, chipped nail polish, and unwashed teeth–go for it. But oh wait. Unlike Kidman, this means Cruise has no competition in the acting arena so he doesn’t have to worry about his wife winning more awards than he has or does.
    d) Tom does care what the public thinks. He has desperately been trying to regain his popularity since his couch jumping days.
    e) And why would anyone want a man who belongs to a cult that abuses people? A man who is an ego-driven actor. A man who casts his wives off when he gets tired of them (Mimi and Nicole). A man who hired a sleazy investigator to illegally wire tap Nicole’s phones and to follow her during the divorce. A man who couldn’t bother to show up at the hospital when she miscarried. A man who publicly dissed all those who have postpartum depression. And never apologized. A man who dissed all of those who are ADD/ADHD (which he probably is based on his actions) if they need meds. A man who dissed doctors.
    I’d say there isn’t very much to admire about Cruise anymore. He might have been a good actor once, but he has lost his edge.

  • Kylie

    Can’t stand either of these two, but I have to admit that I really like his hair like this. I, too, have read all of the Reacher books, and I never envisioned Reacher having Tom’s womanly hips, let alone the height difference. She just looks like such a lost soul. I don’t think her face is capable of conveying genuine emotion anymore.

  • Appletini

    It’s a miracle, praise Xenu!!! Tom got a haircut which magically made him grow 4 inches!

    And Katie’s jeans are too small. Did she get Tom’s hand-me-downs, now that he’s suddenly had a growth spurt?

  • bebe

    I love how the haters are constantly contradicting themselves. One moment they’re arguing that Cruise is gay and/or sterile. The next moment they say he’s jerk for dumping his pregnant wife. Sorry guys, but you can’t have it both ways. If he is indeed sterile, he had a very good reason for dumping his ex-wife, as she had obviously been with another man. If he was the father of the baby she miscarried, then obviously he is NOT sterile, so why do people insist that Suri is not his bio kid? I’m not claiming to know what the truth is. I’m just tired of the contradictions.

  • KC

    How is it possible for Tom to be taller than Katie? Creepy.

  • Celia

    ugh…the pigeon toe airhead again.

    why can’t she even dress casual ?

    Picks super tight purple jeans that dont even go with the top. She looks too much like Mrs Gumby!


  • just saying

    I get the feeling he doesn’t care for her at all. Poor Katie.

  • dani


    You know Bebe, there are different people on here with different opinions and you are lumping every one together to fit your scenario. I don’t believe Tom is sterile. He sued a German magazine and won over their claims that he was. And in order to win, he would have had to have proven he wasn’t. And not to give you a biology lesson, but it is possible that Katie was pregnant when she entered the relationship. Tom has shown he has the ability to love a child that is not his. So if Suri wouldn’t be his bio child, then she certainly is the child of his heart. I don’t know either way. And I don’t care. They both seem happy having one child together and Bella and Connor. That is fine. Can you imagine having a new born and a 6 year old (since Suri would be six) on bottles, pacifiers, blankies etc?

  • yawn

    Gay or not gay, there is NOTHING womanly about Tom Cruise’s body. He’s built like a rock. And he was always handsome. He’s getting older now, so of course his career will stall a little, but we are also in bad financial times. I still like him better than Brad Pitt. He’s a good person and he’s raised great kids. I don’t think Brad will be that lucky. Honestly.

  • annie

    ‘unwashed teeth’ now i’ve really heard it all. can’t write anymore because i’m dying of laughter on one hand, and feeling desperately sorry on the other, for the person who wrote it, who is so desperate to find fault and i mean desperate to write something so silly. yet hates them so much but knows everything about them.

  • Alice

    I’m getting a head ache looking at these photos of him, it’s like looking at those distorted pictures that leave you dizzy, why are his legs so long, it just looks wrong, no way could I watch a whole movie with him like that, god i would have brain damage by the end credits.

  • shoe lifts totally SHOE LIFTS… you can purchase ALL KINDS on amazon,com…. this this prob why he wheres high tops b/c they should be worn with them.

  • not fooling anyone

    or then theres these… high heels for men… but they look like flat reg shoes…haha

  • not fooling anyone

    these two are full of secrets and trying to hide stuff. Bottles and shoe lifts are among the many.

  • Sassy

    I do like his hair as well, but haven’t cared for him one iota since he dumped Nicole for “Nic knows what she did”. Really?!?!

  • Celia

    note that his airhead is wearing flats…..and Tom probably has lifts in his shoes……that is probably why he looks a bit taller.

  • Romeo

    You’re obsessed, #15.

    I don’t think Cruise himself ever thought he was going to match the mania of a Batman movie, #16. He’s still very popular.

    Mind your own kids.

