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Olivier Martinez & Nahla: Strolling in Spain

Olivier Martinez & Nahla: Strolling in Spain

Olivier Martinez goes for a walk with girlfriend Halle Berry‘s 3-year-old daughter, Nahla, on Wednesday (October 5) in Palma, Majorca, Spain.

Last weekend, the 45-year-old French actor and Halle, also 45, dined al fresco at a restaurant in town.

Halle‘s ex, Gabriel Aubry, is reportedly hoping to change the custody agreement he made with Halle.

“Before Halle went to Europe to shoot her latest movie [Cloud Atlas], she and Gabriel struck a deal on who gets Nahla and when, and under what circumstances. Sources tell us one of the conditions … when Gabriel had the child, a nanny had to be present. We’re told Gabriel is now unhappy with the deal he struck, and wants the judge to remove the nanny clause,” TMZ reports.

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84 Responses to “Olivier Martinez & Nahla: Strolling in Spain”

  1. 1
    Klein Says:

    Very cute like her mother.
    – sent from Just Jared for Android

  2. 2
    Josephine Says:

    Nahla’s own father (who we can see is a loving and caring parent) cannot be with her without nanny’s supervision but her mother’s current lover can take her for alone walks in foreign countries any time he wants? That’s ridiculous.

  3. 3
    Ginger Says:

    I use to like Halle Berry but after this custody battle, I really despise that stupid woman!!!!! Gabriel does love his daughter and he shouldn’t need any dayem nanny… But if he does, he can hire an attractive nanny that can also be his part-time lover. That will tick Halle Berry so bad that she will remove the nanny deal… HAHAHAA… Halle is a controlling freaken b|tch! and Eric’s friends are so right about calling her Halle Scary Berry!

  4. 4
    Green Ham Says:

    I feel creepy vibes from this guy.
    she has a father, don’t try to be one & his father was trying to a grandfather.All a show.
    But, Olivier givesme the creeps!

  5. 5
    Nyla Says:

    Is Mallorca, not Majorca…..

  6. 6
    ew Says:

    Do he ever change his shirt?

  7. 7
    Michel Says:

    Halle’s father abonded her at a very young age.
    (her mother was a nurse at psychiatric hospital & he was custodian)
    what? this stupida, wants her daughtyer to fell “abonded” too??
    when Gabriel is fighting tooth & nail & he’s not rich for part custody.

    Halle should feel BLESSED Nahla’s father cares & wants to be part of her life, unlike her selfish pig father who abonded a young mother & baby.

    I do not like this creepy Olivier either.
    He was ok once but not in last yrs.

  8. 8
    Tom Says:

    Halle Koo Koo is a woman scorned!

  9. 9
    Kirsten Says:

    I used to lover her too but now I can’t stand her. I hate that she won’t allow Gabriel time with his daughter and she parades Nahla around with Oliver all the time. That is so terrible. I used to think men were crazy to leave her and now I realize she is the crazy one.

  10. 10
    chantal Says:

    No mother wants her child to grow up without a father.
    There must be a good reason for halle not to let her child along with him.

  11. 11
    shopaholic Says:

    @Josephine: Yeah and how much do you wanna bet that she has her daughter referring to Olivier as “daddy”? She’s a vindictive *****.

  12. 12
    HANNAH Says:

    So Gabriel has to have a nanny present at all times, per Halle’s request, yet her BF doesn’t?

  13. 13
    HANNAH Says:

    So Gabriel has to have a nanny present at all times, per Halle’s request, yet her BF doesn’t?

  14. 14
    Jen Says:

    ugh! poor Gabrielle! how horrifying for him!

  15. 15
    RC Says:

    How do you some of you know for certain, that Halle Berry is shutting out her daughter’s father? Unless your are a fly on the wall in Berry’s house, her child’s father’s home, and were privy to custody court proceedings, how could you possibly know what is going on in their lives? Unfortunately, so many people have “Missing In Action” fathers that they choose not to even question any man’s ability to parent. Being a biological father does not automatically equate to a perfect, mature, compassionate ,and or patient parent. This is precisely why the courts try to determine what in the child’s best interest when establishing custody. Berry’s daughter’s father is a human being, and this means he has flaws, makes mistakes, and has his “own” problems, personal baggage, or issues he needs to work on, just like everyone else on this planet. It’s quite simple to make Berry totally responsible for whatever…, and not question whether the media is publishing facts or fiction because of personal bias and prejudices a person may have toward Berry. I don’t think anyone should interfere in any person’s ability to earn a living. That said, since when is Berry the first woman or man to take their child out of the country with a judge’s approval, especially if they have been awarded physical custody?. IT’S QUITE POSSIBLE, THAT MS. BERRY’S CHILD’S FATHTER INITIALLY AGREED TO HAVING A NANNY, AND NOW HAS CHANGED HIS MIND. How is a choice he made “HE” choose to make her fault?

