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Julia Roberts as Snow White's Evil Queen - First Look!

Julia Roberts as Snow White's Evil Queen - First Look!

Check out this first look at Julia Roberts as The Evil Queen in Tarsem Singh‘s upcoming Snow White film!

“Everybody knows Julia‘s smile and the sound of her laugh, and she really brings that out and takes advantage of that and uses it in a different way for her version of the Evil Queen,” Julia‘s co-star Lily Collins told People. “She used her magic and turned her smile and laugh into a creepy way.”

“We’d be shooting and she’s being extremely horrible to me, and once they yell cut, the first thing she says to me is, ‘Are you okay? I’m sorry, I hate being mean to you,’” Lily continued. “You forget that’s really Julia because she’s so good.”

Also pictured inside: Lily as Snow White, Armie Hammer as Prince Andrew, and Nathan Lane as Brighton, the Queen’s henchman.

10+ pictures inside of the upcoming Snow White flick…

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snow white first look 01
snow white first look 02
snow white first look 03
snow white first look 04
snow white first look 05
snow white first look 06
snow white first look 07
snow white first look 08
snow white first look 09
snow white first look 10
snow white first look 11
snow white first look 12
snow white first look 13
snow white first look 14
snow white first look 15
snow white first look 16
snow white first look 17
snow white first look 18

Photos: Relativity Media
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  • Brian.


  • zey

    this is like casting anne hathaway for cat woman…great actresses that just don’t seem right for the role .. and julia is a boss actress don’y get me wrong but …errr i dont see it..

  • r

    I dont care about julia, because actresse playing Snow White is just the worst choice ever, shes not pale enough. Show White was very white and had blue eyes, that was the whole fairytale, i hate when producers and writers change everything to make the story “fresh”, this is just stupid, thats is not the snow white, simple.

  • S@n


  • peacock?

    i’m excited about this movie. i think armie hammer is hot and i LOVE nathan lane. i really don’t like the evil queen’s costume. it looks quite ridiculous to be honest. i’m sure the costume designer was aiming for something original and artsyfartsy. meh….

  • From Paris with Love

    I thought she’d be wearing her “A LOW VERA” t shirt

  • OK

    The costumes in this whole move are very cartoony/silly. Is this supposed to be a goofy version of the fairy tale? Even Disney’s cartoon version of the story was more serious than this looks.

  • NYC

    This is a mistake.
    Time will tell.

  • laverdadduele

    I’m not feeling it.

  • Kylie

    Julia Roberts looks awful. She was never much of an actress, and I can’t imagine she could do much with this role, either. She looks more constipated than evil. She has no depth as an actress.

  • Elle

    Not a fan.

  • pilger

    Looks really interesting…glad she doesn’t look like Joan of Arc wearing a shield. Costumes will be really interesting in this and the Director is fantastic. List of must sees.

  • @_@

    Evil Queen?? Hows care??

  • Ka simply amazing

    0_o ????

  • @_@

    Evil Queen?? Hows care??

  • Emma

    Great film. Can’t wait

  • Moon’

    I prefer Charlize Theron, she looks more malefic ! she looks more malefic

  • Hot Potato

    Its a sad day when I prefer a Kristen Stewart film over THIS. Looks terrible and cheap.

  • Truth

    The other Snow White will be better. Charlize Theron over Roberts any day. At least the other SW is trying to do something different with the story.

    The only thing good about this is Armie Hammer.

  • niagirl

    OMG it looks terrible. Anything that Nathan Lane is in is terrible. He needs too stay on Broadway. Is this suppose to be a comedy? A swan on her head.

  • berthy

    this looks so sad!!!!!!!!!!

  • camila

    this makes me laugh!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for kristen her movie is one hundred times better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • laura

    charlize theron is better
    julia roberts looks mmmmmmmmm :(

  • Ericka Santos

    No offense but really? Julia as the Evil Queen? I think Kristen Stewart’s Snow White movie is going to be better.

