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Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom & Flynn Head Out from Heathrow

Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom & Flynn Head Out from Heathrow

Miranda Kerr and hubby Orlando Bloom bring their adorable son, Flynn, to Heathrow Airport for a flight out of town on Wednesday (October 12) in London, England.

The 28-year-old Aussie model and her sweetheart shared a smile as they made their way through the terminal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda recently wrote about her experiences trying to find healthy food growing up on the Kora Organics website.

“Going to the supermarket and actually trying to find food that we could eat that didn’t contain all of the nasties was a real challenge, the choice was minimal. It was then we discovered the benefits of health food stores and local markets and started our quest of ensuring what we put into our bodies truly supported our well being,” Miranda wrote.

FYI: Orlando is using his Ergo baby carrier!

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  • @100

    LOL indeed …I’ll never forget her post on Choco’s journal saying that IF Miranda was really pregnant and IF (by some miracle) the baby was Orlando’s (you know she tricked him when he was drunk or he accidentally fell on top of her), then ML hoped he could get the baby for him and Viggo to raise together.

    Talk about your delusional thinking, she actually believes Miranda is a kind of Mata Hari who duped poor, dumb, and gay Orlando into a contract relationship for 2.5 years and then managed to hoodwink him into getting her pregnant or believing that he did. Yet somehow Orlando is really going to outsmart her after all because he just got involved with her so he and Viggo could have a child together. I guess going about it that way would have been much easier and more sensible than using a surrogate like other gay couples do.

    Mystic truly missed her calling in writing fantasy fiction.

  • @101

    “he accidentally fell on top of her”

    Why is it so important for that person to make Orlando gay anyway? She’s a heterophobic!!!

  • Patty

    I have never kept up about the Delphi group but thanks for all the laughs when reading about them on his thread. Orlando has some crazy fans, or I guess they are really ex-fans.

  • @102

    Heterophobic! I love it!
    And she is devoted to pushing her agenda. She shows up on blogs and sites across the web to spout her ‘Olando is teh gay’ idiocy.
    Any mention of Orlando’s name will bring her out.
    She was on ONTD a while back on a thread about Orlano being out with Flynn. Everyone on that site, people who are not Orlando fans, gushed about how cute Flynn is, and how he “looks just like Orlando”. Well, all but one said that. MysticLady! She popped in several times to claim that she “just didn’t see it”.
    She has become a joke in the fandom.
    #101….I love you!

  • @102

    It’s not just that he has to be gay, but he has to be totally in love with no one else but his one true love Viggo gay. Isn’t she the one who claims that someone she knows went to Viggo’s brother’s house for dinner and Viggo and OB were there as a couple. She is always trying to prove they are star-crossed lovers, sending in questions constantly to Ted C., hoping he can help her out them. If only Viggo was going to be in The Hobbit, she would be in fangirl heaven.

  • @105

    Yep, same girl.
    I find it hilarious that she claims that there is no proof that Miranda and Orlando are a real couple (besides THE BABY! *eyeroll*), yet she believes that Viggo and Orlando are a couple, even though there has never been any evidence that either one of them has seen the other in a long time, much less that either one of them is actually gay.
    As for Ted C, that is just another example of the delphi stupidity.
    They constantly send in questions to him. They use fake names, but the questions are so obviously from a delphite that they may as well sign their names. Then depending on his answer, he is either a bastion of truth who sees through this sham of a relationship, or a paid, PR hack.
    It got so bad that Ted actually told them in so many words that O&M were a real couple, and for the idiots to get over it.
    I also loved their translations of his English. The classic moment when Ted said that they “definitely said I do”, was a secret code that meant that they really weren’t together at all. LOL!
    You just can’t make this stuff up.

  • @106

    When she used to post on OL she was always making all these cryptic references about Viggo and Orlando on posts that I guess she thought no one else could figure out. Somebody posted about Orlando being in Venice, CA, once for something and she said, “Oh, he loves to hang out in Venice,” after pointing out on another site how Viggo has a house there (no idea if he really does or not). Then there was some kind of nonsense about Viggo sneaking into the premiere of KOH in London. I mean Orlando was hugging and kissing Billy Boyd and Elijah Wood in front of all the press on the red carpet. What would have been the big deal if he had done the same with Viggo had he been there? But no, of course, Viggo had to “sneak” into the theatre so they could hide their secret love. Unfortunately, ML found them out and told the world.

    Someone should put together all the Delphi classic comments and fantasies into a blog or book. It would be hysterical reading.