  16. 16
    ellie' Says:

    Nahla looks just like her father. I don’t know what happened .Hallie is the rich one. Probably signed the papers just so he can see his daughter..I still disrespect Hallie for all the crap she put out there against the father..

  17. 17
    Marie Says:

    I agree with RC. I must have missed the memo stating that Halle is now the AA Casey Anthony! LOL I’m not privy to what goes on behind closed doors so all I can say is there is his story, her story and the truth. Until Nahla grows up and publishes a tale all about what a witch her mother was depriving her of a loving relationship with her father, that her childhood was beyond traumatic and it was ALL Halle’s fault, I’ll just continue to see a little girl who seems as normal as one can be as the child of a high profile celebrity and leave the stone throwing, finger pointing judging to others living perfect unflawed lives. Hahaha

  18. 18
    RC Says:

    @ elle
    Perhaps you need to keep Halle’s child’s father on an imaginary pedestal.

  19. 19
    RC Says:

    Have you ever thought about the concept of Halle’s child’s
    father having a significant other? Don’t you think its possible
    that he would want this women to care for his daughter or treat he lovingly? Just a thought…just a thought…

  20. 20
    Deanne Says:

    Parental alienation much. I have always thought Halle Berry was a woman who loved to play victim all while being as vindictive as possible and now I realize I wasn’t wrong. She disgusts me in the way she treats her ex and has a new guy playing Daddy to her child. It must be so confusing to her daughter. She obvious.y was just out for a good looking sperm donor and since he was actually interested in fatherhood, she is trying to hurt him as much as possible. Crap actress, crap human being = crap mother.

  21. 21
    RC Says:

    Crap father? Of course not…he walks on water…..

  22. 22
    Halle's Major Problems Says:

    She need help! She can’t keep any relationship going and it’s always the mans fault not hers. Now it’s very obvious she wants to replace her daughters father. No doubt when he finally gives up and doesn’t see his daughter anymore then she will lose interest in Oliver. He’s just her current prop. Too bad she will poison her daughters mind about her true father so she will grow up just like Halle.

  23. 23
    Seth Says:

    @Halle’s Major Problems: No doubt she will pull the race card against the dad when all else fails next. She’s good at that.

  24. 24
    me Says:

    I could never understand when women let their boyfriends in their children’s lives. I just realized what a terrible mother Halle is.

  25. 25
    me Says:

    terrible mother.

  26. 26
    me Says:

    terrible mother.

  27. 27

    About time all of the people can see what kind of CREEP HALLE BERRY IS!!

    She is the one that should really majorly seek help ..Olivier is another disgusting person going along on this role.. What fools the two of them are…Olivier is now playing a dangerous game with a kids life!!

    How stupid and immature of Halle and Olivier…He is stick his french stick in his ARS*

  28. 28

    meant to say
    He Should stick his french stick up his ARS*–
    you know the bread he walks around with??? the food he apparently only gets to eat cause Berry is anorexic and has no calcium and now the goat chased the goat and broke her foot hahahaha yeah right!!

  29. 29
    Amanda Says:

    I also cannot stand Halle Berry after her treatment of Nahla’s father. Yet the child appears to be alone with her boyfriend. It doesn’t make sense when Nahla has to have a nanny present when Aubry is with her. Berry is trying to push Gabriel out of Nahla’s life and she’s doing a good job of it. This reeks of the beginnings of parental alienation and it’s sickening to watch.

  30. 30
    @_@ Says:

    Hows care??

  31. 31
    Toni Says:

    Why are you attacking Halle, without actually knowing why the ‘nanny’ clause was issued? Haven’t you noticed that Nahla NEVER smiles nearly enough with her dad, as she does with her mother? He must have done, or is doing something, that Nahla does not like – or is bad for the child.

  32. 32
    Delilah Says:

    I thought Olivier was smarter than getting put in the middle of her mess.

