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Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom & Flynn Head Out from Heathrow

Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom & Flynn Head Out from Heathrow

Miranda Kerr and hubby Orlando Bloom bring their adorable son, Flynn, to Heathrow Airport for a flight out of town on Wednesday (October 12) in London, England.

The 28-year-old Aussie model and her sweetheart shared a smile as they made their way through the terminal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda recently wrote about her experiences trying to find healthy food growing up on the Kora Organics website.

“Going to the supermarket and actually trying to find food that we could eat that didn’t contain all of the nasties was a real challenge, the choice was minimal. It was then we discovered the benefits of health food stores and local markets and started our quest of ensuring what we put into our bodies truly supported our well being,” Miranda wrote.

FYI: Orlando is using his Ergo baby carrier!

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148 Responses to “Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom & Flynn Head Out from Heathrow”

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  1. 76
    @75 Says:

    OLove is still there, as is ka-Bloom.
    There are others, too, but i don’t visit them very often.
    These two sites have their rules, but it is for good reason. They try to stay positive sites amongst the negativity that is pervasive in all parts of the internet. Some delphi members would always try to post nasty comments about Miranda on OLove, then whine about censorship. Then go on to censor comments on their own sites. Haters can’t post freely on their sites either. Unless you toe the party line, you will be shut down there as well. As many members (and former members) have discovered.
    At least here you can voice an opinion, and remind everyone that the haters specialize in lies and half truths.

  2. 77
    @76 Says:

    I find Ka-Bloom much too restrictive. Used to love OL, but there’s not much going on there since they banned a couple of people, and their friends supposedly left with them, though I know they still lurk. Even some of the mods have bailed, not sure whether it has to do with OB or their issues with other mods/members. So I guess JJ it is.

  3. 78
    ellie' Says:

    What a beautiful family…

  4. 79
    ellie' Says:

    What a beautiful family…

  5. 80
    @69 Says:

    Two blue eyed people can most certainly have a brown eyed child. Eye color genetics are not as simplistic as you probably learned in High School biology. Try google, it’s your friend.

    That said I believe Orlando is the child’s father.

  6. 81
    @77 Says:

    Yeah, they banned Dea, which meant that others had to pitch in to bring over photos. And they banned MCamp for being rude and obnoxious.
    Dea went on to form delphi-lite, and MCamp went on to write fake blogs where she accused Orlando of being a druggie and Sonia for being an abusive mother. I’m really surprised that she wasn’t sued.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish, IMO. And I’m not even a member.
    Some delphites still post over there (not seeing the hypocrisy, I guess) but at least they follow the rules while they are on the site.
    The mods who bailed were the original owners, and they haven’t been very involved for a while. RL time constraints got in the way, and the transition seemed to go pretty smoothly.

  7. 82
    @81 Says:

    There were some more recent mods who have left and most of the others rarely post. I wonder how long it will hang on. They need some new blood, because I would hate to see it go. For the record, I’m glad most of the “secret” delphites are gone from OL, couldn’t stand their hypocrisy.

  8. 83
    @81 Says:

    Speaking of the original OL owners, I noticed that one of them posted pretty regularly up until almost the exact minute that those Sydney balcony pics were posted on the website – in 2009, I think. She never signed in again after that, until the site was being moved last month and she said a few goodbyes. Maybe it was a coincidence, but I don’t think so.

  9. 84
    Ava Says:

    It’s nice to see them all together looking so happy. Are they going back to NZ?

  10. 85
    @82 Says:

    At least one of the mods at OL was/is a Delphite too. I couldn’t stand to read the nice things she would say about Orlando on OL and then turn right around and go mock him at Delphi. I don’t visit either site anymore, so I don’t know if she’s still around.

  11. 86
    Mary Says:

    Yay! Finally Orlando in a big movie again.

    Can’t wait to see it!

  12. 87
    @82 Says:

    That site used to be a really fun place, but people just sort of drifted away. Maybe cause Orlando wasn’t making movies for a long time, and some got frustrated when all he seemed to be doing was following Miranda around. LIke somebody said before, I guess they just moved on to somebody else.

  13. 88
    @87 Says:

    Chocolover who just recently closed her hater site, has moved on to Luke Evans. At least until he too falls off the impossibly narrow pedestal that she has placed him on.
    One a side note, one of the most offensive hater comments popped up on Choco’s site. One of the people there (Nienna), who has since moved to Dea’s site, once wished that both Miranda, and her yet unborn child, would get sick. I mean, how SICK does someone have to be to wish that? And when challenged, she was completely unrepentant. Choco backed her up, and threated to ban anyone that said anything against her. You know, because she wanted a site with freedom od speech. As long as she agreed with that speech, that is.
    On a funnier note…One of my favorite, classic Delphidiot moments came when MCamp called Miranda “fat” when she was pregnant. Made even funnier because MCamp, who was NOT pregnant, outweighed her.
    I believe that is when someone here coined the name FatCamp for her. LOL!

