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Rachel Bilson: 'Hart of Dixie' Gets A Full Season!

Rachel Bilson: 'Hart of Dixie' Gets A Full Season!

Rachel Bilson and boyfriend Hayden Christensen leave a Thai restaurant separately on Wednesday (October 12) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actress’s CW show, Hart of Dixie, has been picked up for a full season, along with the network’s other freshmen series, Ringer and The Secret Circle.

“We believe in the creative strength of these dramas, and by giving them back nine orders we can give our audience the chance to enjoy complete seasons of all three of them,” CW president Mark Pedowitz said.

“With compelling storylines, engaging characters and tremendous buzz, we firmly believe that Hart of Dixie, Ringer, and The Secret Circle can become signature series for The CW, the kind of top-notch shows that are synonymous with our brand,” he added.

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64 Responses to “Rachel Bilson: 'Hart of Dixie' Gets A Full Season!”

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  1. 26
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    LMAO!! Why are they leaving separately?? Do they think they are in the same league as Gwenny Paltrow and Chris Martin??
    Rachel should be at they synagoue thanking God for the day she met that idiot Josh Schwartz!!!

  2. 27
    searlus Says:

    Manakin keeps on sinking deeper & deeper & deeper like a sleazy loser!

  3. 28
    tina Says:

    I love Hart of Dixie. CW shows don’t get big ratings to begin with. It’s a small network. They must have some confidence in the show to order a full season. They are giving it a chance to be discovered.

    I love the latest preview for the show.

  4. 29
    That Says:

    If you people think they are exactly alike, you’re operating in a fantasy world and don’t know anything about either of them. And, WTF is with them leaving separately? OMG, how ridiculous. She is so hung up on this idea that everyone is dying for info on them, in reality, I doubt the interest reaches beyond the 75 or so people who will post in this thread. And after what was put out earlier, she’s desperate to be 1/2 of a HW “power couple,” she fancies herself Angelina to some dude’s Brad Pitt. She’s going to have to find a new victim, Hayden hasn’t worked in about 3 years and doesn’t show any signs of any desire to work any time in the future. That does NOT make a power couple. Just saying Rachel, just saying.

  5. 30
    Lizzie Says:

    @That: When has she claimed to fancy herself as Angelina? Lexy Hates Bilson? Since that’s all that chick talks about. You don’t why they were leaving separately. She could have been talking to somebody or went to bathroom why he went out to the car. No big deal, “just saying”.

  6. 31
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    but they share a car…and they always act like they are NOT together when they ARE together. If Tom Cruise can hold Katie Holmes hand in public I think it’s OK that these 2 has beens act like a couple. Again, we’re not talking about 2 incredibly famous people who value their privacy like Gwenny and Chris!!
    Why would Hayden leave her now?? She can finally afford to pay some of the bills thanks to Josh Schwartz and those ice cream ads. Maybe she can buy him a car so they can get to places separately too!!
    Who knows…if Hayden plays his cards right maybe he can get a job on Rachel’s show too!!

  7. 32
    Jax Says:

    Oh Lizzie, so naive. You obviously don’t know how the game is played in HW. For you and your BF in Anywhere, USA/The World, yes, that’s how it would happen. In HW? No. Everything is done for appearances sake, especially for attention wh*res like Rachel Bilson.

  8. 33
    austine Says:

    Well what a surpirsed – NON!
    Its from the CW after all… d only network who keeps producing awful shows & hiring bad/non actors; just look at their ratings – “it constantly non-existent”!

  9. 34
    Chelly Says:

    Wow, he does need to learn how to dress. Talk about mismatched clothes. I wonder if he’s color blind…

  10. 35
    Pepto Says:

    Most of the young guys I see around, at the mall etc. are dressed in shorts like that. And they’re usually too big, so they sag down and they constantly have to hike them up. Now, as for the flannel shirt and black socks ala my Grandpa, IDK. Maybe that was part of Rachel’s “edgy” fashionista vibe? *eyeroll*

  11. 36
    Coz Says:

    @26, she’s a good Jew girl that loves to make Christmas cookies and exchange gifts wrapped in Xmas paper. It boggles my mind that anyone takes this fake as hell chick seriously. Really? Wow.

