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Beyonce: Fake Baby Bump Rumors Are 'Ridiculous & False'

Beyonce: Fake Baby Bump Rumors Are 'Ridiculous & False'

Beyonce goes shopping with hubby Jay-Z and pal Kanye West at Intermix on Saturday (October 8) in NYC.

The 30-year-old entertainer recently shot down rumors that she might not actually be pregnant.

The speculation started during Bey‘s interview with Australia’s Sunday Night TV program, where her baby bump appeared to collapse, prompting buzz she had a prosthetic stomach and a surrogate was carrying her child.

Beyonce‘s rep told ABC News the rumors are “stupid, ridiculous, and false.”

FYI: Beyonce is wearing Illesteva Leonard sunglasses.

10+ pictures inside of Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Kanye West shopping at Intermix…

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  • e

    maybe in a twisted sort of way, she is trying to protect her privacy by distorting the actual due date? like she’ll lay low for several months upon the babies birth?
    In reality the papz were going to go bananas with the pregnancy so you either control the demand by giving out lots of info rather than having few pics and details out there- everyone gets crazy and desperate and much more invasive.
    I do think its a prostheitc over a real bump though

  • Jory

    She can shot down rumors by posing semi naked like short shorts or bikini or whatever…

  • Beyonce sucks

    Everything about Beyonce is fake. She is a walking script. i used to be a fan, up until after her I Am Yours Tour. Now i’m sick of her. What kind of a person fakes a pregnancy? She makes me sick.

  • TKB

    Prosthetic baby bumps don’t fold, infact,
    they can sometimes be harder than a real baby bump.
    But being the ignorant angry people that all of you are,
    you will just jump the gun and assume otherwise because it’s Beyonce.
    How sad.

  • Shawna

    @Jory: Why should she have to prove anything to you? And she already was photographed in a bikini and people STILL don’t believe her. It is absolutely ridiculous!

  • Debbie

    Bunch. Of. Nutjobs.

  • amensister

    you have got to admit the size of that bump goes up and down everytime you see her and it started with the VMA. she was big then and then a lot smaller in the bikini shot and thats when this all started.

    A Prosthetic baby bump CAN fold, it just depend whats its made of

    I think this big deal she is making or trying to make of this baby is blowing up in her face

  • Cjay

    U can c it all n her face…it startin to look full…y wld she fake bein prego? She cnt b that desperate for attn…

  • Sherlock Holme-boy

    I don’t know or really care but the detective in me has this to say

    I would think all women know this : how a pregnant belly looks on any woman varies from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy for the same woman. I had a friend who looked huge at 5 months but then the belly did not grow much until her last month. That was her first baby. It was totally different for the second. Then I had a neighbour who I didn’t even know was pregnant until she was 8 months pregnant and even then she still looked hardly pregnant. She was a petite woman and the baby must have been sitting crosswise.

    Next that “dress” looked like actually two pieces from the MTO photos so I think as the poor woman was trying to sit down gracefully on TV with a tight short skirt on and a big belly I think the top flew up and she was trying not to give Molly and the TV too much of a view of possibly belly and crotch with that short skirt. It is also totally conceivable that in order to fit Beyonce in the boobs and the booty that dress was actually loose in the belly area, but say like us normal people, one could grow into that dress as the pregnancy progressed. Not sure rich celebs worry about that though.

  • Sherlock Holme-boy

    My other thought is maybe she’s wearing a flexible bullet proof baby protector. OK perhaps ridiculous but no more ridiculous than this whole discussion.

  • Lets be reasonable

    Beyonce is not pregnant, there is no way a pregnant woman with a baby bump can lean forward to sit down, cause the stomach would have nowhere to go. If she bent forward, she would have to open her legs completely wide in order for her stomach to have room, her legs were closed & the stomach is hard so its impossible to lean forward to sit down.

    This woman is not pregnant, unless shes carrying an alien. or jellyfish.

  • Yeah

    @bud: All of the reasons you listed just add to the notion that it is fake.

    I bet when she gives birth, there will be no one to “vouch” for it other than Tina, Jay, Bey, and maybe Ye’s fruity a$$–> meaning, somebody will be bringing in some kid from another bitch’s womb…or she’s adopting!

  • taylor

    You guys are ridiculous. I am pregnant and I know that your bump DOES get bigger and smaller depending on the day, what you eat, where the baby is, etc. all women are different!!! GOD. I watched that video and someone doctored it. seriously watch it, it looks like it has been tampered with. I love beyonce. she’s an amazing person and if she was using a surrogate she would say so!

  • chatrav

    You guys do realize that babies move while inside the mother’s “stomach.” Besides, there are already pictures of Bey with her baby bump in a bikini. I guess it goes to show you how desperate some people are to create a news story.

  • http://akacutie dia

    foreal foreal i don’t think she can get pregnant… that bitch oughta slap herself

  • Christian

    If you believe she’s faking her pregnancy, you’re not a conspiracy theorist… just stupid.