  33. 33
    chantal Says:

    No mother wants her child to grow up without a father.
    Halle must have a good reason .

  34. 34
    am amazed Says:

    Am amazed to all of the posters who think Gabe can never do no wrong and Halle’s a self absorbed *****. Regardless of how it is being played out or what it looks like, I honestly believe she really does have just cause.While I am not on Team Gabriel or Team Halle, I know for a fact Gabriel is and never has a saint no matter what spin Halle made him up to be in the beginning.

    Even though, I don’t know all the details, I really think Gabe wanted a free ride once he whacked in a cup for her or did the deed and show up when Halle wanted him to, he would be set for life. When he really was never around much. He’s never been to any of his kid’s birthdays.

    Halle (for whatever reason/s) kept the lies about Gabriel being wonderful until she couldn’t anymore. The sad thing is she probably believed her own lies even if she had an IVF child with a bisexual model, poured money into his failed restaurant, bought him the Benz he currently drives, let him stay in one of her unused homes from day 1 until last September (which put on the market last year or so), tried to appease him by doing homes in SF and Mtl. etc. Who would buy a non kid friendly house in a ritzy section on a lake with a kid? She’s selling the house in Mtl, because Gabe thought he could get out spending any of his 750K on the payments which he agreed on. Think Halle thought he’d come around be didn’t. They always looked forced and more like a border or roommate.

    With Olivier other than the initial rebound thing which I think was over months ago and to promote their movie whenever they get a US distributor, I think he’s ONLY still around to keep Aubry at bay. Is he falling for Halle’s victim routine i.e. Eric and Halle’s last fender bender or David paying off Playboy or the lawyers with Halle’s married dentist thing, don’t know? I think he’s acting more like a protector than a lover or real bf. Don’t think he’d ever hurt Nahla. Is he over his head? Maybe.

  35. 35
    Nahla??? Says:

    Do think Nahla knows somehting’s up, no matter how much Halle tries to protect her or Gabe gives the appearance the fake appearance of he gives a ****.

  36. 36
    miapocaa Says:

    –A father is not just teh sperm donor
    –many americans live without thier biological parents
    -Kfruaud knew what he was getting into by having a child with a woman he was not married to

    –A judge who had access to all the information made a decision that was best for the child

    –if there was anything wrong with this man, kfraud can brin git to court

    –there is nothing here that proves halle is a bad mother, if naything her first priority is her daugheter and the men will come and go but Nahla remains her priority

    –if you have family or friend who are still living within teh disney intact family then all the best to you, but this is not so in american today

  37. 37
    ellie' Says:

    I put no one on a pedestal..I don’t know what happened , I just don’t like what Hallie put out there for the whole world to read .I’m not saying Hallie is a good parent nor Gabriel ..and especially what Nahla will read when she get older,,,now that’s SAD
    Just gave an opinion of what I thought could have happened that he agreed to a nanny just to see his daughter..Not meaning its the truth.!!!

  38. 38
    ellie' Says:

    I disagree that Hallie is a crap actress she happens to really good at acting..Love her movies..

  39. 39
    gaby Says:

    Oh please, she was so terrible in Monster’s ball…how she received an oscar I don’t know. And she has the ugliest looking breasts when she pulled them out in Monster’s ball ewwwww

  40. 40
    noobz Says:


    Oh please, you do you know these people personally or are you just another celebrity obsessed noob who has to judge the way they live because you’re own life is lame. It’s their divorce and their lives. Get over them.

  41. 41
    Guest Says:

    I totally agree with everyone….everyone here who has sense that is.
    Halle Berry is on location and with her boyfriend and is in a foregin country.
    THAT CHILD SHOULD be at home with her father.
    Aubry ois right to challenge …he cannot ever see his child without the nany present…so in other words, he’ll have no bonding time with child, just the two of them? Ridiculous.
    Yes, having the nanny while he is working, etc.
    Parental alienation, yep, craszy berry is pulling out all the stops to mess her kid just like she is messed up.
    Good for Aubry for making a paper trail for his child to see as proof.
    His daughter will understand when she gets older.
    Food for thought and for anyone here dealing with stuf like this, you have to play fair with the kids and don’t use them as game pieces. Kids grow up. Tey don’t stay 5 forever. 16 will be here soon enough. When this child of Berry’s and Aubry’s turns 16, 18, she’ll make her won choices as to see her dad, loving father.
    Look, what happened to Crazsy Kim Bassinger and Alec Balwin when Crazy Kim used their kid. Yeha, Alec never gave up. Yeah, he took a lot of bad poress from that private phone call that uooohhh, somehow released from the girls’ cell phone by whom…,ohhh, Crazy Kim , well, Alec has been seen with his older tweenage dautgher a lot. Good they are mending, buliding.
    Don’t use the kids are chest games pieces in divorce battles.
    You hurt your kids.

