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Beyonce: Fake Baby Bump Rumors Are 'Ridiculous & False'

Beyonce: Fake Baby Bump Rumors Are 'Ridiculous & False'

Beyonce goes shopping with hubby Jay-Z and pal Kanye West at Intermix on Saturday (October 8) in NYC.

The 30-year-old entertainer recently shot down rumors that she might not actually be pregnant.

The speculation started during Bey‘s interview with Australia’s Sunday Night TV program, where her baby bump appeared to collapse, prompting buzz she had a prosthetic stomach and a surrogate was carrying her child.

Beyonce‘s rep told ABC News the rumors are “stupid, ridiculous, and false.”

FYI: Beyonce is wearing Illesteva Leonard sunglasses.

10+ pictures inside of Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Kanye West shopping at Intermix…

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85 Responses to “Beyonce: Fake Baby Bump Rumors Are 'Ridiculous & False'”

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  1. 26
    Koree Says:

    WOOOOOWWWWW!! There are always mad HATERS on a JJ post about Beyonce, all of you need to STFU and go sit down somewhere and worry about your own lives.

  2. 27
    Hone Says:

    She is NEVER in the papparazzi lights
    and now she is 24/7 even calling them???
    Please, they showed us that she had a big bump with her bikini on right?
    What they didn’t let us see was that she was on the yacht later, with no belly anymore!!

    Please guys, just look!

    ( I would expect this kind of nonsense from a D-lister, not her but it shows how she wants to be IN the picture ALL the time )

  3. 28
    Roxy Says:

    @ R obviously you do care about “some black singer” or you wouldn’t be commenting (ignorant much). Anyways I have never been a big fan of Beyonce…I find her over rated, and the show when she revealed her bump on stage was da Mn tacky. I can’t call it on whether her baby bump is fake or not in the red dress, but she seems to be the same size now as when she revealed her bump on stage. However, she also seems big for 5 months….maybe she got her bumps mixed up…LOL!!! I was pregnant twice, don’t remember if any of my maternity clothes made my stomach looked deflated, but I was also in the Army and wearing maternity fatigues 70% of the time….don’t think those deflated either. And who the heck wears spanx while pregnant.

  4. 29
    Hone Says:

    Oh honey, believe me my own life is very important.
    But can’t you admit something you SEE with your own eyes?
    People are even denying it, when they see it.
    That’s exactly what she wants from her fans..
    Support her no matter how hard she lies, cheats and steals.
    Please, I’m not buying it.
    I can have my OWN opinion about it and you can have yours.

  5. 30
    Shawna Says:

    @Go away: Wow, you’re not so good at the counting are you? She is due in February so she is 5.5 months pregnant.

  6. 31
    Shawna Says:

    @csa: That was Septmeber 7 and it is now October 12. How is that 2 months ago?? She was 4-4.5 months along then and now she is 5-5.5 months along. Not rocket science people!

  7. 32
    Ser Says:

    She has always been lying and STILL is.

    Beyonce Stole the Credits to hit If I Were a Boy

    After Jean’s version of “If I Were a Boy” was rejected by her record company, Toby Gad took back the song and started marketing it to big name, established artists. [5] Knowles liked the song and recorded her version of “If I Were a Boy” for her album, I Am… Sasha Fierce. [3] Fox News later reported that Knowles and Jean had come to terms. Part of their deal was that Knowles would have to record a duet for Jean’s debut album, once she gets her own recording deal. However, this deal never went through to terms. [5]

    Sued for stealing the song “Survivor”

    Sued for stealing the song “Baby Boy”

    Sued for stealing the song “Independent Women”

    Sued for stealing the song “Kissing You”

    Took credit for writing “Crazy In Love” when she didn’t

    Took credit for writing “Irreplaceable” when she didn’t

    Sued for not paying Wilhelmina

    Sued for not paying Greg Walker/Icon Entertainment

    Sued for stealing $32,000,000 from the family of her former dead co-manager who got them their record deal

    Mexican Breakfast/Single Ladies (bob fosse/beyonce) -YouTube

    Matter fact, as I am studying this stuff I have an idea about what is REALLY going on here.

