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Rachel Bilson: 'Hart of Dixie' Gets A Full Season!

Rachel Bilson: 'Hart of Dixie' Gets A Full Season!

Rachel Bilson and boyfriend Hayden Christensen leave a Thai restaurant separately on Wednesday (October 12) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actress’s CW show, Hart of Dixie, has been picked up for a full season, along with the network’s other freshmen series, Ringer and The Secret Circle.

“We believe in the creative strength of these dramas, and by giving them back nine orders we can give our audience the chance to enjoy complete seasons of all three of them,” CW president Mark Pedowitz said.

“With compelling storylines, engaging characters and tremendous buzz, we firmly believe that Hart of Dixie, Ringer, and The Secret Circle can become signature series for The CW, the kind of top-notch shows that are synonymous with our brand,” he added.

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  • just me

    @Johnny English: Hayden is more talented than rachel. Why say that anyway? She loves the attention that’s all. I sure she could have went out by herself.She ran behind Hayden again like she did months ago. If a man is not happy being with you why do it? She did it just to see if any pictures would be taken and she want to be part of it as always About the movie there have not been no word about him doing it are he wouldn’t be in la with her. She was hiding in the car with him something she never did before. She can’t get movie parts like other actress can. She is too lazy to do that. Someone said about jumper 2 it has been canned. Like this movie has.

  • chill out ppl its a cooment***

    this look say’s it all really, could they look any less fed up with
    each other?

  • ATLQueen

    I can only imagine how irritating having someone following you around with a camera is. And most of you all are frontin. If a friend pulled out a camera or video camera you go shy in two seconds flat no matter how many pics you have at home. Some people aren’t for that all the time, especially by some anonomyous person borderline stalking you.

    And who cares if you guys are STILL thinking their relationship is fake. You aren’t them and they are all that matters TO THEM. Besides, why would they be trying to prove something to a bunch former of HIS fans that dont even like them?? I wouldn’t waste my time.

  • just me

    @ATLQueen: It is fake relationship. No one have to promoted a show that hard. No one did that for their show. Use your ex -boyfriend to help your show. No one said nothing about what he really doing there. Rachel will follow him around as long as she think he going to get something, Why didn’t she go out with her mom or sisters like she to celebrate? Are josh who gave her the show. That’s who she should have celebrate with. I still like hayden. But i don’t like what he has become lately. He has turned down projects to be with her. That’s not like him to do that.Just because her show is keeping her in la. That doesn’t mean that he show stop working on his career.You have to go where the work at .Distance don’t suppose to make any diiference at all. Rachel wants to keep hayden in la as long as she can to promoted her. Hayden was in New york and Rachel her tail up there and find him and talk him into coming to la to visit. That what happen. Cause he wouldn’t come home with her there.Hayden shouldn’t have follwowed her there later unless he had an audtion to do. No one says nothing about him doing his movie. Rachel planned this way. If he start trying to get work she get mad cause he has to leave. Rachel wants him to do that so he can with her in la. There is no work in la for him. Messing with her again as cost him greatly. He can’t get no work unless she get mad about. People has to get work. They can’t hang around you when they have to do. Rachel have to know at some point you have to work. Hayden has to realize it too. You can’t save a realationship by now working yourself. Rachel going to broke up from him soom or later. Hayden know better than to keep coming to la to visit her like that. It only going to hurt his career in the long run. She is going start dating other guys and he will be the fool for not doing his work like he suppose to. If you not happy don’t make it so for the public. Rachel is never going out are la with him nowhere.. She said it but she went to new york so she told lie about that.Leaving separately does not make it right to fool the public the way both are doing.To make sure you not want to be seem go to different places to eat. That way no one will call both liars about what they trying to hide. Hayden’s career is on the line. Both can’t use anyone about their relationship is going bad but them. So they have pretend that it is. Both don’t know how to do it. Hayden should not being her car and she should have been in her.That would have done the trick.Everyone is working but hayden. Wonder why?He is wasting his time coming to la pretending to do work and he don’t do it. I’m not going to anymore for now. Cause that’s what it seem he’s doing. Why rachel get all the praise for her. She gets jealous when people say something about him or his work. She really don’t care what happen to him. And hayden should see this. All people care about is them being together. What about his work? She don’t want him to have attention. Hayden should have stay in Canada with his family instead are coming to la to visit her.Hayden has start acting like rachel.I thought he did likehis picture taken all the time? Rachel is making hayden out of a fool and he’s not doing nothing about it.Hayden is the fool for letting her do that. Don’t go out with her if you don’t mean. Just because your career isn’t going well while mess it up being around her. People are not crazy you know.When something is staged they know it. And both are have staged this too long now.Don’t be seem with her if you don’t mean it. It goes for rachel too.Rachel have lied about moving foeward with hayden.And hayden has done the same. If you don’t want people to see you two hanging out don’t visited there so much.And rachel should do the same. Don’t go near him when he is there. She knew the paps was going to be there.

