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Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: Starbucks Stop with Suri!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: Starbucks Stop with Suri!

Katie Holmes carries her daughter Suri out of a Starbucks shop after grabbing a cup of coffee on Saturday (October 8) in Shadyside, Pennsylvania.

The 32-year-old actress was joined by her husband Tom Cruise, who held onto Suri‘s panda bear plush toy as they left the coffee shop.

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Earlier in the day, the happy family grabbed some lunch together.

The family has been in Pittsburgh for the past week, where Tom is currently at work on his new action flick One Shot.

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, and Suri out and about…

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katie holmes tom cruise starbucks stop with suri 15
katie holmes tom cruise starbucks stop with suri 16
katie holmes tom cruise starbucks stop with suri 17
katie holmes tom cruise starbucks stop with suri 18
katie holmes tom cruise starbucks stop with suri 19
katie holmes tom cruise starbucks stop with suri 20

Credit: StClair/Massie; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Fame Pictures
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  • CJLOVE23

    That kid is going to have major dependency issues– being consistently coddled like that

  • bobbyweiner

    Love Tom

  • ck

    Katie’s gonna have some ripped arms from carrying that kid when she’s 14.

  • laura

    Say what you want but Tom is sexy dude

  • gigi

    i think it is getting way too weird that they are carrying this grown child and that they feed her with a baby bottle. the baby blankets and nursery toys are odd too. why don’t they focus on suri growing up and acting her age? maybe school with other grown kids would be good for her. the home-schooling thing is obviously not working.


    i think suri just gets scared of the paps a lot. i think her toys are age appropriate. the bottle is no excuse t.hough

  • http://justjared POLO

    WEIRDOS!!!!!!! WACKOS!!!!!!!!!!

  • wtf?

    i agree, getting a little old to be carried like that but perhaps the paps scared her

  • pr person

    Can’t. Stand. Them.

  • wtf?

    i agree, getting a little old to be carried like that but perhaps the paps scared her

  • wtf?

    i agree, getting a little old to be carried like that but perhaps the paps scared her

  • Tota

    Yeah my family also hand to hand yastrday i give 5 great advice for my younger sister and now i tell she Happy birthday little tota .

  • Amber

    Yes she is old to be carried however understand that it is a protective mechanism for a parent. If there were always strangers with cameras around ur instinct will be to hold ur child close to u.
    Not to mention it is more efficient to go in and out of a place carrying rather than the child walking, they’re slower, it’s more dangerous the paps bumping into ur child or god forbid some psycho stalker who loves or hates u or ur family grab and kidnaps.
    Use ur heads people.

  • LeeSeol

    Damn Tom works alot, like one movie afterthe other.

  • booo

    I don’t see anything wrong with carrying a 5 yr. old, but I find ppl here defending them by making up excuses like Suri is scared of paps is weird. These are probably the same ppl who defended Katie Holmes for not putting a coat on Suri when it was 50 degrees outside saying stuff like I’m sure it was warm, etc. when Katie Holmes clearly stated that in her interviews that Suri doesn’t wear her coat even if it’s cold out.

  • Guest

    There would be any paps around hyer like a bee to a beehive if her parents wouod not keep putting out , front , and center from late nights adult events like restaurants and palys to being always with them on location and whenver wherever paps swarm Kaite the mindless and Tom the freak.
    Also, K and T are always talking about this poor feral child.,

  • ali

    here we go again … she is holding her as if she is a todler !!
    im sorry but this is NOT normal . why dont you let her walk ? isnt she
    a big girl by now ? geezz
    this kid will have major issues in the future .

  • daby


    Amber they are always accompanied by at least one body guard and there is usually a nanny hovering in the background. You don’t see other celeb parents carrying their kids so much of the time. If the paps truly upset this child (which appears to be the case from all the pics over the years), then one would think the parents would find ways of not pimping her out to the paps. You don’t see other celeb kids cowering, covering their face, being carried, constantly. Whenever the crowds are anticipated to be unruly Tom and Katie have used additional body guards and at times been given police escorts. So I really don’t think this child is in danger. Yes it is upsetting to her for being rushed by the paps, but Tom plays to them. He has announced he loves pictures that they take. And that Suri needs to get with the program as it “is what it is.” No Tom, it is what you make it and you created this by pimping her out.