  • Oy

    Sweet Zombie Jeebus! What is this? Orlando Bloom reminiscence site? It looks like 1-2 people having a convo for 3 pages or so!

    Apparently there’s a market for a new OB fan site, now that he’s back in movies. On that note, glad to see him back in the genre he’s good at, though it’s quite weird seeing him as the Cardinal – he used to be ‘the kid’ just a few years back! Years just fly past nowadays.

  • @108

    Actually I think he’s the Duke, but yes it’s nice to see him back on the big screen in any genre.

  • @107

    And you can’t forget her idea that Orlando didn’t attend the London premiere of ROTK because the producers thought that he and Viggo had been ‘too obvious in their lurve’ at the LA premiere.
    Orlando kissed Dom on the mouth, but that kiss on the cheek from Viggo was just too darned hot for the masses.
    LOL! It’ has been fun laughing at the idiots at delphi. But I do think that there are more than a few of us here reminiscing.
    And that “Sweet Zombie Jeebus!” just about killed me.
    Thanks for the giggles!
    But as far as him being good in a certain genre, you need to see him as The Stain in Sympathy for Deliscious. He does an amazing job as that nasty piece of work. And no swords to be had.

  • Oy

    @@107: I don’t see being good predominantly at action films as a bad thing, but trying to be what somebody is not, is not usually a good sign, im-humble-o. OB seemed quite perfect for the young lead role and actually managed to convey more character than most of the Worthington type stars. Honestly? It will be interesting to see him as a mature action lead, without the agony of trying to see him sold as the new DeNiro or sth.

    And you’re welcome! ;-)

  • the angry monkey

    Can someone please post a link to this delphi site? I keep hearing about it as being a must read.

  • yay!

    Well, at least now we know why they went to Switzerland!
    Miranda is doing a shoot for W magazine! YAY GIRL!
    I’m sure that the delphites will be calling Orlando a lap dog because he went with her. According to them, loving your wife and child so much that you want to be with them as much as possible makes you less than a real man. This, of course, follows close on the heels of their comments that if Orlando really did love Flynn, he would quit working completely so that he could stay with him full time. But of course, not for his first breath, oh no. According to them, a job was much more important than being there for his birth.
    LOL! We could be spinning these comments all day. The earlier post that said that their amnesia is hilarious was spot on!
    Join the fun, Angry Monkey, and anyone esle so inclined.
    You won’t have to look very long to get your first laugh, or your first “what the f*?”
    Search “delphi forums”, and the site should be the first one listed. Their forum is under “entertainment”, and it is called “Orlando Bloom Discussion”, even though most of the *discussion* is about Miranda.
    Have fun! But make sure that you wash your hands afterward! LOL!
    The mockery is well worth giving them another hit or two.

  • @113

    I applaud you for having the stomach to keep reading their inanity or should that be insanity. Either way, I lost my patience years ago when they were going on for months about supposed emails from Miranda to a “friend,” where she admitted that Orlando had broken up with her right before those pics from, I think, 2008, were taken, when he was leaving her NY apartment, and she was practically crying on the sidewalk while he was loading his luggage. So she then followed him to CA and blackmailed him (take your pick of wild speculation as to with what), to continue in a PR relationship, and was now deliberately saying and doing things to taunt his fans. Someone posted copies of the supposed emails (don’t remember how they claimed to get them), but there was really no proof of who actually wrote them, nor did they show any of what the delphies claimed they did.

    The final straw for me was them attempting to find a way to contact Sonia, show her all this foolishness, and urge her to intervene to get Miranda out of her adult 30+ year old son’s life. I just could not believe that grown women would even think of such idiocy much less discuss ways to actually do it.

    I had hoped they would have given up by now, but I guess there’s no expiration date on stupidity.

  • .

    “attempting to find a way to contact Sonia, show her all this foolishness, and urge her to intervene to get Miranda out of her adult 30+ year old son’s life.”


  • @115

    Now just imagine what kind of person you would have to be to think that this was a good idea?
    That gives you an idea of the depth of their psychosis.
    Scary, huh?

  • ta

    All you need to know to understand how psychotic those gals are, is to know that CARMEN, yes THAT Carmen, is a member in good standing.
    ’nuff said.

  • @117

    Can somebody refresh my memory as to who Carmen is? Is she the one who had some sort of job in the “industry,” thought that OB was impotent because of his back injury, and had all these theories about how any pics of OB and Kate together were photoshopped? She either ran or posted frequently on an “uncensored” Orlando message board. Maybe I’ve got her mixed up with somebody else though. He has so many deranged fans it’s hard to keep them straight. I wonder if all actors have fans like this or is there something about him that draws the crazy.

