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Michelle Williams Premieres 'My Week With Marilyn' in NYC

Michelle Williams Premieres 'My Week With Marilyn' in NYC

Michelle Williams looks wondrous in white at the pre-screening cocktail party for the premiere of My Week With Marilyn held at the Hudson Hotel on Sunday (October 9) in New York City.

The 31-year-old actress, who wore head-to-toe Dior to the New York Film Festival screening, was joined at the event by her Brokeback Mountain co-star Jake Gyllenhaal. Guests sipped Grey Goose at the cocktail party, before heading over to the premiere at Lincoln Center.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Michelle Williams

Michelle has garnered wonderful reviews for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe.

Michelle Williams gives a layered performance that goes beyond impersonation. Playing both the damaged, insecure woman and the sensual celebrity construct, Williams gets us on intimate terms with one of Hollywood’s most enduring and tragic icons,” wrote one reviewer for THR.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for the film, which opens November 4.

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Getty
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  • steph

    she doesn’t really look like marilyn but she does looks great!

  • Evie


  • Chris

    I have this vision of Kat(i)e Holmes sitting at home screaming ‘But I was Jackie O!’ And honestly I can’t stop laughing. Michelle Williams grew into her craft and became a true actress, not someone who is famous for doing anything but acting.

  • *.*

    She looks gorgeous. Eat your heart out Katie Holmes

  • bobbyweiner

    the girl from Dawson’s Creek

  • anon

    wow she looks like Mia Farrow from back in the day

  • Ann

    She looks great but I wish she would grow out her hair because I’ve forgotten how she looks with it. Lucky for her she looks good both ways.

  • Tota

    She need 10 advice to do tommorow face by face. Glad

  • Ruby


  • DarkEmpress

    Michelle looks so beautiful. This haircut looks amazing on her because she has such a pretty face. so many ppl were making a fuss about Emma watson”s haircut, but Michelle and Halle B. look the best with short hair!

  • mwannir
  • ME

    Michelle looks great!! I wish Emma was there, but she’s back in school at Oxford. :(

  • Rachel

    She’s a little to good to be bearding for Jake!

  • Liz

    Wow, she looks gorgeous!

  • Anny


  • Beck

    Who cares if she doesn’t resemble Marilyn? It’s all about the dimensions she’ll bring to the role. She doesn’t look any less like Marilyn than Scarlett and Charlize do.

  • dcedf

    i dont like phoney jake he was not a real friend to heath or go support him a premieres and since when did his hair grow back O.O

  • Erbaltint

    this guy needed help

  • Erbaltint
  • Diary Of A Parisian Girl

    I have never been a fan of short hair for women but when I see how beautiful Michelle Williams is with her hair short, I would almost consider getting an appointment at the hairdresser! I like her barely-not-there make-up. She looks so fresh and pure. The dress is stunning.

  • MIA

    Michelle is dying for an Oscar. Too bad she’s not getting it for this flick.

  • Joanna

    Nice haircut, shame about the acting.

  • yup

    @MIA: haha i was thinking the same thing…..oscar beggar!!!

  • madmax

    it’s great that Jake came out to support her. I wonder if he’ll be around for Matilda’s birthday

  • mimi

    Is that an engagement ring?

  • anon

    Why didn’t you post about Eddie Redmayne! He’s actually in the film! …Not Jake.

  • Sue

    Jake and Heath were great friends. I am sure that he is there to support his friend Heath and to be there for his Goddaughter. RIP Heath. You will never be forgotten by your friends or your fans.

  • Maria

    Hmmm . . Michelle williams seems like a cool and sensible girl. I also think she is pretty. But I don’t think she has that specific MArylin tyoe if sex appeal. Scarlet Johanssen has it but I can see why Scarlet didn’t want to get type cast. But anyway back to Michelle- I like long hair on her better. Brave to bear the cleavage but she looks like she is uncomfortable with it!

  • mister ball

    to 26,not against Eddie, but Jake is great!

  • MaryK

    I wish people would give Jake a break. Why so harsh?

  • Dee

    I just watched the trailer for MYWM and I honestly do think Michèlle can pull it off. She`s an incredibly talented actress. I was enthralled in watching her in that 2 minute trailer so I can`t imagine what it`ll be like to watch the whole movie. I`m excited to see it! Happy that Jake is there with her.

  • divagirl715

    She’s truly become something quite extraordinary. Her beauty is transcendent…alarming…unique…she is so ubre feminine.

