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Alexander Skarsgard Covers 'Out' November 2011

Alexander Skarsgard Covers 'Out' November 2011

Alexander Skarsgard covers one of his eyes on the cover of Out magazine’s November 2011 issue.

Here’s what the 35-year-old True Blood hottie had to share with the mag:

On Sweden being the hot new country: “Exactly, we’re like the flavor of the month. Next month it will be Finland.”

On nudity: “I notice in interviews in the U.S. all people want to talk about is nudity. You have a half-hour interview, and you spend 25 minutes talking about the nude scenes, and of course, if it makes sense as a scene, I’ll do it.”

On what he misses about home: “Two things only: the change of the seasons, which are so extreme in Sweden, and my mom’s cooking. Those are the only things I really care about.”

For more from Alex, check out!

Bigger cover picture inside…

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Credit: Matthew Kristall; Photos: Out
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  • lina

    he is perfection!!!


    he sounds like an idiot

  • getitright

    The quote about what he misses about sweden is from Jonas Akerlund whdid the interview with him not AS.

  • janie

    can i get Swedish man like him to go? Thank youuuu!


    Jared needs to read a bit more carefully. The article was an interview with AS and another Swede, the director Jonas Ackerlund. The mom’s cooking quote is Ackerlund’s.

  • http://twitter nicole

    he looks hot!!!!

  • Tina

    They didn’t post the best quotes from him! Love Alex!

  • ladybug

    @Tina: I’m fond of this one:
    Alexander Skarsgård: I think it has to do with minimalism in terms of everything. There’s a lot going on under the surface. It’s something hidden. And that’s always interesting to me. You have to dig deeper. It’s like a duck — calm on the surface, but paddling like a motherf**** underneath.
    But perhaps you were thinking of others? :)

  • Hello Nelly

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan of Alex’s for a quite a while…but he really makes himself sound like an overage frat boy sometimes. His comments about sex in this article are a turn-off and inconsistent with the image he tries to maintain of a nice, humble guy. The duck thing was funny, though lol.

  • So Obvious

    Illuminati Salute…

  • A

    @So Obvious: lol wtf? How!?

  • ladybug

    @Hello Nelly: So, nice humble guys can’t joke about sex? I understand where you might get the idea he sounds like a frat boy. However, having known a few frat boys, Alex sounds less like a frat boy than a Swedish male joking around with another Swedish male, which isn’t the same thing. JMO, your opinion obviously varies.

  • http://dat slig o lambert^______^cute

    you can do

  • http://dat slig o lambert^______^cute


  • Hello Nelly

    @ladybug: I graduated from college, so speak with experience re: frat boys lol. I realize sometimes he jokes in interviews and that doesn’t always come across well in print. It’s unlcear if this was meant as a joke, though. Word is he gets around, and that comment about “if you’re bored, just have sex” seems…un-gentlemanly?

  • Tina

    I liked the interview and thought he was joking around with an old friend. And as a fan who has followed Alex for several years, I have the impression that he likes to drink (sometimes too much) and party hard. It doesn’t make me like him any less.

  • Alexander Skarsgard is balding

    How would he know about a duck “paddling like a motherf**** underneath?” Has he ever f@$%ed one in his life? Or maybe he saw one f@#$ing someone else’s mom? He sounds like a genius.

  • Alexander Skarsgard is balding

    @Hello Nelly:
    I agree. I don’t know why chicks want to f@#$ him so badly. He’s got a real dirty bird. Who knows where it’s been?
    Plus he balding. He just needs a little more Rogaine and a better hair weave to make him look better. Baldness definitely runs in his family. Look at poor Gustaf.

  • Genius

    @Alexander Skarsgard is balding:

    Actually you sound like a genius. What are you talking about with F’ing ducks? The quote about the duck had nothing to do with sex. Lol. We get it, you don’t like Alexander Skarsgard. Your constant posts do nothing to make his fans dislike him. Personally, I find it really funny that you have conversations with yourself under different handles.

  • Stop responding to the trolls

    I Love Alex and I’m happy I get to see him in his new movies.

  • Alexander Skarsgard is balding

    @NOT a Genius:
    Look loser. I have only made comments with one name only.
    If you were a genius you would have figured that out.
    Also, a duck is a bird, is it not? It was made into a pun to refer to his penis which you can’t see because he’s wearing pants to cover it up. If you had one, you would know that most guys have boners whenever they see a hot girl or want to f@#$.

  • Genius

    @Alexander Skarsgard is balding:

    OMG, are you mad?!? ROTFL.

  • mforman

    This man can do no wrong. It seems that everytime we see him he justs get better and better looking and the interviews even get better.

    He has truly brought back the Old Hollywood Charm (thank Goodness, it was sorely missed.

  • http://Dodoit Slig o lambert^_____^cute

    Hay alexander this photo befor not can take more photo different .you can do

  • http://Dodoit Slig o lambert^_____^cute

    Yes this man can do^_^

  • http://Dodoit Slig o lambert^_____^cute

    alin ~_~

  • Funny thing ;)

    Hi Hello Nelly and Balding guy, Scream voting is still on! Don’t you guys think you should show your support for manganiello and moyer rather than try trash Alex here? We know Alex is quite distracting but still…You should focus more on your own guys, right ;)

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: That one made me laugh.