  • @118

    That’s her! The one that Orlando’s security people were “aware of”.
    The “industry professional” with all of the super seekrit insider information! Well, as ‘insider’ as you can get from working in a costume warehouse with no contact with even extras, much less stars.
    The one who believed that a form letter sent by a magazine after she “WARNED” them about the photo manipulation of Orlando and Kate’s pap shots was validation that they took her word as gospel.
    Oh, I’ll always remember the days of Carmen’s multicolored diatribes about the “obvious crack” in Orlando’s wrist that PROVED that he wasn’t actually TOUCHING Kate. She saw that when she examined the pixels at 15,000,000 magnification. She could do that, you see, because she is an “industry professional”.
    I forget how many times she was banned from IMDB, only to return under a different name. She still posts there once in a while. With the same LOL-tastic garbage.

  • jingles

    Oh wow….some of the stuff you guys have been saying about these loons (Carmen e.t.c) is just flat out creepy and on the verge of restraining order territory! I mean nothing will top that guy who’s covered his body in Julia Roberts tattoos, but still.

  • jingles

    ^ I meant what they were doing is creepy ha. JJ you need an edit button!

  • Bravo to the Blooms!

    If people are going to stop liking Orlando Bloom because of his wife, good riddance!!! As if these stupid girls would even get the chance to be with him. Girls can be so DUMB! Keep smiling Miranda. She seems like she’s got a good heart and a clean spirit. She’s classy. And that smile shows such happiness and appreciation for what she has. A happy woman attracts a man because he feels good with her. I hope they both smile till death do they part because they are so lovely together

  • @119

    I had forgotten all of that. She should fit right in at delphi.

  • LOL!

    Darn it! I’ve missed all of the fun!
    I hate it when real life gets in the way of mockery!
    You guys have given some prime examples of delpi stupidity, but you left out one, very important one.
    The fact that they honestly (if you can use that word at all when referring to a delphite) believe that Miranda reads there. That she CARES about what five, lonely, hateful, bitter women on an obscure website have to say.
    If Miranda walks down the street, they will claim that she is only walking down the street because they suggested it. If she and Orlando go out together? It was only because a delphite wondered if they had split up.
    If she breathes? Well, that’s only because they said so.
    Delusional, thy name is delphite!
    Here is one new example of their lunacy…
    They think that the only reason that Miranda is wearing the FB this year is because it is phallic. That’s right, they believe that a long tassel covered in diamonds and pearls, looks so much like a p*nis, that they had to get a “slut” to wear it. A TASSELL! Kinda’ gives credence to the idea that none of them has every had a man in their lives, doesn’t it?
    I mean, no woman in their right mind who has seen a p*nis at close range could EVER confuse the two, right?
    Unless the have some jeweled s*x toys that look like that. Toys that the probably have names like Oh Leggy, Oh Will or Harder Balian!
    Now that could possibly confuse all of them.
    Of course MysticLady showed up on the Fantasy Bra thread on ONTD. She posted some delphi lies, and promptly ot smacked down for it.
    It was grea!

  • @124

    Duh! The plan is obvious! When people see that bra they’ll immediately think of a p*nis (????), and if someone wears a bra with an obvious phallic shape, she has to be a whore. Everything seems very logical to me, where’s the lunacy?

  • @124

    Yeah, that’s so funny!
    They constantly say things like ‘Hi Miranda”, or “I don’t want to give her any ideas”.
    She has EVERYTHING! Why would she care about what a few hateful losers have to say?
    One of the idiots even wrote a letter to Orlando on her blog, because she “knew that he would see it”. I wonder is she is one of the ones who thought that it would be a good idea to write a letter to Sonia?
    I love your sarcasm.
    Uhm, you are being sarcastic, aren’t you? It can be hard to tell at times on this site.

  • jingles

    Oh dear lord, if that isn’t evident they have a few screws loose, I don’t know what is. Next thing you’ll tell me they reckon they’ve developed mind control over her and everything, all like “I made her buy those ugly shoes with my mind and wishing upon a star because they’re uglyyyy!!!!!1!! “

  • Funny

    OMG, you guys have me laughing so hard I’m crying. Do these delphi posters not realize that they are laughingstocks? I mean, surely they’re just saying all this stuff for attention. Do they really take themselves seriously?

