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Katie Holmes: Giorgio Armani & Vanity Fair Private Dinner!

Katie Holmes: Giorgio Armani & Vanity Fair Private Dinner!

Katie Holmes arrives at the Giorgio Armani/Vanity Fair private dinner on Tuesday (October 11) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The 32-year-old actress, who wore a Holmes & Yang black jumpsuit and Armani coat, was all smiles as she posed for photographs for the Emma Stone-hosted event.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Over the weekend, Katie and her daughter Suri were spotted heading home on a private jet after visiting Tom Cruise on the set of his new action film, One Shot, in Pittsburgh, Penn.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes at the Giorgio Armani/Vanity Fair private dinner…

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katie holmes giorgio armani vanity fair private dinner 01
katie holmes giorgio armani vanity fair private dinner 02
katie holmes giorgio armani vanity fair private dinner 03
katie holmes giorgio armani vanity fair private dinner 04
katie holmes giorgio armani vanity fair private dinner 05
katie holmes giorgio armani vanity fair private dinner 06
katie holmes giorgio armani vanity fair private dinner 07
katie holmes giorgio armani vanity fair private dinner 08
katie holmes giorgio armani vanity fair private dinner 09
katie holmes giorgio armani vanity fair private dinner 10
katie holmes giorgio armani vanity fair private dinner 11

Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty, Fame Pictures
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  • mwannir
  • Keyes

    Love Katie Holmes, very attractive and sexy.

  • Maggie

    Where R the 10 pix …all I see is single pix of Katie getting on a jet with
    suri and Kate by herself? Really why didn’t she do it? Instead of Emma
    Stone and where is Josh Hartnett and the rest of the people. Of course
    Not available. Who cares to see Katie by herself. And Emma Stone
    In a separate photo op. Pose together No Where is it?

  • nicole

    my brain is telling me something is diff w her face:

    a. teeth whitened
    b. is smiling for once so it looks diff
    c. teeth capped
    d. all of the above

  • Rocky

    Like what’s she’s wearing for a change, but the hair looks very unkept.

  • booba

    well…this time it looks like the airhead really cleaned up.

    don’t have anything negative to say this time. LOL

    Maybe she is finally listening to “negative” comments her staff are telling her from these websites….ha!

  • Cari

    Horrible outfit. Isn’t this a black version of that white monstrosity she designed and wore at All My Sons/Broadway premiere? Get a stylist please. At least she took some time to brush or whiten or teeth and they aren’t that horrible yellow.

  • Yo-Landi

    Woah she looks real pretty here. WHAT HAPPENED TO HER FACE? There’s something really different about it. Like, did she have a nose job or something?

  • http://d slig o lambert^_____^cute

    next photo please

  • You

    I don’t know what happened to Katie Holmes dressing style? She used to dress, ummm more stylish when she was seen with Victoria Beckham. But now? She looks disastrous.

  • Susie#1

    When will she become irrelevant? Yes, her outfit looks like a new version of that white horror. Her hair is a mess, but what’s new? Sooo nice that she finally had the time to have her teeth whitened/capped.

  • kizbit

    She doesn’t look at all like herself here. Something is strange.

  • Suri is stimming in her face


    Seems like it!
    At least this filthy Beard learned wide pants are her friends.

  • Guest

    She looks nice here.
    9 pts. out of 10. Now, if she would stop standing pigeon toed. Lest she doesn’t have her tongue sticking halfway out. Celebs-Kaite Holmes, Jessica Simpson and a few others strated that and it that looked really ridicuolus. I am not making fun of Special Needs kids having worked with them, but this is something some of them do, ex. kids with Downs’, and I just think it is stupid and making fun of people who have bodies that just naturally have do this.

  • Cari


    She is smiling instead of smirking and she finally brushed those god-awful yellow teeth??? Or since she uses botox (as someone pointed out – she has nice botox bunnies when she crinkles her nose)–she had fresh injections????

  • bobjustbob

    To me she looks different too but more like she’s on something, her eyes are glased like she is high or something.

  • teri

    She does finally look alot better with makeup on. Question: does Tom and Katie donate to other charities or only their church? For someone to be that filthy rich it would be ashamed for them to only share it amoungst themselves.

  • joel

    Botox – droopy eye

  • ck

    She went to the plastic surgeon and said “Doc..give me the Angie Harmon”

  • yes, something’s different

    Looks like she had her teeth fixed-zoom in on this and it’s obvious:

    Her left eye looks droopy/lazy, and there are NO lines anywhere in her forehead so I’d guess recent botox in the forehead,resulting in the droopy eye.

  • ha

    totally different smile and pose… not the USUAL forced- condescending -trying to hard to be sophisticated smirk look… more “normal” if that were even possible. Its a step in the right direction.You have to wonder if her PR team reads and pays attention to all the crap said about her… b/c there is a lot of it… and its all basically the same stuff said…. Perhaps she will be advised to just be who she is and stop trying to be something else. She still makes my skin crawl, shes still a fake pretentious stupid woman.. can’t help that.

  • Romeo

    You’re sick, #6.

    Mind your own money, #17.

  • moneyballs

    # 22…Romeo…

    why is # 6 sick? What’s wrong with the comment?
    nutin wrong with # 17 either.

    I think YOU are sick/wacko…go dig yourself in a hole.

  • annie


  • annie

    i like her jumpsuit….katie look good….