  12. 37
    Southern? What? Says:

    To the twit that said that she loved anything Southern, Hart of Dixie doesn’t represent the South, just the stereotypes people have about us.

  13. 38
    jaeger Says:

    Damn so sure that Josh Schwarts been “throwing up lots of blood & tears” already just to even keep that show on the “FILLER’s list” of CW.

  14. 39
    WhySoSerious.... Says:

    @Cheshire contagion: There is a difference between not smiling all the time and never smiling around each other. They smile when they are AWAY from each other but nooo that isn’t strange at all is it?. The full sets of pictures are usually found at one of her fan sites not long after JJ posts any new photos of her and guess what… No one is smiling in those either. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHa.

  15. 40
    Anonymous Says:

    @WhySoSerious….: Who cares, you guys have been using the “they never smile around each other” “they never look happy together” bits for the past 4 years. I think it’s about time to realized they clearly make each other happy. Maybe you don’t see it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true. They are both adults, if one of them wasn’t happy in the relationship, by now I think one would back out. I guess with you putting them down or making rude comments makes you feel better than have at it. You know that doesn’t change anything. Saying they don’t ever smile around each other, what’s that going to change? Make you feel better? I guess..

  16. 41
    Anonymous Says:

    @Jax: @searlus: @austine: @Pepto: @Coz: @jaeger: @devaney: @Wrinkles.: @Cheshire contagion: Do you even try to disguise yourself anymore? 9 different usernames? Really? I’m sure I’m forgetting a couple too..

  17. 42
    Goldie and Kurt? HAHAHA Says:

    @tina: Goldie and Kurt? Hahahahahahahaha. Goldie Hawn had been married before Kurt Russel and had had two children with him. Where the heck did you think Kate Hudson her daughter came from or her brother for that matter. Kurt had also had previous relationships of that nature before Goldie and Kurt got together. They both had tried marriage in Hollywood and decided to never marry again from day 1 of their relationship. Hayden and Rachel on the other hand have both spoke long before each other and during this whole on going saga with them that they “WANT” to actually be married one day to someone. So they are NOT like Goldie and Kurt at all. Nice stretch though. You should have tried Charlize Theron and Stewart Townson who said they would never marry until everyone could in the USA. But of course Charlize and Stewart broke up once she started changing her mind. Also there is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who said they would never marry after having both been married before. Although even now they are changing their minds because their kids would like them to. Susan Sarandon and her husband Tim Robbins also tried to non marriage route after she had been married before and after 20 years they still split. Hayden and Rachel probably don’t stand a chance in the long run.
    If Hayden and Rachel were the political types that had said they would NEVER get married I could believe it, but they were very very publicly engaged and then it all fell apart. Now they are in an awkward after broken engagement phase. I would sooner put my money on Susan and Tim Robbins getting back together than Hayden and Rachel ever marrying each other. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got married one day but not to each other. If she is smart she will get a Josh Schwartz type like her best friend from highschool did. She told Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately she tried to set up her friend with Ben McKenzie from The OC originally, luckily for her friend asked her about the writer instead. As Rachel put it ” Like an idiot I went right for the actor of course” instead of thinking to set her friend up with the creator and writer. I wonder if that was a bit of a freudian slip on her part.

  18. 43
    WinkWink.NudgeNudge. Says:
    What also was said about the full season being added.
    @Chelly: I wonder if hes just blind in general to A LOT of things. ~wink wink~ The things he wears sometimes. BAHAHA. She isn’t dressed to the nines herself is she? That sweater with snakes or worm looking things on it and the cut off shorts with sandals and finally she carries the Birkin bag again but with this outfit. For someone about to give advice about shoes on a site, she could really learn how to put herself together better. There is a difference between looking like you don’t try to hard and looking like YOU DON’T ATTEMPT TRYING AT ALL. I was beginning to wonder if that Birkin was a one time loner for her birthday. Because she wasn’t seen with it again until now. She had to bring out the BIG BAG for the big press op you know. Hahahaa.@Lizzie: If I remember correctly her father was trying to pitch Rachel last year as the next Angelina Jolie in a big video game movie franchise he was going to create from scratch for her. She was suppose to be the next Lara Croft aka Tombraider. Yeah that turned out well. He was silenced and never opened his mouth again. He made himself look like a fool while he was suppose to be promoting a video game the company he works for actually made. Instead she got a job through someone else she knew besides her father.

