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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: SNL After Party Pair

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: SNL After Party Pair

Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend, Justin Theroux, make a low-key exit from the Saturday Night Live after party in New York City on Sunday (October 9).

The 42-year-old actress is currently featured on the cover of Elle magazine’s latest issue!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

On Thursday, an interview with Jennifer, Demi Moore, and Alicia Keys about their new Lifetime project about the impact of breast cancer, Five, aired on Good Morning America!

Five will premiere on Monday (October 10) at 9/8c on Lifetime – don’t miss it!

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Credit: Turgeon/Steffman; Photos: Splash News Online
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    @Miami D:
    Hope you’re still here cat lady, here you go:

    Mayer is said to have upset the women by called Simpson “sexual napalm” and “crack cocaine” (is that good or bad?) and portrayed Aniston as “boring”. Says Mayer of fun Jen:

    “I want to dance… I want to get on an airplane and be a ninja… I don’t want to pet dogs in the kitchen.”


    The singer’s comments come back to haunt him…
    Photo: Splash News
    Jennifer Aniston will no doubt to be thrilled to learn that John Mayer considers Angelina Jolie to be every man’s ultimate fantasy woman – at least he did three years agao.
    The singer and professional ‘joker’ launched into a crude gag about Brangelina’s sex life during a 2006 interview with Rolling Stone, in which he says he pities Brad for having no-one to fantasise about when getting intimate.
    John, who was dating Jessica Simpson at the time, joked, “Everyone thinks Brad Pitt has it great because he married Angelina Jolie.
    “I think he has it terrible, because when Angelina Jolie is giving you a blow job, what do you tip your head back and think of to help you finish?
    “You have nothing left – just Jesus on a polar bear in the middle of the snow, saying, ‘You greedy motherf*cker, I’ve got nothing for you.’”
    John also proved that, alongside his crude attempts at humour, he knew nothing about Hollywood’s super-couple, who have never been married.
    The singer caused a stir last month when he mocked Brad’s film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

  • Manny

    Notice suddenly Miami is MIA… the truth always hurts.
    He also said Dumpistan was stuck in the 90s didn’t he? Nice find…

  • ingrid

    i don’t understand why people hate her so much !

    someone said in one of the coments that never saw photos of someone famous leaving a snl party..that a lie…you can check on internet if you want guys…

    she’s not living in the past , she’s living her life that’s it ..but people always say that she is trying something to get attention…i think she gets attention because you guys give it to her (even who hates her) and that’s the truth..


    They’re moderating me. How cute.

  • Whatevah


    Wow for a person that cries about other people that post here not having a real life, you sure do spend more time here and spewing your mouth like you have some sort of a diarrhea of the mouth.

    Go out and smell the roses or does it make you feel better smelling you own rancid smell while foaming on the mouth defending your old has been idol?

  • Oh Ingrid

    I doubt anyone hates her just tired of sites like this and her paid pr puppy shoving her in our face every time. She is the pesty fly you keep trying to shoo away but the darn thing keeps showing up. She has no real interest and she is below par in her acting and interviewing abilities. The only attention she gets is gossip mags, blogs and entertainment shows but no attention for anything ever worth any real acknowledgement. You don’t ever hear people talking about her work because her work is lackluster and her charitable works are the same and only seem to show up when she need it to promote her awful movies. Look at this thread there are no articles attached talking about any good she is doing or new possible scripts that directors are hoping she will accept or anything else interesting just folks spending Sunday afternoon torturing the loonifers that dare to come here and feel obligated to take up for her lazy works. Yet, as the loons say she is rich and that makes her alright with them. Anyway, she is Rachel Green and Brad Pitt’s ex, that about sums her up legacy. Without the latter she would have been history years ago with her other Friends co-stars, darn you Brad!

  • Manny

    Thanks for reading my posts! You made my day….. BTW what has been idol are we talking about? Dumpistan?

  • Whatevah


    Sorry my post #106 was meant for that Miami D gal, must have click your name in reply hehe.

  • Manny

    No harm no foul I say. We’re good. :)

  • Dl

    Not only is she boring and uninteresting .. Per brad and John.. She can’t f**k.. That’s not a good combination ..

