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Diane Kruger: Vancouver Arrival

Diane Kruger: Vancouver Arrival

Diane Kruger touches down at Vancouver International Airport on Saturday (October 8) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 35-year-old actress’ boyfriend Joshua Jackson currently films his television show Fringe up north in the area!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

The Imagine Science Film Festival is opening this year with Diane‘s film Mr. Nobody, which also stars Jared Leto.

The Belgian science fiction drama first premiered in 2009 internationally, and took two years to make it to the states!

The Imagine Science Film Festival runs in New York City from October 14-21.

FYI: Diane is wearing Joie “Elvis” booties.

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Credit: EROTEME.CO.UK; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Chris

    The Imagine Science Film Festival? Oh dear lord. It’s a sad day when her people need to pay for a post on Just Jared to advertise for that.

  • Frozoid

    Those pants make her look dumpy.

  • Jessica Rabbit

    Oh wow, did the airlines lose her bag(s)? I love her, but it seems like she’s wearing Joshua’s clothes, from the baggy pants to the denim shirt to the panama hat which he always sports.

  • Anon

    Is it wrong that every time I see her I immediatley think, “Really? This is who Jackson ended up with?” I don’t get the appeal and reading any interview with her, well let’s just say he’s not with her for her mind. LOL!

  • Sped

    I wish people( including Josh and Diane) would just realize this woman is nothing special, she’s a horrible actress and she’s not even that pretty. I personally know at least 10 girls who look just like her. The woman needs to wake up and begin living in the real world.

  • Missy


    Could NOT agree with you MORE. She is SO full of herself. She’s always going on and on about how hard it is (or pissed that she is) about not doing a lot of US movies. As a US movie go-er, I feel established enough to say it’s because no one knows who she is and can’t tell her apart from the 1,000′s other bland blonde boring actresses out there who can’t act. And honestly any US role that she does get is because she doesn’t cost a lot. She doesn’t get the role b/c she’s good. She gets it because she’s cheap.

  • Deanna

    @Anon: I agree with you. What does Josh see in her? She is so superficial and only cares about her looks. I don’t like what she’s turned Josh into; she’s turned him into a whipped, fashion wannabe. Read this interview….

  • Anon
  • Deanna

    @Deanna: Besides, she used to be so pretty. What happened to her?

  • Anon


    Wow. Just. Wow. That article was something else! LOL! I can’t handle how FULL of herself she is. I always thought he was SO f-ing attractive cause he just dressed like a ‘guy’s guy’ and not all European and was overall manly. That is NOT the case anymore with him for me. I wonder if she keeps tabs on his weight too. He’s been too skinny these past few years in whatever photos I see. Of course he’s usually carrying shopping bags for her (and NOT from Urban Outfitters or Forever 21) and that’s obstructing the full view of him. HA HA HA!

  • jj

    well let’s just say he’s not with her for her mind. LOL!
    Oh, come on! She´s not the brightest, ok, but she admitted herself that she was never into “academics”. She studied at a ballet school and is a model now, what do you expect. She´s in the fashion, for them “style” is very important. And of course for her it´s more important how her man looks than what he thinks. Do you expect her to change for him or for anyone? She´s 35, it´s too late. If her BF really loves her , if he wants to live such a life that´s his problem, not ours.

  • tweener


    josh is still with her , because diane is more famous than him, she keeps him in the spotlights.

    if fringe gonna end, so will josh his carriere, we never gonne hear from him untilll he ‘s gonna be in an other tv show (remember when dawson’s creek ended, josh just disappeared fom the spotlights)

    josh is very very intelligent, but a lousy actor

    he doest have even any screentime in fringe anymore

    so even if josh thinks diane is a airhead and even he doesnt feel anything for her, he still will be with her, you would be suprised what people do to stay in the spotlight

  • Unknown

    Vapid!!! I think it’s funny that Josh thinks he has himself a real keeper in this shallow woman, she’s unwilling to marry him or probably children. He needs to wake up and find himself a woman who is willing to let him dress himself or who doesn’t make him tote around all her shopping like a dog.

  • Mandy

    Wow, she’s REALLY gone down hill!! I can’t believe how old she’s gotten, she used to be so pretty. I’ve noticed most of her print ads are sooo airbrushed now that they hardly even look like her. It’s a good thing that she has acting to back up her modeling career, ha-ha. LOL. Who really cares about how badly she treats Josh, if he’s a big enough idiot to go along with it, too bad so sad.