  42. 42
    ppl can't handle the truth Says:

    @miapocaa: Maybe folks like being in denial and can’t handle the truth. It will be interesting when the actual truth really does ever come out regardless of the documents being sealed.

  43. 43
    apples Says:

    i feel bad for saying this but, perhaps she is being incredibly selfish and wants her daughter to only love HER, and need HER, and be used to living with HER…

    Gosh I never thought i was ever goinna be able to despise someone i don’t know but this woman is just doing so much damage to her daughter and she doesn’t seem to care!!

    the little girl has a father, who wants to spend time with her, LET HER!!! and let him be a father it is also his right! how do you think he feels about this whole situation? he’s pretty much powerless yet he is fighting it.


  44. 44
    apples Says:

    BTW the day i have a kid (boy or girl) i will make sure they are NEVER left alone with boyfriends, friends, acquaintances, etc, etc.

    My relatives are the only ones i could trust and I’m making sure the father of my kid is trust-worthy person. The father is the only person you should trust on leaving your kids with……this is assuming that the person you chose to be father of your kids is a good person, not some random one-night stand.

  45. 45
    lorjon Says:

    And if Halle breaks up with Olivier and then moves on to another guy, poor Nahla has to keep bonding with the her mother’s boyfriends. Instead she has a real father who wants to be part of her life and Halle is stopping her daughter from bonding with him! Makes no sense. And by the way, Gabriel is getting no money from Halle and has never asked for any. All he wants is the right to be a dad but to Halle that’s asking too much.

  46. 46
    lorjon Says:

    A child always can sense friction. She doesn’t look all that happy with him, does she? But he’s certainly got a big smile for the camera holding her hand which is strange because 99% of the time in pics he never smiles.

  47. 47
    lorjon Says:

    What pictures have you seen? Nahla is usually smiling more with her dad than with Halle.

  48. 48
    Love the shoes Says:

    It blows my mind how so many women on this board are sticking daggers in Halle just because they think she’s sticking daggers in that golddigga of a baby daddy. There are people on record saying the guy is about the money and Halle finally got his number. He as using her and she came to her senses. He wanted her to bail his restaurant out and she said no and he went for her the only other way he could think of and that was with their child. Check it out instead of assuming Halle is the wicked witch of the west here. Gabriel was a kept man who got let go and he is pissed.

  49. 49
    mh Says:

    Man most of you people are sooo nosey, racist and judgemental. You have no idea what goes on in their lives so shut up and get a life. I can’t believe how many posters are commenting like they know these people. Wow

  50. 50
    Love the shoes Says:

    @lorjon: A kid usually IS all smiley with who lets her get their way and is that most of the time? Daddy. All this Halle is evil shat is amazing and based on bull.

  51. 51
    Sihaam Says:

    I love seeing the comments of people who use to like Halle Berry before custody battle. I am just wondering, was she suppose to hand the child to Gabriel and walk away??? lol that sounds very smart.

  52. 52
    Sihaam Says:

    @lorjon: wonderful! so the baby can now be handed to her father. You are right smile is the judgement of who is a good parent. I will appoint you as the family judge.

  53. 53
    Sihaam Says:

    @Guest: Moron!!! Halle was never married to Gabriel so this isn’t a divorce battle. She can take her child to wherever she pleases to.

  54. 54
    wrong Says:

    @lorjon: wrong…she paid him all along and got tired of it. Do your homework.

    1. She promoted his restaurant. She invested money in the place, didn’t give him more for the bail out.

    2. She gave him a $150-$175K Black Mercedes Benz (the one he currently drives) for knocking her up IVF and to get him to move to LA.

    3. She helped pay his bills, moving expenses, he really did stay in her unused BH home by himself until last year when Halle decided to put the house up for sale.

    4. She DID put the down payment down on that place in Canada with the stipulation if he wanted it he had to make payments, he didn’t. She’s selling the house. It may be in her name.