  • ellie’

    Jen & Justin , What a nice refreshing surprise, always great seeing you..!!

  • jacksonwille

    Justin is pitiful. She needs a solid man.

  • Hill

    She sucks everything she can get her hands on.

  • Get real

    @Dani: Hey Returd, read the 14 comments ahead of yours, 99.9% are from you loons hating on her. Go back to your alley with all the other garbage.


    the only jeans this guy ever owns is probably in the washing machine, that’s why he just borrowed one of Maniston’s.

    He looks like a creep, with his nasty flaby old skin on his enckline…ewww

  • Wow

    @SnOOKIE: Whoa, R U a newbie to these threads.

  • J&J

    All haters in this thread are insane and very disgusting, so
    We’re not surprised that they dislike the classiest Jen.

    Jen, you looks so gorgeous and so beautiful. We love you.
    We do not blame you and Justin showed your sad faces in front of photographers. We would do the same if we were you.
    We wish you and Justin a lot of happiness.

  • hadeezah hassan

    Love the classical and graceful Jen,am glad u r happy wit Justin. People can say wateva the want t say but majority of us adore u fr all over d world eg am a big fan fr africa. My prayers r wit u ms Anistone, all da best

  • a perfect porn couple

    this biitch and her boytoy look dirty and ugly.
    go home to suck and lick together.
    this biitch is so old for her boytoy.
    this biitch need her boytoy suck and lick her all night.

  • pamela

    Some people just cant stand someone’s happiness. jeaously much? I like Jennifer! She’s cool

  • Ange


  • Ange

    @slig o lambert^_____^cute:

    You are pathetic.
    I don’t get why you are here and write a comment if you don’t want to see her.

  • anonymous



    NOELLE: You love Jen, you had better, judging from these pictures of them coming from the SNL Party she is gonna need it, seems JA is on her way to being dumped. By the looks on that man’s face it says, I am so tired of this bit**! Just saw a picture of him with his old girlfriend of 14 years, and you should see the smile on his face, yet to see him smile like that with JA who is suppose to be his greatest love since slice bread and Brad Pitt.

  • Jennipoo

    Miami D @ 10/09/2011 at 4:04 pm

    Cinnamon face leather skin HO roasted Jen anyone? Anyone????

    Brad dumped it
    Vince Ran
    John Ran
    Gerard Ran
    Bradley Ran
    John Ran again
    Oh yeah Bradley got away twice
    Her dog committed suicide to get away.
    My Norman lost his mind before he died and had to be treated for depression. Seems he was so sick and tired of hearing about Bradley and how no one is like Bradley. I still miss my #1 Boo. I wouldn’t stop talking about Bradley even after Norman lost his mind. ( waaaaaaaaah! Twenty years of therapy didn’t help me, so I guess I couldn’t expect it to help poor Norman.
    You forgot Tate Donovan and Adam Duritz dumped me too. Adam likened dating me to a being on a bad vacation. How RUDE! Well his exact words were: “Some people you really dream about dating. Then, when you get there, you think, ‘Wow, this is not the vacation I thought it would be. This is not where I want to spend my vacation’.” Sheesh! He dumped me and started dating Courteney . Wahhhhhh!

  • Toni

    She is SO preggers now. They’re not holding hands, because she’s hiding her belly.

  • abbey34

    Jenn looks great and justin is a huge upgrade from dumb brad.

  • jell

    She got a fresh facelift.



  • Dr. Laura

    @jell: and you got a fresh vaggggiiiinooooplasty. Your name “jell” says it all.

  • guest

    why all the hate? seems she is not in a relationship to please — has to be both. nothing wrong with that. she is plump nowadays, so she is not watching her diet. they indeed make the best looking couple in hollywood!

  • guest

    why are the comments that are favorable to jen hidden? justjared seems to dislike her too.

