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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Meeting Mates

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Meeting Mates

Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend, Justin Theroux, leave an office building together on Sunday (October 9) in New York City.

The 42-year-old actress and her screenwriter beau both went undercover in sunglasses and fedoras.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

Late on Saturday evening, Jen and Justin checked out the Saturday Night Live after party.

Last week, an interview with Jen about her upcoming project on Lifetime, Five, aired on Good Morning America.

Have you seen Jen‘s cover of Elle magazine? Be sure to check it out if you’ve missed it!

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jennifer aniston justin theroux fedora meeting 01
jennifer aniston justin theroux fedora meeting 02
jennifer aniston justin theroux fedora meeting 03
jennifer aniston justin theroux fedora meeting 04
jennifer aniston justin theroux fedora meeting 05

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  • jo

    The same hat. just ridicolous!

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    45yoa botoxedhag looks Insane

  • dd

    go go go away……

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    I hope Meanjen pushes this creepy guy right over the edge,he is going to take her teeth or shave her head

  • http://Djm Slig o lambert ^____^cute

    She so get alost crap >_< .
    Glee say i want jennifer to be in saw 6 to cry and shawting or scram

  • http://Djm Slig o lambert ^____^cute

    Glee now sit change chanell say where other celeb? I want in my movie saw 6

  • ladyb

    So is she now living in NY permanently? It seems like it. I know Thoreux lives in NY.

  • http://Djm Slig o lambert ^____^cute


  • yum



  • Alexander s

    you sl ig
    you can do this right now and… go now do do do it

  • Angie Ho’lie


    She moved to NYC before Justin. Get it right.


    Her man is cute too!

  • Books
  • MIA

    So Jen fans still think she’s not trying to copy her new BF’s hipster look? Oh please. Look at them. They look stupid. Not because of the hat, but because they both scream I’M TRYING TOO HARD.

  • Nic

    Hi angelina don’t steal justin at your home.

  • @_@

    Hows care??

  • http://Djm Slig o lambert ^____^cute

    @alexander s
    Hay you >o< if you say agin like this you to in jail ok

  • Ka simply amazing

    She is Steal ?

  • http://Djm Slig o lambert ^____^cute

    Stop take my name

  • Alexander s

    go Awaaaaaaay (;

  • http://Djm Slig o lambert ^____^cute

    How craminal take my name >0<

  • http://Djm Slig o lambert ^____^cute

    It’s boring if any one take other name >_> yes alexander s

  • Ka simply amazing

    Poor jennifer she want steal her boyfrind

  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Wow…she looks ridiculous. She wears the ugliest clothes sometimes.

    Her face still looks manly even when covered by her ugly hat.

    He seems like he is using her to become more famous.

    Every man she dates is going to be “The One” according to her fans. Then the guy dumps her and they suddenly hate him. Her fans are just so desperate for her to be with someone they would call Charlie Sheen hot if Jen started dating him.

  • Sick of this couple already

    Mr. & Mrs. Freddy Krueger…GO AWAY!!!

  • Meow

    Hot couple

  • Over them…
  • Me

    I’m a fan of Jen’s but come on JJ, do you need to post a picture of these two every other hour? At least give us a chance to miss her. The two dress in dark colors in every photo it looks like your posting the same shyt different hour. Again love Jen but the photos are getting predictable and ridiculous.

  • Over them…

    Oh yeah, how is her self-titled perfume doing by the way? What ever happened to her hyped up US launch??

  • http://Dododofagot Slig o lambert ^____^cute

    Its asham if jennifer here in this blog

  • Ugly clothes & rolled up jeans

    Why do some couples insist on dressing alike when they’re dating? Jennifer needs to be her own person instead of trying to impress the guy.

  • From Paris with Love

    I’m the first to admit it whenever she looks good, mainly at red carpets. But the truth is she doesn’t have the body and natural beauty and nonchalance to pull off this kind of look.
    Put this outfit on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Rachel Weisz or Helena Christensen or Charlize Theron or whoever, they’ll look naturally hot and ‘hipstery’.
    Whereas Aniston is the epitome of the girl who only looks somewhat close to hot (body-wise) and when she is all dolled-up/tight dressed. Had she not been rich and famous she would never be “all that”.

  • Hemis Mom

    I like her as the origenal Jenn Doll , Not a copy of Justin!! Get your Girlie back on track girl !!!