  • funny

    All the negative comments are obviously from the Kristen Stewart Stans………….Firstly this is not suppose to be a dark tale its meant to be targeted at children its meant to look fun and don’t judge a whole dam movie on pictures alone at least wait until the dam trailer comes out and people who said Julia Roberts cannot pull of evil are you serious? you people have probably not actually seen any of her films she play evil and manipulative pretty well maybe if you too your time watching something other than Twilight you may actually know that Julia Roberts is very talented that is why they gave her an oscar

  • Bella

    none of the two snow white movies look promising… specially this really mediocre lili collins actress make me wish it less more then Kristens one…

  • Lame

    Julia looks ridiculous, the costumes are way over the top, the Prince looks super old compared to the little girl playing Snow White, and don’t even get me started on that ridiculous swan thing. Is this movie supposed to be incredibly lame? And the Director sucks. Tarsem’s movie always have lousy story lines and extremely fake looking CGI. Real scenery and actual locations ALWAYS trump the fake settings he uses.

  • DANI


  • speaktruth

    Ugh those eyebrows!!! Lily….come on. Please get tweezers and line those things up asap. Please please!

  • Maddie

    Hmmm… this is looking worse and worse. Who wants to see another childish live fairytale? None of the actors for this film seem right. I’m far more excited to see Snow White and the Huntsman with Charlize Theron in it. It looks far better, the casting is really good, and so far, it looks pretty hardcore. Thank gosh for something more original.

  • Lemmy

    There’s a difference between looking fun and looking cheap.

    Did they blow the budget on buying bolts of polyester? I feel itchy just looking at the costumes. I’m sure kids will lap this up, though.

  • Cole

    It seems like it is just me, but I like my fairytales fun! This one looks promising, the other one looks too dark and Kristens acting is not pleasant to watch (more pleasant to make fun of).
    A lot of you guys are too picky about the looks and such. Wait until the trailers come out to judge which one you are going to see.

  • max

    i think she looks great. i love the fact they didn’t go for the conventional stunning and icy villain like michelle pfeiffer in stardust: she looks like an over-the-top drama-queen like bette midler in hocus pocus or ursula in the little mermaid. i think this will be fun! plus julia is great at playing bitches: have you seen her in confessions of a dangerous minds? she’s amazing.
    and lily collins is just a perfect snowwhite.

  • jo
  • Ollie

    Love Julia…

  • BHC

    I can’t believe they took Julia Roberts to play an evil queen , that woman is just the nicest person ever , she better be good to be taken seriously on this movie because to me she doesn’t feet , Angelina Jolie would’ve been perfect because she can manage to play vilain and arrogant / Nice & Passionate , i’m not saying Julia can’t ! But we’ll see .

  • emma

    loving the costumes.

  • b

    Only seeing this for Armie Hammer. He was meant to play a prince.

  • b

    Only seeing this for Armie Hammer. He was meant to play a prince.

  • b

    Only seeing this for Armie Hammer. That man was born to play a prince.

  • Christian

    Why is it that every comment on this site tends to be always negative? How can you pre-judge her when you haven’t even seen the movie yet? I really hate when people do that. If you’re not psychic (which you are not) then please sit the hell down and shut up.

  • Woaw

    I love Julia Roberts, but she looks like Lord Shen from Kungfu Panda 2 here.

  • kikay

    This is the most cheapest production costume i have ever seen in a movie,so lame.

  • http://bplush Bercia15

    interesting choice.
    ooh is she wearing a creation by alexander mcqueen?
    exquisite craftsmanship.

  • Danielle

    Love Lilly as Snow White, the colors of the first pic was incredible even in some of them colors are ok but then is too much… who is the director???

  • Kat

    These pictures make me cringe. Seems like a cheap Willy Wonka/Alice in Wonderland knock off. Why would I waste money to see something that has been done a million times before? At least the Kristen Stewart/Charlize Theron version seems to be trying to give us something different. If people keep seeing films like this, Hollywood is going to keep thinking it’s ok to give us the same stuff in different packages. No thanks!

  • Malvina

    Show White was very white and had blue eyes, that was the whole fairytale, i hate when producers and writers change everything to make the story “fresh”, this is just stupid, that is not the snow white, simple.