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Kate Bosworth: Inspired By Parisian Fashion!

Kate Bosworth: Inspired By Parisian Fashion!

Kate Bosworth heads into an office building on Saturday (October 8) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress recently talked about one of her favorite locations in the world to get fashion inspiration: Paris!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

“Here [in Paris], it seems that everyone is thinking about the look, the wish to express something through clothes. Parisians inspire me a lot,” Kate said.

Late last month, Kate headed to a nail salon to get pampered while wearing some pieces from her Jewelmint collection.

FYI: Kate‘s shoes and bag are made by Vanessa Bruno.

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Credit: Brooks; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Ugh!

    Are you kidding me?

  • Jessie

    WTF is she wearing? It looks TERRIBLE!

  • ladybug

    The shirt and jacket/sweater are fine, but what in the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is with the shorts and the boots (At leas they are different pair of boots)?

  • Shannon

    You know, I intern at a homeless shelter (for real) and I see A LOT of Kate Bosworth inspired fashion there.


  • Jessie

    No smug smile this time. Must be wondering about her outfit.

  • Macy

    Dear lord, I hope that wasn’t a business meeting. If it was, that outfit doesn’t give a very good impression. I wouldn’t hire someone for a job if they showed up like that.

  • Like

    It’s very Isabel Marant. You people have People Magazine fashion tastes.

  • betsy

    @Like: exactly! I see more of a Alexander Wang thing going on with those shorts (because of the baggy tuff) but actually, in paris you will find people warnig this, very fashionable people and hipsters. Kate’s lucky she’s very thin and can pull off any look because if she had curves those shorts would look really bad on her. I like her outfit for her, it suits her but I wouldn’t wearit myself.

  • munn

    Love Kate, good to see her in the spotlight and hit movies again…Go Kate!!!!!

  • ladybug

    @munn: What hit movies?
    Macy, oh, but it’s probably a fashion related meeting, so this is a ‘good’ outfit for that, to show how fashion forward she is!

  • Alice (or Hilarious)

    Haters gonna hate.
    Especially ASkars fans —>

  • Macy

    I guess my sister’s cutoffs from 1992 are in then. LOL! I don’t know about you, but most of the pictures from the Paris runway shows that I’ve seen didn’t look anything like any of this.

  • Macy

    I guess my sister’s cutoffs from 1992 are back in then. LOL! I don’t know about you, but most of the pictures from the Paris runway shows that I’ve seen didn’t look anything like any of this.

  • okay

    when I see these pics it reminds of the movie Clueless…….”you look like a farmer in those clothes!” lmao!!

  • Actually

    @betsy: “If she had curves those shorts would look really bad on her”? I hate to break it to you, but they look horrible on her now. It looks like she stole some guy’s pants (see: the super low crotch), cut them to a bermuda short length, and then put a belt on to keep them up.

    (I personally don’t’ have any problem with her shirt choices though, so at least she got half the outfit alright, I guess.)

  • Hot Potato

    oh girl puh-lease. Look at yourself. Vanessa Bruno may be all that, but on Kate’s bonier than bony frame it doesn’t look that hot to me. And well she HAS to concentrate on fashion now, since her acting career is in the pits.

  • Dieter

    JARED !!!!! I was wondering the whole day where Kate and her beautiful ass have been hiding !!!!!

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Definitely a late 80′s early 90′s look to the jean shorts. And she looks like she’s drowning in them. I know that look has made something of a comeback, but why? It didn’t look good then, it doesn’t look good now.

  • brenda dubois

    she looks fine from the waist up

  • ladybug

    @Alice (or Hilarious): It’s got nothing to do with AS and everything to do with KB. She claims to be a fashionista and then wears this. And somehow gets papped at an office building.

  • cali

    the bones of her knees are bigger than her thighs. She seems thinner than ever. I don’t hate this poor girl and think she has a pretty face, but her thinness is excessive. I don’t know if it is due to illness, anorexia or just a natural tendency to be thin, but she doesn’t look healthy and her friends and family need to help her see that.

    If it is anorexia, people need to remember how serious this can be. People die from it, and suffer for many many years.

  • Alice

    @ladybug: yeah, right… nothing to do with AS…
    And does she really upset you this much? like kind of part of your life. You are sad.
    *The doll surgeon will be here in a few minutes.