  • Celia


    # 13- NO ONE wants the brat! Use YOUR head # 13

  • Romeo

    You have no idea how she’s being raised, #1.How is she being ‘consistently coddled’?

    And it still won’t be your problem, #3.

    Where does she have a bottle and what are nursery toys, #5? Plenty of kids her age carry around blankets. You have no idea how this kid is like to criticize how her parents are raising her.

    Are you actually defending the paparazzi, #16?

    Don’t call innocent kids names.

    I highly doubt that, #17.

    I don’t think her outside in public in broad daylight is pimping anyone, #18. And if she’s being carried, so what? What’s it to you?

  • errr

    every time I see this kid in pictures, all I see is that stupid bottle hanging out of her mouth and that dumb look on her face. There is nothing sophisticated or stylish about her… i just din’t get it sorry.

  • irene olson

    I often wonder if Tom will dump Katie when it is close to ten years married like he did Nicole? Lucky Nicole got away from the Scientology cult.

  • Don

    Title this one the episode where Suri refuses to play along with the photo op. Drink the barley milk darlin.

  • lulu

    I did feel sorry for Nicole she gets dumped right before the ten year anniversary so tom gets away with giving her less money..and she was pregnant and miscarried from the stress..tom didnt even visit her in the hospital. he moved right on quickly to Penelope yet he seemed to walk away unscathed. cant help but think his “church” helped to derail a lot of the criticism,,,Nicole knew she couldnt talk unless she wanted to see even less of her kids than she wound up with seeing. sad sad sad

    (always wondered what would have happened if Nicole had given birth to that baby..would tom have recognized this child insisted this child join his cult? )

  • jk

    Katie is pretty.

  • Wowza

    Tom cruise looks like top gun Tom. He looks really good.

  • Mari

    I don’t get this. According to their “religion” a child is just a small adult and has therefore to be treated like an adult. That is their excuse why she dresses age inappropriate and wears heels and make-up. Right?

    But why then do they carry her like a small toddler and even give her a baby bottle? Isn’t that sort of a contradiction?

  • NG

    On this same day Suri is seen wear heels with this
    outfit and waving at the papparazzi. I think that is how
    Cruise likes Suri to behave with the press because he
    knows the paps want her picture and they will also be
    in the picture.

  • Suri is stimming

    Suritard apparently was grumpy and didn’t want to participatre this photo op.
    And the stroller show, c’mon, it’s getting so old now.
    Katieturd, the sorry excuse for a mother, has been producing the stroller show since Suri was 3 probably, only that they used a smaller stroller.

    That brat is mentally and emotioanlly challenged.
    Suritard is a child labor, luckily her employer the gay midget seems to pay her very well.

  • annie

    How dare they go to a cafe, or take a walk, or do anything else that o
    ther normal people do- the only thing that is not normal are the paps. They have to live with them, and it’s clear Suri is not too fond of them all the time.
    Unfortunately for the little girl they are going to be part of her life , for a long long time, and it seems to me her parents want to ease her into that unfortunate fact.
    These people are actors that’s their work, they go all over the place, and their kids go with them, just like all the other stars do. Part of the year they are at school, at other times they are home schooled or make shift classroom on the set. I’m sure others connected with the movies have children as well.
    When Kate Hudson was making a movie on the Barrier Reef for 3 months there were pics of her son going backwards and forward with his father to his mother, from the US to Australia and back.