    5. She bought him clothes for their bogus -we’re okay Miami trip and paid for the trip. And paid for a lot more stuff. The list goes on.

  55. 55
    eli-7 Says:

    How many of you are being paid by Team Aubry or are family members?
    Seriously, the man is a loser who can’t let go and doesn’t care about his kid. Not worth disproving the lies that Team Aubry is spinning. OM is nothing to worry about. For all we know, he may be one of Halle’s bodyguards and be on Halle’s payroll?

  56. 56
    Kim Says:

    I’m still waiting for Aubrey to deny calling the mother of his child a Nig**r . If I was accused of using that term I would release a statement saying it never occured. Still waiting….

  57. 57
    Jean Says:

    Halle had to have known how Halle is, how she treated other men, she broke up with. Why would he have a child with this treacherous woman?

  58. 58
    no1special Says:

    @am amazed: WHOA. Soooo much detail defending the Beautiful Nutcase…..EVERY SINGLE MAN SHE HAS DATED SAID SHE IS A WACK JOB. OLIVIER WILL TOO….are you on her payroll?..oh wait. How do you have time to be posting on the net Halle….thought you were shooting a movie.

  59. 59
    Jean Says:

    Gabriel had to have known how Halle is, how treacherously she treated other men, she broke up with. Why would he have a child with this treacherous woman?

  60. 60
    wtf Says:

    To say there are some apeshit nut bags on this post is an understatement. What the hell are you people on? She takes care of her kid as does Aubrey enough said. Jeez get a grip, did she steal your rent money ?!?

  61. 61
    get a grip Says:

    @no1special: get a grip…are you really that fracking stupid to think that Halle Berry is going to post on twinky JJ’s site while she is on the mend from her funny leg injury when she has better things to do than read/post childish immature posts. Get real and grow up!

  62. 62
    D.I Says:

    That’s the most stupid thing i’ve ever read, so divorced mother are supposed to stay single forever ? What about father who remarry ? Does that bother you or you don’t care because they’re men and they can do whatever they want ?

  63. 63
    june Says:

    I wold never let a boyfriend get that cozy with my daughter. Halle is very vindictive, she is doing this to spite Gabriel.

  64. 64
    ashley Says:

    If I were Gabriel I would be mad as hell that another man is getting all that quality time with my daughter.

  65. 65
    We Says:

    Nahla is so cute – but I feel sorry for her. I will never let my three-year old daughter to be taken aroud town by a guy. It is just not natural and Nahla does appear unconfortable.

  66. 66
    jj Says:

    i tell you its so easy for some of you to sit behind a computer and Judge on things to which you have no solid evidence of , just what the media reported, or SOURCES CLOSE TO…… leaked to the press. But unless you were there please SHUT UP. Good mother bad mother, Good dad, bad dad, NONE of us will ever know FOR SURE so again SHUT UP

  67. 67
    jj Says:

    i tell you its so easy for some of you to sit behind a computer and Judge on things to which you have no solid evidence of , just what the media reported, or SOURCES CLOSE TO…… leaked to the press. But unless you were there please SHUT UP. Good mother bad mother, Good dad, bad dad, NONE of us will ever know FOR SURE so again SHUT UP

  68. 68
    Ms.F Says:

    Wow so many people defending the same man who wanted Halle to pay him to watch his daughter while she works, at the end of the day they’re both in the wrong he wants full custody so he can collect child support and just because he loves his daughter doesn’t mean he can handle her by himself which is probably why she wants him to have a nanny..

  69. 69
    J. Oliver Says:

    You guys are OVER THE LINE. You’re using this forum to incite hatred of Halle that amounts to “malicious persecution.” Halle and Olivier have the right to be together if they so choose, like any other couple. Gabriel Aubry does not “own” the child. Old boyfriends and even EX-HUSBANDS often split up with their kid’s mothers, who move on with someone else. It’s called “life.” Are you being PAID to bedevil Halle on all the Celebrity sites? You seem to be “goading” Aubry into being upset, and you’re keeping up a “moaning” campaign about how he’s being done wrong. FYI, guys who were never married to the mother don’t usually get “custody rights” or any legal consideration at all. So why don’t you get a clue and “cut out the crap.”

    By the way, you keep referring to Halle “losing her fan base.” If that is the purpose of your “smear” campaign, your email address is available on the website, and she has legal recourse. JUST SAYING . . .

  70. 70

    @J. Oliver:

    You are an idiot

    Please shut and dont make more of a fool of your self like you already have.

