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Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom & Flynn Head Out from Heathrow

Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom & Flynn Head Out from Heathrow

Miranda Kerr and hubby Orlando Bloom bring their adorable son, Flynn, to Heathrow Airport for a flight out of town on Wednesday (October 12) in London, England.

The 28-year-old Aussie model and her sweetheart shared a smile as they made their way through the terminal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda recently wrote about her experiences trying to find healthy food growing up on the Kora Organics website.

“Going to the supermarket and actually trying to find food that we could eat that didn’t contain all of the nasties was a real challenge, the choice was minimal. It was then we discovered the benefits of health food stores and local markets and started our quest of ensuring what we put into our bodies truly supported our well being,” Miranda wrote.

FYI: Orlando is using his Ergo baby carrier!

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148 Responses to “Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom & Flynn Head Out from Heathrow”

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  1. 51
    JV Says:

    Well, I’ve seen the movie and loved it. It’s just a fun, action adventure type which will never be a critical favorite. So just enjoy having OB back on screen for at bit and ignore the downers.

  2. 52
    @44 Says:

    The most important thing to have for a healthy and happy baby is two parents who adore him. Flynn has that in spades, so he will be just fine, no matter where he is.

  3. 53
    Celly Says:

    We can’t see the adorable baby!

  4. 54
    @46 Says:

    I was never one of the most vengeful ‘haters’, but I just thought that Orlando could do better than a ‘panty model’.
    At first she just seemed so vapid, that it ticked me off. But the more I listened, the more I gave her a pass. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make someone happy, and that is all I ever wanted for Orlando. And he seems happy with Miranda (no matter how often the haters claim otherwise).
    Then, as you mentioned, the conspiracy theories started to kick in. Getting more and more ridiculous as time went on. One of the more vocal, and unbalanced, members even began to state that they had proof of certain things, that they would have no way of legally knowing. Outright lies that they swore were the truth. Horrible lies, all of them. I became less and less involved as time went on.
    I left when Flynn was born. I could not with good conscience, be a part of any group that calls an innocent new life, horrible names that I would not call my worst enemy, much less a child.
    I check back once in a while, and nothing has changed. They are still hateful liars. They make up stories at will, then pat each other on the back for being so smart. There are only a few people left on that site. Most, like me, have moved on. The ones left are just bitter, unhappy people who want to vent their frustration on easy targets. The fact that one of those targets is a baby, should tell you all you need to know about what kind of people they are.
    I still follow Orlando because i will always have a soft spot for that sweet, gorgeous, man. And Miranda does sometimes still get on my nerves, but no one can fault her her success. But it will really be fun seeing Orlando’s Mini-Me grow up. I can’t wait to see him when he starts walking!

  5. 55
    awww Says:

    Such a beautiul family!

  6. 56
    Anon Says:

    They are a beautiful family. Flynn is so cute. Miranda is pretty and Orlando is handsome as always. I am excited for the movie. The haters need to get a life and accept this is a loving family. You can clearly see he loves Miranda and Flynn. I hope that Delphi board ceases to exist eventually. Only bitter people are on there now.

  7. 57
    sara Says:

    The movie is actually getting a lot of positive buzz from critics who understand that it isn’t meant to be a serious film. They have labeled it fun, family entertainment.
    And the overwhelming majority of people who have written about the film, praise Orlando for stepping out of the box, and obviously having a good time with the character.
    One or two will always bash Orlando. If for no other reason than it is ‘cool’ to do so. And yes, they are idiots. =)

  8. 58
    @43 Says:

    Because you’re there every time there aren’t cameras around, right?

  9. 59
    @54 Says:

    Thank you very much for your insight. I agree with you that I could never turn on Orlando because of who he chose to be with. It’s his life and his choice and he’s the only one who lives with it. I never thought he was perfect, so he never had a pedestal to fall from as far as I’m concerned. I just don’t understand constantly obsessing over someone you claim to hate. But like you, I can’t wait to see that adorable baby grow up. I love that he looks so much like his daddy.