    As for what’s going to happen when they reach the 10 yr mark, whether they stay together or not, nobody knows, but if things ever go a bit haywire, you can bet Tom won’t give Katie up so easily as with previous relationships, no matter what some of you say, not to mention the fact that her daddy is a divorce attorney, maybe not a $1000 a minute divorce attorney but still that’s his job, and I’m sure he’s made sure that his youngest daughter will be more than ok if things go wrong. In his wedding speech- he said he thought that his son in law was indeed a good guy, so why should that change.
    I’m sure Katies dad knows a lot about Tom, and Scie, and everything else, as for her being brainwashed, one thing is very clear and always has been, Katie is very close to her mother, and her sisters.
    Because you love your husband, doesn’t mean you are a pushover, it’s called choice, her choices. Katie also said that she and Tom make things work, and I believe what she says.
    My nan always said and still does- it’s the quiet ones you have to watch- and that’s Katie- I woud’nt under estimate her for anything and I say that in a nice way.

  • Suri is stimming

    BTW, Katieturd may have the widest hips in the entertainment business.
    Or shall we put it this way, for a flat chest ho, her hips are really wide and flat. The elephant legs are thick and short too.

    I think her hips are also very droopy, hence look very long as well.

    However, I have to give Katieturd some credit for choosing wide leg pants. Remenber, Katie, your name is WIDE.

  • blah

    Suri looks like a mini Jen Anisten to me… looks and facial expressions. She has great eyes and a cute little frame, although shes not all that. I see kids just like her at the playground everyday….. That is why Katie pushed the dress up crap…. she wants her to stand out.

  • hannah

    what happened to kate as a singer? when will she drop a cd and dance in the video? wasn’t she supposed perform with black eyed peas?

  • daby


    No Romeo I’m not defending the paps. I’m saying there is no reason for Amber to be afraid poor Suri will be crushed as she has a body guard.

    And Katie and Suri and Tom do things out of the public eye all the time. JJ posts anything about Katie that he finds come through the wire and photo agencies. There are long periods of up to two weeks or more often, when he posts nothing — so what is Katie doing? Staying home in their cult compound? No – she and Suri are out and about because they’ve chosen to ‘escape’ the paps. They can do it when they want to. They go out to eat, to get ice cream,visit friends, do “normal” every day things without the paps following them and taking pictures. So forgive those of us who are cynical and believe that when they are seen it is because they WANT to be seen.

    AND I know you read each and every post about this woman as you are a major fan/stalker. And you know perfectly well that someone has been posting CURRENT (as in the last week or so) pictures of Suri and her bottle.

  • @annie

    It isn’t Tom Katie will have to worry about. It is the cult.

  • KNH

    Kate has the best voice in Hollywood. I think is a matter of time before we see her in a mega musical blockbuster–bigger than Moulin Rouge. Then she’ll finally get the recognition and awards that she deserves. Tom will be really lucky to be married to her. It’s a matter of time.


    I think KATIE HOLMES is the most-obvious -about -it PHONEY celeb out there. She’s incredibly wanna-be and has since she met Cruise and started being his little puppy dog. She’s mediocre but strives to be the fashion IT GIRL. And isn’t it funny that she’s SO into fashion and HER daughter miraculously is this HUGE fashion maven… PLEASE. SURIS IMAGE is just as fabricated as the PHONEY pretentious mother’s is. Suri is nothing but a little rich girl with LOTS of $$$$ goodies in her closet….. STOP WITH THE FASHION STYLIST 5 yr old… she still drinks from a BABA and enjoys wearing stupid kid- costumes on the town.


    And ROMEO… ever her of the expression opinions are like &%#@ -holes, everybody has them… we all reserve the right to think, feel, and voice what we have to say. If you take exception to that, that is YOUR issue. Do some self-meditating to get to the bottom of why you feel the need to set the world straight. I think it may become pretty exhausting defending ppl like these two. They really put themselves out there… especially w/ the Suri stuff. Every time Katie Holmes hits the cover of a magazine and has a Suri brag-fest in the inside articles, she is setting herself up for it. She should just make her own way in the biz w/ out the mention of her PR -booster… remain MUM and keep it classy FOR ONCE.