  • ha ha

    what planet on they on?

  • UGH

    @Slig o lambert ^____^cute: Dude, SHUT UP already with your fcuked-up posts filled with weird gibberish. Either speak English, or leave your thoughts in your head. I’m sure there’s plenty of room up there for them.

  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    She is just so plain looking! The definition of a butterface. The chin, the nose, the non existent lips all make her face look busted and ugly

  • Delphic

    @ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm: Using her to become more famous? Oh shut up! Not every actor wants to be famous and he is a very established actor! He doesn’t need her. Ever seen Mulholland Drive, moron?

    Frankly I find it annoying that you’ve only started to post more about this guy only ever since he started dating Jennifer Aniston. He deserves better.

  • Manny

    @Over them…:
    How nice to see Tbag out of the closet with his gay lover.
    @Ugly clothes & rolled up jeans:
    Senior citizens and tourists dress alike… which are they?
    Somehow fugly doesn’t quite capture this look… how about mutherfugly?
    He deserve to have his d!ck yanked. Oh yeah… Dumpistan prefers de-balls.

  • someone

    They look fantastic…

  • anonymous

    Trying to dress like Angelina the only thing is Angelina has a beautiful face and would look like a million bucks in a potato sack. Jenipoo you need make-up and the nine yards, face looks hard, old and wrinkled all of a 42 year old person. The only time I have seen this Justin guy smile is in a photo with his past girl friend. Laughable comparing him to Brad Pitt he is a struggling actor with a few credits in movies and TV that’s why he latched on to Maniston probably to get to meet the movers and shakers in Hollywood, in that photo she probably took him to look work! Poor man needs a job.

  • Cari

    What is with her neck? In the pics it looks like she has a huge flab of skin or something. And picture 3, who’s hand is that on the bottom of her tote bag?

  • JCali129

    Rolled up jeans and flip flops again. Such a predictable, trashy look.

  • One Go

    She looks like a man,so why not dress like a man

  • Heidi

    Oh my god! What happened to her upper lip? Did she put too much stuff in it? Now her mouth looks like a pigs mouth, too fat the upper lip and thin the lower one. Poor woman, she really tries too hard to be like Angie. Anyway, who can blame her? Angie got everything and all her men from Brad Pitt, to John Mayer and to Justin and I am sure even Vince V, Paul S., Gerard B. and Brian Buma included, they all want Angie. It must be painful to hear your guys whom they wanted. Poor thing. Oh! well, Angie is really the best.

  • JJ

    HOT,HOT, HOT,HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This article is for Jen and Justin. I don’t get why haters are talking nonsense insanely in this thread. Sounds like haters have no life at all.

  • Ginn

    @Alexander s:

    Yes, You should go far far away from Jen and Justin’s site.




    I have an fun idea: lets post youtube videos on this thread of all the charity work Aniston and Justin has ever done..Oh wait..My bad. Thats “not her thing”. And she “plays dress up like a r.e.t.a.r.d.” and her type of charity is vactioning in mexico so “these people” can earn money doing hospitality for big stars like Aniston and Chelsea Handler…UGH I can go on about this good for nothing twit but it’s litterally making me sick just thinking abou it

  • Love the shoes

    @Slig o lambert ^____^cute: I like Jen and I like Jen and Justin but she’s kinda morphing into a black clothing wearing all the time never smiling short brim wearing just like her boyfriend clone isn’t she? Are you trying to sound this dumb or are you really this dumb?

  • lexis

    masuline to begin with. They are both a huge mistake. Heidi Bivens is a designer she must be laffing her asssss off.
    You will get over him Heidi he was worth losing as is only in it for Maniston’s moolah.

    Heidi Bivens is really pretty all she is asking is for these two idiots to hit the road. They are constantly famewhoarrrring.

    Maniston and Squiggy were out in a restaurant last week with JJ so get ready for tons and TONS of PICS. HUVANE Paid JJ Lots Of Loot
    In Hopes Of The HITS Keep On Coming..
    There is nothing to look at they both look stupid. Maniston at age 45 should know better. I dunno how oldsquiggy is and don’t care b/c he;s a joke.

    Can’t wait for Heidi Bivins Friends To do the Tabs. They have plenty to say. And Heidi’s Friends have brains so this should be good. Yeahhhh!! Go Heidi!!!

  • lexis

    OOPsie Masculine a man is Maniston.