  • ha Romeo/creepster

    There’s a difference between coming to a thread, whether it be positive or negative and commenting on photographs, and STALKING the thread to let people know they’re OPINIONS are WRONG. There is nothing mentally OK with what you have been doing here FOR YRS! Now, Romeo… everyone has a right to put in their too sense on here. Whether you like it or not…. that is SICKO stuff ROMEO …you WACK job… to think I could in the same supermarket aisle or standing next to you (or someone like you) on line somewhere is BEYOND CREEPY. FURTHERMORE, Katie Holmes would probably be COMPLETELY weird-ed and CREEPED out by your responses to comments if she were to read JJ or any other sites you cyber-stalk.

  • it’s Robo-Bride

    Poor Katie. Don’t be Afraid of the Dark is bombing big time in the overseas market as well as with the international critics. This weekend it showed in one theater in Thailand after a four or five week run of poor figures–made $2. In every market, the second week’s revenue has dropped hugely by more than 40 percent. Even in the Asian markets where Cruise and his robot are still very popular.

    And now she is standing here in that horrible jump suit she designed for All My Sons–except in black. With long stringy hair that looks dirty, although I suspect she has over used something like Moroccan Oil on it. Nail polish looks chipped as usual. Why doesn’t she just take off the gels if she isn’t willing to keep them up? And alas for poor Katie, the fashion mag polls are giving her outfit a big thumbs down!

  • fric&frac

    her outfit is a joke! Looks like she dug up her nightie….added some puffy legs….added a “jacket” that looks like it came from her dolly and called it “designer duds”.


  • annie

    @ robo bride
    I realise that you want her to fail at everything in her life, but how do you know DBOTD is bombing oversees. It’s only been released in a few countries. It’s pushing $3mil in M exico opened in the UK at number 5, it’s not the bottom. It’s still got Europe, Australia, and tons of other countries to go. It will probably double it’s money.
    Asia loves Tom- yes, he’s also got 16 yrs of movie making on her,and he is Tom Cuise.
    This movie still has a long way to go, it hasn’t bombed by a long shot, no matter how much you want it to.
    Actually it hasn’t done badly at all.
    Of course there are movies that have done better, and there are movies around that should have done better, with more profile actors and actresses in them. This is her first overseas movie where she’s the lead.

  • courtside

    what a phony

  • it’s robo-bride


    It isn’t that I want her to fail, it is that I’m totally amazed that ALL she does is fail and gets lucrative offers based on her married name: Mrs. Tom Cruise.

    And DBAOTD has only made $2.4 million in Mexico and it appears to have petered out. If you look at the stats it is on a huge downward curve. Look at all the stats for the countries it is playing in–not good.

    This film was projected to perform MUCH better in the states and in the international market. Why do you think certain actors and actresses who don’t do well in the states keep getting major film work? It is because they do so well internationally. Katie has continuously bombed both in the states and overseas.

    You can defend her all you want (and Romeo too), but the main reason she is now getting many of the films she has been in is because she is Mrs. Tom Cruise. Both indies and ‘regular’ pics are made to earn money. Everything she has been in since Batman has failed to perform up to expectations and has lost money . This is taking the production cost plus the marketing/PR costs which generally should be at least $25 million for a major picture. So taking the domestic, international and DVD type licensing costs–she has either bombed or broken even.

    How many actresses can you name that have produced a mediocre body of work (both creatively, review-wise, and $$$$) that get the kind of offers she receives? Are you really saying if she was Katie Holmes without Tom Cruise on her arm that she would get the offers she gets? Even she knows (per a recent interview) how lucky she is.

    HOWEVER, that said, if she hadn’t married TC and been such a total idiot in the way she acted and the interviews she gave, she might have been invited back to Batman 2. I dont’ care what Romeo says–she was fired from that film and then Tom’s PR machine went into major action and got a wishy-washy retraction. If you take Batman out of the equation, she is one poor producing actress in terms of revenue. And you better believe the number crunchers who project revenue and returns on investments know it.

    Go to Box Office Mojo and and do your own math (KH averages $26.2 million) and then look at the actors/actresses on the lists and let us all know who does worse–and then let us know how much they are working and how many TV deals they get, modeling gigs, fashion lines they design, major movie offers etc.

    Most of the actors/actresses that do worse are foreign (and those figures are not included in the averaging) and are big in the international market. Katie is not. She is desperately trying to break into the international market, but has had no success.

    So yes, I find it totally amazing this woman is touted as an A lister, a good actresses, a fashion icon, a trend setter etc.

    Unfortunately for her (and you and Romeo)–the ‘average joe and jane’ just aren’t buyin’ it.

  • Super Cool

    I think she looks sweet and young.

  • annie

    If what you’re saying is true- then movies don’t make too much money, especially the ones that cost a fortune to make.
    I can name you 2 actresses, Charleze Theron, and Drew Barrymore, and Reese Witherspoon is slipping by the minute, only thing that saved her last movie was Robert Patterson.

  • pumkin

    # 33….sounds like you made this up.

    makes no sense whatsoever.

  • eh

    Katie Holmes ONLY has curb-appeal… you get closer the un -attractive quirks make her blah… tall, long hair, slim-, anyone shallow or probably male will like… but true gorgeousness NO WAY. She looked sharp beautiful when she cut that awful mane off. Like the premiere she went with Tom when she wore that angled greek looking black dress, hoops, and flats… that haircut really did something to her and now she back to just a blend in the crowd girl.