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Kanye West: Occupy Wall Street Participant!

Kanye West: Occupy Wall Street Participant!

Kanye West marches alongside other protestors at the Occupy Wall Street movement on Monday (October 10) in New York City.

The 34-year-old rapper brought along his buddy Russell Simmons to help him stand up for the cause.

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Many celebrities have gotten together to protest at Occupy Wall Street, which fights against financial greed and corruption. Stars such as Penn Badgley, Zoe Kravitz, Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon, and Tim Robbins have all lent their voice to the cause.

Later in the evening, Kanye attended the ‘CULO by Mazzucco’ book and art exhibition launch after-party held at NYC’s Darby Restaurant. Pictured inside!

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Credit: E Hall; Photos: INF Daily, Fame Pictures
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  • T

    I wonder if Kanye drove his Benz to the protest, or his other Benz, or his other other Benz

  • http://Dj Slig o lambert^_____^cute

    Occupation by the africa people

  • sillyme

    So, Kanye and Russell Simmons, two of the greediest, money loving capitalists around, go to a rally where people are protesting against people like them. That’s too funny!

    As for the protestors, really, don’t expect me to feel sorry for you because you were STUPID enough to borrow $80K in student loans over four years to get a degree in art from Harvard and now can’t find a job. Seriously, go crying to Mommy and Daddy. We’ve gone from the Tea Party last year to the Me Party (it’s all about MEEEEEE) this year.

  • http://Da Slig o lambert^____^cute

    Hay you kanye go with rihanna wait you in bed

  • brittany

    Yea kanye!! Preach on boy :)

  • Ka simply amazing

    He come here becuze want rihanna and beyonce

  • T

    @sillyme: You sure it’s not the Pee Party? There’s urine and feces all over the place there

  • Val

    He’s a hypocrite.


    kanye and a lot of other rappers suck russel’s cock

  • GHU

    Distracting us from a Failed Presidency and the Coming Collapse of our Economy is all part of their Plan.

  • Media Lies

    Sex in public, crapping on cop cars, drug use, threatening violence, littering, trespassing, but we’ve been told those dangerous TEA Partiers were terrorists….um okay.

  • Just sayin’

    here is a great article about his visit to the protest

    Hey Kanye here is a tip maybe if you stopped acting like a fool people would stop looking at you like you’re Hitler.

    Just Sayin’

  • Just sayin’

    here is a great article about his visit to the protest

    Hey Kanye here is a tip maybe if you stopped acting like a fool people would stop looking at you like you’re Hitler.

    Just Sayin’

  • tota

    kanye kanye kanye

  • da thruth

    @T: No he was driven in one of his 6 Bentley’s….

  • Yasmin

    Love ya, ‘Ye.

  • Mann

    I love Kanye even more, I don’t care what anyone says, he is one of the realest celebs out there….. nuff said.

  • me

    nwo puppet.

  • http://deleted Winter

    I see some Cons are trying to turn this post into their political battleground.

    Go back to Tea Party protest, a bunch of racist, white Cons.

  • Eddie

    Awww, poor little rich kids. Be a drain on mommy and daddy and then go out into the real world and be a drain on the rest of us. I have an idea. Drop out of school. Let’s face it. Your women’s studies degree isn’t going to be worth six figures. Then ask mommy and daddy to give the money they would spend on you away to a charity or to the government.

  • S

    Heard he was driven to Zuccotti park in a Maybach. If that’s true, he’s a bigger douche than I think he is.

  • AVA

    Who bailed out the Banks?: The Federal Government. Who bailed out GM and Chrysler?: Feds Who passed NAFTA which resulted in jobs leaving the US?: Feds Who ignores all of the cheap products produced by slave labor in China to be dumped in our country? Feds Who adds more and more regulations on US corporations every day? Feds Who gives Corporations unfair tax breaks for campaign contributions? Feds Who wants to increase energy costs in this country by taxing carbon dioxide? Feds Who is acting like petulant finger pointing children while the country is tanking? Feds Who adding more and more debt everyday at an alarming rate? Feds Who is in charge of the student loan industry? Feds So my question is why are the protesters NOT sitting on the steps of the Capital Building and at the White House? That is where the real problem is.

  • S

    Hey Eddie #20 – why don’t you read about what Occupy Wall Street is all about before talking smack. YOU ARE ONE OF THE 99%. At least these kids are standing up for something. They may be going about it the wrong way, but at least they’re speaking up and being heard.


    Workers my foot. I seriously doubt if the the majority of the protesters have held a job in their lives.
    The “99%” nonsense is part of Obama’s class warfare strategy and is being organized by Obama supporters. These “protests” are nothing more than an attempt to distract from the failed policies of the Obama administration.
    Obama’s new campaign slogan should be “distract and divide”. He has not come up with any realistic policies to address the problems with our economy, debt, and entitlement reform.
    Asia exists, and these spoiled children and their union organizers need to face that reality. The Democratic formula of spend, tax, and regulate will only continue to drive jobs overseas. If anyone deserves blame, it is the folks in Washington D.C.

  • sam

    Folks, please say hello to our new generation of American Hypocrites. I don’t want you to make too much money but I have to have the best of everything. The kids don’t even know how stupid they are. Protesting with expensive iPads, laptops, cell phones, designer clothes….