  • New pics

    From October 13th in LA supposedly. Really the paps are following these two around while they drop something in the mail? I think this about proves for once and all someone stages these photos. How often do you see people with careers on their level which isn’t very high get photographed this randomly. Shopping in certain places sure, Dinner at certain places sure. Outside of clubs sure. Dropping mail off. I don’t think so. Not without help and planning. You don’t see Ben M or Adam B. from the OC constantly being followed. Their careers are doing about as well. You don’t see Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill or even the kids from the current 90210 that much. Hell even the Gossip Girl cast doesn’t get followed this much collectively. Glee, Vampire Diaries. ETC ETC. You get what I am saying. It doesn’t happen this randomly unless you want random attention. If Rachel was really this stalked by the paparazzi they would be outside her house or following her to the Warner Bros lot everyday. They don’t because she is picking when and where the pictures are taken. What I think sucks is that the lead girls like Mischa B. ended up a train wreck and Rachel B. ended up a presswh@re while the lead boys from the OC ended up fairly okay. At least they kept level heads.

    Don’t they just look beyond happy inside the restaurant. The looks on Rachel’s face is priceless. If they really don’t want the attention they could first try not calling the paparazzi on themselves and second not sit right against the glass. Most actors if it really bothered them would ask that they please leave or ask the owner of the establishment. Generally if you ask you get. Ryan Gosling asked a photographer to shut off their camera the other day if they wanted to talk to him and guess what THEY DID IT, and he is much bigger star than these two together.

  • @Alt

    @ATLQueen: I don’t think Hayden is trying to prove anything to anyone I think he is just trying to get his picture taken because that is what agents and publicists tell you to do when your career is in a downward slump.Everyone starts listening to their people eventually. Rachel has been doing the same tactic for years and thanks to it and her relationship with Josh Schwartz has managed to drag her 15 mins of fame out a little longer and get another pay check from Hart of Dixie. She needed Hayden and Hayden needed her. Now that she has the show and it wasn’t canceled right away I wonder how much longer she will need him. My bet she leaves him and moves onto a bigger and better publicity soaked relationship that benefits her new show. Before the year is over or sometime during the beginning of next year. For sure if it gets a second season. She has worked way too hard pulling every string to not try and climb the latter again.A source will say she left him because she wasn’t ready to settle down and was too busy with her big career to live on a farm. Making him look like the loser in the split. Since it is his farm and he doesn’t work much anymore. That they just grew apart but remain ” good friends” as her career soared above his… some good publicity mumbo jumbo like that. Besides as the show carries on the fans of the show will want to see one of her on screen loves turn real life. Fans always do.They have about four different potential love interests for her on the show. That probably isn’t by accident. Making Rachel look like the biggest catch of a girl. She’ll move on and be the winner after all of this. Hollywood golden rule: Survival of the fittest. Dog eat dog. ;)

  • Anonymous

    @New pics: Why would they stage photos of them just dropping something off in the mail? If there trying to get attention you’d think they’d do something elicit. Being in the car dropping something off at the post office? Oof, that is going to be the talk of the tabloids. Right?

  • Vanessafan

    I’m excited! This show is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.

  • Anonymous

    If they were** – stupid phone

  • amaranth

    Mediawh*oring & joblessness (on their OWN merit) are really that “contagious” – repulsive!!!

  • padme

    Wow…CW execs are the dumbest decision makers in HW!!! Casting a brainless, conceited twit like Rachel Bilson to play a compassionate doctor has got to be one of the biggest jokes in HW!!! I mean really….WTF will believe her as a doctor??? Only the naive souls who watched The OC are probably the only ones watching this ridiculous farce. As a matter of fact, everything about Rache is/has been a lie…from her fraudulent fashion line to her “read from the cue cards b/c of poor memorization skills” acting to her bogus relationship/showmanship with Hayden. So why hire someone with no integrity to play a righteous doctor????

  • reedley

    @ 61
    That OC-Relic playing a doctor &/or much more playing a lead actress is STILL a big-butt-joke – just look at its ratings!

  • ?

    smiles are spontaneous. confused bout their relationship coz they never, ever, ever smile spontaneously at each other. never. just too weird.

  • http://HaydenChristensenRachelbilson she’s Hayden Christensen

    Hayden Christensen Rachel bilson she’s Hayden said I plan farm house no cops their you wood have she’s Hayden Rachel have she’s I have to know the Address first have computer studies first redgdale easy escape you have to wait first I love you Hayden wife she’s Hayden