    You know what is really a scary thought she has two younger sisters can you imagine what they will probably turn into in about 10 , 15 , 20 years from now. Staging photos,running to same games,pulling the same tricks. etc Bugging poor Josh Schwartz still via their big sister’s best friend he stupidly married. ( As Rachel said in a recent interview about Schwartz ” He just can’t get rid of me” ~giggles~ Yeah I am sure he is aware of that fact on a daily basis.) I really hope not. Maybe because they are only half sisters they will turn out better. But then again if Rachel keeps dragging them out like accesories whenever she needs press I doubt it.

  19. 44
    Anonymous. Says:

    @Anonymous: @Anonymous: What I don’t think you grasp is that many people find it all amusing. Entertaining,annoying, and just plain LMAOC some times. Sort of like the Kardashians, Kate Bosworth,Jersey Shore, Heidi and Spencer Prat. ( Yes they do manage to still get talked about). The Hills cast. The old Laguna Beach cast. Anyone that was ever on reality tv or teenage dramas. What people say doesn’t change a thing either way. I mean this is just JJ after all. but bad or good things still get said . That is the world we live in . From gossip blogs to twitter/facebook and the people in our own lives. Sh@t happens, Sh@t gets said. Honestly if someone like Rachel Bilson or Hayden Christensen doesn’t like it they can just quit the business it isn’t like anyone would notice five years later. There would be no public out cry of that I am sure.
    You know why people think it is fake.. because that is some peoples opinions. That is pretty much it . Because.
    Although I can not believe I am quoting this but I like what Ashton Kutcher said to that chick he cheated on his wife Demi Moore of six years with. That he is an actor so 90 percent of what he does in his life now is fake … and” it is nice to have these real moments” in his life. Real meaning hooking up anyone but Demi I guess. So he basically was implying even though he was in what seemed to be a successful Hollywood marriage with a stable career that 90 percent is faked in their day to day lives. The idea of that really isn’t that shocking is it? Actors by trade fake things all day, from the characters they play to the way they behave during interviews. They have to pretend to be someone they aren’t and love people they don’t in film after film. So if you lived in that world after a while faking anything would be the norm after a while. Just keeping up with the status quo and the Kardashians you might say. I dont know if that says more about the industry or someone like Rachel and Hayden or maybe people that chose to be in the industry.

  20. 45
    xax Says:

    ok seriously what is up with these comments. they’re really from the same person or group. pathetic.

  21. 46
    b Says:

    Thats good news. Its a good show. I dont understand the Rachel Hayden relationship though. Just odd…

  22. 47
    nina Says:

    visit plz :D

  23. 48
    nina Says:

    more pics here:

  24. 49
    just me Says:

    .rCouples don’t come out seperately if they suppose to be a couple. Why would they do that in la and not in new york? Rachel had no trouble in new york taking pictures with him. Rachel ran behind him in new york and he got tired are doing it. When people start taking pic not together there is trouble just say that was not together. Jared make up things to make it look good for rachel. They could went to different places to eat. They have them there you . Soon it will be splitvile for them. Hayden has his. Own car and she has her. She made sure people saw her not with him

  25. 50
    Johnny English Says:

    Good for Rachel Bilson. She’s underrated by far too many. I happen to think that she is a lot more talented than people realize. She is very good as Zoe in Hart Of Dixie. Unlike her boyfriend who simply can’t act. No doubt he will whine his way through Battlecreek as he has whined his way through the prequels, Jumper, Takers, Vanishing, that Glass thing and that very whiney Life as a House thing. Good job that the beautiful Miss Bilson actually does love the mopey faced doofus.

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