  • tom

    I don’t know who is more sickening, the Useful Idiots who show up to pretend they are at Woodstock or the celebrities who see an opportunity for free publicity. Do any of them know what they are “protesting”? Try to imagine any one of them doing a hard day’s work in a factory (or anywhere else) – impossible, isn’t it? Yet – this is the base of the Democrat Party.

  • Lisa

    why on earth would i willingly give my hard earned money to these filthy miscreants through higher taxes? and if Pelosi, Obama, and these fools do get my money, why would i keep busting my butt to hand it over to them? They can have their 1st amendment, i’ll keep my 2nd. stay out of my wallet and off my lawn, hippie!

  • tom

    Yet more proof of the stupidity and hypocrisy of these idiots. The reality is they want to be taken care of, they want someone else to worry about feeding them, housing them and clothing them – they just want to do what they want to do and not worry about the responsibilities and consequences of their actions.

    So, if they get their way and we take all the money from the rich – then what? How long do you expect to live on that? There is no such thing as a free lunch – these people don’t care who pays for their ‘lunch’ just so long as SOMEONE ELSE pays for it!

  • lucy

    Nothing is more obnoxious than a bunch of white, middle class, hipsters with half a semester of “grievance studies” trying to replicate “Woodstock”; or was it “Woodstock ’99″? I’m now very confused as to the whole purpose of sitting on the street waving anti-capitalist, anti-war, pro-environment placards and staging street theater. Good luck with trying to garner a coherent message from that group of misfits. With ‘Burning Man’ over and no Phish concerts to attend, NYC must be the place…..

  • steela

    as anyone noticed….that the vast majority of these kids, I’d say 98 % are white? Ironic, the support from Famous actors, and the media etc…who vilified, cursed, demonized the Tea Party for the last two years as being all white, racists, bigots, Nazis etc… Amazing hypocrisy.

  • tim

    If they are going to protest the bankers, they also need to protest the movie and professional sports industries for the excessively large salaries their stars and executives are paid.

    We are living in a time where celebrities in the acting and sporting professions demand so much money that the non-celebs working on set or on the sidelines make jack diddly.

  • Eddie

    @ S

    Hey S, if you’re sitting there in your Che Guevara t-shirt that you bought at Target, your IPhone and Laptop that you bought at the Apple store and your “down with corporations” sign that you had printed at Kinkos, …you really have no one to blame but yourselves when the rest of us make fun of you.

  • @sillyme: The Occupy Wall Street protests have nothing against rich people. It has to do with greedy and corrupt bankers on WS that have dug us into a recession and have never been held accountable. You dumba**es need to educate your small minds.
    If anything, this may just be the only good thing Kanye has done.

  • some truths

    for comment #33

    You’re the dumb azz, instead of Wallstreet go to the White House, it’s the politicians that make the laws , it’s the politicians that forced banks in the 90′s to lower lending standards, it’s the politicians that guaranteed Freddie and Frannie to the tune of 5 trillion secularization sub prime loans , it’s the politicians who wanted to use the Financial system for social policy instead of making sure we had a sound Financial system

    It the politicians who want a bigger and more powerful federal government so it’s makes then more powerful and they can enrich themselves and their friends through crony capitalism.

    What happen to the trillion dollar stimulus, hundreds of billion of dollars went to all these “green company’s” and union back car companies and Corporations like GE, all who backed Obama and democrats and 3 years later , tax payers got nothing but more debt, demands for higher taxes to pay for it and double digit unemployment and a double dip recession.

    Elect Obama and democrats another 4 years and Russia and China is who America will become, central government too powerful and corrupt to do anything for the people but spend their money to make their friends and the powerful become more rich and powerful.

  • WoWza


    Amen to that! It’s obvious that most ppl on this thread don’t even know what Occupy WS is about. Ppl, you need to read a FULL article about this then you would realize that OWS is not anti rich.
    Have you heard of Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest men in the US and the world? Well he too is against legislators favoring big corporations (even though he heads one) and wants the gov to charge rich ppl like himself more taxes and stop taking more from those who already can’t afford necessities or are barely making it. —–That is what these celebs are standing for, saying that they agree with Buffet’s opinion. So ANY CELEB who wants to join that cause is welcomed!!!! THAT GOES TO SHOW THAT MANY RICH PEOPLE DO THINK THEY ARE BEING UNFAIRLY FAVORITED.
    That may be in fact the only good thing Kanye might have done.

  • Jason darr

    There is no other pull to take so swallow the one that makes you ill. All the crap the protestors are recieving reminds me of the intial protestors of the Iraqi invasion.

  • FFer

    Looks like West has some red on him…

  • lafamepoma

    Why all black people rap? Can’t they play another music, can they? Michael Jackson never rapped and he was a great artist and now all the black teenager wear that kind of horrible clothes and long gold necklaces,such a pity, black people used to do great music, now is a shame, and I’m not racist, it’s only an opinion. About Kanye, don’t know very much his music, he’s not very known in my country.

  • CrisDizzle

    Kanye West: Eyyyy… Wall Street i’ll let you finish: but I got one thing to say: “Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!!!!”

  • yeah, right! kanye west who so proudly salutes the illuminati with his pyramid hand signs is now protesting.

  • Calogero

    Nice photos :-).