  8. 33
    Koree Says:


    Thanks for proving my point. =)

  9. 34
    Ser Says:

    @Koree: You have nothing to prove than saying I should mind my own business right?
    Funny coming from someone who has time to comment on such NONSENSE or not? hahahaha

  10. 35
    camillus Says:

    VMA’s were the fame whores attention grabbing. She took over Brittney’s moment. She is just a hack, she has no talent, no way to be relevant now, she married a ghetto hack. Beyonce always sucked and will continue to suck, she’s like Michael Jackson believed and controlled his media . She’s ugly, He’s ugly, Baby will be ugly, She needs to go away, we’ve seen more of her since the announcment of her so called pregnancy it’s like daily in some sort of media. What a Fame ***** or just *****?

  11. 36
    camillus Says:

    Fake Singer, Fake Hair, Bad Actress, Ugly person, biggest Fame ***** in the world.
    Go Away *****….

  12. 37
    Roxy Says:

    @ Camillus…Da MN I’m not a Beyonce fan either, but seriously you’re coming off like a lunatic. You might need to pop a few xanax to calm you down…geezus it’s really not that serious

  13. 38
    Jasmine Says:

    I’ve never been pregnant, but there are many things that I’ve worn that have definitely made me look it. I’m just giving her the benefit of the doubt. I actually haven’t seen any of her appearances or interviews, just a few photos while scanning Just Jared, so I don’t know about a baby bump falling out supposedly like so many of you say…also, I know that some women just suddenly start showing, like the bump becomes very visible at some point. Not everyone progresses normally (this is to whoever was referring to January Jones’ baby bump)
    I do find it strange that she’s all of a sudden talking about her personal life, but wouldn’t you when people start criticizing you and your unborn child? Maybe she just wants to set the record straight. I’m not a Beyonce fan, in fact I can’t stand her, but cut her some slack. If she’s having a baby, best wishes to her and her family. Hope that child is born perfectly healthy!

  14. 39
    Lee Says:

    I knew when she revealed her pregnancy it was something odd about it…she had just shot a video a month earlier wearing revealing clothing..not showing by the way…I think she got a surrogate, makes a whole lot of sense, if I were her I woudn’t want to ruin my body either but to lie & fake her pregnancy is so childish…

  15. 40
    Emmy Says:

    That baby is FAKE. Bee and Jay-Z are probably making some kind of evil baby spawn somewhere. If she couldn’t get pregnant, she would just say it. This defintely smells like something evil. I’m so scared………..

  16. 41
    Cj Says:

    Hey Bee, there is such thing as OBGYN appointments where they do ultrasounds to see if there’s a baby in there. If your faking it once again, thats just sad, because there was once upon a time I looked up to you, your beauty and talent, but how dare you put your self that way. Very disappointed

  17. 42
    Janae Says:

    @ emmy I can agree when u say something evil is going on. Love her music but @ the end of the day im rocking with god I want sell my soul

  18. 43
    Janae Says:

    @ emmy I can agree when u say something evil is going on. Love her music but @ the end of the day im rocking with god I want sell my soul

  19. 44
    Janae Says:

    @ emmy I can agree when u say something evil is going on. Love her music but @ the end of the day im rocking with god I won’t sell my soul

  20. 45
    karly Says:

    Hmm weird, cause look at hilary four months and only a tiny bump
    not sure about bey..better not be lying

  21. 46
    me Says:

    she is making an ape great

  22. 47
    no doubt Says:

    what a cute lil bump. On Sunday night it was soooo big. NObody said she isn’t pregnant but it’s obvious that she’s using a prothestic to make it LOOK BIGGER! Do get that Just jared?

    If you compare pics you would see that she often uses a baby prothestic to make it look super big!

  23. 48
    Lia Says:

    Her belly shrinked some inches here in these pictures!
    Ofcourse it’s something evil, they probably want us to be destracted from something important happening

  24. 49
    darla sharp Says:

    she looks prego her face is fat and everthing dont hate on beyonce shes jus a bad bad ***** :)

  25. 50
    LoL Says:

    ha ha ha ha
    You guys are ridiculous. Beyonce has a stomach where the upper abs are more in, she has a hunched back, and her lower abs are more pronounced. When you are preggers, the uterus’ path is more upward, so she is not going to have that mountain that you all expect. When she is about to give birth, she will look like she is thrusting forward, because her belly will be low. I must also ad, the baby will be breeched, it will be a boy, and she will not be working for atleast 6months, because she will have a c section. What doctors don’t say is the fitter you are, the more complications you have. A tight bum, restricts the movement of the pelvic area, by month 7, she will be home most of the time. I would suggest to her to stop travelling now.

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