  • KNH

    Suri is a fashion icon! She’s been choosing her own clothes since she was 18 months old. That is true talent.


    KNH… your feeding and buying into their PR propaganda, a lot of babies can point to clothes… Katie pays great money to her team of PR ppl to help her put together stories that are special and cute, so that us stupid american consumers will think of THAT, when they run to the theater, stand on line like STUPID SHEEP and pay good money to see snooze fest -mediocre movies…. while they sit home in their amazing homes and drink expensive campaign… American people seem to and LIKE to put celebs on pedestals and this is typical. They know what they are doing its ALL CALCULATED and everything that is put out there is way they wan’t to be perceived… this is not rocket science either.

  • Who needs school?

    Good to know that Suri twirled Friday away while all other five year old were in school.

  • KNH

    Kate, herself, said that Suri makes big decisions for Holmes & Yang. It’s a high-end line sold at Barney’s. You should give Suri some credit and respect.

  • diaper issues
  • Question

    Why does Katie always have to help Suri stir her baby carriage? Is she trying to get in Suri’s PR shots?


    KNH you seem to be a funny little pranker on this sight,just trying to get a rise out of some of the negative nay- sayers by posing as if you were indeed KATIE HOLMES. To each his own… and when you grow up, if you grow up, you will see the reason for the negative comments here- are that people merely frustrated that this stuff seems to be what is important in the news and all the is back-lashing on the CRUISE PR train and that not all of us WILL BE FOOLED by the ridiculousness that comes out of their mouths and into magazines. IF you study public relations and take the just even the pre req classes you learn that no public figure puts out things that are not planned and contrived. KATIE HOLMES stoops lower than other celebs, and puts more out there.. seems less talent, more personal stuff released…ie Kim Kardashian and her whole clan and any other reality star trying for publicity and a career booster. Katie has found the niche to be in Suri and her relationship with Tom (ppl are fascinated) so she uses it to her advantage and it works!

  • Cari

    Love the pic of Katie bending over where her odd looking bo-obs are showing. Does she have implants? It looks like two deflating balloons on each side of her chest. She is flat enough that one would think that the “weight” would be more evenly distributed.

  • KNH

    Maybe some people just like Kate. She captivated the audience in Dawson’s Creek. Still has lots of loyal fans. She has great taste and does excellent modeling. The real fashion industry respects her. Even Vogue. She gives a lot to needy children through The Dizzy Feet Foundation. Her last movie did really well. Jack and Jill will make big money. She’s and A-lister at award shows… She’s a mom and an aunt. Why are you so hard on her.


    YOU have a right to you’re opinion. I believe some people deserve an A- lister status… SHE does NOT… Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, all have proved themself. If you think “A-list” means “by association” or “by marrying one” then fine… than that’s your opinion. She is a joke in my circles. I live in NYC… I am very intuitive when it comes to fashion. Define how captivating an audience at 18 has anything to do with 32 and just because you are on the cover of Vogue, doesn’t mean anything… she is famous and that is what sell… but put her up to any great challenge, she will fail… b/c Tom and his fame and money can’t convince people like me and my crown who are indie movie ppl that she is not just riding his wave… Suri is another story, playing dress up with you’re toddler might be NEWS somewhere else, but here in NY its old news, for everyone has a little Bonpoint princess running around. She’s impressing the people who also think Carters is fashionable …So she and her kid may “captivate” an public audience with her “fashion” and other “projects”, but here in NY shes just the girl on teeny- bopper magazines who got lucky and want’s a free lunch.

  • kris

    #44 – actually she is not wearing diapers

  • @#44

    thanks for the link and YES we ALL know Suri wears underwear… KATIE has been flashing Suri’s underwear clueless-ly (i hope) for 2 yrs….but what about the pictures in this blog show she is?.. are we supposed to zoom in or something… that’s gross. Is there something that is indicative of her being potty trained that stands out to ya?