  • @128

    Oh, they are totally serious with this BS. They are insane, remember!
    And I guess that they saw that we have been mocking them here. Of course, they think that we are only talking about them because they “bother” us so much! LOL!
    The only time they “bother” me is when I have to clean water off my keyboard when I make the mistake of taking a sip before I read one of their posts Such a bother!!
    They never cease to entertain!

  • @130

    The only thing that “bothers” me about them is wondering to what level they would take their insanity to and if they would cause any real harm to OB or his family. They’ve already tried to interfere in Miranda’s skin care business by “turning her in” to eco-cert and saying she was falsely advertising her products as being organic. MCamp said she contacted ASPCA about Orlando and Miranda when there were several pics of them carrying Frankie on his motorcycle in NY a couple of years ago. When they are not just writing delusional stories for their own amusement, but actually interfering and involving themselves in his real life, at what point do they stop?

  • @130

    They also have made fake facebook accounts to post lies about Miranda’s products on her site. And they post those same lies in the comment sections of any blog that mentions her products.
    A few of them even send tweets insulting Orlando to people that he works with. Just like they tried to disrupt filming during Sympathy for delicious by shouting out insults during the concert scenes.
    I’m sure that the tweets are taken for what they are, insane posts from bitter fans, and ignored, because these people know Orlando.
    But Miranda should consider suing the idiots. They are quilty of libel, and could actually hurt her product’s reputation, thus interfering with her sales. She should make them pay, but I think that she is too busy being successful to let them bother her too much.
    But I do wonder how desperate that they may become now that it is obvious that Miranda isn’t going anywhere. One of them admitted to staking out Miranda’s apartment. Another suggested that they disrupt a book signing if she ever has one. These girls belong in padded rooms. And I hope that the more sane members will alert the authorities if any of them make a serious threat. If one of them does try something, and any of the others knew about it and said nothing, then they could be held accountable as well. Would they go to jail for each other, I wonder?

  • @131

    You know I thought at the time when they tried to harass and embarrass him when he was filming SFD, that was the lowest they could go, but obviously I was wrong. Up to that point, they had been griping forever about his lack of work and that all he did was follow Miranda around and arrange pap setups. Oh, if only he had a real job again, they said, then they would have something to talk about and wouldn’t have to even mention Miranda. And what did they do when he was working on a movie, support him? Of course not, make it all about Miranda as usual and brag about mocking him to his face on his message boards, thinking others would find it funny. They quickly found out how wrong they were and tried to back away from their actions when they were called on it.

  • @132

    I remember when that girl started bragging about it on OLove, claiming that it was “hilarious”, then getting PO’d when no one agreed with her.
    “It was just a joke”, she said. Yeah, a joke. What’s that old phrase? Funny as a heart attack?
    She then tried to claim that it wasn’t her that was yelling. Just the girls that she TOLD to yell, so she wasn’t the bad person after all. So stupid!

  • Ali

    Orlando has a wonderful reputation of being sweet and kind to his fans. I gave him such props during his play in London for coming out every single day usually more than once to sign autographs in the midst of what often looked like a mob scene. I’m sure that many times he just didn’t feel like dealing with it especially right before a performance. But the thought that he would have to put up with this kind of hate makes me wonder if he won’t eventually feel about fans the way he does about the paps.

  • @134

    Oh, the delphi gals found ways to criticize even that kindness. In their twisted opinion, he was being discourteous to his co-stars for signing all of those autographs. And he was only pretending to like his fans because they gave him attention.
    The delphi girls have also mentioned going to a premiere to give him a piece of their mind (as if they could spare any). I think that all it would take for Orlando to change the way that he cares for his fans, is for one or two to say something nasty about his wife within his earshot.
    I think that he is aware that not all ‘fans’ wish him, or Miranda well. He has made comments before about “most” fans being sweet, but that doesn’t mean that he will tolerate any disrespect. And I would hate to be the delphite that said something that caused him to stop signing autographs. Imagineher being surrounded by fans who have waited for hours for a chance at meeting him, only to be thwarted by something hateful that she said? LOL! She may not survive to brag to her cohorts.

  • @135

    Yeah, I get the feeling that their courage disappears when they’re out of their pack.

  • sal

    Miranda and Flynn were spotted at JFK today. No sign of Orlando, yet.
    I have been thinking that it is about time for them to be shooting the fittings for the VS show like they do every year.
    They usually tape the show a few weeks befor it’s broadcast, so the fittings should be well on their way.
    Oh, and Flynn has to be one of the most beautiful babies that I have ever seen!