  • Helena

    @Maria: Perhaps if you had read the reviews, you would realise that this is more than a film about Marilyn Monroe being portrayed as a sex symbol.

  • joanne

    why isn’t anything mentioned about her bf cary fukunaga who came with her? why not a pic of them together?

  • Levia

    to 34-she said that she is a singel…

  • Anne

    Cary reminds me of Heath a little bit…

  • Crap Actress

    I found a post about Scarlett in a video at called
    Modern Day Marilyn?
    How can you act like Michelle was the best choice.
    You really should find that video and then come back and
    try to bash Scarlett. You won’t be able to.

  • Princess

    You are nothing but a scumbag with no life. Heath Ledger was the most gorgeous actor of his generation besides Christian Bale.
    Heath was very attractive and Michelle Williams is not pretty. That photo proves that he was being bullied and Heath did not have the time or
    confidence anymore to dress up and become sexy like he always did. This pampered princess named Michelle garnered attention because of his fame and she deserves no lead actress nomination for this crap movie.

  • mindy

    Cary F. is kind of like Heath with black hair. He also seems to have the same presence.

  • angel

    @mindy: Maybe she’s dating him in hopes she’ll get a second rate Heath Ledger to love her? God knows the real thing never did and only put up with her because she conveniently got knocked up and then all the media was on his back because of Brokeback Mountain’s success.

  • Vivian

    How the success and the cleverness of Michelle can remove something from Heath? How do you do to say certain wickedness?

  • Erbaltint

    No you have no life coming to michelle posts when you hate her ,and its not heaths clothes its his hair and receded hairline!He looked awful
    like something was wrong with him

  • joseph

    Just my opinion, but I really believe if Michelle hadn’t been in BBM and became Heath’s real life love she would never be where she is now. I’m not trying to be mean about her, just from observing what happened to her after he came into her life. She is reaping the benefits from that and her beautiful daughter will always be a constant reminder. I just hope the guy she finally winds up with treats Matilda well.

  • marcia

    man you’re an idiot. according to you a receding hairline makes something wrong with a person?

  • Anonymouse

    Quite the hypocrite aren’t you. You brought up Heath Ledger in a post about Michelle Williams hoping what, that people would mock him? You started stirring from what I can see. Don’t worry about Heath’s hair, rested and cleaned up he would’ve looked like the same okay gorgeous man he’d always been. But he was too distressed with Michelle’s determination to take Matilda away from him to care about his appearance. What was wrong with him is the great stress he was under and his insomnia. Do you know how horrible it is to be unable to sleep more than a couple of hours a night for months? What does that have to do with his hair? Besides who cares about his receding hairline when he had that incredible bone structure and those lips. He’d had a receding hairline for a few years and it didn’t take away from his sex appeal. No wonder beauty Gemma Ward fell for him.

  • Princess

    Stress can make a woman’s hair become temporarily thinner.
    TEMPORARILY and not permanently. The same goes for a guy’s hair.
    An unhealthy diet can do the same. Michelle Williams made his hair
    become thinner because he was very unhappy with her.
    Why did Michelle actually believe she was entitled to be in in the ranks of pretty models on Vogue magazine covers? The only reason she was on the cover of Vogue this month is because of Heath Ledger and his
    If you don’t believe me about stress and temporary thin hair I don’t care because I have witnessed college girls go through it and then later their hair went back to normal.
    Your hair dryer, the type of shampoo and conditioner you use also has so much to do with how attractive your hair is.
    Silk pillow cases are best and also the combs and brushes you use.
    I seriously doubt Heath Ledger had the time to deal with anything but
    fending off Michelle and her lawyers.
    Cary should dump her and run while he still can.

  • I Know

    @Princess: Karma will come around and bite Miss Priss Michelle in the azz. She won’t get away with the misery she caused Heath for the rest of her life.

  • L’s Mom

    Pleeeeeeease!!! She doesn’t even come close to the real Marilyn Monroe. What a joke!!!!!!! Princess, I appreciate how you defend Heath Ledger. People who insult the dead are pathetic.

  • Erbaltint

    No idiot i meant his face and expressions

    @princess:lol hes been balding since he was 23 it wasnt stress

    @l’s mom :same goes for the living im not trying to insult him,im just being real

  • Erbaltint

    @Anonymouse: its so obvious youre princess how pathethic

    ” You brought up Heath Ledger in a post about Michelle Williams hoping what, that people would mock him? ” dont you do that on every michelle post bring up heath and talk about lawyers