  • ♥The fifth member♥

    I miss this chat so much! How are the other four members?
    @ladybug @chelle @camille @canuck
    I’m bored with Alex post, is way more fun to trash this woman than write “he’s so hot”.
    @Alice: wrong, Chelle is a real surgeon, right now I bet she’s telling a patient to stitch up himself because she saw the KatePost signal. A real patient.
    About this Kate, she looks thin. Kind of the goal of all women, except me, I care more for inner beauty ¬¬

  • http://ShelooksOLD! Blackcat99

    God! She looks OLD! and those shorts looks like she took a big S**t in her pants! For the love of God Kate please lotion up those calloused knees.We all know you spend a lot of time on them but make an effort! If this is fashion.I want NO part of it!

  • ♥The fifth member♥

    Hey, you girls @ladybug @chelle @camille what’s up with CANUCK?, I’m so so interested in the weather in her city!!
    Sorry I didn’t catch you. Now, I have a party with the people here on da trailer park. Gonna turn out the internet machine.

  • Jeannie

    So, she went to a nail salon last month, is inspired by Paris fashion & is headed into an office, pimping her ‘awesome’ jewelery. Must be a slow news day….or her check cleared.

  • OK

    @Like – You can say her outfit is inspired by Isabel Marant’s look (and what young actress who knows fashion doesn’t fall all over Marant?)— HOWEVER- *fit* in fashion is what makes something look good on a body.

    I don’t care that Marant sent low-hanging crotch shorts that make you look like you have a butt in the front down the runway for her Fall ’09 collection. IT LOOKS BAD, and just because a designer created the look doesn’t mean it’s automatically good.

    Bosworth here looks ridiculous, plain and simple.

  • mforman

    You 2 fans are right the creature doesn’t call the paps on herself, they just happened to be hanging outside of this one particular office building on a Saturday.

    The thing has no acting career to speak of, I don’t care how many movies she might have filmed, nothing, not one of them has any release date and quite a few of them don’t even have distribution.

    Without having poor AS to hang all over and use his star quality for attention, she is back to her desparate and disgusting behavior.

    Thank goodness he woke up and dumped this anorexic, uselss creature.

    I just cannot get over how old she looks. She really needs to eat something and stop with all of the facial procedures that she keeps having done.

  • Jessie

    So she’s wearing a trend that’s two years old? Yeah, she’s on the cusp of fashion alright. *eyeroll* She totally looks ridiculous.

  • New Boots!!!

    New man…. new boots! Does that mean Alex was some sort of fashion accessory?

  • chelle

    @ladybug: She really does not look well. This girl needs some serious help. Her outfit isn’t bad but it looks like at any second its going to crush her.

  • Tres

    This girl gets a lot of undeserved hate. I don’t know why a lot of people are so pressed she dated Alexander Skarsgard. Maybe she’s a good person in real life that’s why he fell for her? We’ll never know the real score between the two so it’s futile to still talk about them at this point.

    I agree though, those shorts are hideous. Maybe if she had some sort of thigh muscle she’d be able to pull if off. But sadly, she’s too skinny. Her legs are looking atrophied. Poor chick. I do not believe she’s just naturally thin, people who are naturally thin don’t look like this. She is unhealthy, no matter how hard she tries to cover it by saying she has fast metabolism. I’m a medical student, I know a malnourished person when I see one.

    Case in point, her knees are bigger than her thigh, naturally thin are proportionate so even though they are thin, their knees are still smaller than their thighs.

    Just my two cents

  • No

    Jessie: Actually, fashion is always ahead by a couple of years. If it has filtered down to celebrity, the trend is at the cusp of becoming mainstream. Emma Watson lists Kate Bosworth as one of her style icons. Kate is considered fashionable by those who follows fashion. Her fashion is questionable to the mainstream but later it is acceptable.

  • Allons – y Allonso

    “Late last month, Kate headed to a nail salon to get pampered while wearing some pieces from her Jewelmint collection”…sounds very super busy there. *eye roll*

  • Shannon

    I don’t really care if this is what Parisian hipsters are wearing. She looks like shit.

  • Rachel()

    @No: You can plead “fashion” all you want, but the fact is, most of her clothes are unflattering. It doesn’t matter how “stylish” a person is if their clothes make them look like crap. Beigeworth is a pretty girl, but she always looks like frumpy, pastel hell!

  • Shannon

    I don’t care if this is what Parisian hipsters are wearing. She looks like shit.

  • No

    So you think that Emma Watson doesn’t know fashion since she lists Kate Bosworth as one of her fashion inspiration??

  • @_@

    It’s kate now hows care?

  • cali

    I have to agree, this outfit is terrible. This may be inspired by a French designer, but even the best designers are going to have some things that are just plain bad. And saggy crotch shorts are never going to be a good look on anyone. What’s next, Tool belts with plumber’s butt as the hottest fashion trend?