  • @137

    I saw that too. Wondered why Orlando wasn’t with them since he will have to be in NY by the end of the week for Regis & Kelly. Maybe he went on to LA first. Yes, Flynn is adorable.

  • @137 and 138

    Orlando has to be in LA on Tuesday for Chelsea Lately. So he probably just continued on to LA.

  • @133

    That isn’t how I remember it, so I went back to the thread to check.

    She wrote up her experience at the filming on Wanda’s site, and got lots of approving comments and the word “hilarious” may have been used. But she never bragged about it on OLove. In fact no-one did. Someone on OLove provided a link to her story and some of the people who went off to read it started complaining that she’d been rude (I think that was bad etiquette. They should have said that on Wanda’s site. If they wanted to discuss it on OLove they should have been very diplomatic because the board admin try to avoid conflict).

    Anyway there was a row and another member who’d also been at the filming and met her, came to her defence, saying that she was a nice person and now regretted doing it.

    I thought the person who did it did seem like a nice person who just got carried away by group pressure, ie everybody had been saying how cool it would be if she yelled rude things at the concert, and she didn’t want them to be disappointed. It reminds me how in those recent UK riots perfectly respectable people started looting TVs only to realise afterwards that they’d jeapordised their future.

    So I’m uneasy to read you being scornful of her based on a skewed memory of what happened.

  • @140

    Well, then the person on OLove who linked to the “hilarious” story was the one that got all huffy because no one laughed.
    And bad etiquette? I don’t think so. The story was basically brought to OLove, so why shouldn’t people comment on her behavior? And I’m sure that calling her “rude” WAS diplomatic, compared to other things that she may have been called.
    And I’m sorry, a “nice person” just doesn’t do something like that. And she can’t blame peer pressure, as she was the only delphite at the filming. She made the choice all by her lonesome. It’s not as if she was surrounded by a lot of people doing the same thing and she just happened to join in, she INSTIGATED it. Big difference.
    She doesn’t get a pass on this one. Just like the looters, she made a choice, and now she has to live with the consequences. I hope that she feels just a wee bit of guilt ever time she sees Orlando’s sweet face as he goes out of his way to be kind to his fans. Even though one of those ‘fans’ went out of her way to try to hurt him.

  • @141

    I don’t think some people are capable of feeling guilt or shame.

  • @141

    No, the person who linked the story didn’t link it because it was “hilarious”. The stated reason was just that it was another account of the event, which people would want to read. The story wasn’t all about how hilarious it was that she yelled, it was just one thing she described about the day and she was a little sheepish about it.

    No-one on OLove ever said it was a hilarious story and got miffed because people didn’t laugh. That may have been going on in the subtext, admittedly. And maybe it was going on on Wanda’s site and you remembered that?

    Also as far as I know she never blamed peer pressure. It’s me who is trying to (partly) exonerate her by blaming peer pressure. So please don’t hold that against her. NB I’m not a Delphi person. I actually did protest on Wanda’s site at the time because I was really bothered by what she did.

    What she did was outrageous, deliberately trying to annoy him ON A FILM SET and after he’d been nice to her and she was thrilled about it. But it’s unfair to compound it with things that didn’t happen.

  • @143

    Just to be clear, I’m not the person with whom you’ve been having this discussion. However, I went back also and read the thread at OL. The person who linked to the story (a moderator on OL by the way and Delphi supporter/sympathizer/member – whatever you want to call her) said:

    “There’s another, rather funny account of the concert by Vy at Wanda’s blog.”

    So, she did find it funny. I do give you mucho credit however for being the only commenter on the blog who called them out on their treatment of Orlando. I don’t really even have words for how disgusting I find their actions.

  • satti

    Oh yeah, “rather funny” to a delphite always means outrageous and disgusting to a ‘normal’ person.

  • Jessi

    I am so disappointed that it looks like Orlando won’t be on any of the US network late night shows promoting 3M. In fact, I don’t see anyone in the movie listed for these shows. Why so little promotion in the US?

  • @146

    That surprised me too. Orlando will be on Chelsea Lately, but even though she is gaining on popularity, she is still quite small. His appearing on Regis and Kelly is a coup, though. Their audience is HUUUGE! And Kelly has always had the hots for him, so it should be fun.
    I imagine that the entertainment shows will air interviews and promos.
    Is there even a premiere in the US?

  • @147

    No, I don’t think so. I don’t understand the lack of promotion. I’ve seen a few commercials, but not like what there usually are for movies of this type. I do hope it will be a box office hit.