  • lulu

    WOW… I don’t care if you like Aniston or not but having read the posts, It is obvious that Jen fans know nothing about her, No one can really know a celeb…but you can know a lot about them by reading their actual interviews. I dont think Jen fans ever get past her photoshopped pictures. I used to read all her interviews because I kinda liked Brad Pitt and wanted to see if she would mention him, and yea she DID say she didnt know if he was THE LOVE OF HER LIFE, BUT A LOVE. and she did say that she knew the marriage was over the summer of 2004..that is the article in which she makes a poor joke about her therapist picking a bad time to die. She has admitted that her marriage had trouble from the begining and they went to counseling the first year or so. I could go on but..I hate when people try to rewrite history. it is what it is…

  • Tata

    People, get a life!!!! a lot of kids are hungry all over the world, people do not have clear water to drink, wars, diseases and etc.
    And all you can do to make this world even worse is to insult a lady who did nothing bad to you!!! you are so mean, people! it just proves again that we are doomed (((((( no chances for us to make the change…

  • lulu

    Mean? Maybe charity is not their thing..oh wait that is Jen’s creed

    and you dont know what mean is til you read people wishing death on some one and her kids… jen fans are as bad as she is crying over a gray hair and cause someone called her homely..

  • JL

    I think this Justin is JUST a part of her JOB. Jennifer is a great person and her life is not easy. But she survives very decently. I wish her to find a really great man to love her the rest of the life.

  • yep

    @slig o lambert^_____^cute: yet you came on her article! lol! jen is awesome!

  • yep

    @Dani: well, you must be talking abut jolie-pitt fans that change their name to cause trouble and hate on brad and angelina. you don’t see me on their threads/article! hate to hate is wrong. be the difference you want to see! have fun jen and justin!

  • yep

    @dondra: for 7 years the media has said brangelina has had issue yet i don’t play into it! i wish them all happiness! love justjen!

  • To abbey34

    abbey34 @ 10/09/2011 at 11:57 pm

    Really. You trolls said the same about Vince, Paul, Bradley, John, Gerald, and John again. The dude always wears black. He loves his skinny and he is slightly bald. Which top 10 list has he been on? Most of you trolls haven’t even heard of him until he got together with this desperate hag. Wait til he dumps her. She will find her next upgrade.

  • yep

    strange how much time brangelina fans spend hating the ex of 7 years! guess she has more power then their couple! jen and justin out with their friend ben and christine hosting snl! lovely couples! enjoying their lives!

  • yep

    @Dani: i find it amusing to see how adults enjoying hating! also, have seen brangelina fans use other people’s name as a game to post negative remarks even against their own couple! i bet if you got down to the bottom of it only 10% of jennifer’s fans would go post negative remarks while it would be about 60% of angelina fans still posting negative remarks against the ex after 7 years! i have been watching the post with the names and writing style. also, when reading the brangelina fans post can be so crude that is an observation. read and see…. love snl – happy to see jen and justin!

  • karen

    I have never seem so many wothless peoples comments you all deserve being called stupid if this was angelina and brad you woule all think that they are wonderful what hippocrates.

  • yep

    @lulu: wow! why do you care about a divorce that happen what 7 years ago! move on! JUSTJEN! is the hottest couple ever!

  • yep

    @Miami D: lol! you touch a nerve and those loons went crazy can we say loons since they call us hens! just jared! both are birds! lol! Jennifer is amazing! Justin is HOT!

  • yep

    @Manny: manny and maniston one in the same! jen owns you! JUSTJEN!

  • yep

    love this couple! awesome! they are so giving! looking forward to watching five got some tissue! i hope lives are helped and saved and that these stories make a difference in peoples lives. also, ben was hosting SNL! gotta go watch the skit! looking forward to seeing the difference justin and jen make to the world!

  • yep

    @lulu: actually that isn’t close to the truth! jen fans give money and time to charity! REGULARLY without having to announce it to the world when we give. we are aware of needs of the elderly, sick, poverty, uneducated, teens and many more issues. WE CARE! 90% of jen’s fans don’t live in the past and recognize when others do charity! jen’s fans are happy for people and families and want only the best for them. wish only the best for jen and justin! May GOD bless them over and over again! May they be a giving and caring couple! May they grow old together and their love grow stronger and stronger every day!

  • yep

    @guest: i know it is strange how they brangelina fans can call us hens but we can’t use the bird that describes them – brangelina fans shouldn’t be able to use the word hen(s) if we can’t use the l word. this sight is bias however the photos are beautiful! wishing justjen the best!

  • uchy

    @slig o lambert^_____^cute: if you don’t want see her die so that you will not see her