  14. 89
    Nellie Says:

    A cute family. The baby is so big already.

  15. 90
    ha Says:

    I imagine that the delphites have their patented double standard insults ready for when 3M opens in the US.
    If it is successful, they will say that Orlando had nothing to do with it because his role is so small.
    If it flops, it will be all his fault because the entire movie is riding on him.
    They have learned to keep their cards a bit closer to their vests after being humiliated earlier this year.
    When it was announced that Orlando and Miranda were on the guest list for the Global Green party, their response was typical. They said that they would surely be famewhores if they attended, because you don’t have to physically be there to support the cause. And that them attending was just more proof that they will show up anywhere that they can get on camera.
    Well, poor things, they spoke too soon.
    Orlando and Miranda did not attend after all, but that didn’t stop the delphites. They started screaming that Orlando and Miranda obviously did NOT care about the environment, because if you care, you show up!!!!
    It’s hilarious how they just pretend that they never said anything to the contrary. I guess that their members are too stupid to remember what was posted just the day before. LOL!

  16. 91
    @82 Says:

    I think people seem to lose interest on the fansites partly out of relief. When he’s married, when he has a kid, when he’s cast as Legolas again, when his life seems to be going well, they can go off and live their lives without having to think about what he’s doing every minute of every day. The fansites were kept alive by fanfiction (which people will eventually run out of things to write) and by the kerfuffle over his relationships first with Kate and then with Miranda. There always seemed to be more interest in those than in his actual work.

    And also I think people have got worn out with all the films he was going to do that didn’t happen for one reason or another. You can’t go on getting excited about new projects if there’s a big risk of crushing disappointment.

  17. 92
    @91 Says:

    Agree about the films that never seem to materialize. I understand that it’s just the nature of the industry, but when you anticipate something for months or more and then it either fades away or he walks away, it can be very disappointing. I’ve learned to not get excited until he’s actually on set filming.

  18. 93
    @91 Says:

    But you have to remember that a lot of those rumored films that fell through were just that, rumors. Rumors, and early, pre-production work on films that never got green lighted. This happens every day in Hollywood, it’s just that it seemed to happen a lot to him, because we were paying attention. If some people were ‘crushed’ because he never made The Red Circle, maybe it is better that they stepped back from the fandom. No one should be that invested in any celeb.
    On that note, the delphi girls are still going on about him not having a good reason for dropping out of Albert Nobbs. They think that he is a lazy slacker for not chosing to do a film over being present at the birth of his first child.
    Like I said. Some people are way too invested in this man’s life.

  19. 94
    xdffg Says:


    orlando’s eyes aren’t blue!!! two blue-eyed people have 99,999% chances that all their kids will have blue eyes!!! Orlando’s eyes are dark, so flynns are!!

  20. 95
    @90 Says:

    Their “amnesia” is what I find most hilarious about Delphi. Whenever their fantasies are proven false, they just adopt the opposite side and carry on as if nothing happened. I clearly remember them saying how it was impossible for someone with Miranda’s body type to get pregnant (They have all that medical knowledge you know.), and she was just letting people think that to get attention from the media. Then they claimed the baby bump was a pillow, so funny. Then when proven wrong, they decided without batting an eye that okay she was pregnant but the baby couldn’t possibly be Orlando’s, and she couldn’t even try to pass it off as his because he was in the UK when it was conceived, and she was in NY, and that volcano in Iceland meant there was no way she could say she was with him. As much as I loathe their hypocrisy (and they claim Miranda is such a liar), it is really entertaining to watch them spin their fantasies.

  21. 96
    BuzzingBy Says:

    Those delfies get off on all the attention they got – not too much anymore. Even they know by now the things they’ve said are just stupid. They hang around because otherwise they’d have no life.

  22. 97
    Yay! Says:

    Love seeing them smiling at each other but wish we could see the baby’s sweet face too.

  23. 98
    @95 Says:

    Yeah, I think that most people that visit there just go for the LOLs. They never fail to entertain with their hair brained theories.
    It’s like going to the zoo to watch the monkeys throw poo at each other.

  24. 99
    Sunny Says:

    Either way about the blue eyes/brown eyes thing, look at Flynn’s eyelashes. There are some pictures from a few weeks ago where Orlando is holding him and they are both looking down showing off their identical beautiful long lashes. How could anybody seriously doubt that Orlando is his father.

  25. 100
    @99 Says:

    That’s just it. Flynn doesn’t just have brown eyes, he has ORLANDO’S brown eyes. The shape of his eyes, the shape of his eyebrows, and those AMAZING eyelashes, are all Orlando.
    How could anyone seriously doubt that he is the father? They can’t. The delphites are just saying that to be insulting. I think that the only one who still seriously claims that Flynn looks nothing like Orlando is Mysticlady. But of course, she also still thinks that Orlando and Viggo are madly in love and have been carrying on a secret relationship since Rings. She has read way to much RPS. Next she will be claiming that Orlando gave birth to Viggo’s love child.

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