  71. 71
    The Little Girl Who Cried Wolf Says:

    @Seth: She’s an embarrassment to black people. The way she whips out the race card whenever something doesn’t go her way. I agree. This will be next.

  72. 72
    BHC Says:

    Maybe she’ll allowed him to see his daughter when she’ll see that her next movie is going to go straight on DVD !

  73. 73
    J. Oliver Says:


  74. 74
    Monkey Says:

    wow nahla is sooo pretty like her mother… i’m not commenting on the whole custody situation because I don’t know much about it.

  75. 75
    Christian Says:

    Anyone judging Halle is ridiculous. You have no idea what this custody battle is about you can only assume. Why is it that Halle wants Gabrial supervised when he’s with Nahla? Anyone stopped to think about that. I really wish Jared wouldn’t display custody battles of children on here because no one knows anything and it’s quite frankly none of our business.

  76. 76
    MIZJO Says:



  77. 77
    kayla Says:

    Personally, I would not let my 3 year old venture off with a man, unless he was the father. RIch and famous people molest kids too ! I’m not saying Olivier is capable of doing this but now a days one can’t be too trusting.
    Remember it’s always the Mother’s boyfriend that does crap to the child!

  78. 78
    you do realize? Says:

    Not getting into the Team Aubry /Team Halle debate. Logic….

    I hope many of you do realize that Gabriel Aubry for whatever reason has changed his mind about the ‘Nanny” clause–a service that I am sure Halle was or has been paying for….something else is going on and it has nothing to do with Martinez and may have to get a real job to pay for his temper tantrums trips to court which will eat up his alleged $765K annual salary or 3-4M net worth depending on what source you believe?

  79. 79
    MIZJO Says:

    Thank goodness. Finally a few of us are paying attention and coming to Halle’s defense. No one should be allowed to be “trashed” this way. The “unfortunates” who are engaging in it obviously can’t hold a candle to Halle in appeal, strength of character or intelligence. They hide and snipe at people who are more fortunate. If they had anything going for themselves, they wouldn’t jump into this kind of stuff, it’s just another form of “cyber bullying.” I’ll be watching to see what kind of hate they come back with in reply to this message. GROW UP PEOPLE.”

  80. 80
    hypocrite Says:

    @kayla: For someone who constantly complains about Halle Berry and how you’re never going to post on anymore threads, you still keep posting.

  81. 81
    Linn Says:

    Sorry, but we have no idea what the situation is in reality – we can only take note of unclear stories from news sites. We have no right to call Halle Berry a bad mother, she loves her daughter . Stop criticizing her behind computers.

    I think Oliver is a good man, seems like Nahla is feeling comfortable with him. I have no idea how Gabriel is as a father, I can’t judge him with a piece of news… He has a hot temper in any case …

  82. 82
    Emme Says:

    What’s wrong people with Halle’s boyfriend having a good relationship with her daugther?? Do you think it would better for her to stay alone forever or to meet guys and not let them close to Nahlea? This is sick to call her a bad mother only because she is in a new relationship and her new guy apparently accepts Nahla. I think it’s wise of Halle trying to build a relationship with a man so that her daughter has a pattern to follow in life. It didnt work with Gabriel and I’m sure there were reasons why they separated. Nahla is in touch with her dad so where’s the problem?? Both Halle and Gabriel have a right to start a new life and as long as they are loving towars Nahla there’s no harm for her!!

  83. 83
    olderwoman Says:

    Doesn’t seem to matter what she does, its always wrong according to most of you. The woman just can’t get a break. I wonder how well most of you would fare if we were able to pick apart your life like you seem so willing to do to hers, and women are the worst ones. I am a woman and I am not intimidated by her beauty of anthing else, nor do I envy her of her wealth or the admiration that so many mean place on her, but I wonder if the serious hate that underlies some of your comments is based on the green-eyed devil called envy and jealously. Also, I am a bit bothered that most of you seem to think that the child’s father is so great a man but I haven’t heard anywhere he ever paid a dime of childre support. Regardless of what her mother possesses, it is still the father’s responsibility to support his child. But this doesn’t seem to bother most of you. Wonder how it would be if it was your sister, daughter or mother in a similar situation.

  84. 84
    Patricia Says:

    She’s an embarrassment to black people. The way she whips out the race card whenever something doesn’t go her way. I agree.

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