  10. 60
    @58 Says:

    You must remember to apply the delphi code…
    Not smiling in pictures = proof that they are miserable together.
    Smiling in pictures = set up, phony
    Don’t you see? They have an answer for anything.
    The only problem is that it only makes sense in their teeny, tiny, twisted little brains.

  11. 61
    @59 Says:

    And that’s what is really funny. They all had endless conspiracy theories about first Miranda not being pregnant, just a trick to get him to marry her, and then even wilder theories about who the father actually was, going so far as to get copies of his birth certificate claiming that wasn’t Orlando’s signature on it, that Miranda had faked everything. It’s hilarious that it’s Flynn himself with those undeniably beautiful Bloom eyes and eyelashes that proves them wrong.

  12. 62
    @61 Says:

    They’ve been proved wrong at every turn, but it doesn’t stop them from making fools of themselves.
    I also love the fact that they call certain fans “stalkers”, when they spend more time stalking this family than anyone. Double standards again, I guess.

  13. 63
    FannieMae Says:

    I have a feeling that baby is going to be quite a handful when he starts walking. Poor Orlando will never keep him under wraps then.

  14. 64
    @61 Says:

    And they really didn’t see anything weird about ordering a copy of the birth certificate?

  15. 65
    @64 Says:

    From what I’ve heard they desperately tried to get a copy of their marriage license, or claimed that since they couldn’t find one there was no legal marriage. That was a few months ago though, so I’ve no idea what they’ve come up with since then.

  16. 66
    @63 Says:

    If he’s like his dad in personality too, he will never be still. So cute to see Orlando chasing after him.

  17. 67
    Andi Says:

    You know I was so happy the baby was a boy because I wanted a little Orlando, but I do hope they have a girl someday. Can’t you just picture a little girl with big blue eyes, dimples, and dark brown curls having Orlando wrapped around her little finger.

  18. 68
    @65 Says:

    TMZ, and I guess that some of the delphi girls too, got a copy of the baby’s birth certificate because according to the law of California, ANYONE can order the birth certificate of anyone born in California. Also, anyone can request the marriage certificate of couples who married IN California.
    I have no clue about where they married but I’m quite sure it wasn’t in California. Put two and two together, as the delphi girls obviously didn’t.

  19. 69
    @61 Says:

    Don’t forget the people here who kept trying to make us believe the idiocy that two blue eyed people can make a brown eyed baby.
    Even though Flynn looks exactly like Orlando, they are still trying to claim that his daddy is really one of the Followill (sp?) boys.
    Sure. Orlando and Miranda may have been together for a solid month at the time of conception, but since Jared went to her birthday party, he MUST be the father!!!!!
    Oh, and I almost forgot….they also claimed to know the exact moment of conception. And because of that, little 9lb 12 oz Flynn was a preemie! LOL!
    So stupid!

  20. 70
    @54 Says:

    I kind of feel like you do about Miranda. Never thought she was good enough for him, but I’ve slowly changed my opinion of her. I like that she pursued other avenues than just modeling, with her cosmetic business and book writing. I’ve also noticed that several of the designers and photographers she’s worked with talk about her intelligence. I’m not saying that I think she’s a genius or anything, but she clearly is not stupid. She does seem overly sweet, almost saccharine sometimes, in her comments on FB and I’m not sure that’s really her true personality. But just maybe I’m beginning to realize a little bit of what Orlando obviously sees in her.

  21. 71
    @68 Says:

    Common sense?
    You expect them to use common sense?
    Silly girl.

  22. 72
    @69 Says:

    Well it’s obvious Orlando has a pretty good idea of when he was conceived because he mentioned that it was when his grandmother died.

  23. 73
    ta Says:

    I also love how any time the delphites refer to statements that Orlando has made about Miranda, they put the term ‘wife’ in quotation marks.
    His “wife”.

  24. 74
    @69 Says:

    I guess they failed biology as well as logic.

  25. 75
    Sanity Says:

    These OB threads on Jared are all over the place lately. I guess there’s no other forum for people to talk about him freely, unless you are a hater. There used to be so many message boards for him too.

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