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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Meeting Mates

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Meeting Mates

Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend, Justin Theroux, leave an office building together on Sunday (October 9) in New York City.

The 42-year-old actress and her screenwriter beau both went undercover in sunglasses and fedoras.

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Late on Saturday evening, Jen and Justin checked out the Saturday Night Live after party.

Last week, an interview with Jen about her upcoming project on Lifetime, Five, aired on Good Morning America.

Have you seen Jen‘s cover of Elle magazine? Be sure to check it out if you’ve missed it!

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jennifer aniston justin theroux fedora meeting 05

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  • lexis

    OOPsie Masculine a man is Maniston.

  • lexis

    Oopsie Masculine

  • kimberly
  • kimberly
  • Man face true n true

    This two Man doing what exactly ???
    why JJ always put this two Man next to the JP every single time???
    Is there a life for Chinifer Maniston without the JPs????
    Lord have Mercy.,,..

  • alex28

    Jenny or Lenny and Squiggy look like 2 clowns saying look at me look at me. With her hair held back and shades on she looks like a guy and very old. The dickless wonder walking in back of her for a change are going to a funny show store to buy him a pair of high heels. Lenny pays of course. Squiggy says thankya.
    I wouldn’t be wit ya if u wern’t payin grandma.

  • thalia

    they are sweet

  • Les

    OMG they are so pathetic. How long was he cheating on Heidi with Jen. He is a disgusting pig. Only 3 pages clearly Jen fans don’t care about her and this cheater.

  • guest

    @Over them…: try and dress same and let’s see how you look

  • guest

    @anonymous: have not seen jolie wore this kind of clothings. actually, she looks evil no matter what clothes she wears. jen looks fantastic when all made up. she can dress like a hobo and still looks classy.

  • guest

    @One Go: let’s see how you look dressed the same way

  • guest

    @Heidi: she has her upper bite over her lower. she has small mouth unlike jolie. your fist could fit in her mouth.

  • guest

    @Love the shoes: it is really irritating to be snapped all the time

  • guest

    @lexis: heidi’s nose is so pointy like a witch

  • guest

    they are the best looking couple but not on this one. why would she dress up for no occasion? anyway, she still looks good no matter what.

  • Heidi

    @guest: You did not get what I meant don’t you? I said her upper lip is thicker than her lower lip, obviously she put too much stuff on it probably few hours ago. If you’re not blind you can see that she has a normal evenly thin lips but this time her upper lip is like a pig. What happened? Did she put stuff in it thinking Justin will love her Angie lips look? cause she knew that’s what Justin likes on Angie. Justin doesn’t care even if Angie is thin as long as she has her pillow lips. Hopefully, when Justin bites her lips it won’t leak the stuff and then back to reality. Poor Justin, he just need to imagine Angie, that’s all he can do.

  • Ghost

    Her fans say she is pregnant. Doesn’t this just prove she is a slvt and then some. Didn’t they just break up a long term relationship and move in together. Doesn’t this prove to her fans that she is a desperate hag that will do any thing to satisfy her selfish needs. How many people do you know that cheat on people in their lives , move in together , get pregnant ,and use this whole mess to promote themselves ? I’m sure not many. Lets ground ourselves for a minute and see this for what it really is , a pr stunt at best to promote wandercrap. when the movie got pushed back so did their plans to use this as a media opportunity …. 2 months tops…

  • Real people

    oh look how cute! justin and his mom! :))))

  • ellie’

    Jen & Justin look great..!! Please move on to Popeye & Olive Oil site..ty
    Nite to you all …

  • Karen

    Justin is a toad. I don’t know how anyone can think he is hot.

  • sweet

    i love them ….. why all this hatred from some ppl here ???

  • Ingottss

    Justin seems to be like his Bodyguard more than her beau … they just dont connect!!!

  • Heidi

    @Ingottss: Agree. Aniston treats him like his bodyguard or just a helper that keeps carrying her bag/s. Maybe Aniston always reminded him that she’s the one who’s paying all his expenses just like what she did to John Mayer. When John Mayer dumped her, she quickly responded to the media that John Mayer doesn’t know how to open his wallet that she was the one who got stuck on paying their expenses. Hello! If you hired the guy, of course why would he open his wallet, it should be the one who hire. Poor Justin, you can tell on his face that he wants to run away from this woman really fast. Poor guy.

  • Selena M

    Such a cute couple that seem really normal and down-to-earth – unlike her ex who likes to have the whole media circus around the family.

  • Sasha

    Funny how NO ONE noticed that she is wearing an engagement ring on ring finger. Both hands. And she is making sure they are in good view for the photographers…

    If this was any other celebrity, the tabloids would be all over this and starting wedding rumors. Poor Jen, I wonder why she gets so much hate. I am neutral about her, as in, I don’t care either way.

  • Dl

    I saw mulholland drive.. And I don’t remember him at all.. Obviously the critics didn’t either since they only talked about Naomi watts and Laura harring.. I didn’t even remember him in Sex in the city until E! replayed the episode he was in not too long ago… He’s really short because be was the same height as SJP with heels and she’s a tiny woman

  • Dl

    I’m sorry I know she’s only 2-3 yrs older… But she looks like a cougar in all these photos 10 years older..

  • love Jen

    Jen my dear,i love you ever!!!!!! we portugueses loves you!!!!” Nossa menina,linda!!!!!!”

  • Kari

    Where has Courteney been?

  • mimi

    This shows how Jen is a home-wrecker just like what she claims Angelina is to be

  • yep

    hottest couple!

  • http://justjarde tota

    i love them

  • http://justjarde mike

    lovely hat

  • http://justjarde mike

    great for jen
    she desert the happines

  • http://justjarde mike

    jen rocks

  • http://justjarde mike

    they are great togather

  • http://justjarde mike

    She moved to NYC before Justin. Get it right.


    Her man is cute too

  • Me

    Jennifer Aniston is too overrated and over exposed. Honestly, she’s not that attractive and Justin is too edgy for her. They don’t seem compatible becuase JA tries too hard. Justin and Heidi made a much better match. Even though Justin and Heidi weren’t married, 14 years is a long time and I’m sure she is completely heartbroken. Hopefully, Heidi will have the last laugh because I’m sure this won’t last.

  • guest

    @ellie’: indeed

  • guest

    @Ghost: i would not want to have jolie’s mouth. your fist would fit in it.

  • guest

    @Real people: she is only 1-1/2 years older

  • guest

    @Sasha: don’t know either. that’s why i am defending her.

  • guest

    @Dl: just saw it again. he was the director — just suit him.

  • guest

    @Dl: no

  • guest

    @Me: the paps do it. think they are the best looking couple, esp. after justin’s transition.

  • Summersu
  • Me

    JA is overrated and over exposed. Honestly, she’s not that attractive and she seems too desperate because she tries hard. Come on JA, your 42 and dress like a teenager. They don’t look compatible becauase he is too edgy. Justin and Heidi made a much better match and she’s more attractive. Even though Heidi and Justin weren’t married, 14 years is still a long time and I’m sure she is heartbroken. It’s difficult enough to move on but everywhere she turns she see them on the news, magazines. JA should be ashamed of herself for hooking up with Justin becaue she knows the pain of being left. Heidi will have the last laugh because this won’t last.

  • oldWHORE and BOYTOY


  • Ivermom

    Jen is in No Way trying to dress like Angie. Angie dresses like a old woman. Jen always looks adorable! Angie should copy Jen so she can look cool instead of looking like a Granny!

  • Kim

    WOW they remind me of my sister and her boyfriend BTW my sister is 14. UNCOOL