    Cruise isn’t nor has even been in competition with any of his wives.

    How has he been desperately trying to regain his popularity?

    His religious beliefs are his business and his church’s practices have nothing to do with him. How do you anything about went on during Cruise’s marriage or divorce?

    I couldn’t agree more, #19.

    He isn’t, #20. Just look at the camera angles.

    How do these critics know anything about anybody’s personal hygiene, #25?

  • tina

    Her teeth are probably clean but they are very discolored and yucky. Wonder why she doesn’t get them fixed. They are not nice. For someone with so much money, you would think she would have them fixed. At the very least, whitened.

  • Alexia

    If you enlarge the photos you can see Katie has no back teeth. How does she eat.

  • @_@

    Mmmmm hows care now??

  • frank

    Damn! Mr. Cruise looks good in his 49

  • NoShit

    I think he looks good for once. His lifts got to be for the part I suppose.

  • Annie

    Their hips/thighs are exactly the same size and shape. For some reason this creeps me out, it’s like they’re morphing into these androgynous twins.

  • ellie’

    There are many people who don’t believe in medicine, He has since then apologized to Brooke, when he apologized to Brooke he has to the whole world.
    As far as Tom’s wife she can sing and can act she did a great job on Broadway.
    There adults and know exactly what there doing, they may join any religion there adults and can make there own choices.
    Making fun of Suri makes you look like an a^s shes a beautiful little girl.
    Tom jumping on the couch I thought was great he was so happy, that.told me hes in love..and they still are.!!!
    Tom is still a great actor and always will be..
    Have a nice Day!!

  • http://comcast Dee

    Tom might be holding hands with Katie, but he sure doesn’t look at Katie the way he used to look at Nicole. This marriage might last because she wouldn’t dare disagree with anything he says. She has no talent so she won’t be competing with him there. I didn’ know you could get six inch lifts in shoes ?????

  • Gaby Lang

    I reallu like Katie’s purple pants with that top! (Canadian Style)

  • dani


    You are so naive – you better believe that he knows of the abuses this cult inflicts on others and if there is the slightest chance that he does not–then shame shame shame on him.


  • 2 Romeo


    You are so naive – you better believe that he knows of the abuses this cult inflicts on others and if there is the slightest chance that he does not–then shame shame shame on him. After all the cult cured him of dyslexia so he should now be able to read about the abuses the cult heaps on others. Not to mention he is best friends with cult leader David Miscavage. So he has got to know that Miscavage has been accused many times of abuse.

    Furthermore, it is a matter of public record that Cruise hired Anthony Pellicano to wire tap Nicole during divorce proceedings. She was called to testify by the FBI which had recordings of her from Pellicano’s files. Not to mention the divorce papers etc can be found on the Smoking Gun. And it was reported by reliable sources (the hospital) that Tom did NOT visit her in the hospital when she miscarried. He discards wives when he tires of them and goes on to a new model. Katie is at year 5 in the marriage. So lets see exactly where she is at year 10.

    You do not know everything about this couple nor does anyone on this blog, but unlike you, the rest of us aren’t paid by the aliens of Xenu to post. If I were you I’d go back to your cult and beg for another assignment. Your posts just make it worse for Xenu leader Tommy and his faithful bot Katie.

  • Bored

    He’s holding hands with his wife and that’s newsworthy because? This is a story? What a sad state of affairs. Just as bad as all the bs hype we are getting about Miranda Kerr and what’s his name. Only good thing for them is little Flynn who I hope grows up to be normal. Such environmental people and yet they expose their 9 month old to flights after flights as they jet set around getting press to make them look significant.

  • kate31

    @POLO: so true! Jack Reacher is 6 foot 5! Tom Cruise is 5 foot 6. what were they thinking?

  • gigi

    why are his shoes the length of his calves? what’s in those big shoes? not feet.

  • WhatATool

    It is sad they belong to a crazy cu!t but Tom looks good, they have to keep KH stoned so she doesn’t runaway

  • As If!!!

    AS if they have invented Hand holding between Couples!!!!

  • Matt

    @Romeo: In terms of being obsessed, I don’t think it’s poster #15 who fits the bill with their one short little comment. Go look into a mirror and you’ll see the definition of obsessed staring right back at you. If you don’t think old Tommy boy is wearing lifts you are visually impaired.

  • maddie

    when a celebrity wants to stay hidden, stays hidden. Like Nicole Kidman does, like Marion Cotillard does, like Daniel Day Lewis does, like Christian Bale does, like Mark Whalberg does, like Penelope Cruz does, like Meryl Streep does, like Michael Fassbender does…
    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes want to get attention, in every way possible..The point is, some people are sick of them. They’re normal people, they do normal things.