  • lafamepoma

    They speak about Sweden is the hot new country, and he answers that maybe the next one will be Finland, don’t care, in Europe we all know that all the Scandinavian countries are the same. The hot guys are in Swden, Norway, Denmark, doesn’t matter. Blondes, blue/green eyes, tall, gorgeous, any tanned and very open-minded. Alex is one of them, but he’s famous. Love him ^^

  • ladybug

    @Hello Nelly: Word is he gets around? Ah, those rumors.
    I’m pretty sure he’s not been chaste/celibate since ending his relationship. But I suspect some of the mans*** rumors about him are perhaps wishful thinking on the part of the rumor starter.
    The funny thing about Americans and their stereotypes of Sweden is that they interpret Sweden’s lack of hangups about nudity and sex as it being some sort of free love/sex paradise where people just have sex in the street and switch partners and talk about it all the time.

  • Tanter

    @Alexander Skarsgard is balding: Balding or not (Alex is obviously not balding) – both Gustaf and Alex are sexy and gorgeous. A good looking man can be sexy and hot even though he’s going bald.

  • Sabrina

    I don’t understand why people are so upset, almost shocked, by his “When you’re bored, just have sex.” I think he was joking and even if he was not, so what ? It’s not like he said “When you’re bored, get a prostitute.” Having sex is not a crime.

  • Sabrina

    I don’t understand why people are so upset, almost shocked, by his “When you’re bored, just have sex”. I think he was joking and even he was not, so what ? It’s not like he said “When you’re bored, just get a prostitute”. Having sex is not a crime. He’s just cool with it.

  • Marlo

    “When you’re bored, just have sex”

    That explains his time with Bosowrth…because he looked incredibly bored and I guess she served her purpose.

  • lilla syster


    Exactly! Sean Connery was almost bald in age of 20 and look at him now still sexy and look at the career he has done! Alex will always be sexy and attractive too because of his CHARISMA not only b/c of his looks.

  • Naty


  • Naty

    Skarsgard always have hangover face and look like he smell… ew.

  • Panties go *poof*

    So great to wander back and see the level of conversation has remained about the same from the AS haters!

    Ladybug, Canuck, mforman, fab to read your post as ever ladies!

    Bald or not, i’d still have him, he is yummy as ever………….i get very bored…..pretty sure he could fill that boredom up :D

  • Lilla

    I like the banter between them in this interview. It’s really funny. And Alex looks fantastic as usual. Swedish winters are rough, I’m glad I haven’t had to endure one in a couple of years :)

  • U got it right!


    Yes you are!

  • Jen

    You want rough winters? Come to the canadian prairies!. My Swedish friend though she knew rough winters till she came to visit me!

  • Jen

    …and I’d gladly help relieve his boredom!!

  • Canuck

    @Jen: Must not get quite as brutally cold in Sweden in the winter. -40 C + wind chill factor and your garage band equipment would need to be plugged in like our car. There’s a lot to be said for boredom in the warm sun and taking “I need to get bored while freezing my butt off for a couple of weeks” holidays. ;)

  • Darren

    I think it’s cool he is comfortable being on the cover of this magazine. Good for him! He seems like a fun guy.

  • Jen

    The thing everyone I know does is take vacation in jan/feb! They go to mexico or cuba…especially after the long winter we had this year, which ended in late April!! Gak!

    FYI – the international airport near my city was literally THE coldest place on earth for a few days this past winter!! Suck it north and south pole!! You failed!!! LOL

  • ladybug
  • mforman

    @Mario–#34—You hit the nail right on her disgusting anorexic head. I cannot belieive nobody made that connection before.

    Way to go Mario. Especially since I just went through some of the photos she arranged to have causuelly taken. That poor man looked like he wanted to have dental work, instead of being in the same country or even in the same area as her.

    But as you said, “she served her purpose and knowing her probably took the money off the dresser”, becuase we all know she cannot act..

    Thanks again Mario, I haven’t lauged all day, until now.

    @Panties go*poof*— # 38—It truly does amaze me that the AS haters (who only hate due to jealousy), they say the same ridiculous things over and over. They do not even change a single word; in a way we should for sad for them because just look at that amazing man they are acutually trying to keep up with in both looks and intellectually (now that is funny).

    Each cover shot gets better, each and every photo expresses something different about him and the best part everytime they interview him, he gets more relaxed and seems to have a great time.

    I mean this interview was great. but so far my favorite has to be Jimmy Fallon’s interview. AS seemed so relaxed and had such a good time.

    I wonder if I finally got to go to Sweden and asked AS if he wanted to be my blanket, because I would only go in winter. Maybe the policmen would have sympathy, because I am very cute (it I do say so myself, you know us crazy Americans, HA, HA).

  • JennyCraig

    Has he finally come out? How apropoe he’s on out magazine. I guess that closet was getting cramped with him and George Clooney in there.
    Dont forget the pumps alex! lol

  • JennyCraig

    I knew he was gay …

  • Canuck

    @Jen: I sure don’t miss those winters. I think the Turcs and Caicos should apply to be a Canadian province again and we shoukd say “yes” this time. ;)