  • Reality

    People are dumbasses. Of course she’s pregnant. Here is a picture of her in a bikini with her bump. Look at it.

    She couldn’ t have faked that stomach. All you people who claim that she is obviously wearing prosthetic bump should do some research first.

  • Sara L. Cash

    Sorry Bey, u r not with child. U will not give up your shape for a baby. In feb when u suppose to b due, somebody else will have that baby for u. I yhought Jay know real when he see it, i guess he as fake as her.

  • meeeeeee

    Those that have actually been pregnant knows that your bump would appear different sizes depending on what you wear.

  • meeeeeee

    @bud: AHAHA This whole thread…the videos….the posts in the papers make her think people care about her bump. DUH. That was a stupid question.

  • huuuh

    Sadly the godmother will be Gwyneth Paltrow… Poor kid!

  • Hmmmm

    Beyonce looks like she’s gonna have a baby boy.

  • Munchie

    @BEAN: I was soo happy to hear..didn’t c the VMAs n I said she needs to work on #2 baby in a few yrs while working but she wants twins!!! She should’ve carried them EVERYONE would’ve been so happy!!! She always does PROmotion for her mother..THIS IS OVER THE TOP…She needs a LIVE CHAT WITH HER BELLY SHOWING WITH JAY Z RUBBING IT! She did 1 a few months ago without any make-up! IF SHE’S NOT THEN GOD HELP HER N HER FAMILY throughout their backlash!

  • Munchie

    @Reality: I never saw a pregnant stomach with muscles on the side!!!!!!!

  • Munchie


  • Reality

    @Munchie: @Munchie: Those aren’t muscles. Those are her sides being stretched. Mine were exactly like that because your stomach is sagging down.

  • She is pathetic

    She is so pathetic. I wish someone will expose her already. No matter what she or her publicist say, she is trying to milk this to the max. just 7 days prior to vma she is performing in a skimpy outfit w/no stomach at all what’s up with that. I wish Wendy would have announced that!!!

  • megan

    I love Bey, i’m still annoyed at her for stealing Britney’s spotlight at the VMAs as i’m a diehard Britney fan, however she doesn’t deserve the amount of abuse she’s getting, leave her be and let her enjoy her pregnancy! Yeah it does look fake in the interview, and she’s probably using a prosthetic to emphasise her pregnancy, also she’s bringing out a maternity clothing range so obviously she’s using her pregnancy to promote it! As for suddenly sharing her personal life with Jay-z etc, i’ve lost some respect for her as she’s just turning into another one of those celebrities who do anything for money (considering her sales have dropped dramatically) however I still love her music and i’m sure she’s a nice person, I just wish she’d stop letting money and power get to her head as we have enough celebrities like that already. But like I said, none of us personally know her so we have no right to judge her as a person and make bizarre claims against her without solid evidence.

  • jay82

    I honestly believe she is faking! I’m a mother of 5 and one of my pregnancy was twins and I wasn’t even that big at 5 months not only that with pregnancy any pregnant woman can tell you your feet get swollen so for her to be able to wear heels like that is highly suspicious either way if she is or isnt that’s her business but she shouldnt decieve her fans I mean I’m sure we’d embrace the fact she’s adopting or having a surrogate carry her child.

  • Jae

    THat lady is pregnant. Some of us carry large while others carry small. I can see the bump in the photos. She may have worn a fake belly just to create a motherly image to satisfy her audience and others. Leave her B, she is expecting, and plus she has the glow to go along with extra baby weight around her face.

  • NoLies

    i think people should just leave her aLONE ITS HER PERSONAL LIFE DAMN people are so concerned about be they just need to get their ligfe togather and focus on something else like the finaical crisis this country is in and not some celebrity -sincerly – A SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL

  • meme

    Me a all of beyonces other fans want to believe she’s pregnant but the interview I say with the fake baby bumb has my doubts if beyonce found out what she was having she has t be 5 months already so why would u add extra weight on you look I have been a beyonce fan forever but if it comes to pass that she lied instead of telling us she’s adopting or have a surogant mother then I am no longer a fan because I don’t look up to liers

  • porche

    arrg its crazy im pregnant and 8 months but you would think theres no baby here, besides the dress couldv been a bigger size so things like that happen, people should just mind thier own business…think how hurtfull it would be if people started saying stuff like that” bump not real” its disgusting

  • Apart

    Her face doesn’t change nothing change every woman change when they are pregnant. The picture of here in the bikini bwoy I’ve never seen a pregnant woman with packs. At the VMA the belly was huge but some days before you couldn’t see anything :s. Then in the countdown video you see another huge bump also weird if you see the pictures of her celebrating her 30′s she also had a huge bump. Beyonce you are making it so hard for us to believe that are pregnant. In my opinion she may be pregnant but not as much she shows. A friend of my also due in febr and her belly isn’t as big as beyonce.

    Another thing if she due in febr that means that when she was on the VMA she was 3 to 4 months pregnant and at 3 months your bump isn’t that big.