  • tweener


    you said it!

    i lost so much respect from him

    can he call himself a man????????????

    more like a trained puppy.

  • Jill

    @tweener actually Josh is the only one who’s had a career after Dawson’s creek ended with Michelle Williams, have you heard of James van der beek since??? and Katie is only on the spotlight because of tom. He will appear in episode 5 in Fringe, he’s not on the show that much right now because of the storyline, but he is still a main character.

  • Deanna

    Regardless, he deserves someone much better than her.

  • jj

    Regardless, he deserves someone much better than her.
    Does he, really? Well, he obviously thinks that she´s the best for him. They´re wearing rings. And maybe one day (when she´s 40+) she will decide to get pregnant. Just wait.

  • Anon

    A friend and I when discussing movies we’ve seen always say ‘this movie has as much substance as a Diane Kruger movie.’ That’s our code for ‘it sucks.’ So funny that people here actually feel about her the way I do. And I’ve heard that she’s a raving bitch too in real life and he’s always following her around like a some lost puppy b/c he’s scared to death she’ll cheat on him and has done so in the past.

  • tweener


    a carrier? hardly.

    anna torv and john noble, they have a carrier ahead of them,josh on the other hand doesnt.

    they use his character as a plot device, nothinh more or less.

    anna and john get praised and josh gets bashed by the critics .

    how embarassing!!!!!!!!

    what a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooser!!!!!!!

  • tweener

    i mean career

  • anna_nomous

    so many haters here :( they’ve been together for more than 5 years, still look very happy on pics, get over it. imo, no couple would stay together that long if there wasn’t much love from either of them-regardless of who loves the other more

  • annon

    Are they really a couple though? They see each other every three weeks or so and have been doing this for five years. Chances are they really don’t know each other or probably couldn’t tolerate being around each other for long stretches of time. There’s only so much fashion and makeup that one can talk about. From what I’ve heard she takes advantage of her time away from him, she isn’t choosy and takes her pick from both male and female. PLEASE…..Josh does not carry Fringe!!!! All he brings to the show is some eye candy for the female audience (John’s pretty much taken over that role and now with Seth Gable, the man is no longer needed).

  • tweener



    so true!

  • tweener

    yeah, now seth gabel character lincoln works with olivia and astrid works with walter in the lab.

    what the hell are they gonna do with peter???

    maybe they gonna let him run around after them, and while making some wisecracking jokes to make the audience laugh.

    they gonna make a clown of him!!!! lol!!!

    well at least he has experience with following people around (=diane), so ………

  • Deanna


    Where did you hear that she cheated on him? I haven’t heard that.

  • Deanna

    Where did you hear that she cheated on him? I haven’t heard that.

  • Anon

    @Deanna: I too have heard it in the past. She tends to get ‘flirty’ if you know what I mean apparently and when she’s not with him never wears her ‘commitment’ (gag me) ring.

  • Christian


    I had always assumed that was common knowledge about her.

  • anna

    I haven’t heard about her sexuality or her unfaithful behavior, but I could definitely believe it. X-17 has this video of Josh and Diane at a party for her horrible betrayal in Inglorious Basterds. In the video she’s hanging all over Quentin right in front of Josh, it made my stomach hurt. Not to mention it made me lose my respect for Josh. After watching her “acting”(I’m using that term loosely), I firmly believe the only way she gets roles is by ‘earning’ them while on a couch.

  • layla

    oMG !!!

    i know exactly wich video you are talking about.
    she was dancing with the director and she completely ignored josh.
    he was dancing on his own, while trying to hold on to her.

    at the end of the video , josh dissapeared from the dancefloor.

    i bet diane sent him to get her and the director a drink.


  • Deanna


    Do you have the link to this?

  • Mandy

    Not sure how to put a link in, but here’s the address.

  • Deanna

    Thank you!! She completely ignored Josh for Quentin and he puts up with it. I feel sorry for him.