    It looks like she is wearing Huggies pullups and they need to be changed.

    She is a pretty girl. And she could flatter her appearance, even as skinny as she is.

  • OK

    I stand by what I say. She looks like she has a butt in the front of her shorts.

  • mforman

    @#32–Tres–The hate is not undeserved, she has done nothing throughout her so called career to ever endear herself to the public.

    She is rude to fans, is reported to be extremely diva like and rude on the few movie sets she gets to work on. She makes herself out to be more than she is, seriously if I read in one more interview with her that she is a “blue blood” and champion equestrian (sorry if spelled wrong), I will really yell out loud, I find it funny that there is not one single photo of her winning a trophy or a ribbon or even a photo at a horse jumping event. It is like she made up this past and doesn’t care that we all know it isn’t true, because most of the stories are placed on these gossip sites and in gossip magazines by her and her people, she loves any publicity.

    The worst thing of all was just recently when she blew off the foster childrens charity event which she co chaired to pose topless in Mexico and have Cher post the pictures the same day as the trailer for AS’s Melancolia was released, what a plan. That in itself tells you the hate is not undeserved. She could have released a statement in which she said that she couldn’t make the event, but made a donation. Seriously, who does she think she is, that she cannot help out children. You would think since there was so much hate surrounding that situation, that she would want people to think well of her, but once again she feels she is too good for that and loves any and all publicity.

    The creature hasn’t had a hit in 10 years and goes from boyfriend to boyfriend making sure we all know the exact details.

    Let us not forget Chris Martin, it was worth it to ruin her so called friendships with GP’s whole group for a fling, then she made sure to cling to AS and use him for all he was worth. Thank goodness he woke up and dumped her anorexic as*.

    Now she is making sure to have stories released about how her and MP hooked up on the set of “Big Sur,” why does she have to do that, we all know their so called relationship was over before this years Coachella, but AS let her save face and now look at what she is doing.
    Soon she will do what she did with OB and say it was his friends and that he had no time for her and she is just an innocent person in all of this.

    I believe the story that she is still calling and texting AS when she has had a little too much to drink. She misses all the famewhoring she did with him and all the publicity she got; but he doesn’t miss it, boy did I miss his smile, when he smiles you can even see it in his eyes and that was missing when he was forced to deal with that famewhore, now it is back and he looks better than ever.

    Honestly, though, I have never seen her look this bad or this old. All because a famous designer sends you clothes, it doesn’t mean you have to wear them, I mean she must have a mirror. We all know her only friends are on her payroll, so they wont tell her the truth, they will tell her she looks amazing, they still want to get paid.

    So I am sorry but the hate she receives is not undeserved, all the comments that are made from us and from people such as Lainey and on Celeb^^chy, plus the sites she doesn’t pay are deserved.

  • @mforman

    The only friends are on her payroll? What about the celebs who list her as their fashion icon? Are they on her payroll too? Emma Watson doesn’t need to be paid to say positive things about Kate.

  • blah

    @ #33 and #43 ( who is the same person) get over the Emma Watson thing who cares.

    i like her black bag thats it.

    i cant stand her but im not going to blabber on about everything i hate about her. its just wasting my time.

    if you like her thats fine
    if you cant stand her, thats fine too.

    stop bitching at each other because of it it makes you all look stupid

    JJ will ALWAYS post about her just dont click and let her fan have their fun to talk about her. same goes for every other celeb here. some people who comment should get their heads check with the crap that they say.

  • blah blah blah blah

    Who cares? What that means is that Emma Watson’s opinion of Kate means more than you. She is a better person than you so how she views Kate is worth 1000x more than your opinion of Kate.

  • Canuck

    @Shannon: I can guarantee you that a Parisian woman wouldn’t be caught dead in that outfit. Not even one from one of the sh*tty poor neighborhoods.

  • strawberry26

    well, to be honest – i have just been to paris last week and she is just so wrong. parisians are known for not trying to express themselves through clothing ( people from london are famous for this!!!!) but instead opt mostly for more classic and unobstrusive pieces. even those few “hipsters” i spotted were looking well-tended and effortless and wore only flattering pieces, whereas you can tell that kate is just trying to hard! She looks bedraggled – poor girl you look like a wannabe-european.


    that’s just the LA boho hipster style. far away from parisian

  • Bored

    I can’t stop laughing! Did JJ choose this caption to go with these photo’s as a joke? Irony?? What???

  • Marlo

    Where is the link that Emma Watson says Bosho is her fashion icon?