  • jj

    Please, she was just drunk (they all were), and Quentin is a pervert anyway. Her BF was OK with her behavior, she was just networking and was just nice to Quentin.
    BTW her and Quentin did a very sexy shooting together for NY Times Mag and her boyfriend was OK with that too.
    You can see the pictures here:

  • Christian


    I have a feeling that she does a lot of things and it doesn’t matter if JJ is OK with it or not. And if someone considers ‘networking’ to be throwing your drunk body over a director that is known for being a pervert, clearly you and I have different definitions of that word. I do work in the industry and with high level people. Let’s just say that this video of her is just one example of MANY where she acts like this – even when she’s not drunk. She’s considered a joke by many of the ‘decision makers.’ And if you hear anyone say they ‘like’ her it’s a press person that she has buttered up. (The only time when she knows how to act.) Trust me, there are plenty of bitch stories about her.

  • jj

    Oh please, I´m sure JJ is not saint himself. He definitely uses his time away from her too. He´s way too nice with his female Fringe co-star, Anna what´s her name. I´m sure there´re plenty of stories about him and Anna too.

    If Diane´s “so bad” why JJ would stay with her then ? For his image?! I doubt it.
    And what´s “buttered up”? Like with money?

  • Kate

    jj – oh, come on, Anna has nothing to do with this! And no way you can describe his attitude towards her as ‘nice’.Actually, it’s quite the opposite -he’s so cold near her, like she killed his grandma or something. I guess he doesn’t want Diane to even think he may have an affair with her. And what does Diane do? She is dancing on the table while flirting with Quentin when Josh is standing right next to her. Perfect girlfriend – one can’t realy ask for more.

  • forever


    joshua used to have chemistry with every co star he is working with (tv show and movies)

    now you see him very distant and cold towards his female co stars.

    he is just so afraid that diane gonna leave him ,so he is very carefull.

    anna is not into josh and neither is he, you could tell from the way they kiss; their kiss has zero passion/ chemistry.

    thei kiss is always the same; mouth always closed and a quick kiss on the lips.

    pfffffffffffffff!!! boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CaliGirl

    LOL! I love how a co-star that has nothing to do with his dating life is brought into it. JJ was man-whore galore in his 20′s so I’m figuring he’s still with DK as some sort of penance for his past. He probably thinks this is how a normal relationship is. And I think he’s not so friendly with Anna b/c ‘someone’ (read: DK) holds his balls so tightly. The way he follows her around like a puppy is sooooo unattractive. If he had a brain he’d be getting on the Anna train and not the one he’s on now.

  • Deanna


    Where did you hear that Josh was a man-whore before he met Diane? Is there any proof to this?

  • CaliGirl

    @Deanna: It just VERY common knowledge. During his day’s on Dawson’s Creek it was just the truth. Not sure about his ‘late’ 20′s but yeah early twenties through mid… oh yeah…

  • Marley

    People growup, mature and move on and Josh has stated in interviews for his movie One Week (a few years back), that his life did that in the years after DC ended. They talked about how lives can change through a life experience(as per the movie), and he said he certainly sees himself as a different person because of his.

    Josh is still with Diane Kruger because he loves her. It’s so evident in photos of them together and the way he talks about her. They’ve been together for nearly five and half years, and I’d imagine they wouldn’t be together after all that time, if it didn’t matter a great deal to both of them. The fact that he wears a commitment ring speaks volumes about how he feels about the relationship. I doubt Diane wouldn’t have travelled as much as she has over the last five and a half years to spend time with Josh, if she didn’t love him either. You don’t do that sort of thing, if you didn’t want it to work. They both seem very supportive of each other, even though their’s is mostly a long distance relationship. They both have similiar childhood experiences and both have been shaped by that, so maybe he just gets her, because he understands that.

    I’m sure Diane does what she wants to do whether Josh likes it or not. It’s been like that, I’m guessing from day one. Diane is very ambitious and if someone stood in the way of that, then I don’t think she would still be with him. Diane is the one that courts the media attention. That’s why they get papped. It’s because of her not him. Josh hardly ever gets papped, doing stuff privately, when he is on his own. However, that’s not the case with Diane. Mind you, she goes to things where getting papped is assured.

    Who are we to judge, why and how they are together. It obviously works for them.

  • jj

    I think that not he, but SHE deserves someone better, more handsome, rich, with a better career, who has more brain and style, who speaks French and lives in Europe because that´s where Diane wants to raise her children. She lives in Paris and said she would never leave it.

  • Anon


    Diane Kruger is that you? LOL!

  • layla


    very interesting………..

    do you have some stories or details about josh promiscuous past???

  • Marley

    HaHa. No, I’m not a fan.